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Celestine: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about celestine, including its meaning, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Ready to get celestial? We know we are. The celestine gem is an ethereal mystery, and lucky for you, we’ve got all the details. There is so much to gain and learn from celestine, a stone whose metaphysical properties are just as otherworldly and exciting as its appearance.

The spiritual benefits and cloudy, dreamlike complexion of celestine have made it a favorite amongst gemstone enthusiasts, and by the time you finish reading this article, we bet you’ll also be a huge fan of the crystal.

So, stick around to hear all about this wondrous stone while looking at beautiful celestine images. You’re basically about to read a highly detailed, spiritually-influenced celestine Wikipedia page.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Celestine Meaning
    • What is Celestine
      • What does Celestine Look Like
      • Celestine Pronunciation
      • Can Celestine Get Wet
      • Is Celestine Toxic
    • Celestine Benefits
    • Celestine Meditation
    • Celestite Healing
    • Celestine for Sleep
    • Celestite Chakra
    • Where is Celestine Found
      • Celestine in Madagascar
    • How is Celestite Mined
  • Celestine Properties
    • Celestine Healing Properties
    • Celestine Metaphysical Properties
    • Celestine Diagnostic Properties
    • Celestine Physical Properties
  • Celestine and Other Stones
    • Celestine and Celestite
      • Difference Between Celestine and Celestite
    • Blue Calcite vs Celestine 
      • How to Tell Blue Calcite vs Celestine 
    • Celestine and Angelite
  • Celestine Types
    • Raw Celestine
    • Tumbled Celestine 
    • Natural Celestine 
  • Celestine Colors
    • Blue Celestine 
      • Blue Celestine Crystal Meaning
      • Blue Celestine Metaphysical Properties
      • Blue Celestine Healing Properties
    • White Celestine 
    • Blue Grey Celestine
    • Orange Celestine
    • Red Celestine
    • Gray Celestine
    • Green Celestine
  • Celestine Jewelry
    • Celestine Necklace
    • Celestine Bracelet
    • Celestine Earring
    • Celestine Ring
    • Celestine Pendant
  • Celestine Mineral Uses
    • Celestine Beads
    • Celestine Egg
    • Celestine Sphere
    • Celestine Wand
    • Celestite Pendulum
    • Celestite Ball
  • How to Cleanse Celestine 
  • Celestine for Sale
    • Celestine Geodes for Sale
    • Celestite in Bulk
    • Celestine on Etsy
  • Conclusion

Celestine Meaning

The celestine definition describes the crystal as a strontium sulfate mineral with a soft color. However, celestine is much more complicated than its chemical structure and appearance.

This crystal is known for being completely out of this world. Its name even stems from the Latin term “caelestis”, which translates to celestial. In this section, we’ll explain what celestine is while we explore its many facets.

What is Celestine

The celestine stone is a major source of strontium that is primarily located in sedimentary rocks and geodes. While it has many practical uses, anyone obsessed with crystals will tell you that celestine is primarily a gemstone with rewarding spiritual benefits.

Celestite hardness is much less than that of other stones. It stands as a soft 3.5 on the Mohs scale. It has an orthorhombic crystal system and a vitreous luster. Most importantly, however, it has an ethereal quality that is impossible to put into words.

pink dust

What does Celestine Look Like

Celestine has a slight, soft cloudiness to it. It provokes images of misty seas and moonlit nights. It can form in a range of natural colors, including pink, light green, brown, and grey. Usually, celestine is baby blue, colorless, or white.

Its inimitable soft blue color is usually what draws gemstone enthusiasts to the stone, but its spiritual powers are what keep them hooked.

Celestine Pronunciation

Celestine is pronounced with a soft “c” and with an emphasis on the first syllable. Its phonetic spelling is “seh-luh-steen”. We don’t know about you, but we could say it all day. Celestine can also be interchanged with the word “celestite”, in which case the phonetic spelling would be “seh-luh-stite”.

