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Cinnabar: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about cinnabar, including its meaning, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Get ready to uncover the ultimate stone of mystery and allure as we discuss cinnabar, also known as “dragon’s blood”. You might have heard the terrifying history of cinnabar being used in ancient Chinese medicine, or you might have been mesmerized by the thrilling scarlet-red color of the stone.

But, whatever your reasons for choosing to read this article, be sure to keep reading. You’ll find that the cinnabar crystal is a lot more than what meets the eye. It is spiritually enriching, multi-faceted, and one-of-a-kind, and it has a plethora of benefits including improved communication, spiritual healing, and wealth manifestation.

We’ve got some fun cinnabar facts for you in this article, we’ll answer your many questions about the stone, and we’ll explain exactly how to use it to help create your ideal physical and spiritual world. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Cinnabar Meaning
    • What is Cinnabar
      • What is Cinnabar Made of
      • What Color is Cinnabar
      • Is Cinnabar Toxic
      • Is it Dangerous to Wear Cinnabar Jewelry
      • Is Cinnabar Poisonous
      • How Much is Cinnabar Worth
      • What is Cinnabar Used for
      • What is Cinnabar Jewelry
      • How to Identify Cinnabar
    • Where is Cinnabar Found
      • Cinnabar in California
      • Chinese Cinnabar
        • Chinese Cinnabar Meaning
        • Antique Chinese Cinnabar
      • Cinnabar Mine in Arizona
      • Japanese Cinnabar
      • Cinnabar in Nevada
    • Cinnabar Health Benefits
    • Cinnabar Healing
  • Properties of Cinnabar
    • Cinnabar Metaphysical Properties
    • Cinnabar Healing Properties
  • Cinnabarite vs Cinnabar
  • Cinnabar vs Vermillion
  • Cinnabar vs Gold
  • Cinnabar Types
    • Tumbled Cinnabar
    • Raw Cinnabar
    • Polished Cinnabar
  • Cinnabar Color
    • Red Cinnabar
      • What is Red Cinnabar?
    • Black Cinnabar
    • White Cinnabar
    • Cinnabar Brown
    • Green Cinnabar
  • Cinnabar Jewelry
    • Cinnabar Bracelet
      • Cinnabar Bangle
      • Vintage Cinnabar Bracelet
      • Red Cinnabar Bracelet
    • Cinnabar Pendant
    • Cinnabar Ring
    • Cinnabar Necklace
      • Cinnabar Necklace Vintage
    • Cinnabar Earrings
  • Cinnabar Uses
    • Cinnabar Beads
      • Cinnabar Beads Meaning
      • Carved Cinnabar Beads
      • Red Cinnabar Beads
    • Cinnabar Vase
      • White Cinnabar Vase
    • Cinnabar Box
      • Cinnabar Box Antique
    • Cinnabar Powder
    • Cinnabar Tray
    • Cinnabar Plate
    • Cinnabar Lamp
  • How to Handle Cinnabar
    • How to Clean Cinnabar
    • How to Use Cinnabar Crystal
    • How to Clean Old Chinese Cinnabar
  • Cinnabar for Sale
    • Cinnabar Price
      • Cinnabar Price per Gram
    • Cinnabar Powder for Sale
    • Cinnabar Ore for Sale
    • How to Tell If Cinnabar is Real
      • Does Real Cinnabar Fade
    • Cinnabar Vases on eBay
  • Conclusion

Cinnabar Meaning

The name “cinnabar” stems from the Arabic term “zinjafr”, as well as the Persian term “zinjirfrah”, which both mean “dragon’s blood”. This etymological backstory is appropriate given the blood-red color of cinnabar, as well as the slightly fiery, dragon-like feeling of danger it exudes.

Cinnabar’s name also has its origins in Ancient Greece, where its original name was “kinnabari”. The origin of cinnabar goes back to its earliest use as a paint pigment in Çatalhöyük, Turkey around 7000 BC. While this is where cinnabar history began, it is certainly not where it ended.

