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Hemimorphite : Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about hemimorphite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Hemimorphite is the crystal that rocks! Today, we’ll be discussing each and every one of its physical and metaphysical properties. So, stick around! We’re getting deep into all things hemimorphite.

Expect to learn about the meaning of hemimorphite and its global significance, and get ready to uncover all of its healing energies as we explore this transformative, life-changing crystal. The hemimorphite gemstone is respected and admired by so many for good reason, and we’re so excited to fill you in on all of its attributes. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Hemimorphite Meaning
    • What is Hemimorphite
      • What is Hemimorphite Used for
      • Hemimorphite Metaphysical Meaning
    • Hemimorphite Healing
    • Hemimis Hemimorphite Found
      • Hemimorphite in China
  • Hemimorphite Properties
    • Hemimorphite Healing Properties
    • Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties
  • Selenite and Hemimorphite
  • Hemimorphite vs Smithsonite
  • Hemimorphite vs Larimar
  • Hemimorphite Types
    • Hemimorphite Polished
    • Hemimorphite Raw
  • Hemimorphite Colors
    • White Hemimorphite
      • White Hemimorphite Meaning
    • Green Hemimorphite
    • Pink Hemimorphite
      • Pink Hemimorphite Meaning
      • Pink Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties
    • Clear Hemimorphite
    • Blue Hemimorphite 
      • Blue Hemimorphite Meaning
      • Blue Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties
  • Hemimorphite Jewelry
    • Hemimorphite Ring
    • Hemimorphite Bracelet
    • Hemimorphite Necklace
    • Hemimorphite Pendant
    • Hemimorphite Cabochon
  • Hemimorphite Uses
    • Hemimorphite Tower
    • Hemimorphite Beads
      • Blue Hemimorphite Beads
  • Hemimorphite for Sale
    • Hemimorphite Price
    • Blue Hemimorphite for Sale
    • Hemimorphite on eBay
    • Hemimorphite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

Hemimorphite Meaning

Hemimorphite has a variety of meanings, and in this section, we plan on uncovering each and every one. This stone is also used both practically and spiritually to achieve a variety of goals and purposes. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to talking about this multi-faceted stone!

What is Hemimorphite

The hemimorphite mineral is part of the sorosilicate family, and it is made up of zinc, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen atoms. Usually, it forms in the oxidation zone of zinc ore deposits, and as a result, it can be found alongside other zinc minerals like willemite and smithsonite.

Hemimorphite has a hexagonal crystal structure and hemimorphic crystals that have different faces on each end. Its hemimorphic crystals give the stone a truly unique shape that allows it to stand out amongst other similar stones. Lastly, hemimorphite’s color spectrum ranges from white and yellow to blue and green. Rarely, hemimorphite can even form in a light pink color!

pink stone

What is Hemimorphite Used for

Hemimorphite is a jack of all trades. It is used in a number of industrial applications due to the fact that it has such a high zinc content. For example, it can be used in the production of brass and it can be used in the creation of ceramic glaze.

Amazingly, hemimorphite has also been studied for its potential ability to treat osteoporosis by stimulating bone growth. However, research is ongoing, and hemimorphite’s ability to provide any medical benefits has not been confirmed. Of course, hemimorphite is also popularly used in jewelry and home décor, and it is prized by mineral collectors. 

Hemimorphite Metaphysical Meaning

If you’re struggling with emotional blockages and stress, listen up! Hemimorphite is a symbol of self-awareness, peace, and spiritual growth.

This stone can relieve your unnecessary worries and self-deprecatory tendencies and replace them with a more realistic, balanced, and harmonious way of seeing the world and yourself. 

Hemimorphite Healing

Thanks to the calming properties of hemimorphite, this stone can soothe and reassure you – relaxing your mind, body, and emotions. In general, hemimorphite promotes emotional wellbeing and self-assuredness. To use hemimorphite in your healing journey, meditate with the stone to release toxic energy and improve your connection to spirit. 

Where is Hemimorphite Found

Hemimorphite is a citizen of the world! It is usually found in areas that have significant zinc deposits. Currently, hemimorphite is most commonly sourced from the United States, Mexico, China, Italy, Australia, and Belgium.

However, you can also find the stone in Greece, Spain, Morocco, Namibia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is worth noting that Mexico is the largest supplier of hemimorphite in the world. 

Hemimorphite in China

Hemimorphite is found in multiple areas in China, but mostly, it is found in the Chinese provinces of Guangxi, Hunan, and Sichuan. The Chinese often use hemimorphite as a source of zinc, the demand for which has skyrocketed in the past few years as a result of China’s growing infrastructure and economy.

