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Black Jade: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

black jade

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about black jade, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Black jade is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic gemstones that you can come across. It is widely used in jewelry due to its exquisite appearance. But black jade is also hailed for its deep spiritual properties; it is regarded as the stone that protects against negativity with its profound elemental powers. 

Let us explore all about black jade in this post today.

  • Black Jade Meaning
    • What is Black Jade?
      • Black Jade Meaning in Chinese
      • Is Black Jade Expensive?
      • Can You Wear Black Jade as a Bracelet?
    • Black Jade Benefits
    • Where is Black Jade Found?
      • Australian Black Jade
      • Wyoming Black Jade
      • California Black Jade
      • Burmese Black Jade
        • Burmese Black Jade Benefits and Ways to Wear it
      • Black Jade from China
  • Properties of Black Jade
    • Black Jade Metaphysical Properties
    • Black Jade Healing Properties
  • Black Jade vs Onyx
    • Is Black Jade Similar to Onyx
  • Black Jade Types
    • Pure Black Jade
    • Raw Black Jade
  • Black Jade Jewelry
    • Black Jade Ring
      • Black Jade Engagement Ring
      • Black Jade Men's Ring
    • Black Jade Necklace
      • Black Jade Necklace Meaning
      • Black Jade Dragon Necklace
      • Black Jade Fish Hook Necklace
      • Tiffany Black Jade Necklace
      • Men's Black Jade Necklace
    • Black Jade Bracelet
      • Black Jade Bracelet Meaning
      • Black Jade Bangle Bracelet
    • Black Jade Pendant
      • Black Jade Pendant Meaning
      • Black Jade Buddha Pendant
      • Black Jade Dragon Pendant
    • Black Jade Earrings
      • Australian Black Jade Earrings
      • Black Jade Stud Earrings
      • Black Jade Hoop Earrings
    • Black Jade Cabochon
  • Black Jade Uses
    • Black Jade Beads
    • Black Jade Roller
  • Black Jade for Sale
    • Black Jade Stone Price
      • Black Jade Price per Carat
      • Black Jade Price per Gram
      • Black Jade Bracelet Price
      • Black Jade Ring Price
    • Buy Black Jade Pendants
    • Where to Buy Black Jade
  • Conclusion

Black Jade Meaning

Black jade belongs to either the jadeite or nephrite family and it includes some percentage of iron oxide or graphite in its composition. While exploring ancient history, it has been found that black jade was a highly coveted possession in the Mayan, Chinese, and Aztec civilizations. In ancient cultures, black jade was hailed as the “dream stone” for its spiritual properties. It is still considered a symbol of protection, power, wisdom, and self-control. 

What is Black Jade?

Black jade may either be of jadeite or nephrite variety and it is most often black because of iron oxide or graphite presence. Scientifically, jade shares many of its attributes with these two minerals which are markedly different from each other. While nephrite is a calcium magnesium silicate, jadeite is, chemically, a sodium aluminum silicate compound. Both ‌stones appear similar and are extremely tough, although they are very different in terms of composition, density, hardness, and crystal structure. All forms of jade are highly valued for their metaphysical properties.

Black jade crystals are widely used by crystal healers in exploring the inner mind’s world and help bring stability to the body and mind. It is said to offer the courage to face our true selves, identify the negative patterns that limit our abilities, and help rise above these negativities towards the light of positivity. It helps balance our personality and leads to the empowerment of our soul that ultimately pushes us to achieve our dreams and realize who we truly are. 

Black Jade Meaning in Chinese

Black jade holds a deep significance in Chinese traditions. Jade is a cultural touchstone in China, and its uses can be traced back to 5000 BC. Earlier, jade was used as tools and implements since it was a tough gemstone. But jade was also commonly used in various religious ceremonies as per black jade Chinese mythology. In ancient China, jade gemstone used to be placed in the mouths of the deceased, as it was believed to prevent the body from decaying and offer protection in the afterlife. This beautiful mystical gemstone is used to hail Kuan Yin, the Goddess of mercy, unconditional love, and compassion in China. Kuan Yin is highly revered as the protector of women and children and also those who are unfortunate.

In China's religious ceremonies, the black jade stone is used to depict the north. It is also used for pride, security, and elegance. Even today, black jade is coveted for being a talismanic gem and is kept as a prized possession for security and positivity. 

Is Black Jade Expensive?

