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Ajoite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

ajoite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about ajoite, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Crystals and gemstones, born from elemental energies, are the treasures of mother earth. These are captivating not only in terms of their aesthetic appeal but also in their capabilities of harnessing magical healing powers. Since ancient times warriors, tribes, princesses, kings, and clairvoyants have coveted these magical gems, hailing them as their guiding light. Even today, metaphysical practitioners and healers strongly believe in the supernatural powers of gemstones, among which ajoite stone deserves special mention.

To crystal aficionados, the mention of ajoite conjures images of a brilliant aqua blue-colored gemstone, bestowed with deep positive energies that are great for healing. In this post, let us explore all about the rare and mystical gemstone called ajoite.

  • Ajoite Meaning
    • Ajoite Pronunciation
    • What is Ajoite Used for?
    • Where is Ajoite Found?
      • Ajoite in South Africa
      • Ajoite in Arizona
  • Ajoite Properties
    • Ajoite Healing Properties
    • Ajoite Metaphysical Properties
  • Ajoite Benefits 
  • Ajoite Types
    • Tumbled Ajoite
    • Ajoite Raw
  • Ajoite Jewelry
    • Ajoite Pendant
    • Ajoite Ring
    • Ajoite Bracelet
    • Ajoite Necklace 
  • Ajoite Uses
    • Ajoite Beads
    • Ajoite Sphere 
  • Ajoite for Sale
    • Ajoite Price
    • Why is Ajoite so Expensive
    • Ajoite Jewelry for Sale
  • Where to Buy Ajoite
    • Ajoite on eBay
    • Ajoite on Etsy
    • Ajoite on Amazon
    • Ajoite for Sale in UK
  • Ajoite Real vs Fake 
  • Conclusion 

Ajoite Meaning

The name ajoite is derived from the place Ajo, Arizona where this stone was first discovered by Harry Berman in 1941. However, it was only in 1958 that geologists Schaller and Vlisidis confirmed this to be a brand new species and named it ajoite.

An ajoite crystal is essentially a hydrated sodium potassium copper and aluminum silicate hydroxide mineral. Geologically, the pale-bluish green ajoite quartz is a secondary mineral that is formed when secondary copper minerals present within copper-rich metal deposits undergo the process of natural oxidation. Traces of calcium, manganese, and iron pyrite can also be found in the composition of ajoite.

Ajoite Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of ajoite should sound like “ah-ho-ite”.

What is Ajoite Used for?

Ajoite stone is used by healers as it is believed to aid the deep spiritual development of the mind. It is said to help in establishing a connection with the realms of spirits and angels. Using ajoite small crystal during meditation can elevate your senses with its strong feminine energies that are believed to nurture harmony in life and eliminate unrest. Many crystal lovers also believe that ajoite healing properties can banish self-limiting notions from one's mind and cleanse your soul of old karmic wounds. And importantly, it is also believed you can drive away physical stress with ajoite healing powers.

Where is Ajoite Found?

The rarity of ajoite is what makes it so expensive, not to mention its ethereal beauty. Ajoite can only be found in a few parts of the world.

Ajoite in South Africa

Primary deposit formations of ajoite minerals can be found in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Ajoite in Arizona

As mentioned earlier, ajoite was discovered in Pima County in Arizona in the USA. The name of the unincorporated community where it was found is called Ajo, and that is how ajoite stone got its name. 

Ajoite Properties

ajoite stone

For gemologists, ajoite crystal is one of the most sought-after rare gems that come infused with brilliant and intriguing properties.

Ajoite Healing Properties

Ajoite stone occupies a significant place in the world of healing stones due to its exceptional physical healing powers. With ajoite healing, crystal healers can aid rejuvenation of the skin and boost the overall physical vitality as well. If you are feeling low in energy, ajoite crystal is believed to be able to help in elevating your energy levels and alleviating many ailments and health conditions. Healers also believe in ajoite’s powers helping with depression, anemia, menopausal symptoms, and even PMS.

Ajoite Metaphysical Properties

Ajoite is well-known for being a spiritual stone that manifests positive metaphysical properties. It emanates pure, strong, and loving feminine energies of the mother goddess. It gently resonates with all the chakras starting from the heart chakra and moving up, including thymus or higher heart chakra, which relates to the energy of divine love. 

Healers believe that meditating with the ajoite stone can help clear all chakras of negative energies like pain and disharmony. Simply placing the ajoite crystal within your auric field helps in manifesting positive vibrations, releasing stress, and anger. Also known as the "phoenix rising” stone, ajoite is said to help in the spiritual development of an individual by aiding communication with the higher dimensions of cosmic reality. 

Ajoite Benefits

While talking about ajoite facts, its benefits deserve special mention.

Helps boost health and healing: Ajoite stone is said to be powerful in healing different physical ailments and relieving stress from the body. It is said to uplift energy levels, enhance the vitality of your skin, restore hormonal balance, and even alleviate symptoms of depression and PMS.

