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Libyan Gold (Tektite): Complete Guide (2024)

Libyan gold

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about libyan gold, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


The color yellow is universally associated with the sun and its sustaining warmth. It represents optimism and the joy of a new day.

Yellow is incredibly energizing. It awakens and energizes us by stimulating our brain, glands, and nerves. Yellow improves memory and promotes communication. It is a color that encourages engagement and communication.

Let's discover everything about one such yellow gemstone called 'libyan gold'.

  • Libyan Gold Tektite Meaning
    • Libyan Gold Tektite Benefits
  • Libyan Gold Tektite Properties
    • Libyan Gold Tektite Metaphysical Properties
  • Libyan Gold Jewelry
    • Libyan Gold Tektite Necklace
    • Libyan Gold Tektite Pendant
  • Libyan Gold Uses
    • Libyan Gold Coin
    • Libyan Gold Glass
  • Libyan Gold Tektite for Sale
    • Libyan Gold Tektite Price
  • Conclusion

Libyan Gold Tektite Meaning

Libyan gold, also called 'desert glass', has a yellow-golden hue and the universal powers that one needs for protection, uniting the soul with the world. When someone wants to strengthen their will, this stone is beneficial because it is so pure and also contains magical powers. 

This stone's golden rays emit intense spiritual energy with noticeable vibrations. In addition to the standard yellow shade, the rocks can also be found in milky or bubbly yellow. Some crystals even have a dark band and swirls of brownish material. Melted celestial bodies are preserved in the meteor glass as the dark areas.

The solar plexus, sacral, and third eye chakras directly resonate with the powerful enhancing energies that libyan gold offers. Exceptional qualities of oneself may emerge from within as one starts their own personal journey with this stone. An individual may soon undergo a 'rebirthing' process and gain true interstellar abilities. One may become more aware of their increased ability to make decisions and self-control.

Libyan gold supports the ascension process. This is the most potent world that we as humans can enter. You can only fully comprehend the many levels this stone is able to offer you once you start to channel its true abilities. Above all, it will compel your mind, body, and spirit to undergo the necessary growth.

Libyan Gold Tektite Benefits

Libyan gold is believed to help relieve irritable bowel syndrome and help in achieving protection from energy users. It is one of the most effective stones for physical healing because it enhances the wearer's mental abilities and significantly improves their memory and logical reasoning.

In addition to boosting the immune system, Libyan gold may help the wearer ward off unfavorable emotions and thoughts, bringing happiness into their lives. It gives the wearer more determination and willpower. It is also very beneficial for jobs that require creativity. 

When it comes to behavioral aspects, this crystal may bring compassion and humanity, along with thoughts of kindness and gentleness, to the mind. Connecting with spiritual ideas may be facilitated by holding or wearing this stone while meditating. Even exploring past lives and drawing lessons from them is helped by it.

By using libyan gold, you may develop your spiritual sensitivity to the metaphysical world. It may improve your spiritual vision so that you can travel in the astral realm with much greater clarity and focus.

This stone may repel certain energies, making it a great crystal to keep nearby if you want to protect your soul from any kind of psychic or negative attack. You may see many glimmers of your past life while meditating with this stone, and you may also learn a great deal that you can use in your present life.

Libyan gold may be a constant companion for you as you journey through the divine realm and may help your soul in forging strong connections with other realms. It is the ideal crystal for any ritual you wish to perform because it contains powerful metaphysical energy.

This crystal may allow you to ground some of the excess spiritual energy you may accumulate so that you do not become overwhelmed. Libyan gold may also help in protecting your energy and soul from anyone who might try to take some of your good vibes for themselves.

If you are someone who has been looking for a spouse, libyan gold may help you in finding your soulmate quickly. It may then enable you to have a wonderful, joyful, loving, and contented relationship with your significant other.

Libyan Gold Tektite Properties

Libyan gold tower

An estimated 26 million years ago, a meteorite impact is thought to have produced libyan gold tektite. This occurred over what is now western Egypt and eastern Libya, over the present-day Sahara Desert.

