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Ouro Verde Quartz: Complete Guide (2024)

ouro verde quartz stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about ouro verde quartz, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


Ouro verde quartz is one of the rarest types of quartz mined only in Brazil. It provides protection and strengthens your mind. It is also said to be one of the best crystals for manifesting your desires. Let us learn more about this lesser-known yet valuable quartz. 

  • Ouro Verde Quartz Spiritual Meaning
  • Ouro Verde Quartz Properties
    • Ouro Verde Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    • Ouro Verde Quartz Healing Properties
  • Ouro Verde Quartz Bracelets
  • Ouro Verde Quartz Value
  • Conclusion

Ouro Verde Quartz Spiritual Meaning

Ouro verde in Portuguese means green gold. Ouro verde quartz received its name due to its yellow color with a splash of green like the yellow chartreuse liqueur. The ouro verde quartz is mainly known for its brilliant colors and cutting quality. 

Ouro verde quartz is mined in the Bocarica Mine in Divino das Laranjeiras, Brazil, producing the best-quality crystals with brilliant clarity. As it is found only in Brazil, ouro verde quartz is a unique and rare type of quartz. 

As a form of quartz, on the Mohs scale of hardness, it stands at 7. You can clean the ouro verde quartz with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Dry it with a soft cloth to avoid scratches and stone damage. 

The ouro verde quartz crystal vibrates to number 4 and is associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio. 

Ouro Verde Quartz Properties

Ouro Verde Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Using ouro verde is said to bring prosperity and abundance to your life. It acts as a protective talisman and helps you understand the deeper meaning of life. It may also help align the aura and activate intuitive powers. 

Ouro verde shows you the wisdom of the ancestors and helps you to make the right choices. It may help in manifesting your true potential and make you stronger. 

Holding a piece of ouro verde quartz for meditation might help with manifesting your desires and bringing the focus into your life. It can bring back positive vibrations. It also heals and enhances your spirituality and connects you to your higher self. 

In relationships, ouro verde quartz helps regain the lost passion. It improves your dependency on your partner and your stability. It assists us in seeing others' auras. 

Ouro verde quartz boosts your confidence and increases your courage. It helps you bring new opportunities and makes you keep faith in yourself. It promotes your motivation and helps you achieve financial independence.

Ouro Verde Quartz Healing Properties

Ouro verde is believed to help detect illness and provide a protective cover to shield you from illness. Using ouro verde quartz is also beneficial for allergies and peripheral circulation. The crystals are also said to help with herpes and tumors. 

Ouro verde quartz may help you let go of your unhealthy habits, such as smoking, gambling, and more. It terminates the weak mindset and makes you stronger and more independent. 

Ouro Verde Quartz Bracelets

These perfect crystals with a yellow-green blend, clean clarity, and brilliant luster can make a beautiful bracelet. As they are hard crystals, ouro verde quartz bracelets can be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry. The right cut and quality suit everyone, irrespective of age or gender.

Ouro Verde Quartz Value

Ouro verde quartz is a rare type of quartz and thus is relatively expensive. Many other look-alike stones are available in the market under its name and at lower prices. Make sure you buy an ouro verde quartz crystal from a certified buyer. 

An ouro verde quartz crystal of 2 inches costs $129.99 USD. A raw ouro verde crystal cost starts from $15 USD, and a polished crystal can cost $244.35 USD.


Ouro verde quartz is a healing and protective crystal. It might also show you your future possibilities and provide ancient wisdom. Rare metamorphosis quartz irradiated to bring out its color has varying metaphysical healing properties as well. 

Adding an ouro verde quartz to your grid or wearing it as jewelry can have desirable effects on meditation as well as your personal and spiritual growth. 

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