Can Celestine Get Wet

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we have to make sure you’re aware of how to keep your celestine safe. This crystal is practically allergic to water. If you soak it in water for long periods of time, you could permanently damage your stone as a result of widened surface fissures.

Celestine can lose shine, become yellower, and become less appealing overall if it has too much contact with water. On a side note, celestine also doesn’t play well with direct sunlight and should not be used as a windowsill decoration. If you want to clean your celestine, use a little mist and dry it quickly. But, that should be the extent of your stone’s interactions with H2O – or you might seriously regret it.

Is Celestine Toxic

No, celestine is not toxic! It is actually quite the opposite, spiritually speaking. Although the crystal itself is not harmful whatsoever, it may have some inclusions that shouldn’t be eaten or inhaled.

To have any negative reactions to celestine, it would need to have dangerous inclusions, and you would have to either eat the crystal or grind it up and sniff it. As we are assuming ingesting celestine isn’t at the top of your to-do list, we can assure you that the crystal will have no negative or toxic effects on you.

Celestine Benefits

Celestine is an energy healer’s dream crystal. It is thought to minimize pain, detoxify the body, and relax and restore the mind. The crystal can also boost spiritual consciousness and strengthen divine energy.

It essentially makes us wiser, more understanding, and more peaceful human beings – all the while connecting us to the spirit and the cosmos. While it is often used in healing practices, celestine is also frequently used for meditation and deep yoga. 

woman doing yoga

Celestine Meditation

Meditating with celestine can be deeply transformative and lead to major spiritual enlightenment. Through celestine meditation, you can expect increased mindfulness and crown chakra awakening.

If you’re feeling spiritually fatigued and you’re struggling to stay connected to spirit, meditating with celestine can really help you out. Although ups and downs are always going to be a part of life, sometimes you need to elevate your mood and spiritual body, and celestine is here to give you that boost. 

Celestite Healing

By connecting us with higher realms, celestite raises our vibration and makes us more positive, divine human beings. It is ultimately a cleanser of the mind, aura, and spirit. Celestine flushes out negativity and allows us to deeply relax and return to our most harmonious, peaceful selves.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and you can’t stop overthinking your choices and mistakes, celestite can heal your pain and bring you back down to earth. It has also been thought that celestite can detox the physical body, getting rid of any unwanted build-up and keeping you in tip-top shape.

Celestine for Sleep

Because celestine is so good at helping us unwind, it can be very helpful in getting a good night’s sleep. Rest doesn’t always come easy in this day and age. We are expected to always be on the go and prove that we’re being our most productive selves every minute of every day.

It can get stressful sometimes, but luckily, celestine can help you relax and escape to dreamland each and every night.

Celestite Chakra

Celestite is most powerfully connected to the throat and crown chakras. By accessing and empowering these two chakras, the crystal boosts confidence and encourages spiritual awakening.

Celestite can also be linked to the third eye chakra, and as a result, it can enhance our compassion and wisdom, and make way for mindfulness. 

Where is Celestine Found

You might rejoice in discovering that celestite is found all over the world – although, it is quite rare. Most of the high-quality celestites that customers look for are found in geodes across Madagascar.

Small quantities of celestine can be found in countless countries all over the globe, but some stand-outs include Ontario, Canada and Sicily, Italy. There’s no need to pack your bags and go searching, however. Celestine can probably be found in your country, too! 

Celestine in Madagascar

Celestine rock is most commonly found in Madagascar. This country is home to the best celestine in the world. Madagascan celestine is known for its often pale blue color and exquisite clarity, and it is often found on the nation’s northwest coast.

How is Celestine Mined

It’s vital that we inform ourselves about where our products are coming from, and how they are sourced. When it comes to celestine, the answer to this question is pretty interesting.

