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Green Calcite Complete Guide (2024)

Green Calcite Complete Guide (2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about green calcite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Welcome to our complete guide to green calcite! In this article, we will be covering the origins of green calcite, its spiritual meaning, healing benefits, jewelry/décor options and how exactly you can get your hands on this beautiful crystal!

Whether you’re looking for some spiritual guidance, are a Cancer, Virgo or Capricorn and want to know more about your birthstone or just really like the aesthetic of green calcite, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out everything you need to know in our complete guide!

  • Green Calcite Meaning
    • What is Green Calcite Good for
    • Green Calcite Spiritual Meaning
    • Green Calcite Benefits
      • Sleeping with Green Calcite
    • Green Calcite Chakra
    • Green Calcite Healing
    • How to Identify Green Calcite
    • Where is Green Calcite Found
  • Green Calcite Properties
    • Green Calcite Healing Properties
    • Green Calcite Metaphysical Properties
  • Green Calcite vs Green Fluorite
  • Green Calcite Types
    • Raw Green Calcite
    • Polished Green Calcite
    • Tumbled Green Calcite
  • Green Calcite Jewellery
    • Green Calcite Ring
    • Green Calcite Necklace
    • Green Calcite Pendant
    • Green Calcite Bracelet
    • Green Calcite Earrings
  • Green Calcite Uses
    • Green Calcite Beads
    • Green Calcite Tower
    • Green Calcite Sphere
  • Green Calcite Combinations
    • Green Calcite and Rose Quartz
  • How to Cleanse Green Calcite
  • How to Use Green Calcite
  • Green Calcite for Sale
    • Green Calcite Price

Green Calcite Meaning

Green calcite is known to be a heart stone. It’s a powerful healer for all physical and spiritual things related to your heart. It works on your heart chakra to relieve stress and calm pent-up energy. It also works by physically rejuvenating the heart organ.

Spiritual healers have been known to use this stone on patients suffering from life-threatening heart conditions. The unity of heart and will is a very good summary of this stone’s meaning.

What is Green Calcite Good for?

The green calcite stone is known to help strengthen your connection with nature. This is very fitting considering its green color! The more connected we are with nature, the more at peace we are in our everyday lives. It’s a very effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

To tap into green calcite’s connection with nature, it is recommended you meditate outside with the stone. Dawn and dusk are great times to do this because they are the most energetically powerful times of the day.

Green Calcite Spiritual Meaning

Green calcite is the stone of balance, release and healing. It works by releasing pent-up energy from the heart chakra and is a very calming stone. It’s the stone for the zodiac signs Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn and it’s also an earth stone.

Its crystal system is trigonal and it works to create alignment within the body and soul as well as alignment between the body and soul. It’s a stone of spiritual and personal growth and is as powerful in moving you forward as it is in calming you.

Green Calcite Benefits

Physically, green calcite is known to help heart attack patients in their recovery. It’s also known to help regulate a person’s blood pressure. Combining it with Blue Apatite is thought to increase its use as a detoxifier of the body. It’s thought to cleanse and purify the body from toxins and infections.

On the emotional side, if you’re going through a rough time in the romance department, this is the stone for you! Green calcite acts as an “emotional balm” which you slather on emotional wounds to try and make them feel better. The stone reassures you and encourages you to trust in the future you cannot see.

It’s also known to help with attracting wealth and prosperity! Green calcite prosperity is apparently a thing!

Sleeping with Green Calcite

Due to its calming properties, it’s no surprise that green calcite is known to aid in peaceful sleep. The stone is known to help our mind let go of intense emotion so that we may enter deep, uninterrupted sleep. Interestingly enough, fluorite and rose quartz are also contenders on the list for peaceful sleep crystals. 

Green Calcite Chakra

As mentioned above, green calcite targets its calming properties towards the heart chakra. When any of our chakras are blocked then our power to manifest our dreams and desires may be compromised. Green calcite works to clear and balance the heart chakra so that we may have nothing standing in our way on our journey towards abundance.

Aside from assisting us in clearing out our heart chakras, it also helps us connect to them. Connecting to your heart chakra is essential in the process of working through unresolved emotional trauma.



Green Calcite Healing

Green calcite has been known to boost compassion as well as help people forgive themselves. In order to forgive yourself, your self-compassion needs to be in a good place. You cannot have one without the other. That being, self-compassion and forgiving yourself.

Once you embark in the journey of self-compassion and self-forgiveness you will quickly realize how healing the experience can be and how it overflows into all areas of your life.

How to Identify Green Calcite

The green calcite crystal has a very distinct look. It’s light green in color. It also looks opaque and a little like glass that’s been washed up on the seashore. It may have some brown spots interspersed throughout. These are known as impurities. 

Where is Green Calcite Found?

The green calcite crystal is a mineral belonging to the class of carbonate. The green calcite mineral crystalizes through sedimentation and its green color is due to chlorite (an inorganic compound) getting trapped in the crystal during crystallisation. 

This variety of calcite usually comes from Mexico and Brazil and is found in large masses. It’s found in sedimentary rock and is mined from deep underground. It’s the second most abundant mineral next to quartz.

