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Copper: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about copper, including its meaning, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Copper is an ancient healing metal that is prevalently used in the domain of spirituality. From coins to electrical wires, when it comes to things made of copper, the Statue of Liberty earns a special mention. Its green appearance results from the oxidative green patina layer, which is merely one of several unusual facts about copper. 

While the copper Wikipedia page provides an encyclopedic coverage on the topic, it cannot elaborate on the metaphysical importance of copper. This article gives you a comprehensive view of this amazing healing metal. Let us find out what we shall discuss today.

  • What is Copper
    • What is Copper Used for
    • What Color is Copper
    • What is Copper Made of
    • What does Copper Look Like
    • Is Copper a Metal
    • Is Copper Rare
    • Is Copper Aqueous
    • How Strong is Copper
    • Does Copper Dissolve in Water
    • Who Discovered Copper Element
    • Importance of Copper
      • How does Wearing Copper Help Your Body
    • Is It Safe to Drink Out of Copper?
  • Where is Copper Found?
    • Properties of Copper
  • Copper Types
    • Natural Copper
    • Raw Copper
  • Copper Color
    • Purple Copper
    • Red Copper
    • Blue Copper
    • Brown Copper
  • Copper Jewelry
    • Copper Bracelet
      • Copper Bracelet Benefits
  • How to Use Copper
  • Copper Price
    • Copper Price per Pound
    • Copper Price per kg
    • Copper Price per Ton
    • Price of Copper per Meter
    • Copper vs Gold Price
  • Conclusion

What is Copper?

Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with a very high electrical and thermal conductivity. This d-block element has an atomic number 29 and belongs to group 11(Ib) in the periodic table. Copper, often abbreviated as Cu, gets its name from the Latin word cuprum.

What is Copper Used for?

Copper is used in manufacturing electrical wires because of its high conductivity. Also, several metal alloys, such as cupronickel, constantan, and silver sterling, are manufactured using copper. These have various uses, from making marine hardware and coins to strain gauges, thermocouples, and jewelry.

What Color is Copper?

Pure copper, when freshly exposed, has a pinkish-orange color. Otherwise, the reddish-brown is the most identifiable hue of the ore.

What is Copper Made of?

Because copper is an element, it is made of protons, electrons, and neutrons. The electron configuration is [Ar] 3d10 4s1, which makes it a diamagnetic metal.

What does Copper Look Like?

Copper, in its usable form, looks like any other metal and has a unique pale rosy tint to it.

Is Copper a Metal?

Placed in group 11 along with silver and gold, copper is one of the few metals found in a free metallic state in nature.

Is Copper Rare?

On earth's crust, copper is present in a proportion of around 50 parts per million, making it the 25th most abundant element on the planet.

Is Copper Aqueous?

Copper is not aqueous but found as a solid in most of its ores.

How Strong is Copper?

Copper is not a sturdy metal and has half the tensile strength of mild carbon steel. Among other copper characteristics, such as ductility and malleability, this property causes the metal to be unsuitable for robust structural applications.

Does Copper Dissolve in Water?

Copper metal is not soluble in water. However, corrosive water can dissolve copper in pipes and plumbing instruments.

Who Discovered Copper Element?

The history of copper dates back to 77AD Greece, where it was discovered in the land of Cyprus. 

Importance of Copper

In ancient India and Egypt, copper was used to create surgical tools. They also used copper to clean wounds.

How does Wearing Copper Help Your Body?

In occult sciences, wearing copper jewelry can facilitate the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. 

Is it Safe to Drink Out of Copper?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to drink from copper vessels if you don't have copper hypersensitivity. Also, ensure to treat the vessel with citric acid, found in lemons, or tartaric acid, found in tamarind, to wash off any oxidation. If you are using the container for the first time, keep water in the vessel overnight and throw it away in the morning before using it.

Where is Copper Found?


The copper mineral can be found all over the world. However, large deposits of copper ore can be found along the western coastal line of the North and South Americas. The following countries house porphyry copper deposits: the United States, China, Chile, Zambia, Zaire, Peru, and Canada.

Properties of Copper

Copper is widely used for its properties, which have practical applications across various industries. So, what are some unique copper characteristics that make it so valuable?

Heat and electrical conductivity - Copper metal has high conductivity for heat and electricity. After silver, this is the most electrically conductive metal, which can also control heat better than silver. For this reason, it is used predominantly in electrical appliances. 

Time for a copper facts anecdote! Did you know that 95% of all transformer and electrical wires' cores are made of only copper? 

