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15 Best Crystals for Healing (Updated 2024)

different types of raw and polished prism shaped crystal rocks

In this article, we reveal the top crystals for healing. We also explain how to use crystals for healing, how to select your crystals, and how to care for your crystals. Let's dive in!


Long before crystal healing became known as “alternative medicine,” healing crystals were used by ancient civilizations and peoples as medicine, regalia and to adorn religious leaders and objects. Whether they were worn by priests, warriors, shamans, chiefs, princesses or healers, it was clear that crystals were special and well-adored by these communities. From the ancient Sumerians to the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, crystals were used in religious rituals, burial rites, spiritual practices, cultural traditions and to heal people from various ailments. 

Hundreds of years later, crystals were then used in Hindu and Buddhist rituals and were connected with the concepts of life-energy, or chi/qi, and chakras, energy vortices within the body that connect our physical bodies with our spiritual ones. Another example of crystals being used in the past is in ancient North America where the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona used crystals to diagnose illnesses in patients. Even in the Middle Ages lapidary medicine (the belief that precious stones have medicinal properties) became very popular and well-known.

Today, crystal healing has become a popular practice for people around the world, including celebrities like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Kate Hudson, Shay Mitchell and Adele. In fact, worldwide we spend more than $1 billion dollars on crystals each year, suggesting that crystal healing is more than a trendy fad. 

Of course, crystals cannot be considered the latest fad when they have been on the earth for millions of years. According to the National Geographic, there are more than 4,000 different minerals and gems found within the earth’s surface. Their longevity in a world that is ever changing is very comforting to some crystal users, causing them to believe that crystals are not only ancient relics but databases of knowledge. 

If we consider that all crystals on earth have witnessed everything that has happened for millions of years, we can begin to understand the mystical power that they hold. Imagine that the crystal you buy has remembered every major severe weather occurrence, religious ceremony or healing session that it has ever taken part in or seen and that they can then transfer that information to us and help us connect better with the Earth. Some believe that this information is transferred to people through specific vibratory frequencies. They believe that because crystals have a very low amount of entropy (a measurement of disorder), they are able to absorb and transform the different energies around them. This is why some people might carry lapis lazuli to calm themselves down before speaking in public or hematite when they know they will be in a stressful, hateful or otherwise negative environment. By being close to these crystals, they can heal what ails us but also transform us into better versions of ourselves--the version that is able to manifest everything we have dreamed of.

Crystal healing can come in a variety of forms, from crystal bathing to meditation. Even just holding or being near a crystal can invite healing into our lives. Crystals are also used in Reiki, sound therapy and other energy disciplines. Crystals can help us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All we have to do is be open to the power that crystals harness and set out to do the work necessary to achieve our dreams and reach our goals.    

This post will include: 

  • Can Crystals Be Used for Healing?
  • How to Use Crystals for Healing 
  • How to Care for Your Crystals 
  • How to Select Your Crystal 
  • Best Crystals for Healing 

Can Crystals Be Used for Healing?

face of a woman with different colored gems and stones arranged on her forehead

According to most alternative health practitioners, the short answer to the above question is “yes”. However, the long answer is necessary in order to understand and  get the most out of your crystal healing experience. 

According to its most basic definition, “crystal healing” is the alternative medical practice of using crystals to treat people and their energy systems by placing crystals on or near the body. Crystal healers and users believe that crystals are capable of drawing out negative energy while promoting good, positive energy flow, which can result in curing physical and emotional ailments and protecting against disease. As the crystals radiate positive, calming and uplifting energy, they can help us heal our mind, body and soul. Crystals can also help us access our full potential and our highest selves. 

Due to the plethora of crystals found on earth, there are crystals to assist with almost any issue, blockage or ailment. There are numerous crystals that have been assigned different properties that treat different things, including the following: 

  • Healing depression, anxiety and other mental disorders 
  • Bringing forth wealth and prosperity 
  • Attracting love 
  • Improving self-love and self-expression
  • Encouraging creativity, productivity and motivation 
  • Releasing physical pain and stress 
  • Dismissing fear or negative thoughts, and more

The key to crystal healing is an open mind and heart. You must be open to the powers crystals possess in order for their energy to benefit you physically and emotionally. So, if you are a skeptic, it is likely crystals will not do you any good. However, they are unlikely to harm you, so, at the same time, there is no risk in at least trying them out. 