Cinnabar symbolism, its distinct red color, and its fascinating relationship with traditional medicine and royalty have made it one of the most exciting and elusive minerals on the planet.

cinnabar stone

What is Cinnabar

When you first hear the term “cinnabar”, you might instantly think of cinnamon – or even the mouth-watering, palate-pleasing Cinnabon restaurant. However, this verbal association couldn’t be more misleading.

The cinnabar definition describes the mineral as a bright scarlet type of mercury sulfide. In fact, cinnabar is the most abundant source of natural mercury. So, don’t even think about eating this beautiful stone! Cinnabar has a trigonal crystal system, prismatic cleavage, and an adamantine to dull luster. It also falls on the softer side of the Mohs scale at a 2.0 to 2.5, and it has a magnificent scarlet streak.

What is Cinnabar Made of

While cinnabar is made of pure magic and bright red brilliance, the answer to this question does get a little more scientific than that. Cinnabar forms in rock veins around volcanic activity and hot springs. Because the stone is a mercury sulfide mineral, it contains large amounts of both sulphur and mercury. 

What Color is Cinnabar

The cinnabar pigment has long been defined by its striking redness. However, the cinnabar color chart consists of various red hues, from ruby to brick red. Often, cinnabar can even include rich orange hues. In ancient times, its attractive colors made it a favorite resource in pigment production until its toxicity was discovered. 

mercury sulfide

By Mineralexpert.Org

Is Cinnabar Toxic

Is cinnabar dangerous? Well, cinnabar contains mercury, which is a toxic element that can cause poisoning of the body and brain. There are actually three kinds of mercury including elemental mercury, organic mercury, and inorganic mercury.

Organic mercury is incredibly toxic, but cinnabar only contains elemental and inorganic mercury. So, while the mercury content in cinnabar does make it toxic, it is relatively low on the toxicity scale. Plus, cinnabar only releases mercury vapor if it is heated to 835 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, while using cinnabar in pigment production will harm workers, it is completely safe to wear as a gemstone.

red heart pendant

Is it Dangerous to Wear Cinnabar Jewelry

With the above in mind, you’re probably still wondering if it is a little risky to wear cinnabar given its history of toxicity. However, you don’t need to worry! Cinnabar can only cause harm when ingested or inhaled (in the form of mercury vapor).

Even then, the damage would only be done after copious amounts of exposure to cinnabar’s mercury content. So, by wearing cinnabar as jewelry or using the stone for decorative purposes, you are bringing absolutely no harm to yourself whatsoever. 

Is Cinnabar Poisonous

The mercury from cinnabar can be poisonous if ingested or inhaled for long periods of time. Cinnabar requires continuous, long-term consumption to have negative effects on the body.

However, renal dysfunction (or kidney failure) can result from prolonged consumption of cinnabar. Once more, it takes a lot of cinnabar to cause damage, so don’t worry about wearing jewelry made from the stone. It won’t bite!

How Much is Cinnabar Worth

Cinnabar rarity definitely impacts the stone’s price. Crystal cinnabars are sold for hundreds of dollars, and for unique cinnabar jewelry and décor items, a buyer can expect to pay thousands of dollars. As luck would have it, you can also purchase good quality cinnabar for under ten dollars!

What is Cinnabar Used for

When it comes to cinnabar, the stone’s most dangerous trait is also its most useful trait. Because cinnabar rock has such a high mercury content, it has often been used to provide mercury to thermometers, emergency sprinklers, and light bulbs.

Of course, cinnabar has also been used for jewelry and pigment production. Controversially, cinnabar is still used in traditional Chinese medicine.

What is Cinnabar Jewelry

Cinnabar jewelry is a deep red to orange selection of (usually handmade) accessories. It is safe to wear, and it can come in various shapes and sizes. Carved cinnabar bracelets are especially popular!

red beads

How to Identify Cinnabar

The easiest way to identify cinnabar is by noticing its unique color. Few other stones have cinnabar’s bright brick red color. Cinnabar also has a quartz-like shape with distinct edges. If you’re browsing for cinnabar jewelry, there are some other major giveaways.