Anti-bacterial property - In biology, copper produces an oligodynamic effect where the ions of copper metal break down proteins in single cell organisms. It kills those organisms or bacteria, creating an anti-bacterial result.

Durability - The copper metal creates patina, a protective green layer on its surface, as a byproduct of oxidation. It helps the metal to prevent corrosion and rust.

Workability - The Copper, a ductile and malleable metal, can be easily shaped into sheets and stretched into wires without breaking. It is possible to make things out of pure copper even without heat. 

Reusability - The fact that over 80% of all copper ever mined is still in use is the most incredible among copper facts. It shows how eco-friendly and recyclable copper really is.

Copper Types

Natural Copper

Natural copper occurs in its native form as a pure copper mineral. Natural copper has a reddish streak on a pale rosy surface.

Raw Copper

Raw copper, otherwise known as cuprite, is an oxide ore of copper. Denoted by the symbol Cu2O, this secondary mineral is created by the weathering process of copper sulfide minerals.

Copper Color

Purple Copper

Covellite or CuS is a purple-colored copper ore that contains 66.5% copper inside. This diamagnetic ore appears crystallized and reflects light.

Red Copper

In its purest form, the copper metal has a copper-red color. After cleaning, the color turns reddish-brown.

Blue Copper

Azurite is known as blue copper, which is an ore of copper metal. The hardness of this ore is 3.5 to 4, whereas its specific gravity of 3.7 to 3.9 makes it a non-metallic copper mineral.

Brown Copper

Chalcopyrite or brown copper is the most prevalent copper ore with a brownish tint. The chemical formula of this compound is CuFeS2, which has 34.5% copper in it.

Copper Jewelry

Copper Bracelet

copper bracelet

Copper bracelets are an excellent way of harnessing the healing powers of the metal. These can also ease any ache or pain while also improving cardiovascular health.

Copper Bracelet Benefits

Wearing a copper bracelet can heal the body from stressors like depression, fatigue, and traumatic influences on memory. In esoteric studies, copper is regarded as an emotion regulating agent, which helps eliminate hostile and melancholic emotions like anger, anxiety, and sadness. 

Astrologers recommend using copper bracelets to compensate for any adverse effects due to the displacement of the sun or Mars in an individual's horoscope.

How to Use Copper?

Copper can be used as a metaphysical accessory. Copper's spiritual healing properties are unparalleled. The physical touch of copper ornaments can help channel the astral body and project it outside the body. Also, it increases the overall receptivity of the body and clears out negative energies to balance the chakras.

You can use copper to make jewelry. You can wear copper as a bracelet, ring, necklace, and more to revitalize the immune system. Apart from this, copper results in anti-aging, luster in the skin, strong bones, mental peace, and more.

Copper is also said to be excellent for emotional and mental healing. Copper is an excellent instrument for reinforcing mental wellbeing. It can raise your self-esteem levels through heightened vibrations in charged molecules relying on your mental state. 

Are you feeling lost, confused, and craving mental clarity? Copper can awaken your senses and get you back on track. Additionally, copper can calm you down, helping you restore mental peace after a chaotic episode in your life.

Along with the uses of copper, it is equally important to know how to keep copper clean and maintain it. Cleaning copper the right way ensures its longevity and durability for the longest time. Now, akin to healing crystals and gems, copper also requires regular recharging and cleansing. It helps the copper metal to be lively, harmonious, and to work properly with our physical reverberations. 

You can use lemon or tamarind juice to clean copper jewels as they contain organic acids such as citric and tartaric acid. This process can both clean and recharge the metal to be used for spiritual purposes again.

Copper Price

Copper Price per Pound

As of May 2022, copper is available for $4.15 USD per pound.

Copper Price per kg

Copper's price per kilogram is $9.26 USD, according to the Markets Insider price chart. Now you may be curious, how much is copper worth per gram? The price is $0.0093 USD per gram as 1000 grams equals 1 kilogram.

Copper Price per Ton

1000 kilograms is equal to one metric ton. Hence, copper will cost $9,255.30 USD per ton as of 16 May 2022.

Price of Copper per Meter

PVC insulated copper wire with a diameter of 1.0 sq mm will cost you $0.07 USD per meter. The larger the diameter, the greater the price.

Copper vs. Gold Price

The price of gold per kilogram is $58,292.52 USD, which is exponentially higher than the cost of copper, which is $9.26 USD.


Copper's esoteric significance is associated with conducting energy, removing negativity, and helping attain a balance in the chakras. Experts say that pure copper with visible brightness and a brassy tone is the best to achieve optimum results in spiritual endeavors.

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