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Crystal Water Bottles: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crystal water bottles, including whether they work, the different types, and the best kinds. Let's dive in!


In an age where we have to remember to charge our smartphones, watches, smoking devices, and even toothbrushes, it comes as no surprise that people have started charging their drinking water, too. Charging it with the power of Earth derived crystals, that is. Intrigued? 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What are Crystal Water Bottles?
    • Do Crystal Water Bottles Work?
  • Types of Crystal Water Bottles
    • Gemstone Water Bottle
    • Rose Quartz Water Bottle
    • Amethyst Water Bottle
    • Obsidian Water Bottle
  • Benefits of Crystal Water Bottles
    • General Benefits
    • Amethyst Infused Water Benefits
    • Quartz Crystal Water Benefits
  • Best Crystal Water Bottle
    • Vitajuwel
    • Soji Water Bottle
    • Glacce Water Bottle
    • Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle
    • Crystal Elixir Water Bottle
  • DIY Crystal Water Bottle
    • Non Toxic Crystals to Use 
    • Crystals Not to Put in Water
    • How to Make Crystal Water
  • How to Clean Your Crystal Water Bottle
  • Can You Leave a Crystal Water Bottle in the Sun?

    What are Crystal Water Bottles?

    These trendy devices hit the mainstream media sometime during 2018, and the industry took off. Crystal water bottles are like everyday water bottles, except for the fact that there are healing crystals fitted into the base of the device. 

    What we mean by this is that the water bottles have crystals such as amethyst or quartz at the base of the bottle or running through the core of the bottle, allowing the drinking water to fill the space around them and, in the process, become energetically charged by the crystals themselves. 

    woman's bottom half hand holding clear bottle with a crystal rock inside beside another one containing black crystal

    Charging water with healing crystals is an ancient practice. There is evidence to suggest that civilizations as early as the Mayans used crystals to purify their water supplies. In addition, Native Americans have, for centuries, used crystals for an array of reasons, including to bring energetic balance into substances that they believed were lacking in balance. 

    Do Crystal Water Bottles Work?

    In Western society there remains much debate as to whether or not crystal water bottles hold real benefit, or are simply a way for wellness brands to make a quick buck. Science has dedicated little to no time to studying if crystal water bottles actually work, so we are left with public opinion and personal experience. 

    If we deconstruct the science of crystals and gemstones in general, it would seem logical that a crystal water bottle does at least some of what it is claimed they can do. For example, water found in natural underground springs around the world contains high mineral density due to weeks and months of said water passing over rocks and sand charged with the minerals of the Earth. The human body needs these minerals to survive and thrive, and the fact that we can get all of them from untouched, untreated water that simply came into contact with a rock is astounding. 

    Similarly, crystals are what happens when different types of liquid rock cools. Because they are embedded deep within the Earth, many believe them to be charged with the vibrations of the source  and capable of having immense healing powers when used correctly. 

    Crystal healing therapy has been around for thousands of years, and there are people who swear by its results. If the notion of crystal healing therapy is accurate, then it may be that submerging a crystal into one’s drinking water would allow the water to become charged with the vibrations of the crystals, and for those properties to be carried throughout the body once the water is consumed. 

    Despite the lack of research, there are mass communities of people across the East and West who report significant changes to their overall health and wellbeing starting from when they began using a water bottle with crystal. 

    Types of Crystal Water Bottles

    It didn’t take long for just about every health and wellness brand to hop on the gem water bottles production train. Having water bottles with crystals at the head of your yoga mat, or next to your spinning bicycle, almost became a subtle announcement to the world that “I care about my body, mind, and spirit, okay?” 

    There are certain crystals that are not recommended to be submerged into drinking water, and these are usually avoided by reputable brands. There are a few notable crystals that are used most often, and we’ll list these shortly. 

    Before we do, know that there are two main ways for brands to implant their crystals into the bottles in question. The most popular type you’ll find are the units where the crystals are housed in a long, thin dome-like structure in the bottom of the bottle. This dome becomes like a protective casing for the crystals, meaning they are never in direct contact with the water. It is believed by some that this is the most hygienic way of infusing water with crystals. 

    Other types of healing crystal water bottles don’t seal off their crystals from touching the water. The crystals are stuck to the base of the bottle, and shoot up through the center of the unit, leaving space for water to flow all around them. These crystals make direct contact with the water and some believe these are more effective in transferring the healing properties across. 

    Gemstone Water Bottle

    clear bottle containing clear crystal being held by a woman close to her chest

    Gem water that has been infused by an array of crystals seems like it would be the most beneficial, right? 

    Bottles that have opted for the enclosed crystal feature have the option of filling the dome-space with more than one crystal. An array of gemstones, cut to suitable sizes, can be put into the dome and work to infuse the water without ever posing a threat of being swallowed. 

    Since different crystals offer different properties, gemstone water will take something from each different crystal present in the base of the bottle. There are also some crystals that leech micro toxins when submerged into water, so having the enclosed dome means that water gemstones not often included can now be used more safely. 

    If you’re considering infusing your own water with crystals, we recommend first looking up a comprehensive list of safe crystals for elixirs. 

