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Complete List of Crystals (Updated 2022)

Welcome to our list of crystals! The list of crystals is updated regularly! Enjoy!


Abalone (Paua Shell) adularia


 Abalone (Paua Shell) Adularia Aegirine
agrelite ajoite alabandite
Agrellite Ajoite Alabandite
alexandrite almandine garnet amazonite
Alexandrite Almandine Garnet Amazonite
amber stone amblygonite amethyst
Amber Amblygonite Amethyst
ametrine ammolite amphibole quartz (angel phantom quartz)
Ametrine Ammolite Amphibole Quartz (Angel Phantom Quartz)
anatase ancestralite andalusite
Anatase Ancestralite Andalusite
andradite garnet angel aqua quartz angel wing calcite
Andradite Garnet Angel Aqua Quartz Angel Wing Calcite
angelinite angelite anhydrite
Angelinite Angelite Anhydrite
apache tears apatite apophyllite
Apache Tears Apatite Apophyllite
apricot agate aqua aura quartz aqualite quartz
Apricot Agate Aqua Aura Quartz Aqualite Quartz
aquamarine aragonite arfvedsonite
Aquamarine Aragonite Arfvedsonite
astrophyllite atacamite atlantisite
Astrophyllite Atacamite Atlantisite
aura quartz auralite avalon stone
Aura Quartz Auralite Avalon Stone
aventurine axinite azeztulite
Aventurine Axinite Azeztulite


baryte benitoite beryl
Baryte Benitoite Beryl
beryllonite bismuth black agate
Beryllonite Bismuth Black Agate
black beryl black jade black kyanite
Black Beryl Black Jade Black Kyanite
black lava black obsidian (apache tears) black onyx
Black Lava Black Obsidian (Apache Tears) Black Onyx
black tourmaline blades of light quartz bloodstone
Black Tourmaline

Blades of Light Quartz 

blue amethyst blue aventurine blue banded agate
Blue Amethyst Blue Aventurine Blue Banded Agate
blue calcite blue chalcedony blue howlite
Blue Calcite Blue Chalcedony Blue Howlite
blue john fluorite blue lace agate blue morado opal
Blue John Fluorite Blue Lace Agate Blue Morado Opal
blue obsidian blue quartz blue sky fluorite
Blue Obsidian Blue Quartz Blue Sky Fluorite
blue tiger’s eye blue topaz blue tourmaline
Blue Tiger’s Eye Blue Topaz Blue Tourmaline
boracite bornite Botswana agate
Boracite Bornite Botswana Agate
brandberg quartz brazilianite brecciated jade
Brandberg Amethyst Brazilianite Brecciated Jade
bronzite brookite brookite in quartz
Bronzite Brookite Brookite in Quartz
brucite buddstone bytownite
Brucite Buddstone Bytownite


 cactus quartz calcite cancrinite
Cactus Quartz Calcite Cancrinite
carborundum carnelian cassiterite
Carborundum Carnelian Cassiterite
cats eye cavansite celestine
Cats Eye Cavansite Celestine
cerussite chalcedony
Celestobarite Cerussite Chalcedony
chalcopyrite charoite charoite in tinaksite
Chalcopyrite Charoite Charoite in Tinaksite
cherry creek smoothstone cherry quartz chevron amethyst
Cherry Creek Smoothstone Cherry Quartz Chevron Amethyst
chiastolite chlorite chrome diopside
Chiastolite Chlorite Chrome Diopside
chrysoberyl chrysocolla chrysoprase
Chrysoberyl Chrysocolla Chrysoprase
chrysotile in serpentine cinnabar cinnabar in quartz
Chrysotile in Serpentine Cinnabar Cinnabar in Quartz
citrine citrine calcite
clear calcite
Citrine Citrine Calcite Clear Calcite
clear quartz clear topaz clinoclase
Clear Quartz Clear Topaz Clinoclase
colemanite connemara marble copper
Colemanite Connemara Marble Copper
copper chalcedony coral cordierite
Copper Chalcedony Coral Cordierite
crazy lace agate crocoite cryolite
Crazy Lace Agate Crocoite Cryolite


 dalmatian jade danburite Darwin glass
Dalmatian Jade Danburite Darwin Glass
datolite dendritic opal (merlinite) desert rose
Datolite Dendritic Opal (Merlinite) Desert Rose
diamond diopside dioptase
Diamond Diopside Dioptase
dolomite dragon's blood calcite dragonsblood jade
Dolomite Dragon’s Blood Calcite Dragonsblood Jade
dravite dumortierite
Dravite Dumortierite


