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Red Zircon: Complete Guide (2024)

red zircon stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about red zircon, including its meaning and types. Let's get started!


If you feel like people treat you rudely or as a second-class option, zircon crystal is known to boost your integrity, dignity, and self-respect. This stone may help you make sure that no one treats you less favorably than you are worth.

Similar to a druzy crystal, zircon is a tetragonal structure that can be found in a variety of hues and combinations of yellow, brown, green, black, gray, and red.

Today we will discuss one such gemstone called the 'red zircon'.

  • Red Zircon Meaning
    • What is Red Zircon?
    • Red Zircon Benefits
  • Red Zircon Metaphysical Properties
  • Red Zircon vs Ruby
  • Red Zircon Types
    • Natural Red Zircon
    • Red Zircon Raw
  • Red Zircon Jewelry
    • Red Zircon Ring
    • Red Zircon Necklace
    • Red Zircon Earrings
    • Red Zircon Pendant
  • Red Zircon for Sale
    • Red Zircon Price
      • Red Zircon Price per Carat
  • Conclusion

Red Zircon Meaning

The fiery energy of the red zircon is more in line with the sacral chakra than the root chakra, but it is not a conflagration; rather, it is steady and has a gentle warmth. It is known to improve alertness while also enabling you to maintain composure and objectivity.

It may improve your overall heart function and the body's physical energy levels while clearing the heart on an emotional and physical level, thus easing sadness.

When used to help clear out the stagnant liver, red zircon may be especially beneficial because it aligns with the pericardium meridian and supports the body's ability to move forward with new endeavors and ideas.

Due to its meridian association, it may also be used to treat chest pain, period pain, and stomach discomfort, in addition to calming the mind and promoting sleep.

Red zircon's resistance to physical and chemical deterioration serves as a metaphor for the tenacity of our essence or core. It serves as a reminder that, despite the difficulties we may face in life, we can always stay true to our core selves.

What is Red Zircon?

Red zircon is one of the oldest minerals on earth, with an Australian specimen dating back roughly 4 billion years. It's most likely that the Persian word 'zargun', which means gold-colored, is where the name zircon originates. 

When red zircons were used as a popular diamond substitute during the Victorian era, they were a common choice for jewelry. They can be discovered in family heirloom jewelry from the 1880s.

Together with turquoise and tanzanite, it acts as a birthstone for the month of December. According to Hindu mythology, the sacred kalpavriksha tree, which grants wishes, has leaves made of zircon.

Red zircon is a transparent to semi-transparent silicate. A tetragonal, bulky, four-sided prism with a pyramid end characterizes its crystal structure. It has a tiny amount of fluorescence and can contain uranium.

According to reports, the radioactivity's low level poses no health risks. Red zircon is a mineral that can be found in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, as alluvial grains and small crystals.

Red zircon is a gem prized for its high refractive index, which gives it intense brilliance and comes in a variety of colors. The optical property of birefringence, or double refraction, is peculiar to the red zircon. Light splits in two directions as it travels through red zircon. This results in a fire that has a high refractive index, a brilliant sheen, and flashes of multicolored light. It has a vitreous sheen.

Uranium and thorium can be found in red zircon stones in trace amounts. These substances cause the internal crystal structures to disintegrate. Based on its optical characteristics, red zircon is divided into high, medium, and low categories.

Gemstone jewelry is made from high red zircons, which have distinct crystal structures and radiation damage that is minimal to nonexistent. Radiation damage has affected medium zircons in some ways.

Low zircons have severe crystal damage and, in some cases, are amorphous, which indicates that the crystal structure is all but nonexistent. Collectors are drawn to the rare low zircon that is produced as a result. The fire is still present even though the crystalline structure has disappeared.

Red Zircon Benefits

pink gemstones

Red zircon can help you get past the overwhelming emotions associated with losing a loved one, friend, or pet. With its help, you may be able to let go of emotional pain, sadness, and fear.

This stone may help you let go of emotions or things that you have been holding onto just in case, such as possessions from a family member's life that you think they would not want you to get rid of or outdated beliefs that you have been holding onto out of respect for their memory. Lucid dreaming is also encouraged by the red zircon.

Red zircon may lessen your fear of becoming a physical being who is open to the spirit or help you feel at peace with the fact that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. You may feel more secure and in harmony with both the material and spiritual worlds as a result of how it helps to balance these polarities. 

Red zircon banishes depression, anxiety, and grief. This stone is regarded as a stone of virtue and was previously used as a test for celibacy, which teaches you to be consistent. It encourages letting go of previous loves and being open to new ones while overcoming possessiveness and jealousy.

Red zircon may help you realize how fleeting everything is. It motivates you to reconsider your priorities in life from this perspective and to let go of your attachment to material possessions.

Red zircon improves mental clarity and helps you set your priorities straight. It teaches you about the brotherhood of humanity, helps you overcome racism and prejudice, and removes any traces of victimization, prejudice, homophobia, and misogyny from this life or any other.

All of the chakras are stimulated by red zircon, which also grounds high-frequency energy through the base chakra and sends it through the crown chakra. It helps to overcome sluggish or depressed energies by promoting the flow of chi through the meridian system. 