Scientifically speaking, crystal healing is characterized as a pseudoscience. This is because there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that crystals can do all the things people claim that they can do. Furthermore, science does not support the idea of an “energy flow” within the body. As primary care physician and medical director for One Medical, Navya Mysore, MD, explains, illnesses are not caused by negative energy or vibrations so technically crystals cannot cure disease with positive energy or vibrations. 

So, while the scientific community does not support the idea that crystals can emit positive energy, they do suggest that they are associated with more positive thinking. The positive thinking that comes with using crystals, sometimes called the placebo effect, can indeed make you feel better in the short-term, but there is still no scientific proof that crystals can cure disease or treat health conditions. 

In 2001, a study was carried out by University of London psychologist Christopher French. In the study two groups were given crystals to meditate with. Both groups were told that they were holding real crystals, however, one group was just given an object that looked like a crystal. The group with the fake crystal was just as likely to respond positively to the crystal as the group with the real crystals. This suggests that the expectation that something will help can result in our brain and body believing that it has helped.    

Despite the scientific community's dismissal of crystal healing, it is important to note that more than 30% of US adults use health care methods considered as alternative medicine, a designation that crystal healing falls under. If you do, however, suffer from a serious medical issue, it is suggested you seek treatment from a licensed physician, but feel free to use crystal healing as a compliment to traditional treatments. 

How to Use Crystals for Healing

There are several different ways to use crystals for healing. One way you can use crystals for healing is to place crystals on or around the body. The crystals act as channels for healing which draw out any negative energy and replace it with positive and healing energies. Sometimes healers will align crystals or specific types of crystals to correspond with the seven main chakra points. Other times, some practitioners will construct an energy grid around the body to surround the body with healing energy.

woman's body with four different colored gems arranged on her body

Another way to use crystals for healing is to incorporate them into your meditation and to set an intention on your crystal. To do this, sit or lie in a comfortable position (however you would sit for meditation) and hold your crystal(s) in your hand. Close your eyes and visualize a white light passing through the crystals. Start opening a line of communication with the crystal itself by asking how it can help you. 

After this, set intentions for the crystal’s use by giving it purpose or a goal. Do this by taking three deep breaths. Envision the Earth, a place you love or a happy memory. This reflection should help you connect with your highest vibration. While in this space of positive energy, ask the crystal to help rid you of unwanted energy, a physical or emotional ailment or even guidance. Then, each day, work with your crystal to manifest your goals and dreams. Crystals enhance the work you are already doing--they cannot do the job alone. Crystals assist and compliment you in your journey and growth, so you must work alongside your crystal to reap its benefits. 

The crystals used in crystal healing can also be used as reminders. Place these crystals in areas where you spend the most time, such as some place where you will see it very often. Whenever you look at these crystals, consider the amount of time it took for the stones to form, evolve and change, and how such beautiful and shiny stones can be made and found in the earth. Reflect on their power and what they can do to heal us and help us along our own journeys. Let them remind you of the abundance and beauty of nature. Allow them to quiet your mind and to slow your routine. Just as these crystals once did, we must all learn, grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves. 

Just a reminder from an idea shared in the previous section: the key to crystal healing is an open mind and heart. Crystal healing is self-care that requires mindfulness, patience, reflection, acceptance, openness and respect towards your crystals. Negative energy or skepticism has no place in crystal healing. 

How to Care for Your Crystals

Although crystals have survived for millions of years, if using crystals for healing there are special precautions and upkeep necessary to care for them. If you have just inherited or purchased crystals, it is important that you cleanse them. Because any crystal you come across contains energy from its former surroundings, it is necessary to remove any lingering or dense energy. 

