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Black Kyanite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

black kyanite

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about black kyanite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Black kyanite is one of the most potent gemstones in the world of healing crystals. It is mainly found in countries like Australia, Brazil, Nepal, and Switzerland, and also in the Massachusetts region in the USA. A black kyanite crystal does not have the typical looks of a healing gem but is no less powerful. It comes with a unique appeal that makes it easily distinguishable and every bit mysterious. 

Today, let us dive into more details about this remarkable black kyanite gemstone.

  • Black Kyanite Meaning
    • What is Black Kyanite
    • Black Kyanite Chakra
    • Black Kyanite Benefits
    • Black Kyanite Healing
  • Black Kyanite Properties
    • Black Kyanite Healing Properties
    • Black Kyanite Metaphysical Properties
    • Protection Properties of Black Kyanite
  • Black Tourmaline vs Black Kyanite
  • Black Kyanite vs Blue Kyanite
  • Black Kyanite Types
    • Tumbled Black Kyanite
    • Raw Black Kyanite
  • Black Kyanite Jewelry
    • Black Kyanite Ring
    • Black Kyanite Necklace
    • Black Kyanite Bracelet
  • Black Kyanite Uses
    • Black Kyanite Blade
    • Black Kyanite Beads
  • How to Use Black Kyanite
  • Black Kyanite for Sale
    • Black Kyanite on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Black Kyanite Meaning

The name of this gemstone is derived from the Greek word “kyanos” meaning deep blue. Going back in history, you will find that the majority of the earlier ancient variants of kyanite were predominantly bluish to teal in hue, instead of black.

Black kyanite has been used since ancient times and is regarded as the gemstone for self-discovery and manifestation that also has the power to expel negative energies and stimulate our chakras to help us align with the purpose of our life. The primary purpose of black kyanite is to bring about grounding and stability.

What is Black Kyanite?

Black kyanite crystal is opaque and consists of many layers of extremely thin and flat blades, which make it look like the pages of a book or even fan blades. From a geological perspective, black kyanite gemstone is a type of aluminum silicate mineral, which explains its flaky appearance. As such, this gemstone is never found as a solid chunk of a large crystal. In fact, this is one way to identify real black kyanite; the genuine ones are never in the form of a shiny large crystal. 

Black Kyanite Chakra

Black kyanite stone holds a special place among crystal healers because of its ability to align with all our chakras or energy points. When used as a meditating tool, it is believed to have the potential to balance and heal all the chakras.

Although it resonates the most with our third eye chakra, black kyanite's magical properties can actually help amplify the overall energy and vibrations that emanate from our chakras. This gemstone is excellent for those who practice meditation; it does not absorb negative energy but helps cleanse the aura to instill harmony. 

Black Kyanite Benefits

Black kyanite is said to have powerful metaphysical and spiritual connections with our aura, which helps channel the various benefits of this stone for overall betterment. Metaphysical and spiritual healers extensively use this crystal for its intense healing benefits, both on physical and emotional levels. It can amplify and transmit higher cosmic energies which help in attunement and meditation. 

Black kyanite helps restore calmness in our body and also aids the flow of psychic and intuitive thoughts and dream recall. This helps in exploring our subconscious and brings vital life insights and clarity to the mind. This is the reason why black kyanite is hailed as a powerful stone for self-discovery. It is extensively used by shamans, crystal healers, and metaphysical experts in revealing destiny.

Black Kyanite Healing

When used the right way, black kyanite can offer multifarious benefits ranging from emotional and spiritual to physical aspects. It is said to be effective in soothing our minds when we feel too emotionally overwhelmed by offering a boost of confidence, calming our minds, and streamlining our thoughts. Side effects of emotional upheavals, like insomnia and stress, can also be kept under control with this gemstone. 

Black kyanite is also extremely good for spiritual wellbeing and protection; it is said to open up the lines of communication between our earthly bodies and the higher vibrations of the cosmic world. Moreover, black kyanite is also good for naturally healing physical conditions like inflammation, pain, and fractured bones and may also be used for treating issues related to urogenital systems, adrenal gland, and parathyroid gland. It is also said to help in the regeneration of soft tissues. 

Black Kyanite Properties

black kyanite

Black Kyanite Healing Properties

Since ancient times, black kyanite has enjoyed ample popularity among crystal healers because of its physical healing powers. It is said that this gemstone may be used to soothe physical traumas and broken bones, and also help ease post-surgery inflammation by helping tissues heal faster.

Natural healers also say that this crystal may help heal problems related to our parathyroid and adrenal glands, and is also effective in detoxing the whole body. Besides, problems concerning bone marrow, teeth, bones, and other body parts may also be soothed with the help of this gemstone.

