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Scapolite: Complete Guide (2024)

scapolite gems

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about scapolite, including its meaning, properties, and colors. Let's get started!


Today, we will be exploring the mineral scapolite. The scapolite gem is an uncommon mineral that forms in small deposits and is generally associated with metamorphic rocks.

This interesting mineral has a variety of colors, including white, yellow, grey, pink, and purple. It is composed of two separate minerals that form its unique color patterns and streaks, as well as provide some interesting physical and chemical properties.

We will also be looking at the history of scapolite, its uses, benefits, jewelry and some of the unlikely places it has been found. So, join us as we journey through the mineral realm with scapolite!

  • Scapolite Meaning
    • What is Scapolite
    • Where is Scapolite Found
  • Scapolite Properties
    • Scapolite Metaphysical Properties
    • Scapolite Healing Properties
  • Scapolite Color
    • Purple Scapolite
      • Purple Scapolite Meanings
    • Yellow Scapolite
      • Yellow Scapolite Meaning
    • Green Scapolite
    • White Scapolite
    • Lilac Scapolite
    • Blue Scapolite
    • Rainbow Scapolite
    • Gold Scapolite
    • Mocha Scapolite
  • Scapolite Raw
  • Cat’s Eye Scapolite
  • Scapolite Jewelry
    • Scapolite Ring
    • Scapolite Necklace
    • Scapolite Bracelet
    • Yellow Scapolite Pendant
    • Scapolite Beads
    • Blue Scapolite Beads
  • Scapolite for Sale
    • Scapolite Price
    • Purple Scapolite for Sale
    • Blue Scapolite for Sale
    • Yellow Scapolite Wholesale
    • Scapolite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

                Scapolite Meaning

                The main meaning behind the scapolite crystal is spiritual growth and balance. It is said to be a powerful stone that helps people stay connected to their inner wisdom, enabling them to move forward with their lives in a more balanced and centered way.

                Scapolite is thought to help people make decisions and clear out any internal obstacles that interfere with progression. This gemstone encourages high levels of creativity, focus and integrity, helping to turn dreams into realities. It's also said to be a motivator, helping to spur people on when they are in the midst of a struggle or facing a challenging situation. 

                Scapolite is also known for having spiritual qualities, and is said to have an energy that resonates in a way that brings emotional clarity and the courage to make decisions. It's believed that the energy of scapolite helps to connect with the divine by allowing users to be honest when it comes to their wants and needs.

                What is Scapolite

                Scapolite is an opalescent silicate mineral that is used as a gemstone. The scapolite gemstone is a relatively rare mineral available in many varieties. It can range in color from white to a pinkish yellow, or a light grey, and is sometimes confused with feldspar. It is composed of a silicate of calcium.

                Scapolite can also be found in a variety of forms such as quartz, amethyst, and opal. Many unique pieces also display looped patterns or layers of these minerals. Some rarer varieties have a range of colors that can be used to create works of art and jewelry. 

                Scapolite is considered a healing stone, and some say it can activate the chakras of the body. This mineral is believed to reinvigorate energy, promote self-awareness, and can also strengthen the ability to experience pleasure in life.

                Where is Scapolite Found

                Although scapolite is found in many places, it is only available in commercial quantities in certain parts of the world such as in Canada, Norway, and Madagascar. 

                Scapolite Properties

                In this next section we’re going to be delving into the different properties of scapolite. The properties we’re going to cover include its metaphysical properties and its healing properties. Read on to find out all you need to know.

                Scapolite Metaphysical Properties

                It is believed to have powerful metaphysical properties that can be used as an aid in achieving spiritual goals. It is thought to increase spiritual strength and clarity as well as aid in developing one's psychic abilities. 

                Additionally, scapolite is said to cleanse all types of negative energy and help the wearer to open up to new spiritual pathways and spiritual knowledge. People who wear this gemstone may also experience heightened perception and increased spiritual intuition. It is said to bring luck and success, and promote feelings of contentment and satisfaction. 

                Scapolite also helps to dissipate fear and worry. All of these metaphysical properties make scapolite a sought after gemstone for those looking to gain spiritual strength and a deeper understanding of the universe.

                it's all in your head art

                Scapolite Healing Properties

                Scapolite is believed to help its user access spiritual guidance and wisdom. It is said to help open and clear pathways in the mind which can lead to a clearer understanding of how the universe works. This can lead to an enhanced intuition and the ability to make better decisions. 

