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15 Best Crystals for Protection (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal the 15 top crystal for protection, including protection from negative energy and other unattractive forces. Let's get started!


If you feel you could do with a few more layers of protection in your life, we’re happy to announce that there are rocks for the job. 

Not just any rocks: energetically charged ones with properties that can bring about well-being and a sense of balance to the user.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How Can Crystals Help with Protection
  • How to Use Crystals for Protection
  • 15 Best Crystals for Protection
    • Crystals for Protection from Spirits
      • Malachite
      • Lapis Lazuli
      • Angelite
    • Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy
      • Jet Stone
      • Black Tourmalinated Quartz
    • Crystals for Sleep Protection
      • Moonstone
      • Howlite
    • Stones for Protection from Evil
      • Tiger’s Eye
      • Selenite
    • Black Stones for Protection
      • Black Tourmaline
      • Black Obsidian
      • Smokey Quartz
    • Psychic Protection Stones
      • Labradorite
      • Amethyst
      • Aqua Aura Quartz

How Can Crystals Help with Protection

We’ll be the first to tell you that there exists no crystal that can radically change your life. This was not the intention of these objects when they were fused with the energy, knowledge and memory of the Earth’s vibrational patterns. 

These stones came to provide subtle properties of healing, well-being, attraction and protection to the different aspects of human existence. 

Feeling “unprotected” in one’s life is an interesting concept because it involves such a broad set of instances. There are so many triggers that can cause humans to conclude that a sense of protection is what is specifically lacking.

different colored small smooth stones and gems placed on a mirror

One might live in a physically unsafe external environment, which amplifies the desire for additional elements of protection. Others may feel that their own vibrations are being affected by the unseen forms of contamination that a human-populated Earth is abundant in (such as pollution or radiation), and seek protection from such forces. Some individuals may simply be nervous drivers, and thus crave protection only when they are behind the wheel. 

Protection is such a subjective experience; if we’re not seeking it for ourselves, we are almost always hoping it finds others that we care for, be it family or friends. 

There is no scientific evidence to support crystals as a sound means of creating protection in one’s life — how could there be? This kind of experience requires unseen forces to conspire to affect our immediate realities: all of which are totally unexplainable within the very limited blueprint that contemporary science accepts. 

Crystals for healing pay no mind to modern scientific constraints, and have been around for centuries as very accepted forms of healing. The fact that people around the world continue to seek out the companionship of crystals daily is testament to the positive potential that these stones can bring to one’s life. 

Crystals occur naturally in the Earth when different rocks and minerals are fused together by the elements. They retain energetic charges from all of these different encounters, absorbing a myriad of electromagnetic information from the planet. This gives each stone a unique vibration that, when measured using wave-recognition machinery, is considerably higher than the vibration of most physical objects in the world, including human beings. 

Science might not recognize the benefits of crystal healing as of yet, but it will never be able to dispute the provable fact that high vibrations have an effect on whatever matter they come into contact with. Thus, science may indirectly recognize crystal healing! 

There are thousands of crystals available to us, spanning all corners of the globe. For every concern or desire a human being can manifest, there is a crystal suitable for remedying that concern or achieving that desire. Some stones amplify, some attract, and some stones absorb and dispel negative energy in order to protect. There are even stones that are used widely for the purpose of neutralizing pain within the body. 

If it's going to take recognition from the scientific community to get you to believe in the abilities of powerful protection crystals, you’re likely to be waiting a long time. Much of the power that these stones hold lies in your belief in said power. Crystals, if anything, work with the mind and attune to your personal vibration in order to help bring about the results you desire from them. It’s a complex relationship that requires absolutely nothing from you other than an open heart and mind. And if you can’t seem to open either of these, don’t worry — there’s a crystal to help with that!

Protection crystals work by affecting the energetic field of the objects and/or beings within close proximity to them. As you incorporate your chosen protective crystals into your daily life, the charges will start to work their magic. 

