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Andalusite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

andalusite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about andalusite, including its meaning, benefits, types, colors and uses. Let's get started!


Are you interested in learning more about andalusite? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a thoroughly extensive guide about the mineral andalusite. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just beginning to learn about this popular stone! 

  • Andalusite Meaning
    • What is Andalusite
    • Andalusite Pronunciation
    • Andalusite Chakra
    • Andalusite Spiritual Meaning
    • What Color is Andalusite?
    • What is Andalusite Used for
    • Andalusite Benefits
  • Where is Andalusite Found?
    • Brazilian Andalusite
    • Jenipapo Andalusite
      • What is Jenipapo Andalusite?
    • Andalusite in Peru
    • Origin of Andalusite
  • Andalusite Properties
    • Andalusite Metaphysical Properties
    • Andalusite Healing Properties
    • Optical Properties of Andalusite
  • Andalusite Types
    • Natural Andalusite
    • Raw Andalusite 
    • Tumbled Andalusite
  • Andalusite Color
    • Blue Andalusite
    • Green Andalusite
    • Pink Andalusite
      • Pink Andalusite Meaning
  • Andalusite Jewelry
    • Andalusite Ring
    • Andalusite Earrings
    • Andalusite Necklace
    • Andalusite Pendant
    • Andalusite Bracelet
  • Andalusite Uses
    • Andalusite Blade
    • Andalusite Cross
    • Andalusite Beads
  • Andalusite for Sale
    • Andalusite Price
      • Andalusite Price per Carat
      • Natural Andalusite Price
    • Andalusite Beads Wholesale
    • Raw Andalusite for Sale
    • Buy Andalusite Jewelry
  • Conclusion

Andalusite Meaning

What is Andalusite?

Andalusite is a mineral form of aluminum. The andalusite stone is extracted from the ore of aluminum. In scientific terms, andalusite is an aluminum nesosilicate mineral with the chemical formula Al2SiO5. 

The extraction of andalusite is mainly completed in places where the value of extraction leads to economic profits. Andalusite is used in many industries and also in our personal lives.

Andalusite Pronunciation

The pronunciation of andalusite depends upon the location of native people and can change with the area and language. The common pronunciation of andalusite in popular tongue is and-a-lu-site

Andalusite Chakra

Andalusite is known to have many metaphysical effects on our lives. The major reasons for these supernatural or healing effects on day-to-day lives can be attributed to its connection with chakras. It’s known to work well for the solar plexus chakra: it is believed to help clear your energy spectrum off any impediment and fill “holes” in your chakra. 

Andalusite Spiritual Meaning

Andalusite is a seeing stone, promoting the desire for self-realization. It is linked to the astrological sign of Virgo and the number 7. The andalusite stone is considered to have a clear channel between the highest and lowest chakra.

Due to this clear channel between the highest and lowest chakra, this stone is great for manifestation, rebalancing and realigning, regulating sleep, and alleviating ailments. Cross stone, which is another name for this stone, works as a protective stone. 

andalusite crystal

What Color is Andalusite?

Andalusite is found in a wide variety of colors such as pinkish, reddish-brown, whitish, violet, and more!

What is Andalusite Used for?

Andalusite is known for various uses in manufacturing industries and has also been used to ward off negativity.

Andalusite Benefits

There are many benefits of using this powerful stone. The stone is used in crystal healing and strengthening the mind and body, more of which will be explained below.

Where is Andalusite Found?

Andalusite is found in several parts of the world such as California, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

Brazilian Andalusite

The most common form of andalusite is found in Brazil and is commonly known as Brazilian andalusite. Brazil is the main source of Andalusite; clear pebbles can be found in stream beds on hillsides underneath the soil. 

Jenipapo Andalusite

In the Jenipapo district of Minas Gerais, Brazil one of the rarest and gorgeous varieties of Andalusite can be found, which is named Jenipapo Andalusite. 

What is Jenipapo Andalusite?

Jenipapo is the rarest and most demanded variety of andalusite. These stones display enticing mosaics of various colors with great transparency, which is a rare feature.  

Andalusite in Peru

Peru has a decade-old andalusite industry that produces and exports high-quality andalusite stones all over the world. Peruvian andalusite consists of almost 60% Al2O3.  

Origin of Andalusite

In 1798, Jean Delametherie discovered this stone in Andalusia, Spain, and therefore, the name andalusite was born. We now know that the original form of andalusite was actually first discovered in El Cardoso, an altogether different region in Spain.

Andalusite Properties

Andalusite Metaphysical Properties

Andalusite is also known as the ‘seeing stone’, due to its usage in metaphysical work. It is said to enable you to see the different aspects of your character with ease. 

Andalusite Healing Properties

Andalusite has many other healing properties and is believed to help in crystal healing-ailments for treating issues such as AIDS, deficiencies, and weak vibrational fields; andalusite will help regulate the energetic field and protect the wearer/user.

Optical Properties of Andalusite

If we talk in scientific terms, andalusite stones are double refractive, biaxial negative; chiastolite has an anomalous aggregate reaction. They have a refractive index of around 1.63. They’re also strongly trichroic.

Andalusite Types

natural andalusite

Natural Andalusite

Natural andalusite is used in industries and other factories that enable the manufacturing of other finished products. It is obtained from the direct extraction of the mineral from the natural ore.

Raw Andalusite 

Raw andalusite is the original form of andalusite obtained from the core. This stone is further processed to form many products. It acts as a raw material to many industries such as foundry and remains in high demand.

Tumbled Andalusite

Tumbled andalusite stones are natural andalusite stones that undergo customization -- they’re smaller and well-rounded stones that have been polished to become bright and more attractive. They’re suited for use in jewelry, craft, and collectibles and can be bought from new-age fairs and markets.

