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Pentagonite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about pentagonite, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


Are you interested in learning more about pentagonite crystals? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a thoroughly extensive guide about pentagonite crystals. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just finding out about this popular stone! 

  • Pentagonite Meaning
  • Pentagonite Metaphysical Properties
  • Pentagonite vs Cavansite
  • Blue Pentagonite
  • Conclusion

Pentagonite Meaning

One of the distinctly recognized minerals of the past, pentagonite was discovered around the 1960s. The meaning of the pentagonite crystal can be understood by its Greek origins. The Greek term for ‘pente’ is five and alludes to its five-fold shape. The shape barely looks five-fold at first glance and, as such, is also called pseudo-pentagonal.

Pentagonite is one of the rarest crystals. It is found in the USA and India. India is also the only source of pentagonite that provides major specimens.

Pentagonite Metaphysical Properties

Pentagonite may energize you to feel your intuition. A better understanding of positive intuition is very helpful in making better decisions.

Another metaphysical property of pentagonite includes higher awareness, both at the physical and psychic level. You may control your senses according to your will, making you aware of your physical reality and helping you quit distractions. Psychic awareness might help keep yourself in the present and escape overthinking and stress.

Pentagonite stone is believed to channel your thoughts towards positivity and higher productivity by many users. The stone may help you get rid of mental disorders and the initial phase of depression.

The pentagonite crystal may leave a calming effect on your body, making you cool, calm, and thoughtful in stressful situations. It is potent enough to induce higher thinking skills and enhance creativity.

Pentagonite vs Cavansite

Pentagonite and cavansite are very similar-looking crystals. For the record, both crystals look exactly the same and even the molecular geometry of the crystal is the same. Made from a stilbite matrix, it is very hard to differentiate between the two by merely observing them.

The major difference between pentagonite and cavansite lies in the way these two arrange themselves in the crystallization process. Pentagonite and cavansite crystallize in the orthorhombic system.

In both the crystals, spherical balls are found at the beginning of crystallization, but only pentagonite develops long prism-like crystals in the latter stage of crystallization.

Blue Pentagonite

Blue pentagonite is one of the most popular forms of pentagonite crystal. The blue appearance makes it alluring to the eyes. People love to wear pieces of jewelry made from blue pentagonite.

Blue pentagonite is a thinking stone. People often develop a high intellect after coming in close contact with blue pentagonite stone. A lot of people often claim that after wearing blue pentagonite, you may attract wealth and prosper economically.  


Pentagonite gemstone is known for its effects on the emotional and physical aspects of our lives. The crystal may help you manage your emotions and keep you in balance. Pentagonite crystal has characteristic patterns of colors that look interesting to the eyes.

It is found mainly in India and the United States of America. It has unique characteristics, which make it attractive and useful in various industries. The crystal is crafted in industries to produce products of various shapes and sizes. The stone is known for its claimed metaphysical and healing powers. 

There are many claims suggesting that the stone may help you build a prosperous career and get rid of grief in life. The stone may bring prosperity and help you adopt a positive mindset in your life. The pentagonite crystal, due to its claimed spiritual and metaphysical properties, is becoming popular in the jewelry industry.

People inclined towards spirituality are bound to find out about this extraordinary gem and incorporate it into all kinds of jewelry pieces and artifacts. Pentagonite crystals are available in different stores near you and also available at online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

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