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What is Mindful Breathing Jewelry?

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Mindful breathing has amazing health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. When we breathe, sensory receptors in our respiratory system send signals to our brain. Mindful breathing involves regulating the breath in order to regulate the mind. By focusing on our breath, our breathing will become smoother, deeper, more even and slower, all the while calming the mind and body. Studies have shown that mindful breathing can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, increase positivity, relax the mind, improve concentration, improve posture, release toxins, and strengthen the immune system.

Anxiety Necklace

In ancient Japan, monks known as the Kumoso practiced a form of zen meditation known as suizen, which literally means “breathing zen". That form of meditation consisted of playing a special flute (known as the shakuhachi flute) which slowed the flow of breath in order to attain enlightenment. With this meditation, the monks were able to prioritize breathing control that is necessary for zen mindfulness. Today, modern day scientists have discovered what the Kumoso knew centuries ago: that mindful breathwork can provide powerful and enriching benefits to the mind and body.

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Mindful breathing jewelry is inspired by these principles and made to imitate the breathing exercises associated with playing the shakuhachi. From the first moment one uses mindful breath jewelry, they begin to return to a more natural breathing rhythm which soothes the mind and regulates the nervous system. By using mindful breath jewelry and “breathing zen,” you can achieve greater levels of relaxation and improved states of mental clarity. These gorgeous necklaces can be worn whenever, wherever, allowing you to slow your breath in order to relax and refresh your body and mind on the go.

Wearable Wellness Handmade with Pride

Our patent-pending mindful breathing jewelry is handmade with love and care. Each piece is handcrafted from a beautiful piece of natural crystal, which is carefully worked to create a unique interior channel which helps regulate the flow of your breath. The crystals are then beautifully polished and attached to a stainless steel clasp. The finished piece is then paired with a gorgeous matching necklace. The result is fashionable jewelry of exceptional quality that can last a lifetime.

Mindful Breathing Necklace

Top Ten Reasons Mindful Breathing Jewelry Can Change Your life:

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Science has shown that mindful breathing can help reduce stress and anxiety, while encouraging relaxation. How we breathe governs how our nervous system functions. If we are breathing too quickly, the body’s sympathetic response is triggered, which results in an increase in stress hormones, a higher heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, greater sweat production and increased anxiety. Slower, more even breathing triggers the parasympathetic response, which results in greater calm and serenity. In fact, studies have found that mindful breath can increase overall comfort, pleasantness, vigor and alertness which can help put your mind and body at ease. In addition, a literature review about breath-control found that mindful breathing sessions result in a significantly increased perception of relaxation. Similarly, many yogis and Buddhist practitioners believe that our health and well-being depends on harmony of breath. If we are anxious or upset, our breath is shallow and uneven. If we are relaxed and content, our breathing rhythm is more natural and healthy for our body.

2. Supports Mental Health

Mindful breathing is often prescribed as a treatment for anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. By focusing on the breath, those who suffer from negative or sad thoughts can concentrate on breathing instead of their worries. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research has linked mindful breath with “reduced burnout, cynicism, emotional exhaustion, and anxiety.” This is because the relaxation response triggered by mindful breath can decrease anxiety and stress levels in the brain. Researchers at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research identified a strong connection between mindful breathing and activation in the insula. The insula, a small region of the cerebral cortex, is linked to body awareness and regulates the autonomic nervous system. Mindful breathing can also stimulate the vagus nerve which is key to feeling more relaxed and at peace.

3. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

According to the Journal of the American Heart, mindful breathing increases baroreflex sensitivity, which is a heart rate mechanism that can regulate blood pressure. Slow breathing exercises also have positive effects on heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory sinus arrhythmia, blood flow dynamics, cardiorespiratory coupling and sympathovagal balance. All of this results in better heart health and lowers the risk of heart disease and cardiopulmonary arrest.

4. Supports Healthy Brain Function

Mindful breathing strengthens the brain networks, keeping the brain more “youthful.” Youthful brains have a reduced risk of dementia and other cognitive brain disorders. In fact, Trinity College Dublin researchers found that breathwork directly affects the levels of a chemical messenger in the brain called noradrenaline. If produced at a specific level, this natural chemical can help the brain grow. By controlling our breath, these researchers believe we then produce the right amount of noradrenaline to stabilize our attention, increase brain health, improve memory, increase clarity and stabilize our emotions.