For example, the jewelry might have black “freckles”, and you will notice upon closer inspection that your cinnabar jewel has slight layers in its carving.

Where is Cinnabar Found

Cinnabar has been mined most notably in Almadén, Spain, for over two thousand years. In the United States, you can find cinnabar in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Mexico, Japan, Slovenia, Italy, Peru, and Serbia are home to at least one big cinnabar mine each. Then, of course, China has a rich, ongoing history of mining and using this captivating stone.

Cinnabar in California

Upper California is one of the main sources of cinnabar in the whole United States. The Californian deposits were first found in the Capitancillo Hills by Secundino Robles in 1824. To this day, California continues to provide Americans with cinnabar.

Chinese Cinnabar

The Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan provinces are where China’s main cinnabar deposits are found. The cinnabar mineral can easily be confused with Chinese cinnabar carved lacquer, which is frequently referred to as “cinnabar”.

This name comes from the use of cinnabar as a pigment in carved lacquer. However, while carved lacquer might make use of cinnabar, it is not entirely constructed from cinnabar.

Chinese Cinnabar Meaning

Chinese infrastracture

The Chinese have honored the color red throughout history. The Chinese flag is mostly red, and the color symbolizes the Communist revolution and the unity of Chinese people. In China, red is also associated with life, death, and happiness. So, cinnabar is a visceral symbol of these themes.

Antique Chinese Cinnabar

Antique Chinese cinnabar carvings are still sold today. The popularity of carved lacquer containing cinnabar has left the nation with a surplus of these products. These antiques are deeply symbolic of the victories, successes, and bloodshed that China’s history is made up of.

Cinnabar Mine in Arizona

You’ve probably never heard of cinnabar mining in Arizona, and that is because it slips under the radar. While Arizona is not home to the most famous sources of cinnabar in the world, its cinnabar abundance is not to be undermined.

Cochise County, Gila County, and La Paz County have the most notable deposits of cinnabar in Arizona, but Maricopa County and Mohave County also have their fair share of the stone.

Japanese Cinnabar

Cinnabar mining in Japan started back in the Initial and Early Jomon times. Because red was commonly used for tomb burials and fashion, cinnabar slowly became an incredibly popular pigment. In fact, the Japanese village of Niu translates to “cinnabar producing”, a name given by cinnabar miners who dedicated their lives to retrieving the mineral. 

Cinnabar in Nevada

The Florida Canyon Gold Mine might be one of Nevada's main sources of gold, but it also produces small amounts of cinnabar. So, if you live in Nevada, and you prefer to make local purchases, you might be pleased to know that cinnabar is just around the corner. 

red tree fruit

Cinnabar Health Benefits

Before we get into the health benefits of cinnabar, we’d like to be clear that cinnabar will not provide physical health benefits when ingested or inhaled. The benefits of cinnabar are energetic and spiritual.

The misconception that consuming cinnabar leads to improvement in health actually killed many ancient Chinese emperors who ate cinnabar to lengthen their life spans. With this disclaimer in mind, cinnabar energy can be incredibly transformative and beneficial.

Cinnabar Healing

Cinnabar is a spiritual healing stone. It aids us in regaining or gaining access to our psychic abilities and becoming more in touch with our spirituality. It heals the mind of immobilizing fear, connects us to angelic realms while simultaneously grounding us, and encourages us to remain on our Divine path.

pathway to forest

Properties of Cinnabar

The metaphysical properties of cinnabar are just as exciting as the stone’s history and cultural significance. In this section, we’ll uncover the mysteries of the ever-enigmatic cinnabar and discover the many ways in which it can benefit you.

