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Raspberry Garnet: Complete Guide (2024)

raspberry garnet stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about raspberry garnet, including its meaning and more. Let's get started!


Known as the ‘stone of new beginnings,’ raspberry garnet is a crystal you need to have while starting something new. Whether it be a relationship or a new work project, raspberry garnet helps ensure things will go smoothly.

It is a lesser-known type of garnet that ought to be more popular. So continue reading to learn more about this mesmerizing crystal.

  • Raspberry Garnet Meaning
  • Raspberry Garnet Ring
    • Raspberry Garnet Engagement Rings
  • Raspberry Garnet Price
  • Conclusion

Raspberry Garnet Meaning

Raspberry garnet is a mineral from the silicate group family. It is a grossular mineral species, but often, calcium and aluminum get replaced by iron. It possesses a pale to dark pink color that resembles raspberry, which is how the mineral got its name. 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, the raspberry garnet crystal is between 6.5 and 7. It is a durable crystal and is often made into pieces of jewelry. The raspberry garnet is said to align with the heart chakra and aids in unblocking it. 

Raspberry garnet is not as grounding as other garnets, but it specializes in uplifting your mood when you feel gloomy. Crystal healers and users claim that raspberry garnet has helped them combat their depressive episodes. It provides you with comfort and a sense of security while facing challenges in life. 

Raspberry garnet repels negative energies and is said to calm you down in stressful situations and aid you during anxiety. 

Keeping the stone on you may help you understand life better and see things with a positive perspective. Raspberry garnet resonates with the heart chakra and opens you to new love and understanding your partner better. 

It makes you understand situations and people clearly, and also understand their point of view. It helps you to treasure special moments and pushes you to enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Raspberry Garnet Ring

raspberry garnet ring

Raspberry garnet is often made into beautiful rings. It exudes femininity and gives a delicate look to the wearer. Dark to pale pink, these rings are often worn by females. The raspberry garnet rings are made with both gold and silver settings, and each looks as beautiful as the other. 

Raspberry Garnet Engagement Rings

Due to the femininity of the raspberry garnet crystal, they make lovely engagement rings. The raspberry garnet opens and enhances the love connection between two souls and thus makes a perfect gift. 

Raspberry Garnet Price

The cost of a raspberry garnet stone depends on its purity and quality. A raw raspberry garnet with inclusions costs $9.99 to $12.99 USD. Whereas, a pure pink raspberry garnet ring costs more than $31.99.


Raspberry garnet has many alluring properties that aid your growth, both physical and emotional. It brings love into your life and encourages you to move forward. It is also said to aid your physical being by helping boost your immune system and reproductive system.

Keeping a raspberry garnet with you might help you prosper emotionally and bring peace to your mind. It may keep you focused and help you progress through life. Raspberry garnet also makes beautiful jewelry and you can gift it to your partner to make your relationship more special.

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