The black jade gem is indeed an expensive stone. Black jade cost per carat ranges at about $3 million USD for the jadeite variant. In the case of the nephrite variant of black jade crystal, the price is relatively less since it is more commonly found.

Can You Wear Black Jade as a Bracelet?

Wearing a jade bracelet is the best way to maximize the spiritual benefits offered by this gemstone. A black jade bracelet is a widely popular choice among believers and fashion enthusiasts alike. It not only looks exquisite but also keeps you protected from negative energies. Bracelets made ‌of black jade rock are expensive and coveted. However, you need to take care of your black jade bracelet since it might break easily when mishandled. 

Black Jade Benefits

black jade

Crystal healers and metaphysical practitioners believe that black jade crystal comes with many significant health and spiritual benefits. Black jade rock is believed to have the power of alleviating ailments related to feet, hips, knees, legs, and may also ‌ tackle problems with the reproductive system. And apart from problems with health, the black jade gemstone is also said to be good for boosting wealth and enriching relationships. It is said to help integrate the mind and body by ‌stimulating positive thoughts. This beautiful black gem is popularly endorsed for banishing doubts, hatred, fear, envy, anger, and other negative emotions.

Where is Black Jade Found?

Black jade is found in many places across the world; both jadeite and nephrite variants of the black jade gem are mined in China, Russia and Guatemala, and many other locations worldwide.

Australian Black Jade

In the nephrite family, black nephrite is not found abundantly. It mainly comes from regions in Australia. In fact, South Australia is well-known for containing huge deposits of black nephrite. Australian black jade rock is typically characterized by beautiful wavy patterns and dendritic additions caused by ‌plant matter. 

Wyoming Black Jade

Wyoming in the USA is another prime location where black jade is mined. Here, black jade has been found in regions like the Wind River Range, Guernsey, and the Laramie Mountains. Crystal experts say that the black jade gem obtained from Wyoming is among the finest quality nephrite gems available today. 

California Black Jade

Black jade deposits found in California also belong to the nephrite family. It is mainly found across riverbeds and outcroppings of ancient stone formations. California black jade, which is often referred to as ink jade, is ‌ uncommon and therefore highly valuable.

Burmese Black Jade

Burma is one of the principal regions where black jadeite is mined in the Kyaukseinmyo region, which means "jade land". Black jade was first mined in Burma over 6,000 years ago. And since ancient days, Burmese black jade has been recognized for its harder, denser, and richer structural formation. Jadeite is more easily available compared to nephrite, and Burmese jade is highly sought-after and valuable.

Burmese Black Jade Benefits and Ways to Wear it 

People in Burma (presently Myanmar) are strong followers of their ancient traditions and believe that black jade crystals symbolize tranquility and purity. Black jade jewelry items are extensively popular in Myanmar and are also considered the best way to soak in all the benefits of this magical gemstone.

Black Jade from China

black jade dragon pendant

Jade has been a highly prized gemstone in China for ages. Jade found in China was ‌of the nephrite form until the 13th century, where it was mined in the Khotan region and the Kunlun Mountains. Occasionally jadeite deposits are also found. 

Properties of Black Jade

Let us explore the various interesting spiritual and healing properties of black jade below.

Black Jade Metaphysical Properties

Black jade rock is believed to be highly powerful and endowed with powerful protective energies. According to metaphysical experts, this fascinating black gemstone has the power to shield you from toxic elements, negative energies and prevent psychic interference.

It is also said to help establish a profound bond between the physical and natural world by opening up the senses to the higher energies of the cosmic world. This gemstone is believed to boost overall positivity by encouraging tolerance, wisdom, and practicality. It encourages one to overcome mental constraints and boosts motivation to achieve their dreams and goals.

Black Jade Healing Properties

The black jade gem is valued as a powerful stone that promotes healing and wellbeing. Crystal healers say that this precious gem can ease various physical ailments. It is said to protect the body from bacterial and viral infections and also enable the elderly to lead an active life. Black jade aligns with the root chakra, which is present at the base of our spinal cord and helps restore kinesthetic feelings, thereby boosting strength. It is believed to help soothe the cardiac rhythm and stability nerves. It can help heal feelings like guilt and defeat. If you are feeling insecure or scared, wearing a black jade crystal may help overcome such feelings.

Black Jade vs Onyx

onyx stone

Onyx mineral is essentially an oxide, and it is available in many shades. However, black onyx is the most popular among all other colors of this gemstone. Onyx contains bands of chalcedony in interchanging colors. Black jade is ‌ either a jadeite or nephrite variety of minerals and differs ‌from black onyx in terms of chemical composition and structure. 

