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Anatase: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

anatase stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about anatase, including its meaning, properties, colors and uses. Let's get started!


Anatase is a rare gemstone used for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. The gemstone is highly valuable and is in great demand these days. Why is this gemstone so rare and valuable? Does it have any special properties? In this article, we’ll talk about all this and more. 

  • Introduction
  • Anatase Meaning
    • What is an Anatase
    • Anatase Pronunciation
    • What is Anatase Used for
    • Where is Anatase Found
  • Anatase Properties
    • Anatase Metaphysical Properties
    • Anatase vs Rutile
      • Difference Between Rutile and Anatase
    • Anatase Color
      • Blue Anatase
    • Anatase Uses
    • Anatase for Sale
      • Anatase Price
    • Conclusion

    Anatase Meaning

    Anatase is an exquisite mineral containing titanium dioxide as its core element. Anatase is used as a white lustrous pigment for decorating purposes and other industrial applications.

    What is an Anatase

    Anatase is a mineral with higher amounts of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide, or TiO2, is used in various industries to manufacture several goods. Most minerals are extracted from their ores buried deep inside the earth. 

    Anatase is a special mineral compound of TiO2. It is extracted in its pure form mixed with its ore in deep black color and cannot be easily distinguished with the naked eye. After successful extraction from the mineral ore, it appears as a dove whitish hue or sometimes also a colorless form.

    The ore of TiO2 produces several minerals apart from anatase. Some other minerals found in the ore of TiO2 are brookite and rutile. These minerals are quite similar in major properties to anatase but differ in many uses and qualities.

    Anatase is specifically found in the form of minute crystals. The development of anatase happens mainly in isolation from other contemporary found minerals. As a result, it is mainly extracted in isolated form and has sharp edges. The sharpness of the mineral is due to the pattern of crystallization. Anatase follows a tetragonal system of crystallization and this creates more dimension in the molecular structure, leading to comparative sharpness.

    The pattern of tetragonal alignment ensures higher stability to anatase. This means that with a change in temperatures, anatase does not undergo a rapid change in its form, i.e. anatase is metastable at varying ranges of temperatures. The same property of metastability is shown with the change of pressure. 

    Anatase has comparatively lower surface energy due to its higher stability. The stability of minerals is indirectly proportional to their surface energy. Anatase owning tetragonal arrangement makes the molecule more stable and hence reduces its surface energy as a whole.

    Anatase Pronunciation

    The word anatase word comes from the ancient Greek language. The root word for anatase is “anatasis,” meaning extending or extension. The name refers to the property of its crystals having a higher length of stability in the molecular structure.

    The word “anatase” can be pronounced as “ana-tae-iz”.

    What is Anatase Used for?

    Anatase crystal is used in various industries. Some of the common usages of anatase are listed below:

    One of the most common utilities of the crystal of anatase is that it helps in fighting against various allergic reactions. Many people suffer from severe allergic reactions caused by different allergens by instigating a hyperimmune response. These hyper immune responses can be controlled by using anatase.

    Another important use of anatase is in the medical industry. It has been shown to improve teeth and bone health in several cases. Anatase is known for its amazing healing properties and is believed to play a great role in healing fractured bones. It is said to speed up recovery and also boost the health of teeth by reducing the risk of cavities and making enamel stronger.

    The beauty industry is another domain where anatase shines like a star. As noted earlier, anatase has sharp edges and is found in minute crystal form. This crystal with fine edges helps in removing dirt from your skin and makes it fresh and refreshing. It is used in various face masks and beauty creams for its exfoliating properties.

    Where is Anatase Found?

    anatase stone

    The mineral ore of titanium dioxide contains various minerals; anatase is one of these minerals. The other minerals of titanium dioxide ore are rutile and brookite. The ore is found in hard form and the crystals of anatase are isolated. The anatase crystals have an amazing geometry of the tetragonal shape.

    Some of the most common anatase deposits include:

    • The most common deposits of anatase veins are found in common areas of the Alps.
    • Many other anatase deposits can be seen in Bahia, Brazil.
    • Brazil is also one of the most popular centers known for its detrital deposits of anatase.
    • There are many deposits of anatase in the regions of Sanarka, Russia.

    Anatase Properties

    Anatase has several properties that make it a highly valuable crystal and add utility to it.

    Anatase Metaphysical Properties

    Anatase is highly known for its metaphysical properties. The gemstone is popular in the market more for its healing metaphysical properties as compared to industrial usage. Some of the most common metaphysical properties of anatase are mentioned below:

    Improves communication skills

    Many people lack the skill of communication and fail to achieve success in both personal and professional lives. Anatase is believed to help you in communicating better with people and succeed in life. It is said that the stone makes you more persuasive and elevates your communication skills.

    Enhances your relationships 

    Anatase crystal is a gamechanger in meeting fortunes for your relationships of all forms, from personal to professional spheres. The crystal is believed to create a positive vibe and bring out the best from you with optimism on all sides. It brings a sense of calm and peace and helps you in finding trust in other people. 

    Anatase improves wisdom

    A wise man makes the right decisions and succeeds in many endeavors most of the time. It is believed that anatase crystals can help by invoking wisdom in you and helping you to build a better sense of judgment. It is said you will become a wiser person who can make quick and accurate decisions. The crystal can help you to understand the depth of different scenarios in life.

    Anatase brings out your humane side

    It is believed that anatase crystals can help make you more kind, humble, and humane. It can make people cling to you and respect you. Add value and respect to your life by making anatase your companion.

    Anatase vs Rutile

    rutile stone

    The most similar element close to anatase is rutile. Rutile and anatase both are distinct forms of titanium dioxide. These forms are so close to each other because the parent compound is the same. But, there are noticeable differences due to the arrangement of crystals. The arrangement and geometry of compounds are the major factors that can change various properties. 

    Difference Between Rutile and Anatase

    The first difference can be noticed in the appearances of the two. Anatase is commonly found in yellowish or blue shades, while rutile is a dark red color stone. In comparison to each other, the property of absorbance is much greater in rutile.

    Apart from these differences in the stones, there are many notable similarities as well. Both of these stones are of high utility in industries such as paper, ceramics, and the paint industry as well. These stones are used to create white pigmentation. These crystals are also used in other types of gemstones to produce vibrant luster and make other gemstones more attractive.

    Anatase Color

    Anatase crystals are available in shades of yellow and blue. But the most attractive form of anatase is considered its blue color. 

    Blue Anatase

    blue anatase

    Blue anatase is one of the most common forms of this gemstone. It is found in most of the common ore sites for anatase and is regarded more favorably in the stone industry. Blue anatase has a transparent shine and is believed to heal various chakras.

    Anatase Uses

    Anatase can be used in many aspects of our lives. It is commonly used to heal by working on different chakras. This gemstone invokes positive energy through chakras and adds happiness and prosperity to life. It is believed that anatase makes it possible to make yourself more positive, to make your personality more attractive, to improve communication skills, and much more.

    Anatase for Sale

    Anatase stone is available in major stores selling gemstones, other precious stones, and minerals. You can also get it from popular online stores by ordering it from the comforts of your home. Take a look at these outlets and get yourself an anatase gemstone.

    Anatase Price

    The price range of anatase differs greatly based on quality and market fluctuations. Anatase is generally available at shops and online sites between the price range of $44 to $80 USD.


    The amazing anatase stone looks beautiful and is used in various industries and also in our day-to-day lives. It is popular for its metaphysical and healing properties. Anatase helps in keeping you sane and happy. The stone is available in shades of yellow and blue. It is a precious stone and can help you to lead a happy life.

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