Although P. Clayton made the first official discovery of it in 1932, it has a long history that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. The Libyan desert, which the Egyptians referred to as 'the rock of the god', is from where libyan gold gets its name. 

This stone exhibits a vitreous luster and a semi-translucent to semi-transparent appearance. Its refractive index is 1.46. This gem has gas bubbles with a variety of shapes, and occasionally there are grains on the surface as well. It displays the amorphous natural glass crystallography and is categorized as a mineraloid.

Libyan Gold Tektite Metaphysical Properties

Libyan gold possesses impressive metaphysical qualities that can accelerate spiritual development and help manifest wealth and abundance. They resonate in the third eye, crown, and soul star chakras, where they are most stimulating and may help light body activation.

These golden stones contain high vibration crystal energy that is extremely effective at promoting spiritual healing while helping your ongoing spiritual journey. The potent spiritual energy of the golden rays that these crystals contain is a powerful help for ascension for light-workers who are going through this period of transformation.

There is a need to re-establish a connection to ancient wisdom at the time of extraordinary spiritual change and powerful energetic activations of the body. This mystical energy supports people who believe they may have come from another part of the universe and do not belong on this planet.

It may broaden your spiritual perspective and enable you to experience greater spiritual awareness. It may also facilitate learning by enhancing your cognitive abilities. It resonates strongly with the heart and higher heart chakras, bringing you joy, happiness, and a love of life.

Libyan Gold Jewelry

When set into sterling silver jewelry, libyan gold jewelry looks stunning. The wearer can benefit from both the stone and the silver metal because silver jewelry has its own aesthetic appeal and therapeutic properties.

Because it attracts wealth into the wearer's life, libyan gold jewelry may awaken the conscious side and ensure that goals are met, especially in terms of prosperity.

Libyan Gold Tektite Necklace

Libyan gold necklace

The owner of this exquisite jewelry can flaunt a libyan gold necklace because it will draw attention wherever it is worn. Wearing a libyan gold necklace helps you keep the stone close to your heart chakra and get the most benefits out of this crystal. 

Libyan Gold Tektite Pendant

Libyan gold pendants are the ideal accessory for any situation, whether you are wearing them to a red carpet event or just on a regular basis. The person's willpower may be strengthened by these crystals. They may have much more self-assurance to present themselves everywhere after wearing this stone.

Libyan Gold Uses

There are some methods for incorporating libyan gold into your healing routine. To meditate and channel for astral travel, hold one libyan gold stone in each hand. Place this stone at the third eye chakra when conducting past-life regressions to shed light on your past. 

You can also display this crystal as an attractive interior design masterpiece for your home or workplace. You may place libyan gold at your Feng Shui map's health or spirituality centers.

You can also use this stone in your manifestation rituals; wear it to keep your affirmations in mind all day; place it on top of a manifestation journal, or hold it in your hands if you are manifesting mentally. To work on emotional healing, place the stone or wear libyan gold at your solar plexus chakra.

Libyan Gold Coin

There are silver coins available with inserted libyan gold stones in them. These coins can be used as showpieces to manifest prosperity in your surroundings. 

Libyan Gold Glass

Libyan gold stones come as showpieces enclosed in clear glass. You can place these showpieces in your home or workplace to spread positivity around you and your loved ones.

Libyan Gold Tektite for Sale

Libyan gold tektite is available for sale as silver jewelry, showpieces, and stones. 

Libyan Gold Tektite Price

Libyan gold tektite is priced at $50 USD per carat. 


Physically, your Libyan gold can be cleaned under water and allowed to air dry. Being a natural gem, getting soaked in water is okay with this stone. You could even use a cloth to wipe it down if only a little dust removal is needed. Be careful not to scratch or break the tektite when you use anything more abrasive than simple running water.

Libyan gold is energized well in starlight because it has extraterrestrial origins. It can be charged in the garden or on a windowsill at night during the full moon. It is ideal to be charged and activated in sand and sunlight because it is also connected to the desert and the sun.

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