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Sapphirine: Complete Guide (2024)

Sapphirine: Complete Guide (2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about sapphirine, including its meaning, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


For centuries, the attributes of wisdom, virtue, fortune, and holiness have been linked to the color blue. People have been adorning themselves with glistening blue stones for many centuries, and the fashion is still prevalent today.

Blue gemstones are frequently sought-after in jewelry. However, as more exceptional specimens continue to be found around the globe, the value and caliber of blue gemstones have dramatically increased in recent years.

Today we will unveil one such rare gemstone called 'sapphirine'. 

  • Sapphirine Meaning
    • Columbia Sapphirine
  • Sapphirine vs Sapphire
  • Sapphirine Color
  • Sapphirine Jewelry
  • Sapphirine Uses
  • Sapphirine Price
  • Conclusion

Sapphirine Meaning

Although sapphirine crystal can also occur in other colors and exhibit pleochroism, it is named for its typical sapphire-blue hue. Sapphirine has a monoclinic crystal structure and a hardness of 7.5 Mohs. When it comes to wearing jewelry every day, the crystal is sturdy enough, especially if you like the traditional blue appearance.

Deep calm, stillness, and serenity are all qualities that sapphirine has to offer, along with a feeling of security. It is a crystal that gently cleanses and has been linked to a sleeping dragon because it has dormant energy that can be called upon when necessary. Serenity, mental clarity, and focus are all enhanced by it.

The sapphirine crystal helps in re-establishing a spiritual connection and enabling you to see the beauty in everything. It helps to release negative patterns and replace them with more constructive qualities and objectives. In terms of emotions, sapphirine crystal is said to lessen any frustration, sadness, and grief. All emotions are balanced, making it simpler to express yourself.

The physical body, specifically the spine, is believed to be aligned by sapphirine. It is thought to enhance vision and ease the strain on the eyes and eye muscles. It is also thought to help remove impurities and balance glandular processes. It is said to support heart, blood disorders, and vein health.

Sapphirine is mined from the regions of Madagascar's Sakena, Vorokafotra, Bekily, Anjamiary, and Betroka, South Africa's Blinkwater near Messina in the Transvaal, Kollonne Village in Sri Lanka, and Tanzania's Mautia Hill.

Columbia Sapphirine

In Columbia, sapphirine is available in Mercaderes-Río Mayo Area, Cauca.

Sapphirine vs Sapphire

Although sapphirine is unrelated to sapphire, the name came from the gemstone's blue sapphire-like color. Despite having a blue hue, sapphirine also comes in green, a rare shade of purplish pink, and pale blue-white sapphire comes only in shades of blue. Sapphirine gemstones are typically very small and rare. While sapphire is pretty common and comes in a variety of sizes. 

In contrast to sapphire, which is a clear, deep blue variety of corundum and is prized as a precious stone, sapphirine is a rare silicate of magnesium and aluminum (with iron as a major impurity).

Sapphirine Color

The most common colors in sapphirine are light to dark sapphire blue, bluish to brownish green, green, and black. Less common hues include yellow, pale red, and pink to purplish pink.

Sapphirine Jewelry

Sapphirine is used to make a variety of jewelry like rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Sapphirine Uses

Cultural traditions date back to a time when people believed that sapphirine crystals could treat human ailments. Beyond their common use as ornaments and decorations for beautification, crystal therapy involves using them to treat persistent illnesses. Crystal healing is a technique that makes use of the healing powers of sapphirine. According to legend, some crystals are connected to important planets and draw their energies into the wearer's body.

The traits associated with our personalities that are enhanced by wearing sapphirine are known as their metaphysical properties. As a result of all these metaphysical qualities and sapphirine astrology, celebrities and athletes have begun to view sapphirine gems as lucky stones. Gemstones are frequently used to increase happiness, lower stress levels, improve focus, and find inner peace.

Sapphirine Price

The starting price of sapphirine is $40 USD. 


As necessary, hold, position, or carry sapphirine for optimal use. Wear a pendant made of sapphirine jewelry near your throat to express yourself and let out frustration. Or, for a variety of additional balancing advantages, wear sapphirine in rings or earrings.

If you like the traditional blue color of sapphirines, they would make good stones for everyday jewelry wear. Despite being small, the majority of gem-quality stones are typically eye-clean. These gemstones do not need any specialized cleaning or care.

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