Helps accumulate financial wealth: Known for its power to transform, ajoite is believed to be beneficial for those who wish to achieve certain financial goals. The positive vibrations of this gemstone can help expel unproductive habits, thereby encouraging you to adopt healthy practices that can help you grow your finances.

Enriches love and relationships: Ajoite is said to offer deep emotional support with its intrinsic feminine vibrations that trigger compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is believed that it will help you overcome emotional pain, heal quickly, and embrace all the love and positivity in your immediate relationships. With the support of this magical gemstone, you will feel more confident, happy, and secure with a heightened sense of self-worth. 

Ajoite Types

Ajoite stone is found primarily in two variants:

Tumbled Ajoite

Tumbled ajoite stone is smooth and polished in appearance. Tumbled ajoite is considered to be endowed with positive vibrations that help in spiritual enlightenment and offer a sense of positivity. They can provide you with ways to boost harmony in life and even dispel physical distress.  

Ajoite Raw

Raw ajoite stone is how the stone looks in its raw and unaltered form. It is rough and matte in finish. Raw ajoite is considered extremely potent with its innate vibrations that help in deep spiritual evolution. Meditating with raw ajoite crystal is said to be the best way to communicate and understand the higher vibrations that reside in the spiritual realms.

Ajoite Jewelry

ajoite pendant


Along with its metaphysical properties, ajoite small crystal is also revered for its ethereal and intriguing appeal. This is why it is perfectly suited for use in jewelry items.

Ajoite Pendant

A charming ajoite stone pendant is not just an exquisite piece of jewelry. Since it lies close to your heart, it beautifully blends with the vibrations of your heart chakra and helps cleanse it of pain. As a result, you may appear happier and even more radiant.

Ajoite Ring

Nothing looks more bewitching than a statement ring with a chunky mystical stone-like ajoite. You can flaunt pale bluish-green or glowing light green ajoite stone ring and match it with any outfit

Ajoite Necklace

Crafting a neckpiece with stunning ajoite stones in it is bound to enhance your style This is the finest way to focus its energies on your heart and thymus chakra. Wearing an ajoite necklace can help add to your vigor and vitality and lend a sense of quiet certitude as you socialize with others.

Ajoite Uses

Ajoite Beads

Beads are one of the best forms to extract and instill the benefits of ajoite stone. You can wear bracelets made of ajoite included quartz every day and feel the positive effects of this stone. Beads are easy to maintain and look versatile and stunning.

Ajoite Sphere

The healing and psychic powers of the ajoite sphere are captivating. Many people say that meditating using ajoite sphere has significantly transformed their lives with greater positivity. 

Ajoite for Sale

Despite the rarity of ajoite, it can be bought from dealers of crystals and gemstones and retail outlets. However, you need to be very cautious of buying genuine ajoite only, whether you buy it online or offline.

Ajoite Price

While chunks or clusters of ajoite stone are indeed expensive, smaller crystals and fragments can be bought at relatively affordable rates. The price is mainly determined by the purity, quality, and size of the ajoite stone or crystal that you want to purchase.

Why is Ajoite So Expensive?

There is a very high demand for ajoite crystals, but the supply of these gemstones is significantly low. This is the primary reason why ajoite stone is so expensive.

Ajoite Jewelry for Sale

Jewelry items made out of gorgeous ajoite crystals are beautiful and versatile. And the best thing is that you do not need to look far to find and purchase delightful ajoite jewelry items.

Where to Buy Ajoite?

ajoite crystals on display

Ajoite on eBay

You will find a gamut of wonderful options and attractive deals on ajoite stone on eBay. You can even find free shipping on many items.

Ajoite on Etsy

To browse and buy from the widest collection of beautiful ajoite stones and jewelry, you can visit Etsy. Numerous retailers sell different kinds and sizes of ajoite crystals and ajoite jewelry. Pick from unique customized ajoite jewelry and exquisite handmade items.

Ajoite on Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon also offers countless options when it comes to buying precious stones like ajoite quartz. Starting from gemstone crystals and natural crystal jewelry to ajoite quartz and ajoite bracelets, you will be amazed to see the variety and vastness available on Amazon.

Ajoite for Sale in UK

Most leading online e-commerce stores and gemstone sellers in the UK have ajoite jewelry. Make sure to grab yours while the offers last.

Ajoite Real vs Fake

Now, before you buy ajoite stone, it is vital to first identify the sterling gemstone. There are plenty of fake ajoite crystals and lookalikes that can easily be mistaken for the real one. Fake ajoite crystals are generally off-greenish in color, while genuine ajoite should be of vibrant greenish-blue shades. So make sure to buy only from trusted gem dealers and sellers and examine the authenticity before buying online.


If you wish to reduce stress and disharmony from life and regain faith and love amidst your closest relationships, meditating with ajoite stone can prove to be wonderful. Of course, its beauty and magical appeal are hard to ignore. So get your ajoite crystal from any reliable online store and set out on your journey of spiritual upliftment.

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