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Complete List of Crystals (Updated 2021)

Welcome to our list of crystals! The list of crystals is updated regularly! Enjoy!


Abalone (Paua Shell) aegirine


 Abalone (Paua Shell) Aegirine Agrellite
ajoite alabandite alexandrite
Ajoite Alabandite Alexandrite
almandine garnet amazonite amber stone
Almandine Garnet Amazonite Amber
amblygonite amethyst ametrine
Amblygonite Amethyst Ametrine
ammolite amphibole quartz (angel phantom quartz) anatase
Ammolite Amphibole Quartz (Angel Phantom Quartz) Anatase
ancestralite andalusite andradite garnet
Ancestralite Andalusite Andradite Garnet
angel aqua quartz angel wing calcite angelinite
Angel Aqua Quartz Angel Wing Calcite Angelinite
angelite anhydrite apache tears
Angelite Anhydrite Apache Tears
apatite apophyllite apricot agate
Apatite Apophyllite Apricot Agate
aqua aura quartz aqualite quartz aquamarine
Aqua Aura Quartz Aqualite Quartz Aquamarine
aragonite arfvedsonite astrophyllite
Aragonite Arfvedsonite Astrophyllite
atacamite atlantisite aura quartz
Atacamite Atlantisite Aura Quartz
auralite avalon stone aventurine
Auralite Avalon Stone Aventurine
axinite azeztulite azurite
Axinite Azeztulite Azurite


baryte benitoite beryl
Baryte Benitoite Beryl
beryllonite bismuth black agate
Beryllonite Bismuth Black Agate
black beryl black jade black kyanite
Black Beryl Black Jade Black Kyanite
black lava black obsidian (apache tears) black onyx
Black Lava Black Obsidian (Apache Tears) Black Onyx
black tourmaline blades of light quartz bloodstone
Black Tourmaline

Blades of Light Quartz 

blue amethyst blue aventurine blue banded agate
Blue Amethyst Blue Aventurine Blue Banded Agate
blue calcite blue chalcedony blue howlite
Blue Calcite Blue Chalcedony Blue Howlite
blue john fluorite blue lace agate blue morado opal
Blue John Fluorite Blue Lace Agate Blue Morado Opal
blue obsidian blue quartz
Blue Obsidian Blue Quartz

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