5. Improves Emotions and Memory

Studies have found that how we breathe even affects how we feel. In particular, how we breathe can greatly alter our feelings of anger, fear, joy and sadness. In particular, research published by Science Magazine found that the rhythm and pace of our breathing can send electrical brain signals through the olfactory “smell” cortex, which is the region in the brain containing the brain's emotion epicenter, the amygdala. This stimulation can lower fear levels, influence other emotions and help us remember things better.

6. Boosts Immune System

Another study found that controlled breathing can boost the immune system as well as improve energy metabolism. Furthermore, the relaxation response can result in better insulin secretion which leads to better overall blood sugar management. In addition to stimulating the vagus nerve, deep breathing can increase alpha brain-waves. Alpha brain-waves are associated with feeling relaxed and the practice of meditation.

7. Helps Produce Antioxidants

One article published by the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology found that yogic breath is effective at combating oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to counteract or detoxify these free radicals by neutralization through antioxidants. In this case, deep breathing can lower the free radical load while increasing the amount of an antioxidant called superoxide dismutase.

8. Helps People Quit Smoking

Other scientific studies have reported that mindful breathing can also help people undergoing cigarette withdrawal. One study found that 10 minutes of mindful breathing helped participants reduce cigarette cravings and the desire to smoke. Mindful breathing can also benefit patients with hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias due to the fact consistent deep breathing can lower blood pressure overtime. Decreasing blood pressure overtime also lowers the risk of stroke and cerebral aneurysm and decreased stress on blood vessels. Yogic breathing has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of bronchial asthma as well as enhance pulmonary functions.

9. Helps with Weight Management

The Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine found that yogic breathing could also act as an ancillary aid to modify body weight and the symptoms of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis as well as improve quality of life in diabetics.

10. Helps Relieve Symptoms of Other Health Issues

Studies have shown that mindful breathing is a promising adjunct therapy to cancer patients experiencing cancer related fatigue caused by radiotherapy. It is said that it can also enhance the antioxidant status of radio- and chemotherapy cancer patients. Mindful breathing can also be used as a therapy for patients with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and lower back pain. In 2016 a study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences reported that mindfulness meditation can reduce pain perception in patients with chronic pain conditions and could potentially become an alternative for opioid prescription.

How to Use Your Crystal Necklace

Start by inhaling slowly and deeply through your mouth or nose to fill your body with air. Do not strain to inhale more than feels comfortable. As you inhale, focus on the feeling of the air filling your lungs.

As you are completing your inhale, start lifting the tip of the crystal necklace to your lips. As soon as your inhale is complete, start exhaling gently into the tip of the crystal. Make sure not to hold your breath; it is ideal if you breath flows smoothly back and forth without pause.

As you exhale, focus on the feeling of the air leaving your lungs and flowing through your crystal necklace. Relax your arms, face, jaws and shoulders as you exhale and feel your stress and anxiety melt away.

Continue to focus on the moment and the feeling of your breath, while putting aside any thoughts or worries.

Repeat as long as is required to bring you into a relaxed state. Once you have finished breathing with your crystal necklace, try to maintain the same slow and relaxed breathing. Over time, you will find that you are able to maintain deep breathing without the use of the crystal necklace.

What some of our customers are saying

"This crystal necklace is amazing! I have suffered from anxiety and insomnia for the last few years, but I had no idea that breathing had anything to do with it. Now I spend a few minutes slowing my breathing with this necklace every morning and every night before bed. It does wonders for my sense of calm and helps me get to sleep. I also wear it during the day and use it to slow my breathing when I feel myself getting stressed."

– Macy, Los Angeles

"I love the idea of wearable wellness. I am a huge meditation and crystal lover, so this jewelry combines the best of both worlds for me. I have the rose quartz necklace which is so versatile. The crystal has a lovely weight to it and pairs beautifully with so many outfits."

– Angela, San Francisco

"I got the amethyst crystal necklace mostly because I thought it looked really pretty, but it has turned out to be functional, too. It is cool to use and breathing into it really does help me slow down and relax. I also find that wearing it is a constant reminder to live mindfully and in the moment. Everyone needs something like this in their life!"

– Rachel, New York

"I have struggled with a cigarette habit for the last few years. My boyfriend bought me one of these in an effort to help me get over cigarettes. Amazingly, this thing actually helped me quit smoking. I had no idea that breathing was a big part of the reason why I craved cigarettes. Anytime I felt an urge for a cigarette, I would grab this necklace and exhale out of it, which soothed me in the same way as smoking once did. It's been three weeks and I'm cigarette free."

– Danielle, Toronto

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Mindful Breathing Necklace


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