Cinnabar Metaphysical Properties

Cinnabar offers protection, confidence, and longevity to its users. It transforms negativity into positive energy, and it elevates your psychic ability and overall spiritual being. This stone can even assist in astral projection, clairvoyance, and strengthening your energetic shield.

Cinnabar fights residual fear, guilt, and anger that is trapped in the body and spirit. In this way, it allows you to free yourself from the heaviness of past experiences and traumas – turning you into a lighter, more positive version of yourself. 

Cinnabar Healing Properties

Spiritual healing is cinnabar’s top priority. If you’ve grown distant from your ability to see magic in the world, and life is starting to feel a bit dull, cinnabar will improve your psychic and spiritual forces – opening you up to endless opportunities and joy.

Not to mention, cinnabar can help you find inner peace and guide you toward a more positive mindset. Say goodbye to petty jealousies, hatred, and self-pity!

Cinnabarite vs Cinnabar

We’ve heard all the questions when it comes to cinnabarite versus cinnabar. Is cinnabar a kind of cinnabarite? Is cinnabarite a more dangerous form of cinnabar? And, of course, what is cinnabarite? Well, the answer to this question might not be as exciting as you think.

Cinnabarite is simply a different name for cinnabar. Cinnabar is the more scientifically acceptable term, but you’re welcome to refer to it as “cinnabarite” or even “dragon’s blood”. 

dragon statue

Cinnabar vs Vermillion

Vermillion is a product made from cinnabar. Up until the nineteenth century, vermillion was an incredibly popular red pigment that could only be created by using cinnabar.

Unfortunately, the production of vermillion released mercury, exposing laborers to its toxicity and putting them at risk, so vermillion was discontinued. However, the color that vermillion was prized for is still accessible today in the form of cinnabar.

Cinnabar vs Gold

The cinnabar mineral and the gold element are seemingly polar opposites at face value. Their respective chemical compositions, crystal systems, and even colors are completely different. However, both cinnabar and gold have been used throughout history as symbols of wealth.

They can likewise be used to attract and manifest wealth. So, if you are interested in the affluence that wearing gold attracts, but you need a less expensive option, buying cinnabar is not a bad idea.

Cinnabar Types

Cinnabar can come in a number of different physical forms, from shiny crystals to more opaque rocks, and from scarlet to orange in color. However, cinnabar becomes even more diverse when handled by humans.

Processes like tumbling and polishing create a variety of unique cinnabar items – giving you endless options to pick from, no matter what your needs may be.

Tumbled Cinnabar

Tumbled cinnabar is the shinier, smoother counterpart of raw cinnabar. It is a manifestation stone, and it can be used for manifesting just about anything.

However, you will have a lot of luck attracting money and positive energy into your life by using cinnabar in your spiritual practice. Tumbled cinnabar brings nothing but optimism and abundance into its users’ lives, and everyone can afford to benefit from its powers.

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Raw Cinnabar

Raw cinnabar has an exciting edge to it. While it might not be as perfectly sculpted as tumbled cinnabar, it has a magnetic allure that few other stones can boast.

Because cinnabar often forms in other rocks, this can create a rather beautiful blood-splatter effect of small cinnabar “drops”. Raw cinnabar is especially helpful in meditation and in unlocking your sexual energy.

So, if you need an extra boost of confidence in the bedroom, don’t overlook the powers of raw cinnabar. Because protection takes first priority (both in and out of the bedroom), make sure you wash your hands after handling raw cinnabar – just to be extra safe! 

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Polished Cinnabar

When cinnabar is polished, it gains a little extra oomph. It’s like having your best outfit ironed or giving your bedroom walls a fresh coat of paint. It just looks incredible and makes you feel energetic and flawless. Polished cinnabar is frequently used in jewelry making, and we can’t say we’re surprised.

Cinnabar Color

Cinnabar is so famous for its beautiful scarlet red color that it was used for centuries in dying fabrics and making paints. But, did you know that cinnabar can actually range in color? It’s complicated, but it does happen, and you very well might be able to get your hands on a cinnabar in your favorite color.