There are several methods to clean your crystals. When you first bring new crystals into your home, for example, you should hold them under cold, running water and then leave them in the sunlight to dry. Sometimes your crystals will require a more thorough cleanse; one way to do this is to bury the crystals in the earth for a week (or at least 24 hours). If you do not have access to dirt in a garden or yard, burying them in a flower pot will suffice. By returning them to the earth and its natural vibrations, they are able to cleanse and recharge. 

You can also clean your crystals with salt water. Salt water can purify and absorb negative energy. However, be very careful cleaning your stones with water as some crystals disintegrate when wet. Common crystals that should not get wet include: amber, angelite, azurite, calcite, fire opal, kyanite, kunzite, moonstone, red coral, selenite, turquoise and red coral. A general rule is that if it ends in “ite,” it is not water-friendly. 

Another great way to cleanse your crystals is by leaving them in the moonlight. Set your crystals outside or on a windowsill three days before and three days after the full moon (or for at least 24 hours). Lunar energy can cleanse and recharge stones anytime of the month but during the full moon the moon’s light and energy is the brightest and strongest. 

If a six day cleaning process is a bit too long for your schedule and needs, you can also purify stones by burning sage, Frankincense rise or Copal incense. Simply run your crystals through the smoke. Certain types of crystals can also be used to cleanse other crystals. For example, selenite is known to function as a powerful cleansing stone because it is able to ensure positive energy flow between your other crystals. Finally, tingsha chimes, singing bowls and tuning forks can be used to recharge crystals because the crystals can absorb the sound vibrations as the instruments are played.

purple crystals and candle placed on a wooden mat

Crystals that are used regularly, sit on an altar, promote positivity, or are known for removing negative energies must be cleansed at least once a month (preferably during or around the full moon). Crystals that are worn as jewelry or are held daily should be cleansed once a week. If someone else touches your crystal, it should be washed immediately or at least before you use or wear it again. If there are noticeable fingerprints on your crystal or it requires sanitization, you can wipe them down with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. 

How to Select Your Crystal

There are many different crystals to choose from and it can sometimes be a little overwhelming when you are a beginner with crystal healing. It can also be challenging because everyone is different and can resonate differently with the same crystals. 

It is important to keep in mind that because there are so many different types each crystal has its own characteristics, benefits and abilities to heal the mind, body and soul. Furthermore, the energy a crystal possesses can depend on its size. Generally speaking, the bigger the crystal, the more energy it possesses. However, be mindful when choosing larger crystals because there is such a thing as too much energy and it can easily overwhelm newcomers to crystal healing. 

Crystals can be broken up into three aesthetic categories. The first, “cut stones,” refers to crystals that resemble gem or jewelry stones. They are perfectly polished and cut and take a lot of time and effort to produce. The second category, tumblestones, are polished versions of crystals that are smaller and more economical than cut stones. The last category, raw stones, refers to crystals that have not been smoothed and shined so they are generally the most affordable kind of crystal. Some crystals are more rare than others or more difficult to extract. When it comes to these types of crystals, you will always pay a higher price than more common and abundant crystals. Luckily, there are crystals in every price range so do not let high prices on certain types of crystals deter you. 

Another factor that may influence what kind of crystal you select is how you plan on using your crystal. For example, if you want to have close proximity to your crystal at all times, the best crystal type for you will be cut stones found in gemstone jewelry. On the other hand, if you plan to only meditate or receive a crystal bath with your crystals, you can use tumbled stones or raw stones that can be held, carried in a pocket or placed on an altar, desk or bedside table. 

When picking out the best crystal for you, it is important to first identify what you feel your life is missing or what you feel needs to be improved. By identifying your needs, you can find a stone that can offer specialized help. It also helps some practitioners to know the lineage of the crystal that they are about to purchase. Because crystals carry energy from past environments, some crystals have a better physical history than others. For example, some crystals may be sourced ethically and sustainably while others crystals are mined using child labor, or the mining practices used to extract the crystals result in environmental damage. If this matters to you, simply ask the crystal store owner how they source and harvest their stones. 