Is Black Jade Similar to Onyx?

Black jade seems similar to black onyx only for its black shade. Otherwise, these two stones are entirely different, ‌as mentioned above. 

Black Jade Types

Two kinds of black jade are available in the market today:

Pure Black Jade

Pure black jade is identifiable by its clear, intense shade and smooth texture. The watery transparent luster adds an enigmatic appeal to black jade in its purest form.

Raw Black Jade

To the untrained eyes, the raw jade rock appears to be like any other rock formation. It can come with a surface that is yellow, white, brown, or even black in shade. 

Black Jade Jewelry

Black jade is an excellent gemstone to use in jewelry pieces. The tradition of crafting black jade jewelry can be traced back to ancient China when people loved to wear pendants, rings, and bangles made ‌of this gem.

Black Jade Ring

A black jade ring looks exquisite and rich. And wearing a black jade ring is also a nice way to experience the spiritual benefits of this lovely gemstone by allowing it to align with the chakras. 

Black Jade Engagement Ring

Black jade is a popular choice for encrusting specially made jewelry pieces, like engagement rings. This beautiful stone effortlessly enhances the magnificence and appeal of even a simple engagement ring. You can find various collections of black jade rings online and at local jewelry shops. 

Black Jade Men's Ring

Customized or handmade, men’s rings made ‌of the black jade gemstone are uniquely sophisticated and stylish. If you or your man likes edgy fashion, a black jade ring designed for men will be the perfect accessory to complement your personal style.

Black Jade Necklace

Necklaces made ‌of pure black jade rough are bound to grab attention and fetch compliments when you wear them to a party. Wearing a black jade necklace is another innovative way to adorn this magical gemstone and soak in its metaphysical benefits. It is especially suitable for Librans and Taureans of the zodiac world.

Black Jade Necklace Meaning

Since black jade is hailed as a gemstone for protection and safety, wearing a black jade necklace may help ward off the evil eye and safeguard one from unscrupulous people. Crystal experts say that black jade can help protect against fraud, deception, and liars too. If you travel frequently, wearing a black jade necklace may help you stay safe throughout your trips.

Black Jade Dragon Necklace

As per Chinese traditions, a black jade dragon necklace symbolizes courage and protection. Wearing a black jade dragon necklace can empower you with feelings of bravery, power, security, and also good luck. And it also looks very fashionable.

Black Jade Fish Hook Necklace

Fish hooks bear an inherent connection to the ocean and seas. It typically symbolizes respect for marine life, as per ancient Maori traditions. Black jade fish hook necklaces are ideal for sea travelers to keep them protected throughout their journey.

Tiffany Black Jade Necklace

Tiffany's is well-renowned across the world for its exquisitely crafted jewelry and accessories. You can find delicately handcrafted black jade necklaces at Tiffany's and purchase them as a gift for a loved one. It can be a wonderful and highly valuable present to those who appreciate fine jewelry.

Men's Black Jade Necklace

You can find an extensive range of black jade necklaces for men on online shops and e-commerce platforms. Buy only from reliable retailers to avoid buying counterfeit jade jewelry.

Black Jade Bracelet

black jade bracelet

Bracelets made ‌of raw black jade crystals look chic and bold at the same time. Depending on the design, both men and women can flaunt a black jade bracelet. However, black jade bracelets must be worn carefully to prevent damage.

Black Jade Bracelet Meaning

A bracelet made ‌of jade is a symbol of grace, purity, and elegance. According to crystal experts, wearing a black jade bracelet acts as a lucky charm, bringing forth health, wealth, and good fortune towards you.

Black Jade Bangle Bracelet

A bangle bracelet is an innovative twist to the conventional design of bracelets or bangles. Bangle bracelets made ‌of the black jade gemstone are versatile and stylish. You can wear them with any kind of attire and look effortlessly sophisticated.

Black Jade Pendant

Black jade pendants are a popular choice of adornment among those who like to go minimalistic yet absorb the magical powers of this gemstone.

Black Jade Pendant Meaning

Wearing or carrying a black jade pendant is believed to help ward off negative energies and emotions. It may help keep your spiritual energy intact, offer security and safety, and even prevent illnesses. Pendants made ‌of black jade stone are also believed to be protectors against deception and influential abuse for sexual or financial gains.