    Rose Quartz Water Bottle

    Rose quartz is known as the stone of love. This includes love of self, love of the external world, and love of other individuals residing within it. People looking to invite more love into their lives will incorporate rose quartz into their lives and homes. They might wear a rose quartz pendant around their necks, or sit raw chunks of the crystal in the corners of their homes. 

    To identify a rose quartz water bottle, look for those in a gentle pink hue. Rose quartz is naturally pink and easy to distinguish amongst other forms of quartz crystal. 

    Amethyst Water Bottle

    Amethyst is the most widely used crystal in the world. It is known for its pronounced purple facade, and usually mottled formation. Amethyst can appear as a solid, pale purple crystal, or it can house ten different shades of purple, some as dark as black, all within one small slice. 

    The different formations of amethyst have nothing to do with the ability of the stone itself. A pale, almost clear form of amethyst is no less powerful that amethyst so dark the purple becomes questionable. 

    woman carrying bouquet of flowers and clear black crystal bottle

    Obsidian Water Bottle

    Then again, no purple is questionable when placed next to the jet black stone that is obsidian. 

    Crystal experts believe that the darker Earth stones tend to be those with highly protective properties. They are there to absorb negative energy that may be seeking the user, instead of allowing it to hit them head on. 

    Black obsidian stretching through the center of your water bottle is quite the bold sight and statement. It looks a lot like a generous chunk of activated charcoal, and some believe that in many ways it offers some of the same benefits. 

    Benefits of Crystal Water Bottles

    General Benefits 

    If the beliefs of some health practitioners as described above are accurate, then the individual properties of each of Earth’s crystals can be delivered to the bottle user via daily drinking water. 

    Some health practitioners believe that when used properly crystals can relieve everything from stress and pain to insomnia. Given the opportunity, some believe that using crystals in water bottles will make the water a more beneficial substance to be absorbed into the human body.  

    Some also believe that crystal water bottles can support better health and immune systems. Some users have reported improvements in problematic skin after long term use, and some boast sustainable peace of mind that was seemingly unattainable prior to using the crystal infused water. 

    Science might be on the fence when it comes to these devices, but one thing it’s never been in question about (at least in modern times) is the nature of energy. We know, and the First Law of Thermodynamics reflects, that everything is made of energy, and that energy can never be created nor destroyed, it can simply be transformed. 

    Crystals are energetic things, as is all water on Earth. For this reason, many believe that some sort of energetic transferral or transformation takes place when these things are brought into direct contact with one another. 

    Amethyst Infused Water Benefits

    If your eye ever catches the purple hue of someone’s jewelry, it is likely that individual is wearing amethyst. Amethyst is one of the favored crystals by humans, oftentimes being referred to as the stone that turns skeptics into believers. 

    Amethyst is the stone of serenity, calmness and balance. It is the crystal that works to bring the mind into alignment with the spirit, promoting critical thinking and productivity under pressure (including in decision making). 

    Some believe that amethyst water is a beneficial substance to anyone who is moving between home, work, the gym, and any other routine-oriented environment. It works to keep the individual motivated and in good clarity of mind, so that mood swings and anxiety don’t have a chance to interfere and send a spanner into the works. 

    With this crystal, life is believed to become more smooth sailing and less heavy. Amethyst water has been known to relieve headaches and release tension. Also note that some long term drinkers of amethyst infused water report improvement in their hormone imbalances, which is a great benefit to keep in mind if you struggle with thyroid disfunction. 

    Quartz Crystal Water Benefits 

    woman standing by a roadside carrying a clear white crystal bottle with flowers inside

    Quartz is one of the most resonant and powerful crystals, and most people find them very easy to work with. There is evidence of extensive use of the various types of quartz crystals throughout history, ranging from the Ancient Egyptians to the Ancient Sumerians. 

    The most popular forms of quartz crystal used in water bottles are clear/white quartz and rose quartz. 

    As we know, rose quartz is the stone of love, but infusing water with rose quartz has been reported to have helped people through times of high stress and trauma. People attribute rose quartz water to better sleep and help with insomnia. 

    Some practitioners believe that people with circulation problems can drink rose quartz infused water to move the blood and prevent thrombosis. Other benefits are believed to include an overall youthful glow in the skin of the body and face, and some long term users of rose quartz water bottles believe that the water reduces wrinkles. 

    Clear quartz is known as the powerful healer; some believe that it can be used to treat just about any condition that brings about a lot of pain in the body. 

    Quartz is believed to work on the auric field of the body. In the process, it is believed to produce naturally positive affirmations that find their way into the psyche of the user, and as a result offer a daily increase in vibration.

    This can only be beneficial if one considers the law of attraction, and how like-vibrations attract more like-vibrations and vice versa. According to this line of thinking, a frequent drinker of quartz infused water will become balanced and elevated by each passing day, bringing positive changes to their internal and external worlds slowly but surely.

    Some businessmen have even stated that drinking water infused by quartz in the office has helped them become better with words and more clear in their work roles. 

