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Datolite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about datolite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Datolite, often known by the name of datolith (German) and datoliet (Dutch), is a famous gemstone. Enthusiasts and crystal healers used this gemstone over the past few decades for spiritual and cognitive growth.

Datolite rock is often associated with higher vibrations of nature and is used to activate various chakras to channel your inner energy and open higher dimensions of consciousness within. With a proper understanding of the nature of a datolite crystal, anybody can benefit from its healing powers. 

This comprehensive guide aims to provide thorough coverage of the datolite stone. We shall explore interesting details about datolite in the following sections.

  • Datolite Meaning
    • What is Datolite
    • Datolite in Michigan
  • Datolite Properties
    • Datolite Healing Properties
    • Datolite Metaphysical Properties
  • Datolite Types
    • Raw Datolite
  • Datolite Color
    • Pink Datolite
    • White Datolite 
  • Datolite Jewelry
    • Datolite Bracelet
  • Datolite Uses
  • How to Clean Datolite
  • How to Recharge Datolite
  • How to Meditate with Datolite
  • Conclusion

Datolite Meaning

Datolite rock derives its name from the Greek words δατεῖσθαι, which means "to divide", and λίθος, meaning "stone". 

What is Datolite?

In 1806, datolite was first observed by a Danish Norwegian mineralogist, Jens Esmark. In terms of chemistry, datolite is a hydroxide nesosilicate of calcium and boron (CaBSiO4(OH)). The prismatic datolite crystal, also denoted by the IMA symbol "Dat", exhibits a monoclinic crystal system. Datolite is a brittle stone with a hardness of 5 to 5.5 Mohs.

Datolite mineral is created naturally in layers of mafic igneous rocks, where zeolites fill basalt vesicles. The process called hydrothermal precipitation creates a color band on the datolite rock.

Datolite crystal is used as a collector's gemstone and is known for its esoteric healing properties. Astral projection, power meditation, and psychic healing are all spiritual properties of the datolite mineral. Although datolite is a widely regarded spiritual transformation tool, faceted and cabbed datolites occur rarely.

Datolite in Michigan

Datolite rock, in the Lake Superior region in Michigan, only appears in native copper deposits and their host rocks in the Northern Peninsula. Mined datolite mineral is present as nodules that are sliced and polished to create gemstones. We can find them in most amygdaloids, such as brecciated amygdaloidal lodes. These are found in Osceola, Pewabic, Evergreen mines, and Isle Royale.

In Russia, datolite rock is considered a rich source of boron and is seen in copper deposits. 

Datolite Properties

Datolite Healing Properties

Datolite gemstone is a secondary birthstone for the Zodiac sign Aries. It is hailed by crystal healers as an excellent healing crystal that helps individuals soothe their aura and get rid of negative energy from their life. If you want to get rid of bad habits, you can use datolite to meditate. A datolite gemstone is said to also help diabetes patients and those with hypoglycemia.

Datolite Metaphysical Properties

Datolite stone is associated with higher frequencies of vibration. This extraordinary healing stone can increase your intelligence and cognitive prowess. You can use it as a constant energy source and sharpen your spiritual intuition to obtain exceptional problem-solving abilities.

Datolite Types

Raw Datolite

Raw datolite facilitates the retrieval of knowledge encoded in our subtle body. It also recovers ancestral patterns, events, and the soul with far memory.

Other types of datolite are ‌its color variants that have color bands because of the presence of other minerals.

Datolite Color

Datolite stone comes in a wide range of colors. White, pink, red, pale green, yellow-green, or even a grayish tint.

Pink Datolite

Pink datolite, also known as sugar stone, is found in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. It has a slightly coarse texture, like sugar granules.

White Datolite

White datolite, famous by the name botryolite, is a botryoidal variety of datolite whose bumpy, nodular, and irregular surface resembles the head of a 'dirty cauliflower'.

Datolite Jewelry

datolite pendant

You can choose to wear datolite as an amulet or talisman. Datolite is a strengthening crystal that is ‌useful for adventurers who require an additional burst of energy throughout their trips. Tying an amulet can help soldiers, sailors, and emergency workers to boost their performance and protect their intellect. This helps them remain calm when in dangerous situations. 

Datolite Bracelet

Wearing a datolite bracelet can increase the vibration in one's spiritual body by fast-pulsating energy oscillations. These bracelets can help us embrace the ephemerality of life and everything around us to help us come to terms with negative experiences in life.