Hemimorphite can also be used in certain traditional Chinese medicinal practices, and it is believed by some to have a range of physical healing capabilities. 

Hemimorphite Properties

The hemimorphite stone offers its users a path away from negativity, overthinking, and self-destruction. In this section, we’ll discuss all the many ways that hemimorphite heals, inspires, and transforms the spaces and people that it comes into contact with. 

Hemimorphite Healing Properties

As a natural healer of emotional wounds, hemimorphite can help release unwanted, toxic emotions that are no longer serving you. Guilt, shame, and self-doubt dissipate around this very special stone.

For this reason, hemimorphite is popularly used by those looking to restore their emotional well-being. Hemimorphite is incredibly soothing, too, and so it is often used to relax and calm down during a particularly stressful moment. 

topless man wearing black beads

Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties

By stimulating the third eye and throat chakras, hemimorphite can boost intuition, communication, and creativity. By using hemimorphite in your spiritual practice, you can enhance the energy flow of the third eye and throat chakras through your body, and you’ll improve on your spiritual development in the process.

The stone can also develop your spiritual understanding and deepen your connection with your higher self, as well as the angelic realms. 

Selenite and Hemimorphite

Both beautiful and spiritually enriching, selenite and hemimorphite might come across as more similar than different. But, while these stones have a few things in common, their differences outweigh their similarities. Let’s start with what they share.

Selenite and hemimorphite are both associated with relaxation, and they are both believed to have soothing and calming abilities. They are also both linked to emotional healing and spiritual growth.

However, it’s very easy to tell these two stones apart. In fact, physically, these two stones are worlds apart. For example, selenite is a type of gypsum, while hemimorphite is a zinc silicate mineral. Then, selenite has a transparent to translucent, white to colorless appearance.

Meanwhile, hemimorphite can form in a few different colors including blue, green, and yellow. Lastly, selenite has cleansing, purifying effects in the spiritual department, and it doesn’t have the same throat and third eye chakra connection that hemimorphite boasts. 

Hemimorphite vs Smithsonite

Hemimorphite and smithsonite are two zinc-rich superheroes whose names you won’t want to forget. They are often used in jewelry-making, and they are worshipped for their beautiful colors and patterns.

However, despite the fact that hemimorphite and smithsonite are both high in zinc, they are completely different mineral types. While hemimorphite is a silicate mineral, smithsonite is a carbonate mineral. Spiritually, these two stones offer different benefits.

Smithsonite is linked to the heart chakra, and it can assist in the romance department – whether you’re trying to find love, work on your relationships, or greaten your compassion. As we know, hemimorphite is not associated with the heart chakra. Rather, it is connected to the throat and third eye chakras. 

Hemimorphite vs Larimar

Larimar and hemimorphite are two fascinating minerals with very little in common. While they are both commonly tied to spiritual development, they are valued for very different reasons.

Yes, both hemimorphite and larimar can relax the mind and soul. However, larimar’s calming effects are a result of its connection to the ocean and the stone creates feelings of peace, while hemimorphite is more competent in releasing negative emotions entirely.

Still, when hemimorphite and larimar are used in conjunction, they promote optimal communication and self-expression by freeing the body of energetic blocks and relaxing the throat chakra. 

Hemimorphite Types

When it comes to buying hemimorphite, there are two major types of the stone that you need to be aware of – raw and polished. We know what you’re thinking! It seems incredibly straightforward; everyone already knows the difference between raw and polished stones.

However, there are actually some pros and cons to buying polished versus raw hemimorphite stones that might surprise you. So, stick around and keep an open mind as we weigh up what raw and polished hemimorphite stones have to offer.  

Hemimorphite Polished

While raw and polished hemimorphite stones are made up of the exact same mineral, polished hemimorphite presents that mineral on a silver platter.

Polished hemimorphite is the unrealistic beauty standard of the crystal world – in the best way! It is used in jewelry more frequently than its raw counterpart, but it can also be used in spiritual practices despite its sleek, ballroom-worthy appearance.

Because hemimorphite is a moderate 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, a polished hemimorphite might also be more durable and longer lasting than a raw hemimorphite.

Hemimorphite Raw

First things first, raw hemimorphite is often more affordable than polished hemimorphite, so this is a good thing to keep in mind when shopping on a budget. While both polished and raw hemimorphite stones can be used in healing ceremonies and meditation, raw hemimorphite is more deeply linked to spiritual growth and healing.