After narrowing it down from there, let your intuition take over. A crystal might catch your eye, feel warm in your hands and you may feel a physical pull toward it. This is your inner subconscious guiding you to pick the right crystal for you. If a crystal is right for you, it will speak to you in one way or another. All crystals work in perfect harmony within nature’s innate balance, but that does not mean any and all crystals will work for you. If a crystal does not feel right, do not force a connection; it is simply not the crystal needed for your healing. Once you have picked out your new crystal you can begin to establish an intimate connection.  

Best Crystals for Healing

three different sized prism crystals close up view white background

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone said to be protective, healing and purifying. It can empty the mind of negative thoughts as well as negative energy while bringing in humility and sincerity. Amethyst is also a great crystal for anyone struggling with sobriety, disruptive behaviors, emotional imbalances, insomnia, hormone production, pain or stress. Amethyst may also boost spiritual wisdom, intuition or help you to better interpret your dreams. Amethyst has even been known to assist with hangovers. 

According to chakra healers, amethyst can target the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. If you follow astrology, amethyst can be especially great for the following zodiac signs: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn.

Amethyst can also be used with infused water. Simply drop your stone into your water bottle, pitcher or glass and drink the water. While not all gems are safe to drink, amethyst is one of those. Amethyst can be used as home decor but should be placed in your office, bedroom or bedside table where it can dispel negative energy and promote healing and relaxation. Amethyst can also be used as a healing tool with yoga and mediation. 

white crystal rock placed on a gray surface

2. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a white crystal that is a great crystal for beginners. It is known as a “master healer” and is great for improving your focus and balance. It also encourages positivity and clarity. This crystal is said to expand and regulate energy as it absorbs it. Clear quartz can help by improving concentration and memory as well as boost the immune system. Clear quartz can heal the Crown Chakra and is helpful when used to connect you with your higher self or improve your spirituality. 

Clear quartz is very versatile because it can be combined with other crystals, like rose quartz, to enhance their healing abilities. Clear quartz can also be used to cleanse, charge, and eliminate negative energy attached to other crystals. Some crystal proponents consider clear quartz to be like a crystal “battery” that can charge the abilities of other crystals. Clear quartz can be placed on a crystal altar or in your office where it can reenergize you and reduce stress. 

One way to use clear quartz is to meditate with it. Sit quietly with the crystal and imagine that it is filling your body with white light and positive energy. Repeat your intention for the crystal or a mantra to yourself and imagine the vibrations of the crystal using its power to complete your goal.

pink raw crystal rock placed on a dark surface close up view

3. Rose Quartz 

This pretty pink crystal is known as the “Stone of Love.” Rose quartz is great for anyone wanting to improve their current relationships or someone wishing to invite love into their life. It also encourages self-love by encouraging unconditional love, self-confidence, self-respect, self-trust and self-worth. Rose quartz can also provide comfort to anyone dealing with past traumas, grief, disappointment, pain or anxiety. Because it encourages love, it can also foster forgiveness, generosity, compassion and encourage releasing built up emotions and tension. Physically, rose quartz is said to improve circulation and harmony within the body.

Unsurprisingly, rose quartz can open and realign the Heart Chakra. If you follow astrology, rose quartz can be especially great for the following zodiac signs: Libra and Taurus. You can use rose quartz whenever you feel anxious or troubled. Simply place the crystal in your hand and open your heart to healing, soothing and calming vibrations. This crystal is also great in jewelry because you can wear it and invite love into your life every day. If you do not wear jewelry, you can even store your crystal in your bra or shirt pocket to keep it close to your heart during the day. When you are not wearing your rose quartz, keep it in your bedroom for the best results.

black crystal rock details white background close up view

4. Hematite  

Hematite is a great crystal for grounding and balancing. It is also a great crystal for anyone experiencing stress or anxiety as it can help calm your mind and help you feel more centered. It can also deflect negative energy radiating off of others, so, even if you are not the one experiencing something bad, hematite can still protect you from other people’s distress. Hematite can also help improve mental clarity, organization and mindfulness.  

If you follow astrology, hematite can be especially great for the following zodiac signs: Aries and Aquarius.

red tear drop smooth gem white background close up view

5. Jasper 

    Jasper is a reddish, smooth crystal known as the “Supreme Nurturer.” It is a great crystal for times of stress or when you need to be protected from negative vibes. It can also empower your spirit and improve courage and confidence. Jasper can also help by promoting quick thinking, problem solving and tackling important issues, deadlines or stressful situations. It also encourages better organization and imagination. 