                The gem is believed to be powerful in the healing of physical ailments too. It is believed to specifically assist in the treatment of disorders resulting from stress, such as depression and anxiety. The crystal is also said to stimulate the immune system, helping to protect against illness and reduce recovery time in cases of injury. 

                The crystal is also believed to offer protection against negative influences such as fear, anger and envy. It is said to help the user keep a positive outlook and remain calm and centered, even in difficult situations.

                Scapolite Color

                There are many shades of scapolite! So many in fact, that you could even call it a rainbow stone! You get purple scapolite and yellow scapolite. Green, white, lilac, blue, rainbow, gold and finally, mocha. Read on to find out all you need to know about all the different shades of scapolite.

                Purple Scapolite

                Purple scapolite can be found in many locations around the world, but the most common source is Zimbabwe, Africa. Purple scapolite can be difficult to locate and requires a deep knowledge of gemstone exploration and identification. 

                For those not so enthusiastic about exploring unknown locations, purple scapolite can also be found in various online stores and websites that specialize in gems. These gems can usually be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, although finding large, flawless specimens may require additional research. 

                Purple scapolite is also available in certain jewelry stores that specialize in exotic gemstones and minerals. It is important to note that purple scapolite is a fairly expensive gemstone and only the more affluent may be able to afford it. For those on a budget, cheaper imitation purple scapolite is available, but the quality will be significantly lower.

                Purple Scapolite Meanings

                Purple scapolite is said to be a stone of creativity and inspiration, helping to unlock an individual's creative potential and encouraging them to embark on new projects and dream up fresh ideas. It's also thought it provides the wearer with emotional balance and can help to lift bad moods. 

                Purple scapolite is often seen as a symbol of love, affection and comfort. It is thought that this type of scapolite might bring emotional harmony to the wearer, allowing them to feel a deep level of comfort and connection in their life. To those who wear it, purple scapolite can provide an enchanting reminder of love and joy.

                Yellow Scapolite

                Yellow scapolite can be found in various countries across the world. Locations include Canada, India, Madagascar, and Myanmar. In Canada, yellow scapolite can be found in Ontario and Quebec provinces. One notable source of yellow scapolite is the Dikepeg Lake area in Ontario. In India, scapolite is mostly found in Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. Gems from these locations are typically clear and yellow. Madagascar and Myanmar are major sources for yellow scapolite and offer a variety of other colors as well. 

                Yellow scapolite can also be found in the United States. The states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah are the most popular sources for this gemstone. Arizona has some especially large crystals ranging in color from pale yellow to vibrant orange. These stones were first discovered in the 1870s in what is now known as the Bisbee Mining District. Scapolite can also be found in Russia and parts of Northern Europe. 

                Yellow Scapolite Meaning

                Yellow scapolite is a calming and uplifting crystal that can help with stress and strain. Its vibrant, golden hue helps to re-balance our emotions and bring clarity in tough times. It is believed that yellow scapolite strengthens the solar plexus and root chakra, promoting increased personal power and inner strength. 

                It is seen as a stone of optimism and joy, inspiring a sunny attitude towards life and its many challenges. Yellow scapolite helps to bridge the gap between spirit and action, inspiring confidence and initiating us to take positive steps. Its power can help to open the door to exciting opportunities, while also creating focus and discipline. 

                It is perfect for anyone who is trying to move forward in life and recapture a sense of enthusiasm for life’s journey. Yellow scapolite also acts as a natural healer of physical ailments, linking the power of the sun to the genetic code within us all. With its bright light, this crystal has the ability to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world, providing us with a sense of purpose in life.

                Green Scapolite

                Green scapolite can be found in many different places across the world. In North America, it is sourced from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. In Canada, it can be found in Ontario and Quebec, and in the United States, it has been located in Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. 

                Mexico is another source for green scapolite, particularly in the state of Sonora. In other parts of the world, green scapolite is sourced from numerous locations. In Europe, it has been discovered in Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, it is found in Afghanistan, Australia, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. 

                Green scapolite can help to rid the user of self-doubt and negative emotions, and helps to bring forth a sense of joy and inner peace. Additionally, its energy can detoxify the body and protect its aura and chakras from imbalances.

                White Scapolite

                White scapolite is a beautiful stone of inspiration. It can bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit, and foster knowledge, understanding, and creativity. This stone is believed to protect its user from negativity and help tap into their spiritual side. It epitomizes clear thinking as well as a clear sight that comes from connecting to a higher self. 