Datolite Uses

Datolite is often used for improving physical health. Experts recommend using a spiral bead cage to wear as a pendant to optimally distribute the healing energies of datolite through your entire body. Sprinkling crystal water and essence on your body may soothe your nervous system and help regulate the body temperature. This stone is known for being beneficial for controlling additive food intolerances. Datolite protects your body from allergens by developing immunity against particular viruses and allergies.

Datolite crystal wands are of great use to metaphysical experts. According to them, when you face bouts of self-doubt, practicing positivity rituals with a datolite crystal wand can do wonders. Point the crystal wand towards a motivational picture or play a sound source of cheerful music. This allows a transfer of positive energy into oneself. Often referred to as a guardian crystal, a datolite gemstone may help you strengthen your ideals and moral beliefs. These wands also help protect your spirit from evil energy vampires.

If you believe in feng shui, datolite will be your ideal companion for health and wellbeing. Wood energy, typically correlated with the east and southeast sides of a home, can bring harmony, prosperity, and health to a family. For abundant wood energy, datolite feng shui is worthy enough. It increases the overall well-being of family members, ancestors, and the community‌. Keep this stone in the eastern part of your room so that the universal life force known as Chi or Qui can transpire and fuse into the environment of the house.

Datolite is also said to help regulate our emotions; it stands for love and acceptance. Red and pink banded datolites are a tool for emotional transformation through spiritual means. If you are disturbed by feelings such as scorn and hatred, this stone may calm you down and provide much-needed peace to your existence. This stone, during any meditational session, may help you give your comfort and help you find balance in your life. When it comes to nurturing emotional intelligence, no stone is better than datolite. 

This gemstone is said to promote chakra healing. The seven most important energy junctures in the yoga philosophy are called chakras. This stone is associated with the heart and crown chakra. It can balance the chakras effectively and provide individuals with a clearer sense of purpose in the world. Also, in the event of healing the heart chakra, it may help deal with hopelessness, depression, grief, and heavy-heartedness. Green datolite can be an incredible tool to help treat PTSD as it is believed to help users overcome the negative effects of old traumas without having to immerse themselves in those memories.

If you are worried about your child's academic performance, why not use datolite? This crystal works literally like magic to enhance memory and problem-solving skills in toddlers and teenagers. Nurturing cognitive skills by establishing new neural pathways and providing clarity of thought is what datolite does when one wears it as a pendant or bracelet. When used with positive affirmations, it can improve the ability to focus on a given task. It is an amazing resource for people suffering from ADHD. Datolite helps reduce irritability and obsessiveness by calming down the nerves. Hence, most crystal healers use it for treating OCD. This stone facilitates mature thought and the flow of ideas.

Datolite gem is said to be the perfect accessory to help you enter the metaphysical realm. Occultists prefer using datolite for gaining higher knowledge by downloading the akashic records directly into their third eye. Datolites help you accept the transience of everything in existence so that you can better cope with the turbulent events of your life and let them pass.

How to Clean Datolite?

datolite stone

Cleaning datolite properly ensures that this gemstone emanates the best vibrations for you to soak up. It also ensures the longevity of this beautiful gem. You can use a soft brush to clean your datolite crystal with any mild detergent and warm water.

How to Recharge Datolite?

Using a datolite stone for a longer period can accumulate a negative aura around it and ultimately create a blockage. To recharge the crystal, first, cleanse it with warm water and then expose it to the mild morning sun. Alternatively, you can place them in your garden to soak up the energy from the endless reserves underneath the earth. Avoid harsh sunlight at all costs.

How to Meditate with Datolite?

The best way to reap the benefits from this quintessential spiritual cleanser is to use it every day. Using regularly at the same time will establish a better connection with your astral self. Every morning, sit in a dark, silent place within your house and meditate on the positive sides of life. If you are an advanced user, try using datolite with affirmations and crystal grids for personalized sessions.


Datolite is a stone of transformation which helps you to explore the innermost dimensions within yourself. It has a unifying effect on your mind, soul, and body.

If you want to understand the essence of being on this planet, datolite can help you find that by tapping into the higher planes of consciousness. Do not shy away from combining the datolite gemstone with compatible crystals such as ulexite, variscite, scapolite, and spurrite for maximum benefits.

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