    Historically, jasper has been used for hundreds of years and worn by shamas, high priests and royalty. Jasper is a great stone for anyone wanting to work on themselves and improve their overall wellbeing. Lastly, jasper is a great stone for anyone interested in aural cleansing.

    6. Obsidian 

    Obsidian is a smooth, black lava stone used for protection. It is said to serve as a shield against both physical and emotional negativity in addition to promoting emotional cleansing by eliminating blockages. It also improves clarity and encourages strength and compassion. Physically, obsidian can aid in digestion, detoxification, pain and cramping. 

    Obsidian is a great stone for anyone wishing to find their true selves or confront their inner demons and dark truths. It can also be used with hematite and selenite to ground oneself. Obsidian targets the first chakra, or Root Chakra. To use obsidian, store it in your pillowcase, place it on your nightstand or even sleep with it in your hand so that you can decompress and ground yourself each night. 

    piece of raw yellow crystal rock close up view

    7. Citrine 

      This peachy-yellow stone is perfect for anyone wishing to invite more joy, success, optimism, wonder and enthusiasm into their life. Citrine is great for purging negative energy, toxins and feelings like fear. As it dispels negativity, it encourages confidence, warmth and clarity. It is also said to increase mindfulness, creativity and concentration. Citrine is a great stone for anyone wishing to pursue a leadership role, improve their professional life or business or attract wealth and prosperity. Citrine is also good for anyone who needs help establishing healthy boundaries in any area of life. 

      Physically, citrine is said to calm upset stomachs as well as aid digestion and weight loss. If you follow astrology, citrine can be especially great for the following zodiac signs: Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo. Citrine targets the third, or Solar Plexus Chakra. 

      Because citrine is said to harness the power of the sun, it is best to place this crystal in the sun during the day so place it on a windowsill or anywhere that light shines on the area. Another way to store citrine is to keep it in a jar with some money, which helps attract more wealth and prosperity. Citrine can also help when you are feeling down. Reach for this crystal whenever you are sad and let its light and positivity radiate through you. As an added plus, citrine is one crystal that never needs to be cleansed. 

      many pieces of oval shapes turquoise smooth stones

      8. Turquoise 

        While turquoise is a popular gemstone for jewelry, it is also a powerful and healing crystal. Turquoise is said to heal the mind, body and soul as well as help you find your spiritual grounding. It does this by helping you let go of things that are ailing you and reducing stress and pain. It is also good at balancing emotions and encouraging strength. Turquoise is often carried as a good luck charm used to symbolize freedom and safe travels. 

        Physically, turquoise is said to help the respiratory and immune systems. Ancient Egyptians used turquoise, among other crystals, to protect themselves from illnesses and negative energy.

        piece of tiger eye smooth stone yellow and black horizontal linear pattern

        9. Tiger’s Eye

          This amber-like gold stone is said to provide the holder confidence, power, motivation, knowledge, courage and integrity. It can also rid your mind of fear, anxiety and self-doubt while boosting bodily harmony and balance. It can also encourage you to trust yourself and make clear decisions. Tiger’s eye is also a great stone for anyone who deals with chronic stress or an anxiety disorder because it is said to help keep you calm and free your mind of these concerns and struggles. 

          Tiger’s eye is a great stone for anyone who needs help with their career aspirations. It is also said to boost athletic performance when worn as jewelry during a hard workout. If you follow astrology, tiger’s eye can be especially great for the zodiac sign Capricorn. Tiger’s eye is best kept in your office, place of work or wherever you are most creative so that you can be close to it whenever you need to make tough decisions or are in a particularly stressful situation.

          oval shaped iridescent white smooth gem stone

          10. Moonstone 

            Moonstone is a crystal known for new beginnings and starting fresh. This is because it is said to encourage reflection and inner growth and strength. Whenever you find yourself starting fresh, like at a new job or after a tough break up, moonstone can help soothe uneasy thoughts, stress and feelings of instability. At the same time, it can promote positive thinking as well as improve your intuition and creativity which can bring forth success and good fortune. Moonstone can also be used as protection while traveling.