elestial quartz emerald empowerite
 Elestial Quartz Emerald Empowerite
epidote epidote dream quartz
Enstatite Epidote Epidote Dream Quartz
erythrite eudalyte
Erythrite Eudialyte

 faden quartz ferro axinite fire obsidian
Faden Quartz Ferro Axinite Fire Obsidian
fire and ice quartz flower stone fluorite
Fire and Ice Quartz Flower Stone Fluorite
franklinite fuchsite (fuchchite)
Fossilwood Franklinite Fuchsite (Fuchchite)


 gabbro galaxite galena
Gabbro Galaxite Galena
gaia stone
Gaia Stone Garnet Garnierite
gaspeite girasol glastonbury coral
Gaspeite Girasol Glastonbury Coral
gold silver sheen obsidian golden coracalcite
Gold Silver Sheen Obsidian Golden Coracalcite
golden enstatite golden healer quartz golden tiger’s eye
Golden Enstatite Golden Healer Quartz Golden Tiger’s Eye
goldstone goshenite graphite
Goldstone Goshenite Graphite
green agate green amethyst green aventurine
Green Agate Green Amethyst Green Aventurine
green calcite green obsidian green opal
Green Calcite Green Obsidian Green Opal
green quartz green tourmaline grossularite garnet
Green Quartz Green Tourmaline Grossularite Garnet


 hackmanite halite hanksite
Hackmanite Halite Hanksite
harlequin quartz healerite heliodor
Harlequin Quartz Healerite Heliodor
hematite hematoid quartz hemimorphite
Hematite Hematoid Quartz Hemimorphite
herderite herkimer diamond hessonite garnet
Herderite Herkimer Diamond Hessonite Garnet
heulandite hidenite hilutite
Heulandite Hiddenite Hilutite
honey calcite horn coral howlite
Honey Calcite Horn Coral Howlite
Hureaulite Hypersthene


 idocrase ilvaite imperial topaz
Idocrase Ilvaite Imperial Topaz
indicolite quartz inderite indochinite
Indicolite Quartz Inderite Indochinite
iolite irghizite isua stone
Iolite Irghizite Isua Stone


 jade jasper jet
Jade Jasper Jet


 k2 stone kammererite karibibite
K2 Stone Kammererite Karibibite
kimberlite kunzite kyanite
Kimberlite Kunzite Kyanite


lapis lazuli
Labradorite Lakelandite Lapis Lazuli
larimar lava stone lavakite
Larimar Lava Stone Lavakite
lavender jade lavender spinel lazulite
Lavender Jade Lavender Spinel Lazulite
lazulite quartz lemon jade lemon quartz
Lazulite Quartz Lemon Jade Lemon Quartz
lemurian calcite
lemurian quartz leopard skin jasper
Lemurian Calcite Lemurian Quartz Leopard Skin Jasper
lepidolite Libyan glass Libyan gold (tektite)
Lepidolite Libyan Glass Libyan Gold (Tektite)
limonite lithium quartz lizardite
Limonite Lithium Quartz Lizardite
lodestone lollingite
Lodestone Lollingite

 magnesite magnetite magnesium
Magnesite Magnetite Magnesium
mahogany obsidian malachite mangano axinite
Mahogany Obsidian Malachite Mangano Axinite
manganoan calcite mariposite marstone marble
Manganoan Calcite Mariposite Marstone Marble
melanite garnet meteorite merlinite
Melanite Garnet Meteorite Merlinite
mica milky quartz moldau quartz
Mica Milky Quartz Moldau Quartz
moldavite molybdenite mookaite
Moldavite Molybdenite Mookaite
moqui marbles morganite
Moonstone Moqui Marbles Morganite
muscovite mystic topaz
Muscovite Mystic Topaz


 natrolite neptunite
new jade
Natrolite Neptunite New Jade
nirvana quartz nodular chalcedony nummite
Nirvana Quartz Nodular Chalcedony Nummite
nzuri moyo
Nzuri Moyo


 obsidian ocean jasper okenite
Obsidian Ocean Jasper Okenite
oligoclase onyx opal
Oligoclase Onyx Opal
opalite optical calcite orange calcite
Opalite Optical Calcite Orange Calcite
orpiment ouro verde quartz
Orbicular Jade Orpiment Ouro Verde Quartz