Black Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical powers of this mystical black gemstone are extremely interesting. It can transmute negative vibrations and resonate with all the chakras, which makes it an excellent partner for deep meditation. When you meditate by holding a black kyanite crystal, it will focus on your root chakra and help energize and ground your soul. It helps promote healing and harmony by perfectly balancing the chakras during meditation, bringing in clarity of thoughts, and awakening the intuitive power that lies within us. This way, it aids in effective communication among people and resolves conflicts and misunderstandings. 

It is also believed to help explore our subconscious to find hidden meanings of the present and past lives. This gemstone is excellent for those who practice clairvoyance and wish to unravel the future. Another very significant metaphysical power of this gem lies in its ability to aid self-discovery, which can act as positive guidance for students, influencers, and spiritual leaders. It can make us more empathetic towards others and channel our forgiveness.

Protection Properties of Black Kyanite

Black kyanite gemstone is also considered the protective stone, by acting as a shield against “energy vampires”, that is people who tend to drain away our energies, leaving behind only negativity. Wearing a black kyanite crystal or holding it gently can help clear up the negative energy around you by building a protective grid. This is why crystal experts recommend people place black kyanite at home to maintain an ambiance of positivity and clean energy.

Black Tourmaline vs Black Kyanite

black tourmaline

Both black tourmaline and black kyanite come with protective and grounding powers. But black tourmaline is often confused with black kyanite since they look similar. However, black tourmaline comes with that inherent sheen in the form of large shiny crystals, which is not the case with black kyanite. You can combine black kyanite with black tourmaline and other gemstones to attain positivity.

Black Kyanite vs Blue Kyanite

The initial variants of kyanite were bluish to teal in shade. Blue kyanite looks ethereal in its deep teal shades and possesses similar healing powers as black kyanite. This gemstone is more aligned with our throat chakra, unlike black kyanite, which is great for all the chakras. Blue kyanite is more readily available than the rarer variant, black kyanite.

Black Kyanite Types

Tumbled Black Kyanite

Tumbled black kyanite stone is considered to be powerful and is extensively used for physical, spiritual, and metaphysical wellbeing. It is said to emit soft energies all around, which can keep you protected and grounded. 

Raw Black Kyanite

Raw black kyanite is potent in offering protection and cutting through negative energies. Many people also believe that the raw gemstone is most effective in striking a balance, ushering in positivity, and cleansing our aura of negativities. Black kyanite is also a powerful energizer and grounding stone. It is most suitable for natives of Aries and Taurus zodiac signs. 

Black Kyanite Jewelry

The best way to experience the benefits of black kyanite is by wearing it as jewelry. It helps to keep this gem close to your body and soak in all its positivity.

Black Kyanite Ring

A black kyanite ring not only looks enigmatic but also offers metaphysical benefits. If you are on a journey to discover yourself, find out what you excel at, or need guidance while standing at the crossroads of your life or career. Wearing a black kyanite ring can be of great help in such scenarios. This gemstone dispels negative energy and keeps you grounded in your innermost thoughts, which clears up your thoughts and intentions and surrounds you with positivity.

Black Kyanite Necklace

You can find exquisite black kyanite necklaces online and can also get them handcrafted according to your preferences. Necklaces made of this fascinating black gemstone look chic with any kind of attire and are also good for maintaining overall positivity in your life.

Black Kyanite Bracelet

black kyanite bracelet

Bracelets made of black kyanite are extremely fashionable and one of the finest ways to derive the spiritual benefits of this healing gemstone. 

Black Kyanite Uses

Owing to its many beneficial properties, black kyanite is used in many ways.

Black Kyanite Blade

Using its blade-like structures, black kyanite can be used to sweep across the chakras or auric meridians to dispel negative energies and relieve blockages, which will allow positive vibrations to flow freely.

Black Kyanite Beads

Black kyanite beads are ideal for those who practice meditation and clairvoyance. Meditating with beads can help open up our inner vision and communication because of the powerful healing properties of this gemstone.

How to Use Black Kyanite?

Black kyanite is widely used for deep meditation. You can gently carry a black kyanite stone while meditating, and after your meditation session, you can turn it upside down. Use it as a broom to sweep or brush on your auric fields to remove any remnants of negative energies. 

Black Kyanite for Sale

You can purchase black kyanite stones, crystals, beads, and jewelry from leading gemstone retailers. The price of black kyanite depends on factors like its size, clarity, color, and cuts.

Black Kyanite on Amazon

You can also find black kyanite on Amazon. However, make sure to first validate the authenticity of the gemstone and opt for trusted sellers only.


Black kyanite is one of the most powerful meditation stones known for its myriad benefits. It also looks fascinating with its unique blade-like appearance. To experience the best of what this gem has to offer, you can consult with a trustworthy crystal healer to guide you. Also, make sure to buy from authentic shops and sellers to stay away from counterfeit products and embrace black kyanite’s mysticism.

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