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Crocoite: Completed Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crocoite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Many fascinating crystals and stones are found on the surface of the earth with properties, looks, and benefits that are all unique. One of them is crocoite. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this special stone. 

  • Crocoite Meaning
    • Crocoite Pronunciation
    • Crocoite Spiritual Meaning
    • Where is Crocoite Found
  • Crocoite Properties
    • Crocoite Healing Properties
    • Crocoite Metaphysical Properties
  • Crocoite Color
    • Blue Crocoite
  • Crocoite Jewelry
  • Crocoite Uses
  • Crocoite for Sale
    • Crocoite Price
    • Crocoite Tasmania for Sale
  • Conclusion 

Crocoite Meaning

Crocoite is an exquisite, unique lead chromate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, tubular, and prismatic crystals. It was famously known as red lead ore. It originally started being mined in the 16th century. 

Crocoite gets its name from the Greek word “saffron” because of its bright red and orange tones. It is a very rare, valuable crystal that is found in very few parts of the world and that makes it even more sought after. The stone is believed to have a very high vibrational energy that can ground a person emotionally and spiritually. 

Crocoite Pronunciation 

It is pronounced “kroh-koh-ayght”. 

Crocoite Spiritual Meaning 

As we all know, many chakras influence the workings of our daily life. This stone is believed to connect the heart, earth, and crown chakras to help one become more self-congruent. It can help with rooting your emotions and being more affirmative in your decisions. 

This stone can help you focus and filter out the unnecessary things in life. It can ground you and help you be stronger so you take the leap of faith to achieve your goals. The stone helps you not give in to your insecurities and focus on keeping the faith. 

Being able to channel your emotions into a proactive version of yourself is important to all of us, and having this stone around can help with that. It is associated with the planet Mars, which represents desire, action, and energy, and this stone can help with increased vitality, willpower, determination, and intuition. 

Where is Crocoite Found? 

It is a very rare mineral and difficult to mine. It is found in very few places, mainly in the Dundas district of Tasmania, Australia, the Ural mountains of Russia, and the Inyo and Riverside counties in California. 

Crocoite Properties

Crocoite Healing Properties 

Its association with the heart chakra can help with any thyroid or thymus issues and, by extension, help with your metabolism. The stone is believed to energize your entire system and infuse a sense of purpose. 

Your well-being is highly improved and the quality of your life is enhanced. This stone helps with bringing compassion to the forefront and stimulates the themes of love and well-being across all parts of your life.  

Crocoite Metaphysical Properties

The stone is believed to infuse vitality and zest into one’s life. The stone has a strong association with desire and can enhance loving vibrational energy that has helped couples with their intimate life. It can fuel a passion and help keep things active and vibrant. It resonates well and keeping it in the bedroom can not only help with your desires and feelings but also with improving the dynamics of your relationship. 

The stone can channel excess energies through the base chakra for spiritual grounding. It can help illuminate your positivity and be a force of nature everywhere you go. 

Crocoite Color

Crocoite comes in many hues of red, orange, and yellow in bright light. These vibrant colors also speak to the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of the crystal and why it gets its alias’. 

Blue Crocoite 

The crystal typically occurs in shades of red, yellow, and orange but can sometimes have hints of blue or blueish purple minerals deposited sparsely. This might be because of an excess quantity of chromium in the crystal and can also depend on where it was mined from. 

Crocoite Jewelry

This stone is so uncommon that it is relatively unusual to find pure crocoite jewelry, but can be found as stones encased in a beautiful, clear glass case to keep it on your mantelpiece.

Although, the common types of jewelry found with crocoite include stunning saffron-colored earrings, rings with a platinum or silver casing, or in a casing as a form of a pedant. Bracelets using this stone can also be found in select places.

Crocoite Uses


The mineral was initially used as the yellow pigment in the paint due to which the color ‘chrome yellow’ gets its name. It is believed that it was later discontinued for this purpose because of the toxicity related to lead and chromium.

It is also a light-sensitive mineral that can discolor if kept in direct sunlight for too long.

Due to increased mining, it is even rarer now than it was when it was found around 200 years ago.

It is primarily used as a healing crystal in one’s life to help improve the vibrational energies, infuse it with vitality, and ground your emotions and feelings.

Crocoite for Sale

It can be found on trusted websites and is found in a few varied forms: as stones, encased, and as a part of jewelry or house décor pieces. It can either be found in its original coarse structure or can be refined and polished to fit the item of choice.

Crocoite Price 

Crocoite is available between $20 to $500 USD.

Crocoite Tasmania for Sale 

It can be found near the Dundas region, near Zeehan, on the West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. It can be found for prices anywhere from $100 to $500 USD. 


Formed because of the release of lead and chromium in water, crocoite is an incredibly rare mineral found in very select areas of the world. The stone is believed to have extremely strong powers and aids in healing and spiritual ascension. 

If you are looking for a crystal to help increase the magnitude of your desires, enhance compassion, and fuel energy in all aspects of your life, crocoite is the one. Its association with the three important chakras, which are your root, heart, and crown, can help ground you so you are the most leveled version of yourself.

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