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Phenakite: Complete Guide (2024)

phenakite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about phenakite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Phenakite is a crystal that aids you in opening yourself to spiritual communications. It is a stone with strong vibrations that promotes meditation and improves your psychic abilities. It helps you reach a higher consciousness. Let's learn more about this magical crystal.

  • Phenakite Meaning
    • How to Identify Phenakite?
    • Where is Phenakite Found?
      • Nigerian Phenakite
      • Russian Phenakite
  • Phenakite Properties
    • Phenakite Metaphysical Properties
  • Phenakite vs Other Stones
    • Phenakite vs Quartz
    • Phenakite vs Diamond
    • Phenakite vs Moldavite
  • Phenakite Raw
  • Phenakite Jewelry
    • Phenakite Bracelet
    • Phenakite Ring
    • Phenakite Pendant
  • Phenakite Uses
    • Phenakite Beads
  • Phenakite for Sale
    • Phenakite Price
      • Phenakite Price per Carat
  • Conclusion

Phenakite Meaning

Phenakite is a beryllium silicate and belongs to the phenakite family. When in a crystallized form with brilliant transparency, phenakite crystals are rare. It is a transparent crystal that has a glassy luster. It is found in colorless and white crystals and rarely with pink, brown, or yellow hues. 

Phenakite varies in its forms from place to place, and its name is derived from the Greek word, which means deceiver. Phenakite crystals are often mistaken for other crystals, such as quartz, tourmaline, or topaz. 

Phenakite is associated with the Zodiac sign of Gemini. On the Mohs scale of hardness, phenakite stands between 7.5 to 8. Phenakite crystals activate the crown and the third-eye chakra. The crown chakra is responsible for inspiration and lucid dreaming.

How to Identify Phenakite?

Identifying phenakite with an amateur eye can be difficult. It is often confused with clear topaz and quartz. The hardness of phenakite and topaz is stronger than quartz. You can try to scratch the crystal with a topaz crystal, and if it scratches easily, it could be quartz. The issue persists as topaz is harder than phenakite and might be able to scratch the phenakite crystal. 

Phenakite has three parallel cleavages, and topaz has only one. Another way to identify a phenakite is to check its specific gravity, refractive index, and other physical properties.

Where is Phenakite Found?

Phenakite has been found in Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Norway, Russia, Tanzania, Switzerland, and the USA.

Nigerian Phenakite

In 2008, a large deposit of phenakite was found in Nigeria and the mining has been intermittent since. In Nigeria, they are known as “okuta-didan”, a Yoruba term for shining stone.

Russian Phenakite

Russian phenakite is a powerful crystal that has strong vibrations. The effects of a Russian phenakite are altering and can be strenuous to endure.

Phenakite Properties

Phenakite Metaphysical Properties

Phenakite aids in reducing fear and despair-ridden emotions. It brings positive energy and changes your perspective about your future. Phenakite encourages you to take the right actions to achieve your desired result.

Using phenakite enhances your spiritual knowledge and helps you become emotionally intense and mature. It provides access to guidance and ancient wisdom and enhances psychic visions. Placing the phenakite crystal on your forehead and crown connects the two chakras and joins their energies. 

Phenakite helps with cleansing your soul and mind and purifies your energies. It brings back your lost focus and inspiration and may help you feel refreshed and inspired in times of trouble.

Phenakite is said to be a multidimensional healing stone. It acts as a gateway stone to the spiritual world. It helps access and assess the akashic records and heal past traumas. Using phenakite may also bring unconditional self-love. 

Crystal healers use phenakite for nerve damage, genetic disorders, and brain damage that restrict the smooth functioning of the brain. It stimulates and enhances the brain's functioning capabilities. It may also ease nausea and headaches caused due to migraine. 

Phenakite vs Other Stones

When used in combination with other stones, phenakite helps amplify their healing energies. 

Phenakite vs Quartz

quartz stone

Phenakite crystal has a higher hardness than quartz. It is more durable and has stronger vibrations. Another difference between phenakite and quartz is that phenakite is a very rare crystal, whereas quartz is the most abundantly found crystal. 

Phenakite vs Diamond

Phenakite is a silicate, whereas a diamond is a carbon element. A diamond is formed very slowly under a lot of pressure and has a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, whereas a phenakite has a hardness of 7.5 to 8.

Phenakite vs Moldavite

Moldavite is a green or bluish crystal that formed after a meteor impact in Germany. It is a form of tektite and is categorized under glass. Like phenakite, moldavite is a highly transformational stone with intense frequency. 

Phenakite Raw

Raw phenakite often has inclusions of other minerals. They have lesser transparency than polished crystals, but the luster is vibrant. Crystal healers use these kinds of raw crystals in reiki healings and meditations. 

Phenakite Jewelry

The most commonly used phenakite is in the form of jewelry. Wearing it could help develop and enhance your psychic abilities and spiritual connection.

Phenakite Bracelet

Phenakite bracelets are made from phenakite beads that are often faceted. They provide the wearer with a decent look and are unisex that can be worn by any gender. It can make a great everyday piece because of its durability and toughness.

Phenakite Ring

A phenakite ring is available in many shapes and cuts. They can be used in any setting, either gold or silver, and can be worn by both men and women as per their desired design. 

Phenakite Pendant

phenakite pendant

Like the phenakite rings, phenakite pendants are also made into gold or silver settings. They can be made into ovals, circles, hearts, or any other shape of your choice. As they are durable crystals, you do not have to worry about damaging them easily.

Phenakite Uses

Phenakite Beads

Phenakite crystals are found in small sizes, and their beads are highly moveable. They can be kept in your pocket or purse and make for a great everyday crystal.

Phenakite for Sale

Phenakite Price

Phenakite prices differ and depend on the region it is mined. A rough and raw phenakite crystal cost starts from $7 USD and goes up to $25 USD. A Burmese phenakite costs $90 USD, whereas a brilliant Russian phenakite crystal costs $106 USD and can cost up to $172 USD. 

Phenakite Price per Carat

The price of a high-quality, special-grade phenakite crystal starts from $29.23 USD per carat. 


Phenakite is a crystal with high and positive vibrations. It cleanses the body physically, spiritually, and mentally. It aids in the practice of mindful meditation and strengthens the love connection.

Using phenakite also enhances the energies of other crystals used with it. Adding phenakite to your crystal grid or wearing it as a piece of jewelry is highly advantageous.

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