                White scapolite helps its user to see the truth of their inner self by connecting them to the universal divine energy. It can provide the strength and clarity of purpose needed to manifest one’s higher destiny in life. Its white energy is both calming and invigorating, allowing its user to be grounded in the present moment.

                It can be used to form a connection with the higher angelic realms, allowing for further spiritual insights. For those searching for truth, understanding, and clarity of purpose, white scapolite can be a powerful guide.

                Lilac Scapolite

                Lilac scapolite is a gem that evokes a feeling of wonder and delight! It's a beautiful gemstone that comes in shades of purple and pink. It's incredibly eye-catching and great for your jewelry box! 

                This gemstone is said to symbolize the power of will and enlightenment. If you're looking for a sense of clarity, this is the stone for you. Its deep purple hue is associated with mystery and transformation. 

                Overall, lilac scapolite is a gorgeous crystal that helps bring out the best in you and the beauty of life. Its uplifting and soothing energy is just what you need to help inspire and motivate yourself!

                lilac scapolite

                Blue Scapolite

                Blue scapolite is an extremely rare gemstone. Not many people are familiar with it because of its rarity. It rarely shows up in jewelry stores and is only found in certain places in the world. It's known for its wide range of hues, from deep royal blue to light sky blue. 

                Even within the same deposit, the stones can have a range of subtle variations in color. The most sought-after blue scapolite’s are dark blue, with a hint of purple. The beauty of this gemstone is undeniable but its scarcity, as well as its difficulty to acquire, make it even more prized. Some people have even compared it to owning an exquisite piece of artwork. If you're lucky enough to find a piece of blue scapolite, you can be sure it will be treasured for many years to come.

                Rainbow Scapolite

                Rainbow scapolite jewelry is often seen in rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. It looks especially beautiful when the gems are used as a central stone surrounded by sparkling diamonds. It is also popularly used as part of multi-colored designs, as its unevenly distributed color adds texture and depth to the composition. 

                Due to its rarity, rainbow scapolite jewelry can make a thoughtful heirloom piece that can be passed down for generations. It can also be a great addition to modern outfits, giving you a unique look. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is both stylish and has a special meaning, then rainbow scapolite jewelry is for you.

                Gold Scapolite

                Gold scapolite is a beautiful gemstone with a striking look. It has a yellowish and golden hue, often with some grey variations. This gemstone is cut into various shapes such as round, oval, and cushion, and each will have its own unique characteristics. 

                Gold scapolite has a lovely shine and incredible depth due to its glassy luster and clarity. The transparency of the gemstone is typically medium to high, giving it attractive sparkle and luminosity. Depending on the cut, the stone can have a high level of fire and color play. 

                It is known for its golden color, ranging from light to dark. Depending on the type of scapolite, it may be combined with and display flashes of white, pink, and violet. This gemstone is perfect for anyone who appreciates a unique, incredibly beautiful gemstone.

                gold scapolite

                Mocha Scapolite

                Mocha scapolite is a stunning and unique gemstone that has a dark brown-red color, sometimes displaying lemon or silver highlights, and can often display a shimmering quality in the right light. Its name comes from its two color components: mocha for its reddish-brown tones, and scapolite for its silver-white highlights. 

                It's believed to have been discovered in Tanzania, Africa and is rarely found in cutting-grade form. The stone is full of inspiration and is said to bring out qualities such as ambition, courage, and heightened spirituality. It has inspired powerful change and transformation. It is said to bring harmony and balance to its wearer, allowing them to capture their true, inner selves. 

                It has been cut into a variety of shapes for jewelry making. Some of the most popular types of mocha scapolite jewelry are rings, pendants, and earrings. The stone has a glassy luster, making it the perfect canvas for hand-crafted settings of silver, rose gold, or other metals. The mesmerizing shine and unique color make mocha scapolite a must-have for crystal people everywhere.

                Scapolite Raw

                The scapolite mineral in its raw form is composed primarily of silicon, calcium, and aluminum, and is an abundant mineral in many parts of the world. It has been found in Japan, Canada, and the United States. Scapolite is sometimes referred to as the "poor man's diamond" as its light colored varieties can often resemble quartz. 

                It is a popular gemstone for jewelry-making due to its vibrant colors and unique look. Raw scapolite is known for its healing benefits and is often used in spiritual ceremonies. It is said to be calming and soothing to the mind and body. It is also believed to aid in releasing emotional blockages, letting go of the past, and opening the heart. Raw scapolite is an excellent crystal to aid in relaxation and meditation

                Cat’s Eye Scapolite

                Cat’s eye scapolite contains a luminescent shimmer that, when present, resembles the eyes of a cat. The color and iridescent effect occur when multiple hexagonal crystals group and grow together. It can be found in places such as Brazil, India, Maine, North Carolina and New Hampshire.

