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15 Best Crystals for Love (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal the top 15 crystals for love and romance. Whether you are looking for love, trying to repair a relationship, or looking to heal from a toxic breakup, we have you covered. Let's get started!


There’s no such thing as too much love. In fact, we’d attribute all recent negative phenomena in the world simply to a lack thereof, and encourage all with the foresight to acknowledge this to do their part in amplifying the core vibration of love. 

We’ll give you 15 crystals with the ability to do so in your personal life, public circles and the world at large. Read on!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How Can Crystals Help with Love and Romance?
  • How to Use Crystals for Love and Romance
  • 15 Best Crystals for Love and Romance
    • Rose Quartz for Love
    • Lapis Lazuli for Love
    • Green Aventurine for Love
    • Rhodochrosite for Love
    • Agate Moss for Love
    • Carnelian for Love
    • Moonstone for Love
    • Opal for Love
    • Garnet for Love
    • Malachite for Love
    • Emerald for Love
    • Ruby for Love
    • Pink Topaz for Love
    • Unakite for Love
    • Pyrite for Love

How Can Crystals Help with Love and Romance?

hands holding blue and white smooth stones and crystals black background

Human beings crave many things, but love is probably the one that trumps all. Because of our unconscious subscription to duality here on Earth, we like to equate love and romance to the opposites of things like loneliness, undesirability, unkindness etc. In order for the latter not to exist, we believe love and romance need to be present. 

The majority of human beings will dedicate their lives to attaining the ever illusive levels of love that give the feeling of companionship, safety and wholeness. Earth can be an incredibly lonely place to be, so it’s understandable that finding love and romance is an important component to most. 

So, what if there were a gemstone that could help expedite this process? Science is yet to give the time of day to crystals that claim to attract, amplify and repel certain types of energy with intent to optimize the wellbeing of the user. It’s metaphysics at best, but there are millions of people worldwide who seek out the use of these special stones, paying no mind to what science does or does not approve of. 

Crystals for love have been around for centuries. In fact, ancient civilizations used crystals as healing mechanisms in many areas of life, including physical healing of the body. A crystal has the potential to be a crucial companion in your search for love and, well, companionship!

All crystals, including love gemstones, occur naturally in the Earth when rocks and minerals are fuzed together by the natural elements. They store the energetic charge of the Earth within their compounds, meaning they hold a myriad of electromagnetic information.

This process gives each crystal a unique vibration that can actually be measured using wave-recognition machinery. These vibrations are always significantly higher than the natural vibration of most physical objects in the world, including human beings. 

Science may have avoided the notion of crystal healing up until now, but it’s unable to deny that higher vibrations have the ability to affect whatever matter they come into contact with. With the right machinery, it’s totally measurable — thus, science indirectly does acknowledge the power of crystals!

There are thousands of gemstones embedded within the Earth; so, there is a stone for whatever kind of love or romance it is that you are seeking to attract in life. Crystal for love attraction could be used to bring a new lover into your experience, to amplify your experience with an existing lover, to attract more love and tolerance into your workplace, or even to just help you with your own levels of self love. 

The Chakras

Once you select your love crystals and begin to work with them, the stones will begin to attune with your personal vibratory field. In doing so, they will be more effective in bringing about the results that you desire from them. It’s a complex relationship: one that requires you to meet the powers of the stone with an open mind and open heart — without which you’re likely to feel unsuccessful in your endeavor. 

Crystals work with Earth’s spectrum of light. They are able to both absorb and refract certain wavelengths of light that are expressed as individual colors. This same spectrum is found in the human body in what we know to be the chakras. These are energy centers, and they are responsible for elements of flow in both the body and everyday life. 

Crystals for love and romance work with the 4th energy center, known as the heart chakra. Where this chakra is located is self explanatory, and learning to work with the stones to open up this hub will be instrumental in your journey toward more love and romance. Life experience often causes the heart center to become blocked or closed as a form of self-protection, usually unconsciously. 

tiny pieces of purple raw crystal placed on wooden plate and white surface

How to Use Crystals for Love and Romance

One thing we like to make clear to all individuals who seek crystals as a form of healing, attraction or protection is that in many cases forms of treatment are often dependent on the patient believing in the treatment in question. This includes everything from Western medicine to metaphysical healing forms. Treatments where placebo patients have healed better than those consuming real medications is testament to this notion. The mind is a powerful thing!