 pakulite pakulite pentagonite
Pakulite Pearl Pentagonite
peridot petalite phantom quartz
Peridot Petalite Phantom Quartz
phenakite pietersite pink amethyst
Phenakite Pietersite Pink Amethyst
pink cobaltian calcite pink howlite pink opal
Pink Cobaltian Calcite Pink Howlite Pink Opal
pink tourmaline plancheite pollucite
Pink Tourmaline Plancheite Pollucite
polychromatic jade prasiolite
Polychromatic Jade Poppy Jade Prasiolite
prehnite preseli bluestone (stonehenge stone) purple agate
Prehnite Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge Stone) Purple Agate
purple jade purpurite pyrite
Purple Jade Purpurite Pyrite
pyromorphite pyroxmangite
Pyromorphite Pyroxmangite

 quantum quattro quartz que sera
Quantum Quattro Quartz Que Sera


 rainbow hematite rainbow moonstone rainbow obsidian
Rainbow Hematite Rainbow Moonstone Rainbow Obsidian
rainbow quartz raspberry garnet
Rainbow Quartz Rainforest Jade Raspberry Garnet
realgar red amethyst red aventurine
Realgar Red Amethyst Red Aventurine
red calcite red jade red howlite
Red Calcite Red Jade Red Howlite
red obsidian red phantom quartz red snowflake obsidian
Red Obsidian Red Phantom Quartz Red Snowflake Obsidian
red tiger's eye red zircon rhodochrosite
Red Tiger’s Eye Red Zircon Rhodochrosite
Rhodonite Rhyolite Richterite
roscoelite rose quartz rosophia
Roscoelite Rose Quartz Rosophia
ruby ruby fuchsite ruby zoisite
Ruby Ruby Fuchsite Ruby Zoisite
rutilated quartz
Rutilated Quartz Rutile


 sanidine sapphire sapphirine
Sanidine Sapphire Sapphirine
sardonyx satya mani scapolite
Sardonyx Satya Mani Scapolite
schalenblende scheelite
Schalenblende Scheelite Scheelite Jade
scolecite selenite septarian
Scolecite Selenite Septarian
serpentine sesame stone
Seraphinite Serpentine Sesame Stone
shamanic dream quartz shantilite shattuckite
Shamanic Dream Quartz Shantilite Shattuckite
shungite siderite
Shell Shungite Siderite
silicon silver silver quartz
Silicon Silver Silver Quartz
smithsonite smoky elestial smoky quartz
Smithsonite Smoky Elestial Smoky Quartz
snakeskin sodalite
spessartite garnet
Snakeskin Sodalite Spessartite Garnet
stalactite chalcedony
Sphalerite Spinel Stalactite Chalcedony
starburst quartz staurolite stellerite
Starburst Quartz Staurolite Stellerite
stibnite stichtite stilbite
Stibnite Stichtite Stilbite
stromatolite sugilite sulphur
Stromatolite Sugilite Sulphur
sunset sodalite
sunstone super seven
Sunset Sodalite Sunstone Super Seven
super six
Super Six


 talc tanzanite tanzanite aura quartz
Talc Tanzanite Tanzanite Aura Quartz
terraluminite thulite
Tektite Terraluminite Thulite
tibetan quartz tiffany stone tiger's eye
Tibetan Quartz Tiffany Stone Tiger’s Eye
tiger iron titanite topaz
Tiger Iron Titanite Topaz
tourmalinated quartz
tree agate
Tourmalinated Quartz Tourmaline Tree Agate
tremolite triphylite tsavorite
Tremolite Triphylite Tsavorite
tsesit stone tugtupite tunellite
Tsesit Stone Tugtupite Tunellite
turquenite turquoise
Turquenite Turquoise


 ulexite unakite uvarovite garnet
Ulexite Unakite Uvarovite Garnet


 vanadinite variscite venus fluorite
Vanadinite Variscite Venus Fluorite
vera cruz amethyst verdite vesuvianite
Vera Cruz Amethyst Verdite Vesuvianite
violet flame opal vivianite vortexite
Violet Flame Opal Vivianite Vortexite
vulcanite (llanite)
Vulcanite (Llanite)


 watermelon tourmaline wavelite white howlite
Watermelon Tourmaline Wavelite White Howlite
white jade wulfenite
White Jade Wulfenite




 yellow agate yellow aventurine yellow jade
Yellow Agate Yellow Aventurine Yellow Jade
yellow obsidian yellow quartz
Yellow Obsidian Yellow Quartz



 zephyr quartz zincite zircon
Zephyr Quartz Zincite Zircon

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