The crystal is retrieved through digging shafts, and these can go pretty deep – we’re talking fifty feet deep. Once found, celestine is often in geode form (although it can also be in crystal clusters), so miners will have to break open and remove the gem from its rocky shell. And we are oh so thankful that they do!

clear crystal

Celestine Properties

Celestine’s vitreous luster and glowing complexion add to its allure. However, the crystal really shines in the metaphysical department. The bare minerals celestine has to offer are rich in spiritual properties and can lead to powerful spiritual healing. So, open that third eye chakra and get ready to feel spiritually healed and replenished by celestine.

Celestine Healing Properties

Celestine can drastically improve mindfulness. In this way, the crystal can aid in your ability to think clearly and enjoy every moment of your life in the present. There’s nothing healthier than relaxing into every moment life has to offer, and celestine allows you to detach from unhealthy and anxious thoughts and just be. There are also specific celestite zodiac placements that create a dream healing combination.

For example, Gemini placements will benefit enormously from celestite in terms of confidence and self-acceptance. Libra placements will also find a lot of value in celestite as the stone can help this star sign get in touch with their true emotions and make conscious decisions accordingly.

Celestine Metaphysical Properties

Celestine is known as one of the dreamiest stones. Its vibrations promote self-acceptance and inner peace. It also raises our psychic abilities and puts us in touch with our divine selves – encouraging us to be more mindful and intuitive.

Celestine puts us in contact with the angelic realms, and as a result, it lifts our spirits, clears our aura and chakras, and de-clutters our minds. If you’re the type of person who needs to take a deep breath a few times a day to stop yourself from panicking, celestine might just take the edge off – and take your quality of life up a notch. 

Celestine Diagnostic Properties

Let’s get into the science. Celestine is transparent to sub-translucent and its hardness is .5 on the Mohs scale. Celestine also has a vitreous luster, perfect cleavage, and fluorescent luminescence. This means that the crystal emits photons without any heat required. Pretty cool, huh?

Celestine Physical Properties

Celestine is usually either pale blue, white or colorless. However, it can also be pink, green, brown, or grey. Celestine has a white streak as well as biaxial optical properties.

Lastly, it’s quite brittle and it has a weak pleochroism. One of celestine’s most stand-out physical properties is the fact that it’s incredibly beautiful, in case you haven’t noticed yet. 

Celestine and Other Stones

We love clearing up any confusion around our favorite stones. That’s why we’ve dedicated this section to making sure you know exactly what’s what when it comes to celestine (or celestite) and other stones.

There are an overwhelming amount of crystals in the world, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the different kinds and avoid confusing and conflating them. But, just like celestine helps you relax, we’re here to do the same thing by making things super simple. 

white and blue dust

Celestine and Celestite

Now, this might sound a little strange, but celestine and celestite are actually two not-so-different names for the same crystal. The two terms can be used interchangeably, and they both refer to the exact same stone with the same exact molecular structure. These two names developed from the Latin word “caelestis” which translates to “celestial”.

Difference Between Celestine and Celestite

The only difference between celestine and celestite is the eighth letter of their names. Celestine is the IMA-accepted name for the crystal, but celestite is more commonly used in colloquial settings.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you say celestine or celestite because they both refer to the same beautiful, ethereal crystal we know and love. 

Blue Calcite vs Celestine 

Blue calcite and celestine are both adored for their calming properties and pale, dreamy colors. They both manage the auras, but while celestine cleanses the aura, blue calcite protects it from negative energies.

These two stones are ideally used in conjunction because they both aim to rid the body and mind of negative vibrations in different ways. Blue calcite aims to protect the aura and chakra vibrations, while celestine raises those vibrations and cleanses them. 

How to Tell Blue Calcite vs. Celestine 

You wouldn’t have an easy time trying to tell blue calcite and celestine apart. They are both about a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale and share a vitreous luster and perfect cleavage.

They do differentiate from one another, however. While celestine has an orthorhombic crystal system, blue calcite has a trigonal crystal system. In addition, celestine is actually heavier than blue calcite. So, if you hold a blue calcite stone and a celestite stone of equal size, the celestite will always feel heavier.