Green Calcite Properties

Green Calcite Healing Properties

One of the most valuable healing properties green calcite possesses is that it helps us open our hearts to others so that we may accept help when we need it.

Pride usually gets in the way of us genuinely accepting where we are in life (whether it’s good or bad) and green calcite helps us let go of that pride. We are therefore able to delve into self-compassion, which is one of the hardest things to do!

Green Calcite Metaphysical Properties

The green calcite powers you can harness from this stone are endless! Meditating with green calcite is a very powerful exercise. It’s sure to provide you with profound metaphysical results.

As green calcite is an earth stone, meditating with it in nature will pull more earth energies towards you. This will ground you and provide clarity to any uncertain areas of your life. The green calcite zodiac signs are Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn and the stone’s planet is the moon.

Green Calcite vs Green Fluorite

Green calcite and green fluorite are two types of minerals but are vastly different. Green calcite grows asymmetrically while green fluorite grows using a symmetrical crystal system.

Fluorite is rarer than calcite and is known as a semiprecious mineral while calcite is much more common. They also form in very different environments and places across the world. Fluorite has a hardness rating of four on the Mohs scale while calcite has a rating of three.

Green Calcite Types

We’re about to dive in and cover all the different types of green calcite that are out there. These include raw green calcite, polished green calcite and tumbled green calcite. Emerald green calcite refers to a specific shade of green calcite.

This shade of green calcite is used a lot in the making of jewelry due to its similarity in color to actual emeralds. Read on to see if any of these types of green calcite catch your eye!

Raw Green Calcite

Raw green calcite and rough green calcite are in essence the same thing. Almost untouched chunks of green calcite are rough and raw. Green calcite in this form is definitely the most metaphysically powerful version of the stone and should be utilized if you’re looking to reap the spiritual healing properties of green calcite.

Meditating with raw green calcite is a very powerful exercise. They can be multiple shades of green and they have an opaque look to them. 

Polished Green Calcite

Polishing green calcite is the process of processing and smoothing out the irregular and ragged edges of raw green calcite. Pieces of polished green calcite may have irregular angles but those angles are smoothed out due to the polishing process.

You’ll find polished green calcite in the form of polished crystal towers which are used as décor pieces or spiritual conduits. But, more on green calcite towers later on! It’s important to note that polished green calcite doesn’t necessarily mean tumbled green calcite, more on that below!

Tumbled Green Calcite

Tumbled green calcite is polished but faceted very specifically into the shape of small, rounded stones. These are usually bought in bulk and used as décor pieces around the home.

For example, a wooden bowl or wooden slice of tree trunk with a bunch of tumbled green calcite stones within them can look very beautiful. The tumbled stones can also be used in mediation practice. Surrounding yourself with a circle of tumbled green calcite stones while meditating can harness powerful metaphysical, healing energy.

green calcite

Green Calcite Jewellery

There are tons of options when it comes to green calcite jewelry. So there will definitely be something for you here! The list we’re going to cover in this guide includes green calcite rings, green calcite necklaces, green calcite pendants, green calcite bracelets and green calcite earrings.

Green Calcite Ring

Green calcite rings come in a variety of different shades and styles. When it comes to different shades of green, there are emerald green calcite stones and pistachio green calcite stones that are used.

Emerald calcite is a deeper, emerald-like green and pistachio calcite is a paler green. There is something for everyone here. It just depends on your taste. Whether you like chunkier designs or more dainty ones, there are a lovely range of green calcite rings available on the market.

Green Calcite Necklace

As green calcite is known more as a common mineral and not a semi precious mineral, it’s found mostly in bohemian-styled, rustic jewelry. You won’t really find green calcite included in many pieces that belong to high-end jewelry brands along with stones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

And you see this trend when looking at the available green calcite necklaces on the market, which are mostly made up of raw and polished pieces hung from rope, twine, copper or sterling silver chains. The good thing about this is that any green calcite necklace you’ll see will be very affordable!

Green Calcite Pendant

A green calcite pendant is a specific type of green calcite necklace. It consists of a chain made of rope, twine, copper, sterling silver or gold and one single stone of green calcite that hangs from this chain.

The stone can be rough or raw green calcite or it can be faceted and polished. If polished, the stone is sometimes surrounded by or embedded in gold or silver. If this is something you might be interested in, head on over to our website and browse through the green calcite pendants we have on offer!

Green Calcite Bracelet

A classic style of green calcite bracelet you’ll find everywhere will be ones with small, round beads. They’re very affordable and retail at about $16 for a 7-inch, 6mm round beaded bracelet. However, if you look hard enough, you can also get your hands on some vintage green calcite bracelets. The one we’ve attached here is genuine vintage and from the forties! 

green calcite bracelet

Green Calcite Earrings

Like any other crystal that is included in jewelry, there are tons of green calcite earring styles available! Whether studs or dangle earrings are more your style, there are many options available. Green calcite tends to be paired on the same earring with some sort of blue stone.