            Physically, moonstone is said to aid upset stomachs. Spiritually, it is said to be a good stone for karmic healing and igniting your inner power.

            squarish shaped smooth stone black with red spots

            11. Bloodstone 

              Bloodstone is a beautiful healing crystal known to rid the body of negative energy, boost circulation and improve self-esteem. It can encourage selflessness and compassion while lowering irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Bloodstone is also said to encourage creativity and idealism. 

              Years ago during the Middle Ages, bloodstone was rumored to be the blood of Christ’s tears. Today it is used to heal both the Heart and Root Chakras in addition to being used in aural cleansing. Physically it is said to stimulate the immune and lymphatic systems. Bloodstone can also be used to aid sleep. For a good night’s rest, place your bloodstone on your bedside table or sleep with it in your hand.

              raw crystal rock black background close up view

              12. Celestine 

                Celestine, often associated with celestial beings, divinity and spirituality, is a great stone for calming and balancing your mind and body. It can provide both mental and physical peace as well as clarity and a higher stream of consciousness. Celestine can even be used to help interpret or remember dreams. 

                If you follow astrology, celestine can be especially great for the zodiac sign Gemini. Celestine can also be used to balance the Crown Chakra and improve your spiritual connection.

                three pieces red orange smooth gem stones close up view

                13. Carnelian 

                  Carnelian is an especially useful crystal for women as it provides support for the reproductive system. Furthermore, it is said to boost libido and help you overcome personal challenges. It can also boost creativity, productivity and confidence. Carnelian is a stone of inspiration and can help you whenever you feel as though you are going through writer’s block or a creative funk. 

                  In Ancient Egypt, carnelian was used to protect against illness and negative energy. Carnelian is also said to target the Sacral Chakra. Because of carnelian’s closeness with reproductive issues, it is best kept in your bathroom or stored with your sanitary products. Before your period, hold the crystal in your hand as often as possible. You can even lie down and place the crystal on your abdomen for added relief.

                  three pieces of smooth circle gem stones beside two raw blue crystal rocks

                  14. Lapis Lazuli

                    This beautiful blue crystal has been used for years by ancient civilizations and has often been associated with spiritual enlightenment and self-expression. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli for protection, to ward off evil spirits and to invite good health and prosperity. It can also help those who struggle with communication issues or have chronic anxiety conditions. For example, using lapis lazuli can result in better and clearer communication and can help you speak with grace, ease and confidence. Physically, lapis lazuli can strengthen your immune system. 

                    Lapis lazuli targets the Throat Chakra and can improve communication and help one speak their truth. If you have a fear of public speaking, try meditating with lapis lazuli right before your speech or hold it in your hand as you are practicing the speech. Release your fears and anxieties into the stone.

                    oval shaped turquoise black spot smooth gem stone

                    15. Chrysocolla

                      Chryscolla, in addition to being a beautiful and mesmerizing stone, is an incredibly powerful healer. It is known as the “Goddess Stone” because it can aid women in embracing their divine feminine power. This crystal also strengthens communication and encourages self-expression, empowerment, strengthening of character and bettering oneself through education. It also has a calming effect that can quiet the mind and allow your inner truth and wisdom to be heard. Chrysocolla can encourage compassion and attract prosperity. 

                      Chrysocolla can heal the Heart and Throat Chakras. In addition to helping women reach their true potential, chrysocolla is a great crystal for anyone wanting to attract prosperity and wealth through business as it can enhance your analytical, intuitive and decision-making abilities. This is another stone great for public speaking as it can amplify your voice and give you courage. 


                      Crystal healing is a self-care practice that can bring you peace, rid you of negative thoughts and energy and improve your overall well being. Even though there are no “one size cures all” crystals, there are hundreds of crystals to choose from, allowing you to find the right crystal for your and your healing journey. The fifteen crystals named in this article are great beginner crystals that will help and heal you as long as you are open to the experience! 

                      If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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