Crystal healing is easy enough to dismiss as coincidence, but tapping into the potential of these love stones might be the best decision you ever make. 

How and when you use your stones for love will depend entirely on your lifestyle, and what form of integration is most convenient for you. Shortly, you’ll read about our favorite 15 stones for love and romance: those that we feel are most powerful for a multitude of reasons. As you go through the properties of each, take note of which ones ring some sort of truth within your psyche, and disregard those that feel “far fetched”. It’s different for everyone!

Once you’ve invested in the crystal or crystals of your choosing, you’ll need to begin the integration process. Most gems for love are pink, red or crimson in color, although there are some exceptions (such as stones for protective love, or crystals to repair a relationship). 

Love stones are working with attraction and amplification, for the most part. They are pulling that which you seek toward you, or amplifying the essence of love and romance so that you feel more of it at a soul level. With a love stone it helps to get clear on your intention; what is it that you are seeking exactly? 

Send this intention into your stone, and out into the world, so that the vibration has been set into motion. If your intention is for more love in general (in the world, in your home, in your workplace), you may find that investing in a larger chunk of crystal to display in your home or office does the trick. 

We find that the best way to work with crystals for self love is to simply hold them in the palm of your hand whilst meditating. You can also repeat this practice at any point during the day where you notice unkind, unloving thoughts coming into your head. Get your stone out of your handbag and cling to it for a few minutes, allowing the higher vibration to pacify your lower thoughts. 

A wonderful way of incorporating gemstones for love and marriage into your daily life is to actually submerge them in water. Yes, you read that correctly! By placing your crystal in the bottom of your water glass, all water that you drink will be charged with the energy of love and consequently delivered to all corners of your body. Crystal water bottles have become greatly popular in recent years as they are a convenient way of having crystals in action at all times of the day. 

Clean Your Crystals 

Though powerful, the best crystals for love remain some of the most gentle and absorbent stones on the planet. This makes them very susceptible to contamination of energies that might not be well intended or pure. The energies that your stones come into contact with will build in the body of the stone, and after long periods of use may render the stone ineffective. 

It’s very important that you take the time to regularly cleanse your love crystals so that they can continue to work in optimum vibration with you. As a general standard, once a month crystal cleansing is sufficient. You can clean your stones in any of the following ways:

  • On the night of the full moon, leave your stone outside in full view of the light rays. 
  • When a full moon is not accessible, bury your stone somewhere in the garden and leave it there for 24 hours. 
  • Collect water from the ocean or create a saltwater solution and submerge your crystal in it for 24 hours. Keep in mind that some stones dissolve in water, so double check the properties prior to using this method. 
  • Conduct a sound bath over your stones, and cleanse them with sage. 

    The intention is to always have your crystals at their most optimal vibrational standards so that they can work in full effect at all times. For this reason, try to avoid letting other people handle your stones (especially friends and children), as it will only contaminate the energy you have worked so hard to achieve. 

    15 Best Crystals for Love and Romance

    The following are our roundup of different crystals for finding love, crystals for faithfulness, and even some crystals to bring back a lover (it’s possible!). Healing crystals are so multifaceted; you’ll often find you get not what you actually wanted, but what you truly needed. 

    All newcomers to the crystal world need to bear in mind that not all crystals are abundant to the Earth. Some are scarce, making them difficult to find and thus difficult to mine. This drives up retail prices, which leads some people to avoid purchasing them. 

    Some manufacturers combat this by instead producing mock stones made of inauthentic materials such as dyed glass. They can sell these for next to nothing, because there has been no mining labor involved. This is an ever increasing problem in the gemstone industry. For some crystals, such as quartz, it can be impossible to distinguish between glass and the real thing. The takeaway is simple: always purchase crystals from a reputable source. 

    Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is one of the most abundant crystals to the Earth, making it one of the most affordable stones out there. This crystal is known as the stone of love, and is concerned with all things heart-centered and romantic. 

    pair of dangling earring placed on a pink raw crystal

    Because of its affordability, this is a great stone to invest in if you’re looking to construct a crystal grid for love in your home or workspace. A grid is created by placing a piece of the crystal in question in all corners of a home, or room environment. 