Red Cinnabar

Classic, original, and legendary, red cinnabar is the most coveted and highly regarded cinnabar color. Red is so deeply associated with cinnabar that the term “cinnabar” is also a color in itself that refers to the scarlet, slightly orange shade that the mineral has to offer. 

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What is Red Cinnabar?

Physically, red cinnabar is a scarlet mercury sulfide. However, on a metaphysical level, red cinnabar is a source of positivity, life force, and spiritual healing. It helps us find love, manifest the things we want most in life, and it can even cleanse and replenish our base and sacral chakras. 

Black Cinnabar

Black cinnabar is the result of a bewildering natural phenomenon wherein red cinnabar darkens to black upon exposure to sunlight. Usually, this process takes at least a few months, if not years.

The black cinnabar stone can serve to keep you focused on your spiritual practice and encourage you to repent for your wrongdoings. It is also an incredibly rare stone, so you’d be very lucky to call yourself the owner of one.

White Cinnabar

White cinnabar doesn’t occur naturally, but occasionally, cinnabar is bleached to produce a colorless version of the stone. As far as we’re concerned, the natural color that cinnabar has to offer is far too stunning to bleach. However, if you prefer stones that have a more minimalist look, there are some gorgeous white cinnabar antiques on the market. 

Cinnabar Brown

Brown cinnabar is almost as common as red cinnabar, and although it lacks the vibrant red color of its sister stone, brown cinnabar is immensely grounding and spiritually nourishing. If you’re an especially fearful or somber person, brown cinnabar can help lift your spirits while bringing you down to Earth. Meditation just got a bit more rejuvenating!

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Green Cinnabar

Green cinnabar is, surprisingly, not cinnabar at all. It is the term for green copper tartrate, which is a pigment that was used in the eighteenth century. The cinnabar stone cannot naturally form in green shades, and it has yet to be dyed green through synthetic processes. Then again, who needs an unnaturally green cinnabar when the stone’s often striking, red color is to die for?

Cinnabar Jewelry

Now that we’ve made it clear that cinnabar is totally safe to wear as jewelry, it’s time to introduce you to all the wonderful accessory options that cinnabar has to offer. In this section, we’ll fill you in on all the cinnabar jewels on the market to help get you one step closer to living out your cinnabar dreams.

Cinnabar Bracelet

While Chinese carved cinnabar bracelets are extremely popular (and exquisite), these chunky, detailed bracelets are actually made mainly with lacquer resin. However, cinnabar is usually used as a pigment in these vintage accessories, so you’ll still be getting a little cinnabar goodness in your lacquer bracelet – not to mention, an expansive and fascinating history!

Cinnabar Bangle

The “cinnabar bangle” typically refers to the aforementioned lacquer resin bracelets. However, if gemstones are more up your street, you can certainly find some stunning cinnabar gemstone bangles.

These are incredibly rare, however, and they might come in the form of cinnabar enhanced quartz rather than pure cinnabar. Cinnabar quartz is soft and delicately beautiful, not to mention spiritually enriching, so we don’t think you’ll mind.

Vintage Cinnabar Bracelet

Usually, lacquer cinnabar bracelets will emerge exclusively from China. They often have carvings of symbolic figures like Shou, who represent longevity. Peaches and pine trees are also common details used in cinnabar lacquer carvings, and their meanings are generally representative of long life and happiness.

Meanwhile, if your bracelet showcases a dragon carving, you can expect to feel more powerful. Dragon carvings have long been used by the Chinese to represent the power of emperors. Because China has such a lasting relationship with cinnabar lacquer, some bracelets on the market might date back to the thirteenth century! Now, that’s taking vintage to a whole new level.

Red Cinnabar Bracelet

While most cinnabar lacquer bracelets are red, the color is deeply symbolic of Chinese tradition. A red cinnabar bracelet exists to remind you of family and the cyclical nature of life. Every person’s life is a link in a family chain, and a red cinnabar bracelet will act as a constant reminder to prioritize family values and continue your family line.