All crystals work with the spectrum of light as identified in the Earth realm. They have the ability to both absorb and refract light wavelengths. These wavelengths are expressed as the color wheel, as we know. The same colorful wavelengths are found in the human body through what we know to be chakras. These are our energy centers, and they are responsible for the levels of flow that we experience in the body itself, and in everyday life. 

Thus, the different protection gemstones are usually linked to individual chakras within the body, allowing them to work closely with our personal vibratory field and make positive adjustments where necessary. 

When we start to incorporate these zone specific crystals into our vibratory fields, we can attract/amplify certain conditions, including protection. 

How to Use Crystals for Protection

hand with green nail polish holding a green jade crystal prism

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: many forms of healing or medication that were successful to a human being were only so because the person in question had full belief in the treatment in question. This goes for metaphysical healing, and, in many cases, in Western medicine and in the Eastern tradition!

If you’re skeptical, look into the statistics surrounding medicinal trials. In a surprising amount of cases, the subjects given placebo medications healed better and faster than those subjects working with the actual medication. The state of mind is the key. 

Protective stones are tempting to brush off as miracles, and if that’s what gets your mind on board with receiving the undeniable benefits, so be it. Tapping into the potential of crystal energy is one of the best things for people who are seeking something as difficult to pin down as protection.

How and when you use your crystals and stones for protection will depend largely on your personal viewpoints surrounding this kind of addition to your lifestyle. Since there are so many crystals that can be used for different forms of protection, we’ve pulled together a lineup of our 15 favorite stones that we feel to be the most powerful in this regard. As you read through the properties of each, take note of which ring some sort of truth in your psyche, and disregard those that don’t induce that natural sense of knowing. 

Once you’ve invested in your chosen crystal or crystals, you’ll need to find the most suitable way to incorporate them into your daily life so that they can properly attune to your energy field. You’ll notice that a lot of spiritual protection stones are darker in color; the majority of them are black. 

Protection stones are taking a hit, so to speak. They are likely absorbing a lot more than they are amplifying, so they retain a naturally darker facade. Of course, on a spiritual level there is no such thing as negative or positive (all energy is neutral), but the stones understand that human beings perceive certain forms of energy as threatening or destructive because of the realm of duality in which we exist. 

Firstly, determine what or who it is that needs protecting. If you’re seeking protection of yourself, we would recommend having a stone for protection on your person as much as possible. This could be a crystal embedded into a ring, a crystal charm necklace, or even simply keeping the raw stone in your pocket at all times. 

If your seeking of protection is more related to your home, vehicle or workspace, then you can invest in a larger chunk of protection crystal to display within said environment. Crystals to protect home could be in the form of a crystal carved vase, or even a gemstone covered lamp. 

A wonderful technique for using crystal for protection at work is to carry your stones in a water bottle. Many crystal water bottles have a holding area within the liquid chamber where one can insert the stones of their choosing. This makes it easy to have your crystal for protection with you at all times, while simultaneously charging the water itself with healing properties that will then be carried out through the rest of the body. 

Holding your crystal in the palm of your hand whilst meditating is a way of attuning your vibration with the protective qualities of the stone itself. This is a method that takes just 15 minutes each morning, the benefit of which will be felt throughout the remainder of the day. We love this technique for people who aren’t able to have stones of protection around them at all times. 

Clean Your Crystals

pink raw crystal rock placed on a deck of tarot cards

Even the best crystals for protection have the potential to become contaminated by an excess of negative energy (with some exceptions). Energy builds, and after long periods of use your stones might be less effective as they have become run down by the amount of negative energy they have had to absorb and endure. 

This is particularly prevalent in protection stones because most of them do nothing but absorb energetic attacks and negativity, having little to no opportunity for release. 

As an accepted standard, try to make time for crystal cleansing at least once a month. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Leave your crystals under the light of the full moon overnight. 
  • Bury your crystals in the Earth and leave them for 24 hours. 
  • Submerge your crystals in a bowl of salt water for 24 hours. Water from the ocean would be preferable, but mixing your own solution is just fine. Note that some crystals dissolve in water — double check before attempting this method!
  • Give your crystals a sound bath and smudge them with sage. 