Blue zircon, turquoise and azurite are all examples of stones that pair well with green calcite. Like all jewelry, prices range from low to high and the more gold or silver included in your green calcite earrings, the more expensive your earrings are going to be.

Green Calcite Uses

Besides using green calcite for its metaphysical properties or in jewellery, we have some other uses for this stone that will knock your socks off! Read on to get the low down on all the other uses for green calcite!

Green Calcite Beads

Green calcite beads come in a variety of different sizes. And the size you choose all depends on how chunky or delicate you want your pieces of jewellery to be. Besides the classic, rounded beads there are also green calcite beads in other shapes and sizes available.

Squares, diamonds, triangles, ovals and irregular shapes are all available. Beads can also be used as home décor pieces. Placing a circle of beads on a marble slab makes for a stunning decorative piece in the home.

green calcite beaded bracelet

Green Calcite Tower

Green calcite towers are stunning decorative pieces for the home as well as powerful spiritual conduits. Placing them amongst other powerful stones in a shrine setting would be a welcome addition to your spiritual journey.

Meditating with crystal towers in general is powerful, but meditating with a green calcite tower is even more so! The tower has a point on the top of it which much of its healing qualities are projected through when correctly harnessed.

Green Calcite Sphere

Green calcite spheres are great for generating positive energy, healing, meditation, achieving peace of mind and finding the right balance between concentration (when it comes to work) and play.

They are stunning décor pieces as they are literal crystal balls! They have the most dreamy, beautiful green color to them and are so easy to get lost in. Perching one on an ornate stand creates the most beautiful, eye-catching piece for your home.

We have some news for you…green calcite glows in the dark! It’s called fluorescence. Once the stone is placed under UV light it starts to glow like a glow stick! So, you could place your green calcite sphere under UV light and you would have yourself a glowing crystal ball!

Green Calcite Combinations

Peruvian red and green calcite is a powerful combination! One that you definitely want to investigate if you’re looking at purchasing some green calcite. Red calcite is found mostly in Mexico, however, it’s also found in Peru.

There are multiple versions of calcite in multiple colors that come from Peru, but right now we’re focusing on red calcite in general irrespective of where it comes from. Red calcite is known to help those who struggle with physical intimacy, those having a hard time accepting their physical experiences as well as those who struggle with taking on too many commitments. 

Building on that last point, red calcite guides the holder to address their issue of taking on too much but also their issue of not following through on their word when they overcommit to things. It’s also known to help the physical body by strengthening the endocrine system, the lymphatic system as well as the bones.

The best combinations to use together with green calcite also very much depends on your intention. For example, if you want to improve your focus and concentration then hematite, azurite, rosasite and thenardite are good crystals to pair it with.

Green Calcite and Rose Quartz

The combination of green calcite and rose quartz is a combination that works very well! Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love which works very well with the soothing properties of green calcite.

Because of this unique combination of metaphysical properties, both stones are often included in pieces of jewellery together. Rose quartz is also known to amplify your energy levels which helps you “fill your cup” after a long day while green calcite creates mental balance and stimulates the immune system.

green calcite and rose quartz crystal

How to Cleanse Green Calcite

It’s important to only cleanse your green calcite in soapy water with a non-metal scrubbing brush and then let it naturally dry off. Using any sort of cleansing agent with chemicals in it (besides soap) will cause parts of the stone to be eaten away and damaged.

It’s also important to note that you rinse off all the soapy residue from the stone once done cleaning as the stone needs to be spotless and clean on its surface area.

How to Use Green Calcite

Whether you own or want to purchase small amounts of green calcite in jewellery items or a large green calcite for décor/meditation purposes, the way you use your green calcite will all depend on the intention you set. Making sure that you regularly cleanse your green calcite will ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your stone.

If your intention for your green calcite is purely aesthetic, then those are the benefits you’ll reap. If your intention is to tap into and benefit from its metaphysical properties, then that is how you’ll use the stone. It’s all up to you!

Green Calcite for Sale

If you’re wanting to buy green calcite we’ve got some good news for you-it’s everywhere! It’s a very common mineral and widely available to purchase. You have a few options to consider.

Either pop in to a crystal shop in person, they’re sure to have some green calcite. Or, you could do a Google search as there are tons of online stores that stock this crystal. 

Green Calcite Price

This is just to give you an idea of green calcite value. One kilogram of rough emerald green calcite is priced at $25. A six-gram green calcite pendant embedded in silver is priced at $13. A 650-gram green calcite tower is priced at $33.

And a sterling silver green calcite ring is priced at $13. As you can see green calcite is super affordable across the board even when paired with more expensive materials such as sterling silver. 


In summary, green calcite may be a common mineral but that does not at all take away from its beauty and powerful metaphysical healing properties. It’s affordability allows you to acquire the stone in all its forms! These forms include: rough stones, tumbled stones, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, towers, beads and spheres.

The fact that this stone also glows in the dark under UV light is an added bonus! As it is the stone of balance, you want to own as much of it as possible! It focuses on opening the heart chakra and, as you know, when the heart chakra is open then life flows easily and effortlessly.

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