Celestine and Angelite

Both throat chakra activators and mood boosters, celestine and angelite have the ability to lift your spirits and build your confidence. Angelite is a little more in tune with your emotional landscape and can very easily turn your frown upside down.

Meanwhile, celestine raises your spiritual awareness, which ultimately also improves your emotional state, but in a less direct way. Just like celestine and blue calcite, these two stones complement each other very well and, when used together in meditation, can lead to immense emotional and spiritual growth.

Celestine Types

Different types of celestine can offer unique benefits that keep you feeling dreamy and relaxed. In this section, we’ll discuss the different forms of celestine that you can purchase and give you some pointers on which celestine type is best for you and your needs. 

Raw Celestine

Celestite that is rough and rugged in texture might not be your first choice when sourcing for jewels because it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing form of celestine. However, raw celestine is valuable in many other ways, and although it might not have the polished look of tumbled celestine, it is beautiful in its own right.

Raw celestine is ideally used for meditation, yoga, and for aiding in better sleep. Because it is untouched and still in its entirely natural form, its earthly powers are extra powerful. So, next time you get on the yoga mat or jump into bed for a good night’s sleep, think about bringing some raw celestine with you.

blue crystal

Tumbled Celestine 

Tumbled celestine is on the rarer side when it comes to celestine stones. Usually, tumbled celestine will be made into cabochons or gemstones for jewelry. These stones, if authentic, are entirely natural.

They’re just polished to perfection to make exciting and supernatural decorations in your home or on your body. Tumbling celestine really brings out its natural shine and allows it to radiate positivity into your life. Incorporating tumbled celestine into your life, in turn, will make you glow and radiate joy.

Natural Celestine 

The natural celestine gemstone is divine power central! It’ll often form in a light blue color, which is usually what buyers search for. It can also form in geodes, which make for lighter, happier homes and spaces. Natural celestine can uplift your spirit, fill you with optimism, and bring out your best self. If you’re in need of a little more relaxation and a little less anxiety, natural celestine is the way to go.

Celestine Colors

Any crystal expert will tell you that colors make all the difference in defining metaphysical powers and properties. And because celestine forms in quite a few different shades and colors, it is important for buyers to know beforehand if the color that appeals to their eyes will also appeal to their spiritual desires. 

Blue Celestine 

Blue celestite is the most sought-after of all the celestine colors. Its angelic, pale blue hues and dreamy spiritual properties make it a one-of-a-kind crystal. While blue celestine is the most popular celestite variety, it is also the most common. It frequently forms in sedimentary rocks and geodes. If this is all striking a chord in your soul, keep reading. It gets even better!

Blue Celestine Crystal Meaning

The blue celestine crystal represents the angelic realm. It is a favorite stone amongst selfless, modest spiritual seekers and healers. As a result, blue celestine crystals are ideal for meditation and increasing spiritual connection. 

Blue Celestine Metaphysical Properties

Blue celestine is a treasure trove of metaphysical properties. The stone is calming and encourages us to relax into the best versions of ourselves. It similarly encourages contemplation and concentration – provoking honest and deep thought.

Blue celestine also tends to bring out your natural talents by improving confidence. So, whether you’re an aspiring singer or you’ve always had an interest in painting, blue celestine can help you take things to the next level.

Blue Celestine Healing Properties

Feeling a little stressed out and frazzled? Blue celestine can help you out. This crystal is all about encouraging mindfulness and creating inner peace. Working with blue celestine through meditation can lead to tremendous change in your enjoyment of life, as well as your ability to manage stress and anxiety. So if you’re ready to unwind, give blue celestine a call.

White Celestine 

The core spiritual properties of celestine don’t differ from color to color. So, each and every celestine has calming and restorative properties, and they all detoxify the mind and soul. White celestine is especially powerful in clearing the aura of negative energy and growing spiritual awareness. Don’t be surprised if white celestine brings out all your psychic abilities – it’s just working its magic!

white geode and a bottle

Blue Grey Celestine

From the mines of Madagascar, blue grey celestine is a rare and transformative crystal. It is a protective crystal, and it enhances concentration and clarity of mind.