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Cinnabar Pendant

One of the rarest cinnabar jewels around is the cinnabar pendant. These subtle, understated gems will make you feel special, and they’ll guide you in your quest to find love. Those with Leo zodiac placements will resonate particularly deeply with the cinnabar pendant, and they’ll find that their inner fire is constantly being fuelled when they wear it.

Cinnabar Ring

A cinnabar gemstone ring is a simple and fashionable way to invite light into your life on a daily basis. Your sense of self and persuasive powers will reach a whole new level with a cinnabar ring on your finger. Plus, your sacral and base chakras will get VIP spiritual treatment as far as cinnabar is concerned.

Cinnabar Necklace

Cinnabar necklaces are especially powerful in attracting wealth, as well as the gaze of those around you. Usually, the gems in these necklaces look like speckled eggs, with bits and pieces of cinnabar inside of another stone. The appearance of a cinnabar necklace is, as a result, relatively understated.

However, its powers are anything but. While wearing one of these gorgeous accessories, you’ll hear the compliments come pouring in. You’ll feel more confident and assertive, too, and you will likely find that your romantic world heats up pretty quickly. 

Cinnabar Necklace Vintage

Most vintage cinnabar necklaces are Chinese lacquer products, which have a very different symbolic nature than cinnabar gem necklaces. Often, they’ll have a “guri” or magic cloud carved into their surfaces. These carved, detailed cinnabar lacquer accessories are all about bringing you in tune with your life’s purpose and encouraging longevity. 

Cinnabar Earrings

If you’re craving spiritual enlightenment and mental focus, cinnabar earrings should be your first choice when shopping for cinnabar products. These luscious gems will gift you with a unique spiritual awareness, raising your psychic ability and clearing your mind. Your thoughts will become more direct, passionate, and elevated when you slip these face-framers on in the morning.

Cinnabar Uses

Cinnabar hasn’t been used exclusively for gemstones and jewelry-making. It has been the object of many a craftsman’s desires for centuries. In this section, we’ll discuss the various enticing and useful forms of cinnabar that have offered radiance and assistance (whether spiritual or practical) throughout history.

Cinnabar Beads

Jaw-dropping or heart-stopping? Are cinnabar beads really as dangerous as they’ve been rumored to be? As it turns out, there’s nothing dangerous about cinnabar – unless you eat large quantities of the stone.

So, while you might not want to gift a small child with a pound of cinnabar beads, you will bring yourself nothing but protection and positive energy by wearing cinnabar beads or keeping them nearby.

hand holding red beads

Cinnabar Beads Meaning

Cinnabar beads represent truth and transformation. If you are on a journey of enlightenment, deep change, or self-improvement, cinnabar beads will make giant strides feel like baby steps. They ease the often difficult process of change and spiritual development, helping you grow faster and more blissfully.

Carved Cinnabar Beads

Carved cinnabar beads are generally made from lacquer and then pigmented using cinnabar. This Chinese cinnabar lacquer process has been discontinued, so finding carved cinnabar beads has become far more difficult. However, as legend has it, if you do manage to find some cinnabar beads, they’ll keep you safe and happy throughout your life.

Red Cinnabar Beads

Red cinnabar beads boost your life force, reigniting your inner fire and encouraging you to tackle any challenge that comes your way. These scarlet beads are known to bring out your inner warrior and help you fight any battle.

Cinnabar Vase

Next time you’re looking for an empty jug to put your fresh flowers in, you might want to consider getting a cinnabar vase. These gorgeous, usually red vases are the perfect item to elevate your home space and add culture and symbolic value to your interior aesthetic.