                Because of its rarity, cats eye scapolite can be expensive. It is believed to bring great luck and success to its wearer. It is also said to provide protection against misfortune and open up opportunities for progress. People also use cat’s eye scapolite to increase concentration, ambition, and passion. 

                Cat's eye scapolite’s meaning is as follows. Its energy can help to create strength in decision making and draw out inner strength and stability as well. With all these things taken into consideration, cats eye scapolite is an important stone to have in both meditation and jewelry.

                Scapolite Jewelry

                In this next section we’re going to be talking about all the different types of scapolite jewelry that is available. This includes scapolite rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

                Scapolite jewelry can be found in jewelry stores, both online and off. It can also be found at craft fairs, gem and mineral shows, and at some artisan jewelers. Scapolite is a relatively rare gemstone, and its availability may depend on where you live. 

                You can also find scapolite jewelry online on sites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. There, you can find handmade and unique pieces from all over the world. Most of the scapolite jewelry online is gold plated or silver plated with the stone being the focus. You can also find pieces with combinations of other gemstones.

                Scapolite Ring

                Scapolite rings are a unique and stunning way to add a touch of glamour to any look. These beautiful rings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them the perfect accent piece for any outfit. From delicate, minimalist pieces to bold, statement rings, there is a scapolite ring for everyone. 

                For classic and timeless design, try a classic solitaire scapolite ring. These feature a single brilliant cut stone, usually framed with gold or silver. They look great both alone or paired with other accessories. 

                For those looking for something a bit more eye-catching, there are rings featuring multiple stones. A cluster style ring is perfect for making a statement, while princess cut pieces are perfect for everyday wear. For those looking for something unique, a scapolite halo ring, with a large center stone framed by a halo of smaller stones, is perfect for making a statement. 

                scapolite ring

                Scapolite Necklace

                When you are in the market for a scapolite necklace, you should make sure to look for a few key features. First and foremost, the scapolite gemstones should be of high quality. The color and clarity of the stones should be vibrant and uniform. 

                Second, the necklace should be crafted of sturdy, quality materials. The clasp should be secure, and the chain should not show signs of damage or wear and tear. You should also look for a necklace that is comfortable to wear; one that is not too heavy and features attractive design elements. 

                Lastly, the price should be reasonable for the quality of the piece. Scapolite necklaces can be quite a bit pricier than most other gemstones, so be sure to look for value. With these factors in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect scapolite necklace for your needs.

                Scapolite Bracelet

                Scapolite bracelets are easy to find these days due to the convenience of online shopping. There are a range of different types of scapolite bracelets to choose from, all at varying price points. You can find classic scapolite bracelets, statement pieces, beaded bracelets, or even designer pieces depending on your budget. 

                You can also find scapolite bracelets in a range of styles, including delicate and intricate designs, to bold and eye-catching pieces. Scapolite bracelets are available at a variety of online stores as well as brick-and-mortar retailers, so you'll be sure to find the exact piece that you're looking for. 

                Plus, shopping online offers the additional benefit of being able to read customer reviews for each retailer before you make your purchase to ensure satisfaction. Generally speaking, finding a scapolite bracelet is easier than ever before.

                Yellow Scapolite Pendant

                These dazzling jewels feature an alluring golden yellow hue with a subtle yet entrancing hint of magic. Yellow scapolite is a gemstone of joy, energy, and creativity. Its eye-catching translucent golden-yellow hue reflects the light with a twinkling shine. 

                You’ll feel inspired and full of life when wearing your yellow scapolite pendant. Popular amongst creatives, this gemstone is said to be a muse for the arts. It is said to invigorate your creative side, improve intuition, motivation, and focus, and make you more receptive to inspiration. 

                Give the delight of a yellow scapolite pendant to someone special, and they can reap all the benefits of this gorgeous gemstone. Its soft hue is sure to impress with its beauty. Whether you are giving it as a meaningful gift or simply treating yourself, this pendant is sure to bring you joy. Enjoy the beauty of fine jewelry with a gorgeous yellow scapolite pendant.

                yellow scapolite pendant

                Scapolite Beads

                Scapolite beads have a unique energy and vibration that is often used to help ground and center those who wear them. They can help to bring clarity of thought and clarity of spirit. They can also be used to clear away the negative energies that surround us in our everyday lives. 