Blue grey celestine stands out from other celestine varieties through its ability to encourage patience – especially with regards to the self. We all need to cut ourselves some slack every now and again, and blue grey celestine will remind you to be kinder to yourself.

Orange Celestine

Orange celestine promotes a healthy soul and cleansed open chakras. Likewise, it sparks mental alertness and can boost confidence and creativity. Orange celestine will help you find the balance between optimism and sensitivity, getting you in tune with the universe and your path in life. 

Red Celestine

Stepping into your power is made a whole lot easier with red celestine at your side. The power that red celestine carries can positively influence your confidence, sense of self, and your sex life. Red celestine will help you discover your independence and feel like the 2.0 version of yourself. 

Grey Celestine

This rare but life-affirming crystal helps us get in touch with our true desires and intentions. Every one of us needs to introspect on our actions on a regular basis and ensure that they stem from an authentic place.

Grey celestine empowers you and gives you the confidence to really look at yourself and understand your effect on the world around you.

Green Celestine

Yes, even green celestine is a retrievable celestine gem variety! And this stone is all about healing and growth. If you are holding on to the past and struggling to focus on your goals and personal development, you should seriously consider getting your hands on a green celestine crystal. It will act as a personal assistant in your quest for abundance, growth, and success. 

Celestine Jewelry

Now that you’ve got the scoop on all the spiritual benefits of celestine, you’re probably wondering if you can get all those benefits from wearing the stone as jewelry. And the answer is an emphatic yes!

Celestine jewelry is coveted for its dreamy, ethereal beauty as well as its ability to provide you with positive energy throughout your day. In this section, we’ll discuss the different kinds of celestine jewelry and the unique strengths of each one. 

Celestine Necklace

Celestine necklaces are usually single-jewel, pale blue accessories that soften and brighten your appearance. If you’re trying to be a little bit more approachable, a celestine necklace will definitely do the trick.

They will also relax you and open your heart chakra – bringing out your warmth and friendliness, and making you a more compassionate and optimistic person.

Celestine Bracelet

Celestite bracelets protect and defend against negative energies. They clear your aura and create a protective shield to keep evil and low vibrations far away from you. Consider wearing a celestine bracelet to yoga or meditation to thoroughly cleanse your aura and spirit. 

Celestine Earring

As you move through your day, celestine earrings will catch all the light around you – glittering with every sway. In this way, they harness all of that positive energy and light – and bring it straight to you! You’ll easily feel rejuvenated and blissful every time you step out wearing celestine earrings. 

Celestine Ring

Bring heaven to your finger and let its dreaminess extend into everything you touch when you wear a celestine ring. These hand jewels take serenity and focus to a whole new level. If you have a job in which typing or writing is a major part of your day, a celestine ring will keep your words clear and your mind sharp – and turn you into a real go-getter!

Celestine Pendant

Celestine pendants can include both tumbled and raw celestine, and they often use gold or bronze chains due to their complementary metaphysical properties.

A celestine pendant is a wonderful soul protector – keeping you safe from the bad intentions of others. If you find that you often get involved with ill-intentioned or low-vibrational people, a celestine pendant can trim the negativity off of your life by warding those people off. 

blue crystal pendant

Celestine Mineral Uses

Did you know that celestine is used to make fireworks? It seems fitting that the most positivity-filled stone literally causes something to burst with light. Celestine is, as a matter of fact, a very versatile stone – being used for anything from metal alloys to meditation beads. In this section, we’ll uncover a few of celestine’s uses and explain how they might bring joy and beauty into your life. 

Celestine Beads

Durable, powerful, and protective, celestine beads will keep you safe and calm for decades. When you purchase celestine beads, you’re making a lifelong investment in positivity and joy.