Andalusite Color

Andalusite is available in many different colors, and its optical property allows it to change colors depending on where you view it from. It is believed that different colors of the stone correspond to different chakras.

Blue Andalusite

Blue andalusite is a popular stone. It is used by many people for its calm blue color. The blue hue is known to increase focus and attention. The stone is linked with the throat chakra. It is believed to help in increasing your throat health and is said to help prevent colds.

Green Andalusite

The sparkling green color andalusite stone is linked with the heart chakra. It is said that the green andalusite stone can improve heart health if carried for a long time.

Pink Andalusite

Pink andalusite is the most valuable form of andalusite stone. It is available in a very rare amount and due to its beautiful pink color. This stone is expensive and a popular choice.

Andalusite Jewelry

andalusite beads

It’s no surprise that unique and beautiful stones such as the andalusite stones are going to be used as jewelry and crafts for people to flaunt. Their color-changing properties and bright premium looks and hardness are perfect for jewelry making. Despite their beauty, andalusite jewelry is comparatively a unique jewelry, partially because of its other name, the “poor man’s alexandrite”.

It is recommended to first find the andalusite stone that you want in your jewelry, and then get it set by an expert jeweler that knows how to work with such gemstones.

Note that when you buy an andalusite gemstone, you must look out for its cut and color; these are the properties that make the difference between affordable and lavish andalusite jewelry.

Andalusite Ring

Andalusite rings are very durable and affordable types of andalusite jewelry. These rings look beautiful and add an interesting look to any outfit.

Andalusite Earrings

Andalusite earrings are another piece of crystal jewelry that you can add to your collection. Beautiful and bright earrings made from andalusite are popular among ladies. Etsy and eBay have a large variety to choose from!

Andalusite Necklace

Necklace made from andalusite crystal looks pretty and is often loved by women of all ages. These necklaces add a charming look and shine brightly at events and parties.

Andalusite Pendant

Andalusite stone is cut into a suitable size to form an andalusite pendant. The sharp cuts and sparkling nature make the pendant colorful and attractive.

Andalusite Bracelet

Andalusite bracelets are easy to wear and contain andalusite stone. Bracelets can be made from a single stone or many stones.

Andalusite Uses

Andalusite is a very useful mineral. Apart from its contribution to the jewelry industry, it’s also very heat resistant. Polymorphs of andalusite, like kyanite, and heated-up forms of andalusite, like mullite, are used to make molds that help in casting extremely hot metals in foundries or on wind turbines.

Because of natural processes, some varieties of andalusite that have graphite black particles positioned in geometric patterns called chiastolite, develop cross-shapes within the stone. 

These stones have been valued for centuries as they’re believed to have spiritual and religious importance. There are many amulets, charms, and other gems that have polished and good-looking chiastolite stones.

Andalusite Blade

Andalusite blade is another form of andalusite. A mixture of compounds known as shale goes through the process of metamorphosis to form an andalusite blade. The andalusite blade is famous for its amazing luster. The luster of andalusite is closely related to vitreous. The color of the andalusite blade is very similar to cyclone Katana. A very famous blade known as Fiery Sabre is made from the design of the andalusite blade.

Andalusite Cross

Andalusite cross, popularly known as chiastolite, comes from the ore of andalusite mineral. The molecular composition of andalusite cross / chiastolite is Al2SiO5. The specific quality of chiastolite is that it forms shapes that resemble to cross. Its cross shapes are formed because of the settlement of graphite in the mineral composition.

Andalusite Beads

Andalusite beads are another beneficial form of andalusite jewelry. It’s said that the wearer of andalusite gemstone beads can see different sides to problems of all kinds and can reach a better resolution easily. Also, these beads are believed to help in curing skin and eye disorders and also improving memory and thinking. People in despair because of past trauma or tough situations are advised to carry this gemstone and make the most of its receptive and projective energy. 

Andalusite for Sale

andalusite ring

Since these gemstones are mostly mined and found in Brazil, wholesalers all over the world, including India, have to import Andalusite straight from the mines of Brazil. Then, the stones are processed through their manufacturing factories and sold in the market. Raw andalusite is also available in the markets as stones, which you can take to jewelers for setting. They’re even cheaper and have a natural feel to them.

Buying andalusite jewelry is a good decision, considering all the benefits listed above. They’re beautiful and spiritually powerful, and yet they’re not too expensive.

Andalusite Price

Andalusite is an affordable stone due to its lack of popularity. On average, andalusite price per carat is approximately $40 USD. The price may vary and with changes in market trends. There are expensive varieties as well if you want to spend more with custom shapes and beautiful colors. 

Natural Andalusite Price

Natural andalusite is easily available in big markets and online stores. Natural andalusite comes in the form of a stone. The price for the same is approximately $55 USD per kilo.

Andalusite Beads Wholesale

Andalusite beads can be purchased from wholesale markets at approximate prices of $10 to 15 USD per 15 pieces. The price range can vary from market to market.

Raw Andalusite for Sale

Raw andalusite crystals can be purchased from online stores like Etsy at prices ranging from $20 to 70 USD per piece. The price range depends upon the size and shape of the crystals.

Buy Andalusite Jewelry

As previously discussed, andalusite stone is also used to make beautiful jewelry. You can buy andalusite jewelry online and in metaphysical retail stores. 


Andalusite is a mineral found in abundance in Brazil. It has very unique characteristics, which make it attractive and useful in various industries. The jewelry industry for this stone hasn’t reached its full potential yet but as people dive into spirituality, they’re bound to find out about these stunning gems and incorporate them into their lives. You can buy different types of andalusite gemstones, which will enhance different aspects of your mind and soul. There truly is an andalusite stone for everyone!

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