    Crystal love doesn’t get much more unconditional than rose quartz. It works to restore harmony in existing relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. This is one of a few stones that attract love and harmony in marriage. 

    Lapis Lazuli

    Ancient civilizations dating back 5000 years would dedicate Lapis Lazuli to the goddess of love, Venus. 

    It approaches the world of love from the avenue of communication, and, instead of working with the heart chakra, Lapis Lazuli works with the throat. This is one of the most powerful crystals for relationship problems, as it facilitates better communication for the purpose of healing and forward progression. 

    Honesty is a vital component to any loving relationship, be it with friends, family, or a romantic partner. Lapis Lazuli will bring your throat and heart chakra into balance with one another.

    Green Aventurine

    We tend to associate pink with the heart chakra, but the real wavelength representation is the color green.

    Green Aventurine is known as the soulmate crystal, as it is concerned with all sorts of chance encounters. The name itself is derived from the Italian term "a ventura" which literally translates to "by chance”. 

    Finding your soulmate is a chance encounter if we ever did see one. Of all the people in the world, you find yourself in the same place at the same time, and the rest tends to become history. 

    Negativity is no match for aventurine; this stone has no time for low vibrational thoughts of self doubt, despair or disbelief in the prospect of love. Use it to reset your thought patterns that may be contributing to keeping you out of touch with your future lover. 


    Sometimes we blame the world for our problems, when really it's been us creating our own downward spirals all along. In fact, this is almost always the case, as we are responsible for the creation of our realities, and this includes the reality of our love lives. 

    many pieces of pink smooth stone beads close up view


    Rhodochrosite is a cheery stone with a magnetic energy. It seeks to stimulate natural love and passion by dissolving depression and like tendencies that keep us in negative states. This is one of the best stones for marriage for individuals who feel like that ‘spark’ has become lost over the years. 

    Agate Moss

    This is a particularly understated stone: one that we feel is often overlooked as it is not considered conventionally desirable when held up against the aesthetic standards we tend to expect from crystals. 

    In reality, there may be no better stone for love and romance than agate moss. The green element of the crystal makes it extremely compatible with the heart chakra. More importantly, this is a stone of new beginnings. 

    We don’t know of a single person who has not needed a second chance, or fresh start, at some point in their lives. Particularly when it comes to love. Agate moss will facilitate this process, making way for a whole new vibration to enter your field. 

    In the process, agate moss also improves self esteem. This is vital to anyone who has recently endured a heartbreak and has spent time questioning their worthiness. 


    Another of the powerful marriage stones, carnelian works on restoring stability. 

    When a relationship has become particularly unstable, long term problems are imminent. This is not limited to marriage, and it could be the case in friendships or even in relationships with your children. 

    Abuse is one form of instability in relationships, and carnelian is a stone that can help one overcome the experience and consequential trauma following said encounters. It restores trust in oneself, and it also provides the courage to find a way of dealing with your feelings and moving forward. 


    Overreaction is the root of all evil… or, maybe not, but it’s definitely the cause of a lot of evil and unnecessary complications in daily life. 

    Moonstone has the ability to stabilize human reactions. It works with the light of the moon, which is a feminine energy. That energy is known for being fair, nurturing and balanced. If these are three elements you could use more of in your personal relationships, then moonstone could become your best friend. 

    Intuition is an important component when looking to formulate any prospective connections. Moonstone enhances intuition in the user, helping them to make better choices in their quest for love. 


    hand placed on another hand showcasing rings on their fingers

    If you struggle to formulate new connections or indulge in relationships, it’s likely that you aren’t fully aware of your emotions and thus retain a multitude of inhibitions. This can repel even your most ideal partner, as there is a constant sense of a sort of wall between the two of you. 

    Opal works to break down these self-inflicted barriers. It eradicates inhibitions and intensifies emotions, so that the user is more certain in what it is they are wanting and needing. 

    Opal is also the stone of freedom and independence. Dependence is a one way ticket to a failed relationship, so it is key to put effort into this never becoming a problem. 

    If you feel a sense of stagnation in the bedroom, opal is a highly creative stone that can stimulate fun and adventure in the sexuality department. 