It stimulates your psychic abilities and helps you translate intuitive impulses into conscious understanding more precisely. For those of you who leave the physical body to explore other spheres of consciousness, the red zircon offers shielding energy.

Red zircon enables you to transcend materialism and encounter spiritual reality. You are urged by the red zircon to confront and comprehend the purpose of your life. This stone may ward off bad spirits and shield you from enchantments.

Red zircon helps you maintain your connection to the earth plane while helping you in becoming a vehicle for the spirit. It helps you accurately interpret psychic and intuitive information by greatly amplifying it. 

This stone encourages unwavering love for oneself and others; it also harmonizes your spiritual nature with the earth and aligns the subtle and physical bodies. Red zircon emphasizes the oneness from which all souls originated and helps you recognize that you are a spiritual being traveling on a human journey.

Red Zircon Metaphysical Properties

Each chakra has an association with the red zircon. Crystal healers use it to treat both physical and mental illnesses. The benefits include lowering fevers, easing pain, easing stomach cramps, easing asthma, lung issues, and menstrual pain. 

Red zircon is thought to stimulate the liver, which is advantageous for those going through nicotine, alcohol, or another substance detox. If the adrenal glands are overworked or under stress at work, it is said to balance them. As it encourages restful sleep, it is prized in the metaphysical realm as a remedy for both nightmares and insomnia.

Red zircon increases passion for life and work while also helping  cope with loss and grief. Red zircon is used to support psychic intuition development and meditation. It is said to have a protective aura and clear out bad energy.

This stone is also said to have the ability to draw wisdom, success, honor, and wealth. Red zircon is also credited with promoting organization.

Red Zircon vs Ruby

ruby stone

Although both rubies and red zircons are stunning red gemstones, rubies are more expensive than red zircons. Red zircons are less durable than ruby stones.

Spectrum can tell you whether a gemstone is a red zircon or a ruby. Simply move your gemstone while holding it up to a source of intense light to produce a rainbow around it. If there are green and yellow bands in the spectrum or rainbow, your gemstone is not a ruby.

The yellow and green colors of the rainbow are known to be absorbed by rubies. Red zircons, on the other hand, reflect thin bands of the colors yellow and green.

Both red zircon and ruby appear red, but if you place both stones apart, the red zircon's color will become paler in comparison to the ruby's fiery red hue.

The presence of other colors within the stone is another way to tell a ruby from a red zircon. Red zircons most likely have a slight orange tint while rubies do not.

Red Zircon Types

There are two types of red zircon gems available; namely, natural and raw. 

Natural Red Zircon

The only human intervention in the formation of natural red zircon gemstones is the mining, cutting, and polishing processes.

When a stone is described as natural, it has not been enhanced, altered, or treated in any way. A stone may be faceted and still be regarded as natural.

Red Zircon Raw

A raw red zircon has not undergone traditional cutting and facets to become a traditional gem for jewelry. An uncut gemstone will typically have uneven edges and surfaces.

The polish on the surface of a raw gemstone can also be used to identify it. The surface will almost certainly not be completely slick and smooth.

Red Zircon Jewelry

Red zircon is used to make jewelry like rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and brooches. 

Red Zircon Ring

red zircon ring

There are many different styles of red zircon rings. They come in a range of materials, designs, shapes, and patterns. It may or may not also contain other stones in addition to the red zircon gemstone.

Your casual clothing will look great with the red zircon stone's attractive red tint. Any occasion, such as business meetings, social gatherings, and days out with friends, is a great fit for a red jade ring. Large rings are elegant and understated designs that can add flair to any casual outfit.

Red Zircon Necklace

Red zircon necklaces are a lovely and cost-effective substitute for necklaces made of more expensive red gemstones. They exude wealth without draining your bank account. Wear a red zircon necklace to draw the right attention.

Red Zircon Earrings

Earrings made of red zircon are simple to wear and look great. The two most popular types of red zircon earrings are stud earrings and drop earrings. Thanks to the glossy stone embellishment set in the metal of your choice, you will simply shine.

Red Zircon Pendant

The red zircon pendant is the ideal piece of jewelry for any occasion, whether you are wearing it to a red carpet event or just casually. The person's willpower might be strengthened by these crystals. You might present yourself much more confidently and stylishly after wearing this stone.

Red Zircon for Sale

Red zircon is sold either as a single piece or in bulk. Its price fluctuates based on the carat and rarity of the stone. 

Red Zircon Price

The average price of bulk red zircon is $105 USD. 

Red Zircon Price per Carat

The starting price of red zircon is around $20 USD per carat. 


Red zircon stones need to be cleaned frequently. A mild detergent and warm water work well on these stones. Use a gentle brush to scrub them, ideally one with soft bristles like a baby brush. Do not scrub too vigorously. To avoid scratching the stone.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently dry the stone after rinsing it. Always wash a bowl of water with your gem-studded jewelry. A piece of jewelry's stones can occasionally come loose from its settings. Such gems run the risk of being lost when they are rinsed in a sink or washbasin.

When you take off your gemstone jewelry after wearing it, be sure to wipe off any remaining makeup. The best material to clean such jewelry with is soft, pure cotton cloth.

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