                When worn, scapolite beads are believed to amplify our own energy and promote the expression of our creative and spiritual energies. They have a calming energy that helps to relax and quiet the mind, allowing us to focus on the positive aspects of life. They are said to help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, and can even help to increase our sense of self-confidence. 

                Scapolite beads can also help restore feelings of balance, peace, and harmony. The energy vibrations that these beads produce are believed to bring good luck, protection, and spiritual guidance. Scapolite beads are an excellent tool to use in meditation as they aid in focusing the mind and connecting to the higher realms.

                scapolite beads

                Blue Scapolite Beads

                These beads symbolize freedom, inner strength, healing, manifestation, and motivation. Not only are they regarded for their physical beauty, but they are thought to possess metaphysical and spiritual powers. They are believed to open up spiritual pathways and aid in self-discovery and growth, while helping to connect to angelic realms and energies.

                Overall, blue scapolite beads are treasured for their unique beauty and the metaphysical and spiritual properties they possess. They are a reminder to cherish personal freedoms and make the most of every opportunity.

                Scapolite for Sale

                You can purchase scapolite from various online retailers. Local specialty jewelry shops and rock shops may have the gemstone as well. Lastly, if you are looking for a more economical scapolite option, some designers use synthetic scapolite.

                Many of the online retailers have these available for purchase. Whether you purchase natural or synthetic, with a bit of research and luck, you are sure to find beautiful scapolite to add to your jewelry collection.

                Scapolite Price

                Scapolite is a relatively unknown gemstone, which makes it cost a little more than other precious stones. Its price usually starts from a few hundred dollars and can be as high as a thousand depending on its color and quality. It is important to purchase only from a certified gemstone dealer to ensure that the price you pay is according to the quality you get. 

                Purple Scapolite for Sale

                Working with a reputable online dealer specializing in rare gemstones will ensure you are getting the highest quality stones available. Search for amazonite or Morgantown crystal sites with a large selection of crystals and gemstones, including purple scapolite. You can also check out gemstone retailers that specialize in rare and exotic gems like purple scapolite.

                Blue Scapolite for Sale

                It is relatively easy to find blue scapolite for sale. While the mineral itself is rare, many gemstone vendors offer this vibrant stone in the form of loose, cut gems or perhaps as part of beautiful jewelry designs.

                For those looking to purchase blue scapolite from a trusted source, the internet can be a great place to begin the search. Many gemstone wholesalers and retailers offer this desirable stone for sale, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

                blue scapolite for sale

                Yellow Scapolite Wholesale

                For those interested in finding yellow scapolite wholesale, there are various sources available online. Popular websites such as AliExpress, Etsy, and eBay offer direct purchases with reliable sellers. Many bead, gemstone, and jewelry suppliers often specialize in offering wholesale stones for embellishment projects. Additionally, many regional stores specializing in minerals and gems also offer bulk purchases of the stone at discounted prices.

                Furthermore, the buyer can use the wealth of information on the internet to seek out individual miners and vendors who may offer the desired bulk purchase at competitive prices.

                Scapolite on Etsy

                On Etsy, you can find stunning scapolite pieces ranging from small cabochons to impressive faceted stones. The shop owners offer a wonderful selection of raw, uncut scapolite too. For collectors, there are brilliant matched sets. You can also find exquisite jewelry pieces featuring this rare gemstone. They may contain scapolite beads or bezel-set cabochons in a variety of colors that include pink, yellow, purple, blue, white, and brown.

                Some of the unique scapolite pieces you can find are pendants with intricate designs, and bracelets with lovely scapolite beads. Whether you're after scapolite for jewelry making, crafting, or to add to your rock collection, Etsy is a great place to find it. There's something for everyone - so don't hesitate to have a look.


                In summary, scapolite is an excellent stone to add to any crystal collection. It offers beautiful colors and a vibration that is sure to calm and heal. Scapolite carries qualities of compassion and empathy, helping you to understand why someone else may be feeling or reacting a certain way.

                It is also said to assist in channeling spiritual wisdom, connecting you to a higher sense of consciousness and intuition. It also provides us with the awareness of our individual spiritual responsibilities and how our life choices ultimately affect those around us.

                In conclusion, scapolite is an exquisite stone with many gifts to offer, such as helping to bring clarity and understanding to any situation. It can help to open the spiritual channels while allowing us to create and explore our inner and outer worlds.

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