Black Jade Buddha Pendant

Going by Chinese traditions, a Buddha pendant carved out of black jade stone is a talisman of happiness. It also symbolizes good fortune and good luck. Wearing a black jade Buddha pendant is believed to attract positivity in the form of wealth, luck, and happiness. This is the reason black jade Buddha pendants are hugely popular among people of all cultures and religions.

Black Jade Dragon Pendant

In China, a black jade dragon necklace is hailed as the emblem of courage and protection. It is believed to protect the wearer from being harmed in any form. It is also said to bestow the wearer with good luck and wealth.

Black Jade Earrings

Black jade earrings can glam up any kind of attire in an instant. You can find different shapes, sizes, and designs of black jade earrings in online shops. 

Australian Black Jade Earrings

Earrings made ‌of Australian black jade are indeed stunning. This variety of black jade has a remarkable appeal with the depth of its color that gives it an ethereal sheen, enhancing the aesthetic value of the jewelry item.

Black Jade Stud Earrings

Black jade studs are practical and minimalistic yet truly valuable pieces of ornament. Plus, they are a magnificent way of keeping this gorgeous gemstone close to your body to soak up its spiritual benefits.

Black Jade Hoop Earrings

What can be more interesting than trendily designed black jade hoop earrings? Hoops are not just trendy and fun but can also help you experience the positive energies that a black jade crystal emanates.

Black Jade Cabochon

black jade cabochon

Black jade cabochons are used for jewelry-making, setting, wrapping, and other lapidary purposes. 

Black Jade Uses

There is a wide variety of uses of the black jade gem. Since this mineral is known for its extreme hardness and aesthetic appeal, it is used where durability and beauty matter the most. Black jade is a highly coveted gem among crystal healers and metaphysical practitioners who can harness the powerful positive vibrations of this stone and focus them to promote healing and affirmation.

Black Jade Beads

Black jade beads can be strung together to make single and double-layered necklaces, or can also be used to craft bracelets. Metaphysical experts and crystal healers are also known to use black jade beaded necklaces during meditation, which helps them manifest the benefits of this crystal better.

Black Jade Roller

Black jade rollers are great equipment for facial massages. Using a black jade roller the correct way is said to help in slowing down aging signs. It helps promote blood circulation, which imparts a natural healthy glow to the skin and prevents puffiness of the face.

Black Jade for Sale

Black jade is widely available for purchase on all leading online gem stores and e-commerce sites. You can buy black jade from popular platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and others. But it is important to check the quality of crystal that you buy as fake black jade is also sold by unscrupulous businesspersons. 

Black Jade Stone Price

Black jade is valuable and pricey, and it must be carefully validated before purchasing. It must be mentioned here that like all other gemstones, the price of black jade also depends on its type and quality. Black jade stone price can also depend on whether it is being used in jewelry, masks, or carving.

Black Jade Price per Carat

Jadeite is significantly more expensive than nephrite, and its price per carat can go up to $3 million USD. Nephrite is relatively less expensive because of its easy availability—it typically costs between $100 to $1000 USD a pound. 

Black Jade Bracelet Price 

The price of a black jade bracelet varies based on certain factors such as the size, design, and quality of the gemstone that is used. To offer a rough estimate, the black jade bracelet price can start from as low as $80 USD and shoot up to $500 USD and more. You can find an extensive collection of black jade bracelets of different kinds and pick any ‌you find most suitable.

Buy Black Jade Pendants

Black jade pendants are easily available on all leading online stores and e-commerce sites. You can also buy black jade pendants from offline retail jewelry shops. However, it is important to first find out that you are buying genuine black jade and not fake stones that look similar to the precious gemstone. The best option is to buy from only reputable shops and retailers, whether you choose to buy online or in person. The dragon and Buddha black jade pendants are the most popular choices to date. They are believed to attract positive vibes, protection, wealth, and good luck.

Where to Buy Black Jade

black jade ring

As already mentioned before, you can buy black jade both in-store and online. You can browse through amazing collections of black jade ornaments like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings on popular online portals such as Etsy and Amazon. These platforms offer the widest range of black jade collections for you to choose from. If you wish to buy in person, you should first validate the authenticity of black jade and then make the purchase.


Black jade is one of the most sought-after gemstones for all its interesting spiritual properties and its ethereal aesthetics. If you plan to buy black jade crystal, then you can visit any of the popular online stores and browse through extensive collections of gemstone and jewelry items. You can also find black jade from crystal dealers. But to enjoy its maximum benefits, check the quality and authenticity of the gem.

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