While you can wear celestine beads as jewelry, they are best put to use in meditation practice to help you centre yourself, introspect, and grow more mindful.

Celestine Egg

If the chicken came before the egg, the celestine egg certainly upstaged the chicken! Celestine eggs are built for multiple purposes, including decorating your home and aiding in meditation.

You can place a celestine egg on your dining room table to create a positive atmosphere for your guests, or you can place the egg on the chakra area you want to cleanse and activate during deep meditation for the ultimate positive mindset shift. 

Celestine Sphere

Celestine spheres are symbols of wholeness and cyclical energy. They aid in communication and growth, too, encouraging us to continue moving through life no matter the odds. The celestite sphere is ideally put to use as a focal point during prayer or meditation. You can also use them as decorations in your home space to maintain a positive living environment and create a sense of relaxation in the evenings.

Celestine Wand

Channelling positive energy and opening heart chakras is the way of the celestine wand. They can also cast a spell of wisdom and understanding on your third eye chakra, raising your energetic field and allowing you to become more in tune with the angelic realms.

Celestine wands are a must-have for anyone looking to boost their happiness and lift their mood while maintaining their intelligence and conscientiousness. 

clear crystals

Celestite Pendulum

Throughout history, pendulums have been known to balance energies – creating perfect harmony in the body. Celestite pendulums take things up a notch by cleansing the aura, balancing the chakras, and grounding the mind and soul.

These crystal pendulums can also clear up blockages, allowing your chi to flow through your body naturally. You’ll likely feel a renewed sense of ease and authenticity in the presence of a celestite pendulum. 

Celestite Ball

Celestite balls represent completion and act as agents of karma. They help you feel more at one with yourself and in tune with the universe. Celestite balls can also impact psychic ability – enhancing premonitions and clairvoyance. 

How to Cleanse Celestine

Because celestine is sensitive to water, your cleansing process will be far more effective if you submerge the stone in salt rather than water. Leaving it to replenish itself overnight and rid itself of negative energies is greatly beneficial to the stone.

You can also leave your celestine outside or on a windowsill on the night of a full moon. This process of soaking celestine in the moonlight will cleanse it of lingering energies and give it the power to infuse your life with nothing but the most positive, happy vibes. 

clear crystal and a statue

Celestine for Sale

So, you’ve decided to buy celestite. You can be certain that it’s a decision you will never regret. Celestite value comes down to so much more than its price, but at the end of the day, you’re going to have to pay real money to get real celestine, so it’s important to know how much you’ll be spending.

Depending on the kind of celestine you’re buying and what form it is in, you can pay between two dollars and thousands of dollars per stone. So, whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re looking to spend a lot of money to get the picture-perfect celestite, you can definitely find one that matches your bank account as well as the image you have in your mind.

Celestine Geodes for Sale

While celestite clusters are more common and less expensive, a real, high-quality celestine geode is on the pricier side (we’re talking a few hundred dollars at least). That being said, they aren’t too difficult to find. You can even purchase celestite geodes on Etsy!

Celestite in Bulk

The more, the merrier! Buying celestite in bulk is uncommon, but it’s definitely possible. You’ll be paying ten to fifty dollars per kilogram depending on the quality of the celestite. It’s raining celestite – hallelujah!

Celestine on Etsy

You can find just about anything celestite on Etsy. From wands to geodes and everything in between, Etsy will leave you feeling spoiled for choice. It might even turn your attention to celestine items you never knew existed – like celestite chips or celestine hearts.


So, that’s just about everything we can tell you about the celestine mineral, although we’re sure you’re dying for more information. There’s just something about celestine. No matter how much you come to learn about this miraculous stone, you can’t help but want to get closer and closer to it.

And the only way to do that is by going online (or to a crystal store) and purchasing your very own celestine crystal. So, happy shopping, and enjoy every second of your more peaceful, protected, and positive celestine-filled life. 


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