Because raw hemimorphite is unprocessed, it has a more organic appearance. However, that doesn’t mean that the stone can’t be used in jewelry and decoration. The natural look of raw hemimorphite is actually extremely popular in home décor and accessorizing.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your specific taste - and a raw hemimorphite stone might actually complement your style or home’s interior design more than a polished one.

crystal stones

Hemimorphite Colors

Any crystal lover knows that color is everything when it comes to a stone’s benefits. The way a crystal impacts you and affects your energy depends greatly on its hues, shades, and saturation. In this section, we’ll get you all clued up on the colors of hemimorphite, what they represent, and what they can do for you. 

White Hemimorphite

Light, creamy, and easy on the eyes, white hemimorphite merges power and softness in a way that leaves you feeling confident and calm. White hemimorphite is one of the more common colors of the stone, and it is also the most popular hemimorphite color in meditation and relaxing the mind. 

White Hemimorphite Meaning

Symbolic of clarity and peace, white hemimorphite clears the head and rids the soul of torment and chaos. This captivating stone also represents divine femininity, and it can help you get in touch with your vulnerability and feminine power.

Ultimately, white hemimorphite brings serenity, guidance, and clarity to its users, and it can help you become more aligned with your circumstances and the world around you. 

Green Hemimorphite

Fun fact – green hemimorphite gets its signature hue from the inclusion of copper in its mineral make-up. The resulting leafy shine is representative of abundance, affluence, success, and personal development. If you’re in the process of manifesting wealth or career prosperity, green hemimorphite can take you one step further.

Of course, it is always important to pair your manifestations with direct action in order to see the changes you want. Green hemimorphite also connects us with the natural world, helps us find forgiveness and heal emotional wounds, and encourages us to be and feel more grounded. 

Pink Hemimorphite

The rarest of the hemimorphite colors is pink hemimorphite. This beautiful stone appeals to those who enjoy vibrance, sweet vibrations, and romance. Although these stones are few and far between, they are worth searching for. Their beauty and metaphysical power are simply unmatched!

Pink Hemimorphite Meaning

Pink hemimorphite is a symbol of love and compassion. This stone is for the lovers of the world – as well as those who want to increase their capacity for love and romance.

When you look at pink hemimorphite, you can’t help but instantly feel more in tune with the romantic vibrations around you. Having one of these pretty stones at your side will allow you to see and feel love around each and every corner. 

man and woman dancing at the center

Pink Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysically, pink hemimorphite has a soothing, nurturing energy that promotes feelings of empathy and love. The stone is treasured by many for its gentle, healing vibrations and its unique ability to soften its users and make them more emotionally vulnerable.

Pink hemimorphite works wonders when it is used to find forgiveness and let go of the past. By meditating with this beautiful and powerful stone, you can find it in your heart to move on from negative past experiences and open your eyes to new opportunities. 

Clear Hemimorphite

Visually, clear hemimorphites are like crystal clear waters of a tropical beach – but in rock form. These stones aren’t just nice to look at, though. They also offer a world of spiritual growth and metaphysical transformation.

Clear hemimorphite symbolizes clarity and purity, and in this way, it can help us see our true selves and connect more deeply with higher realms. When you work with clear hemimorphite in your spiritual practice, expect spiritual insight, increased intuition, and a clear throat chakra. 

Blue Hemimorphite 

Blue hemimorphite is a stunning variety of the stone that ranges from pale blue to a deep, vibrant ocean blue. This pretty stone symbolizes communication, serenity, and truth, and it is the most popular hemimorphite stone when it comes to throat chakra work. 

Blue Hemimorphite Meaning

Because blue hemimorphite has such a special connection with the throat chakra, it represents clear communication and self-expression. By using blue hemimorphite to work on your communication and confidence, you will find that speaking your truth becomes easier and your relationships become healthier. 

Blue Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties

Blue hemimorphite’s invigorating energy can leave you feeling more self-assured, assertive, and honest. You can use blue hemimorphite to improve your communication and integrity, which will naturally lead to more fulfilling and meaningful relationships. 

Hemimorphite Jewelry

Hemimorphite jewelry is exceptional for a number of reasons – from its unique beauty to its many metaphysical properties. Hemimorphite is a versatile stone, and so it can be used in a variety of different accessories including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and cabochons. In this section, we’ll discuss the most coveted hemimorphite jewels so that you can figure out which ones call to you most.

Hemimorphite Ring

A popular choice for crystal and jewelry lovers, hemimorphite rings are whimsical, gorgeous, and energetically charged. By wearing one of these bad boys on a regular basis, you can expect to feel more confident, clear-headed, and peaceful. Plus, you’ll have a lovely new accessory to add to your jewelry box!

Hemimorphite Bracelet

Another great hemimorphite jewelry option is the infamous hemimorphite bracelet. This powerful accessory is often used to promote emotional healing and create a sense of balance in the body and the soul.