    The goal is to always have your crystal in an optimum vibrational standard, and attend to your energy only. For this reason, it is best to not allow your partner, friends or children to handle your gemstones for protection as their own energies will confuse the frequency.

    raw pink crystal rock and purple prism crystal placed on a wooden bowl

    15 Best Crystals for Protection

    We touched on the fact that protection, as a concept, is a vastly subjective experience that is unique to each individual who seeks it. Protection expresses itself differently in different people; some may even desire it for someone they know, and not for themselves directly. 

    The following are the best protection stones and crystals. They have unique properties that may work to alleviate the reasons why you find yourself craving a heightened experience of protection in daily life. Whilst on your crystal journey, you may even find it wasn’t protection you needed after all, but perhaps help with general stress management, anxiety, depression, lack of opportunity or concentration/focus. 

    In this regard, it is highly beneficial that all stones are so multifaceted with the result that you always end up getting more than you bargained for — and usually exactly what you never knew you needed. 

    We encourage anyone who is new to the crystal world to keep the following in mind: not all crystals are abundant to the Earth, particularly not protective stones and crystals. These can be scarce, and thus more difficult and costly to source and mine. 

    This drives the retail prices up, and some suppliers opt instead to manufacture mock stones made out of inauthentic materials such as dyed glass. This is a gross lack of integrity that plagues the crystal industry, and it takes quite a trained eye to be able to determine if certain crystals are real or fake. Quartz crystal, for example, looks and feels exactly like glass. 

    Glass is not going to protect you from negative energy. Quality is key when it comes to the Earth’s gems; do your research, and purchase only from reputable sources. 

    Crystals for Protection from Spirits


    smooth cube green stone with linear pattern close up view

    If you feel that you’re at the mercy of spirits that don’t seem to have your best intentions in mind, and are seeking the protection of a crystal out of sheer concern, then malachite is here to help. 

    This is a beautiful stone of different shades of green. Malachite understands that, more often than not, spirits present themselves due to a lack of boundaries having been established between the individual in question and the spirit world. 

    Spirits usually don’t mean the harm that we think they do. When dealing with them, our intention is everything, and boundaries need to be clearly vocalized. Malachite helps us move into an improved state of being and become attuned with the boundaries we have failed to establish. This is one of the strongest crystals to ward off evil. 

    Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli is also one of the crystals for protection against negative entities. This one takes a more complicated approach, because it is also a stone that deals closely with depression and anxiety. 

    If your fear of the spirit world is becoming debilitating to the point where your mood is taking a hit, then this may be the protection stone for you. 

    Lapis Lazuli will work to keep your head clear of any truths that are not your own. It seeks for everyone to identify with their inner wisdom, allowing them to discern between what is an external influence and what is not. When dealing with spirits, this is crucial. 

    In addition to this, Lapis Lazuli is a blue hued stone so it works closely with the throat chakra. Your flow of communication will be amplified, which can help you better express to the spirit world that you would prefer to be left alone, respectfully. 


    As far as crystals for removing curses go, angelite is one of the most effective of the lot. 

    In instances where one feels subject to spiritual forces beyond their control, and thus seeks protection from them, it is always within their ability to call on the angels who are actually employed to provide protection when called on. 

    Angelite helps us get into better contact with these angelic beings who can affect life on earth from within the psychic realm. 

    A stone of pale blue, there is always a sense of calmness when in contact with angelite. Fear, anger and anxiety seem to be neutralized when the angelite vibration is introduced. 

    Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

    Jet Stone

    Sometimes in life we seem to find ourselves in cycles of overabundance when it comes to negative energy. This may be repeatedly extreme instances of loss, grief and despair that hinder our abilities to function in everyday life. 