    Sexual unbalance is a problem for a lot of people, particularly those in long term relationships. When this happens, garnet stones can facilitate the rebalancing of the sex drive, and in turn stabilize any emotional disharmony that came as a result of the unbalance. 

    Garnet is a stone of immense passion. It wants this to be prevalent in all areas of one’s life, because passion is the surest way of achieving success no matter the context. 

    This is another stone that can be an ally to those experiencing emotional, verbal or physical abuse in a relationship. It brings courage and clarity as to ways of moving forward, whilst also providing a certain level of protection for the user. 


    green cube smooth stone linear pattern white background

    Another green stone with a connection to the heart, malachite is a crystal for the creation of healthy boundaries and the benefits that come with it.

    Often people are unable to either formulate healthy relationships, or maintain existing relationships, due to a major lack of boundaries within the relationship dynamic. Feeling unable to express your wants, needs and expectations in a constructive way can lead to a slow decay of love, sex and romance. 

    Malachite is a wonderful stone for anyone wanting to approach love and romance from a healthier perspective. This is also a great crystal for those who want to make a connection with the type of love that comes from the spirit world. 


    Emeralds are hard to find, and consequently very expensive. Bringing one into your life, however, is said to bring about unfathomable domestic bliss to both the wearer and those with whom they share life. 

    It’s the stone of loyalty, commitment and unconditional love. This is not limited to romantic partners, and many people see great transformation in their friendships as a result of the stone. 

    Emerald is a vibrant green stone that works on the heart chakra. It is believed to physically repair the damage done by what we know to be a “broken heart”. Believe it or not, there can be harm on a cellular level and emeralds know how to bring healing where it is most needed. 


    If your love is something you seek to protect, then ruby can help you do so. It is an immensely compassionate stone that has an effect on partners, the home, physical possessions and family. 

    Rubies stimulate the heart in ways that other crystals simply cannot. Their vibrations are so heightened that the energy moving into and out of the heart center becomes faster and faster, for the greater benefit of the individual. You’ll be far less likely to sweat the small stuff, and find that forgiveness becomes almost second nature, even in the most tragic of circumstances. 

    Pink Topaz

    Pink topaz is a unique stone. It is rare, and thus you’ll need to splurge if you want to work with its particular crystal properties. 

    If you’re serious about your newfound quest for love, then the cost of pink topaz should not become a deterrent. This is a powerful stone, charged by the energy of the sun but simultaneously working closely with the lunar cycles. 

    Pink topaz is romantic, sensual and tantric. Tantric energy has been known as vital life force energy for centuries by Eastern cultures, and we are only now beginning to acknowledge its importance in the West. 


    Not everyone struggles with the flow of sexual energy; for some, it’s the emotions that are of far greater importance. 

    Unakite works on the emotional body, and the ways in which it affects our experiences of love. Sometimes contamination of this particular energetic body is the reason why love feels lacking, or why romance seems absolutely unattainable or unimaginable. 

    We are all deserving of love, including the most misguided and destructive of us. Unakite doesn’t discriminate and is unconditional in its approach to bring balance back into the emotions so that the user in question is able to enjoy the rewards of wholesome, loving experiences. 

    Unakite is one of the most powerful natural healers of the body and mind complex. Love and romance are merely a happy side-effect of working with this crystal; the real benefit comes in the form of a radical transformation in multiple areas of one’s life. 


    Not all love manifests in a safe and nonthreatening way. There are some who actually need protection from certain forms of love and romance that may be present in their lives. 

    pieces of silvers raw rocks and purple prism crystal beside

    Pyrite is a highly protective stone of love, and it understands that relationships can be complicated even though love is supposedly present. Perhaps you are going through the motions of desiring a lost lover’s return; pyrite will guide you through this process in a healthy way, keeping your best interests in mind when you perhaps aren’t able to do so. 

    In addition to this, pyrite is a shield against negative energy, including elements in one’s external environment that may be leading to pollution of the heart. Radiation is an example of this. 

    Pyrite is sometimes referred to as “fool’s gold”, for reference. 


    We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life for protection, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of being. Also, if you are interested in reading more about crystals and how they can help with anxiety, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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