Cinnabar vases generally depict carved illustrations of flora and fauna, and they often include guri, a Chinese “magic fungus” pattern. Every symbol holds a different meaning, so finding the cinnabar vase that mirrors your interests and aspirations will make all the difference to your home and décor. 

cinnabar vases

White Cinnabar Vase

White cinnabar vases often have a rustic, off-white color. They generally don’t include any actual cinnabar in their pigment. However, they add a layer of simplicity to any dining room table or living room, and they often showcase mesmerising illustrations of various Chinese symbolism including pine trees, dragons, and pelicans. 

Cinnabar Box

What better place is there to store your cinnabar jewelry than in a cinnabar box? If you’re looking to add a sense of magic and intrigue to your dressing room table, you’ll find that a cinnabar box fits the brief. 

Cinnabar Box Antique

Antique cinnabar boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used for just about anything. No antique cinnabar box is the same as the next, so expect to be blown away by the detailed carvings on the surface of each box.

Cinnabar Powder

Vermillion, or cinnabar powder, was popularly used in ancient times to add a scarlet red pigment to anything from furniture to paint. Nowadays, you should be skeptical of any “cinnabar powder” on the market as the process of grinding cinnabar into powder was discovered to be dangerous and consequently discontinued.

Cinnabar Tray

The art of Chinese cinnabar lacquer carving, which started during the Song dynasty, led to the creation of many beautiful (and useful) household items. As it turns out, even highly detailed cinnabar trays were created. Because lacquer is one of the earliest man-made materials, having a cinnabar lacquer tray is like owning a piece of history.

Cinnabar Plate

Lacquer is extremely water-resistant, which means it is an ideal choice for making crockery. Tinted with cinnabar to give them a divine, deep red color, cinnabar plates add a wow factor and timelessness to your kitchen cabinet and dinner table. The color red is also known to inspire a hearty appetite, so expect your guests to enjoy their food even more when they’re eating off of a cinnabar plate.

Cinnabar Lamp

Bring light and clarity into your life with a cinnabar lamp. Covered in ancient Chinese symbolism and filled with optimism and positive energy, a cinnabar lamp is a perfect way to add an extra dazzle to your home décor while inviting transformative energy and spiritual healing into your orbit.

How to Handle Cinnabar

Handling the cinnabar gem is entirely safe if you avoid heating, dry-sawing, or dry-grinding it. Other than that, you should handle cinnabar with care and love so that it can, in return, replenish and reinvigorate you. In this section, we’ll explain exactly how to keep your cinnabar clean, as well as how to use the stone to your advantage!

hand holding a cleaning spray

How to Clean Cinnabar

Cleaning cinnabar (the mineral, not the Chinese lacquer) is very simple. All you need to do is wet the stone and rub it gently with a soapy cloth, and then rinse off the soap. If you need to dispel any lingering or unwanted energies from your cinnabar, allow it to “soak” in the moonlight during a full moon. Before you perform this ritual, be sure to set your intentions.

It is also important to remember two things when taking care of your cinnabar. Firstly, cinnabar darkens and can turn black after a lot of sun exposure. So, try to keep your cinnabar mineral away from the sun as much as possible.

In addition, the way you clean your cinnabar depends entirely on which type of cinnabar it is. Chinese lacquer cinnabar is completely different from the cinnabar mineral, and it requires a different cleansing process which we will address later in this section.

How to Use Cinnabar Crystal

Using cinnabar crystals in your spiritual practice can help you reach higher spiritual enlightenment, improve sexual enjoyment and communication, and balance your chakras. The way you use the stone depends on what you want to gain from it.

If you’re struggling to sleep, leaving a cinnabar stone on your bedside table while getting some shut-eye can work wonders. Wearing cinnabar as jewelry is an ideal way to reap all of its benefits, too. For example, wearing a cinnabar ring can boost trust and love in romantic relationships. Another way to use cinnabar is by keeping it in your wallet or close to where your money is kept. This use of the stone will lead to manifestations of wealth and abundance.

Lastly, a classic and highly effective way to incorporate cinnabar into your life is through meditation. Keep cinnabar close to you during deep meditation and be sure to share your intentions with the stone. Just make sure to wash your hands after using the stone to be extra careful.