A hemimorphite bracelet can also reduce stress, sadness, and fear, and it can bring you a constant sense of calm and stability.

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Hemimorphite Necklace

Want to stand out from the crowd and stand tall with your newfound confidence? Get yourself a hemimorphite necklace. These necklaces are loaded with heart-warming and healing energies, and wearing them over your chest just makes it that much easier for these supportive energies to find their way into your heart chakra.

Hemimorphite necklaces come in a range of colors and styles, and they’ll add a little extra mystery and allure to your look.

Hemimorphite Pendant

Hemimorphite pendants aren’t all that different from hemimorphite necklaces – they’re just styled differently. If you prefer an earthier, laid-back look, then this is the accessory for you. Hemimorphite pendants will have you looking and feeling authentic, kind, and beautiful. 

Hemimorphite Cabochon

The last accessory on our list is certainly not least. Cabochons are a lovely way to showcase the one of a kind beauty of hemimorphite. They’re polished, versatile, and they can be set into anything from earrings to pendants.

By setting your cabochon into an item of your choosing, you get the opportunity to connect with the stone’s transformative energy in a more direct way. 

Hemimorphite Uses

Hemimorphite is incredibly versatile, and it can be useful in a variety of different ways. In this section, we’ll be giving you the scoop on some of our favorite uses of this malleable stone. That way, you’ll have more options to choose from when including hemimorphite in your spiritual journey. 

Hemimorphite Tower

If you like hemimorphite, why not experience the stone’s majestic energy to the fullest through the use of a hemimorphite tower? These crystal towers are filled to the brim with healing vibrations, and they are powerful tools when it comes to spiritual growth, emotional healing, and developing a sense of inner peace.

Hemimorphite towers can be used in meditation, spiritual rituals, and manifestations. They encourage clear communication, and with this in mind, they are a wonderful addition to a living area or office space. 

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Hemimorphite Beads

Are you ready to level up your game in the accessories department? Hemimorphite beads are the perfect addition to your jewelry kit, and they allow you to work closely with the spiritually transformative stone in a way that will enrich and inspire you. While creating your own, colorful bracelets and necklaces, you’ll feel your intuition awaken and your nerves dissipate. 

Blue Hemimorphite Beads

Blue hemimorphite beads are highly symbolic and carry many meanings. Because the color blue represents communication and self-expression, blue hemimorphite beads can help you have enjoyable, honest, and stimulating conversations. Blue hemimorphite beads can also help you feel more self-assured, peaceful, and balanced. 

Hemimorphite for Sale

Shopping for any crystal can be a dangerous game if you’re uninformed! But, there’s no need to fear – we’re here to help you out. In this section, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to find your perfect, authentic hemimorphite stone.

First thing’s first, you should purchase your hemimorphite from a reputable seller and make conscious choices about what you want your stone to look and feel like. As always, trust your intuition! 

Hemimorphite Price

So many different factors make up the price of a hemimorphite stone. Naturally, prices differ depending on the stone’s quality, size, color, and whether or not it is polished. Usually, small hemimorphite stones cost between a few dollars and twenty dollars.

Bigger stones are, unsurprisingly, pricier – costing between fifty and several hundred dollars. Remember that a hemimorphite’s location of origin makes a difference in its price, too. Certain nations are known for their high quality and high prices when it comes to the stone.

Blue Hemimorphite for Sale

Lucky for all of us, blue hemimorphite isn’t all that hard to find. You can purchase this vibrant stone both online and in-person. Crystal stores, spiritual stores, gem and mineral shows, and online retailers all supply beautiful blue hemimorphite. If you want to get your hands dirty, you can also try rockhounding and find blue hemimorphite yourself!

Hemimorphite on eBay

No matter what kind of hemimorphite you’re looking for, you’ll find it on eBay. This second-hand online store stocks hemimorphite stones, towers, jewelry, and beads – and in a range of colors, too! Be sure to choose wisely and purchase your stone from a seller you trust. 

Hemimorphite on Etsy

Etsy has a range of hemimorphite products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for blue or yellow hemimorphite, towers or tumbled stones, you’ll be highly satisfied with the options before you. Etsy appeals to those on a budget and big spenders alike, with stones ranging from a few dollars to about three hundred dollars. 


And that is all the information we have on the wondrous hemimorphite crystal. We hope you enjoyed getting to know this special stone a little better, and we can’t wait for you to reap all of its many benefits. So, whether you’re looking to boost your spiritual practice or just add a pop of color to your jewelry collection, hemimorphite is a versatile and beautiful choice.

From its many hues to its metaphysical properties, this stone has a lot to offer. So, why not give hemimorphite a try? It’s sure to be a gem of an addition to your crystal collection. 

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