    There are great crystals for negative energy removal, and jet stone is one of them. These stones are black as the night, and work to pull negativity from the aura of the individual who can’t seem to break the cycle. In addition to this, jet stone will work to remind the person that there are lessons to be learned in all experiences, no matter how dark. 

    Those suffering from nervousness as a result of a lack of protection should keep a jet stone on their person at all times. This is a very helpful stone to gift someone who has recently experienced a tragic loss. 

    Black Tourmalinated Quartz

    One way to approach crystals for protection against negative energy is to remember that light has the ability to neutralize dark. Black tourmalinated quartz embodies this physically, and is a stone of quartz crystal with natural bouts of black tourmaline embedded within. 

    This is a great crystal to protect from negative energy because it combines the forces of light and dark. It amplifies light energy through the quartz, and absorbs the negative energy through the tourmaline, allowing for a restoration of balance. 

    In instances where negativity is causing an individual to think untrue statements such as “I’m not going to get that job”, or “I deserve to suffer”, these stones help to break through this limit in consciousness so that the positive opposites can flow into the thought patterns instead. A fantastic array of crystals for negativity!

    Crystals for Sleep Protection


    Moonstone is, in our opinion, the best crystal for protection during the hours of sleep. Moonstone is one of the strongest protection stones in this regard as it works closely with the energy of the moon. 

    In ancient times, moonstone was actually used as a sleeping stone, and became particularly instrumental to individuals suffering from psychic attacks that lead to insomnia. 

    Moonstone works with the energy of the new moon, which is all about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. This is the mindset needed for a protected sleep pattern. The reduction in emotional stress allows for the body and mind to receive sleep more easily. 


    If your sleep feels particularly under attack, there is likely something going on deep within your subconscious mind that you are not aware of whilst awake. 

    Keeping a piece of howlite next to your bed works directly with the mind as it sleeps, moving it from an overactive state to an under-active state. This forces one’s sleep to move into an actual place of restfulness, as opposed to the individual simply being unconscious. Anyone who has ever woken up more exhausted than when they went to bed will understand. 

    Muscular tension is often linked to restless sleep. You may not need protection after all, but simply relaxation of the entire body. Howlite has the ability to dispel muscular tension. 

    Stones for Protection from Evil

    Tiger’s Eye

    oval shaped yellow smooth stone close up view

    If you recall the late 90s film, Practical Magic, you may also recall Nicole Kidman in the lead role. There comes a scene in the film where she and her sister, Sandra Bullock, spot blood on the moon, and Kidman frantically rummages through her car to find her Tiger’s Eye pendant for protection. 

    Blood on the moon is reference to evil, and Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful protectors from such. This is a marbled stone of brown and gold, and may sometimes exhibit streaks of black. It looks like the fur of a tiger, which explains the name. 

    Tiger’s Eye brings luck, which is one of the opposites to the perception of evil. It doesn’t tolerate fear, and works to help the user meet life experience from a more stable and grounded state. 

    One doesn’t need a massive piece of Tiger’s Eye to reap the rewards; even a small stone embedded in a ring is sufficient for personal protection. To extend this protection into your space, display a bigger piece somewhere in your living room or kitchen. 


    Selenite is another one of our favorite crystals to protect from evil. It does this by working closely with the spirit world through the process of meditation. There is a deep sense of peace that comes with working with this stone for long periods of time. 

    If you feel there is evil that is targeting you, it is possible you may not be seeing the bigger picture. Selenite will help to make that picture visible to you, giving you a newfound perspective on your definition of “evil”. 

    Sometimes we are quick to judge that which we don’t understand. Selenite rejects judgement so that the truth can come to the surface. An instrumental tool in terms of protection. 

    Black Stones for Protection

    Black Tourmaline

    There are many, many black crystals for protection. Black tourmaline is one of the most abundant and easy to find, as there are many that are incredibly rare and thus more difficult to source within the market. 

    We recommend this stone for anyone who feels like they have the tendency to bring the stress of the external world into the home at the end of the day. If your daily life puts you in contact with compromised energies of other people, places and things, the tourmaline will help to diffuse them before they can attach to your aura and ride home with you. 