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How to Clean Old Chinese Cinnabar

Old Chinese cinnabar requires the gentlest of touches. It will not survive a high-pressure fabric gun cleaning, and you certainly don’t want to put it in the dishwasher (yes, even if it’s a plate!).

Treat your old Chinese cinnabar how you would treat your own hygienic needs - a sonic toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste will do the trick. Carefully wipe off any toothpaste or leftover dirt with a damp cloth – and voila!

Cinnabar for Sale

Cinnabar is one of the most alluring and mysterious gems in the world of rocks and crystals. How could you not want to buy one for yourself? Well, if you’ve decided to reward yourself with a piece of nature’s most spiritually healing mineral, we’ve got all the info for you in this section. Let’s make this shopping experience an easy, breezy one!

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Cinnabar Price

Cinnabar can range from under ten dollars to over one thousand dollars depending on its quality. Usually, the most defining features in determining a cinnabar’s price are its purity, color, and size.

If a cinnabar stone is large, scarlet red, and it isn’t mixed with other stones, it will likely be on the pricier end of the spectrum. Likewise, if a cinnabar stone has been made into a beautiful, bespoke piece of jewelry, it’ll have a couple of extra zeros on the price tag.

Cinnabar Price per Gram

Typically, cinnabar costs about five dollars per gram. However, this price can range dramatically based on the quality of the gem. Needless to say, it is possible to find a cinnabar gem that fits your budget.

Cinnabar Powder for Sale

Cinnabar powder, also known as vermillion, is a particularly attractive item when looking for cinnabar products due to its historical significance and vivid hues. However, we don’t recommend purchasing cinnabar powder because the likelihood of finding an authentic, genuine product on the market is minuscule seeing as its use was discontinued over a century ago. 

Cinnabar Ore for Sale

The mercury ore we’ve come to know and love as cinnabar is accessible through a variety of e-commerce stores and crystal shops. While you will certainly find a wider range of products by searching for cinnabar online, a lot of shoppers prefer the in-store experience.

Whatever floats your boat, you are sure to find some well-priced and enticing options whether you choose to do your shopping in person or on the web.

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How to Tell if Cinnabar is Real

To ensure that you’re in the presence of authentic cinnabar, we’ve got some top tips for you. Cinnabar often differs in color and appearance. It can take the form of a bright, orange stone, or it can have the gem-like, scarlet appearance of a ruby.

However, cinnabar is never entirely translucent, so if you can see clearly through your cinnabar, it probably isn’t real. In addition, cinnabar is very soft. So, if you tap your cinnabar and it feels and sounds just like plastic or glass, it probably is.

Does Real Cinnabar Fade

The cinnabar stone fades in its own unique way. After much exposure to sunlight, cinnabar can darken, lose its color, and turn black. The best way to avoid this outcome is by keeping your cinnabar out of the sunlight. Still, this process of darkening takes months of exposure to sunlight, so there’s no need to lock your cinnabar in a basement.


Cinnabar Vases on eBay

We couldn’t talk about cinnabar vases without mentioning eBay! The second-hand website is a treasure trove of new and vintage Chinese lacquer cinnabar vases.

With just one quick browse, you’ll be blown away by the quality and diversity of the products. Because eBay sells used products, the prices are also very reasonable, and the chances of finding an authentically vintage vase are through the roof.


And, that’s it, folks! We hope you enjoyed every moment of learning more about the infamously magical cinnabar stone, perusing cinnabar images, and realizing its transformative powers.

While its mercury content and alternative name “dragon’s blood” might sound a little scary at first, understanding the depths and spiritual aspects of cinnabar allows us to fully comprehend its beauty and charm.

It is safe to say that there is no stone on Earth quite like cinnabar, and we hope you’re just as grateful for its existence as we are. Now, don’t hesitate to invite its many benefits into your world, and get ready for a whole lot of light and positive vibes!

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