    If you’re concerned about certain individuals who have access to your home, you can also put a large piece of black tourmaline just inside of your front door. There will be a neutralizing effect over any negative energy that passes the stone, keeping your home protected from energetic attack. 

    Black Obsidian

    hand tossing black crystal rock ocean background

    It’s not always the obvious energies that work against our personal wellbeing. Sometimes psychic attacks find their way into our auric fields and we end up carrying around a lot of negative beliefs/traits that actually didn’t originate from our own beings. 

    Black obsidian is a protective stone that cleans out all of the accumulated smog that is essentially polluting your aura. The idea is that the stone uses its innate sharpness to ‘cut through’ the layers of accumulated waste that we pick up during the day to day. In physicality, a sharp piece of black obsidian is able to cut through hard matter including blades and arrows. 

    Because this stone is a powerful protector of the self, we recommend wearing it on the body whenever possible. 

    Smokey Quartz

    If you’re already feeling quite stable about where your energetic body is at, you’re likely seeking a stone with the ability to retain this existing state, and protect it from ever becoming compromised. 

    This is where smokey quartz is a powerful ally. These crystals keep energies in their purest, most optimum levels, warding off any external forces that seek to create an imbalance in the individual. You’ll find that a lot of psychic mediums, reiki practitioners and even shamans like to keep smokey quartz close to them at all times for the purpose of self protection from whatever their patients may be carrying. 

    Smokey quartz is also incredibly grounding. If you are seeking general protection because you sometimes find it difficult to keep your head out of the clouds, then this is a wonderful aid to bringing you back into this realm. 

    Psychic Protection Stones


    Not to be confused with spiritual attacks, harmful psychic energy is common in all beings on Earth; most just don’t know when it is happening. 

    Attacks on the psyche of an individual can lead to a deep sense of destabilization, often alongside depression or anxiety. Very few people are naturally equipped with the tools necessary to cope with a psychic attack on a metaphysical level. 

    Labradorite understands these forces, and acts as an infallible companion to the user, allowing them to meet these times of psychosis with great strength and less overwhelming feelings. 

    During these attacks, one’s aura can become compromised and even contaminated. If you’re carrying around an aura that has been contaminated, it can make everyday life feel much darker than it probably is. Labradorite works to nurture and protect the auric field, which helps us better manage any follow up attacks that may occur. 

    Aesthetically, this stone is gorgeous. Find a piece for your home, and one to wear as jewelry on your person!


    three pieces of purple crystal rock placed on a white surface

    Amethyst is one of the most abundant crystals to the Earth, and thus also one of the most affordable protection stones. 

    It’s a gentle healer, but powerful in effect. This is because it has the ability to work with the physical, mental and astral bodies in unison. There is great balance that comes with incorporating amethyst into your daily rituals. 

    One way of better protecting yourself in the physical world is to get in touch with the non-physical side of yourself. Amethyst can facilitate this new form of communication, amplifying intuition and purifying the third eye. 

    The result is a more multifaceted version of you, who may then see that any perceived threat in the physical world is merely something inherently meaningless to which you have been giving negative meaning. 

    Aqua Aura Quartz

    When we feel unprotected, there is a physical response that occurs deep within our respiratory tract that limits the amount of oxygen being delivered to different parts of the body. This causes that feeling of panic, which can eventually lead to an anxiety attack. 

    Aqua aura quartz is a stone that protects through the process of reminding the individual that they are safe. It relaxes the respiratory system, in turn easing the act of breathing and the distribution of oxygen. People who suffer from asthma, and seek protection from this kind of attack, find aqua aura quartz to be an invaluable companion. 

    On a metaphysical level, this stone is highly attuned to the more subtle bodies that we usually forget to give consideration to. It does the work, so you don’t have to. 


    We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life for protection, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of being. Also, if you are interested in reading more about crystals that can help with anxiety or depression, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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