    Obsidian Water Benefits 

    Black obsidian is the stone of confidence and truth, and black obsidian water is believed to be the right water for anybody who is struggling to keep the faith. 

    When things outside of yourself feel uncertain, flimsy, or unreliable, drinking obsidian water can help to bring a sense of security and put things back into balance. Those suffering with what feels like chronic fatigue and headaches have also found great benefit in this form of obsidian infused water, perhaps due to the belief of some in obsidian’s ability to absorb and release tension.

    Best Crystal Water Bottle

    Why is quality so important when it comes to a crystal infused water bottle? Well, water bottles are precarious objects when you consider that they pose the risk of housing an incredible amount of harmful bacteria when not cleaned properly. 

    Inserting crystals and crystal-filled domes into an already compact area gives water-borne bacteria more options for places to live and grow. A poorly made crystal bottle might have cracks and crevices that went unconsidered and unnoticed during the production process, resulting in a water bottle that is a potential breeding ground as these cracks are almost impossible to clean inside of. 

    More than this, brands looking to make a quick buck on a market trend can use mock crystals instead of real ones, saving them money and maximizing profits. Mock crystals are easy enough to make if you know how to manipulate and dye glass, as some manufacturers in Asia commonly do. The following are some of the more trusted brands.


    Vitajuwel clear crystal bottle black lid and bluish crystal and water inside

    Vitajuwel was one of the first brands to offer the world quality crystal water-holding products. Their range has since expanded, and they now offer many different vessels through which one can infuse their water with crystal properties. 

    Their products have been so well received, in fact, that they have just released a special hand sanitizer dispenser with crystals housed in the base. 

    Vitajuwel’s water bottles (and all of their products for that matter) are made of glass. They are also adamant about keeping crystals compartmentalized away from direct contact with the water itself, claiming that this is a worry-free solution that prevents bacterial growth. 

    Within their range there are close to 10 different crystal compounds to choose from. To make things even more accessible, they have recently added a customizable bottle whereby the user can swap crystals in and out depending on their needs. 

    Soji Water Bottle

    Soji Water Bottle beside two varying sizes of clear spheres

    Soji’s stock of water bottles are often sold out, which is testament to these quality-made units. 

    Made with BPA free glass, a Soji crystal water bottle is the go-to for those crystal lovers who want the stones up close and personal with their water source. Instead of sealing off small chunks of crystals in inner domes, Soji have cut their crystals into generously sized wands that stretch out through the center of the bottle.

    Soji claims to only use crystals safe for water. Their range of rose quartz, amethyst and obsidian have been favorites for years, but they are also one of the only brands offering the extremely alluring opalite stone as a bottle option.   

    Glacce Water Bottle

    Glacce Water Bottle with pink quartz crystal inside

    If you’ve got some money to splurge on a luxury water bottle backed by a leading brand, then Glacce deserves a few moments of your time. 

    Glacce is backed by everyone from Goop to Vogue. Their chic crystal glass bottle has become the ultimate sidekick for the yoga moms and wellness driven individuals across the Western world. 

    What is fabulous about these devices is that the crystal wands are interchangeable, and, by simply twisting off the base of the glass, you can switch between rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, smokey quartz and black obsidian. It’s become the ‘in thing’ to collect all of the crystals and swap them out depending on what trials and tribulations life throws at you. 

    Glacce took it a step further, and released a range of reusable glass straws that have crystals embedded in the base. Whilst drinking, the water is pulled up and through the crystal before reaching the mouth, which allows (Glacce believes) the healing molecules to hitch a ride along the way — genius!

    Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle

    Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle beside black casing bag of stones and filter

    In need of a basic yet effective healing crystal water bottle? Look to Phoenix. 

    We’ve always had great respect for this brand and their unwavering passion for bringing the truths about crystal healing to the public. It’s rare to find brands who believe in their products and mission as much as this one, so we take notice of what they have to offer in terms of product. 

    These, too, are glass water bottles. The crystals are kept in a separate compartment in the base, and the brand only works with amethyst and rose quartz. The stones can be combined or used individually, depending on the preference of the user.  

    Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

    Any water bottle featuring an embedded crystal is a way of producing crystal elixirs. Do crystal elixirs work? This is for you to try and determine for yourself. 

    As we await further study by scientific institutions, our best bet is to simply feel the truth in ourselves and act accordingly. If you’re considering the purchase of a crystal water bottle, this likely isn’t your first encounter with crystals. If you’ve used crystal jewelry before, or even a crystal singing bowl, you’re probably already sold on the device. 

    Possibly you’ve also inserted crystals of your own into certain water sources with the intention of purifying the water or charging it with the energy of your crystals. Rest assured that ancient civilizations were not reliant on online shopping to provide vessels in which crystal elixirs could be made. They made their own, and this begs the question: can you make crystal elixirs from scratch? 

    DIY Crystal Water Bottle

    Big brands would recommend against it, but the truth is that one can very easily make a DIY crystal water bottle at home. The reason for this is that big brands want you to purchase their products and, when all things are considered, the combination of a healing crystal and an empty glass bottle are relatively inexpensive when sold separately. 

    It’s the manufacturing process that fuzes them together that makes way for these devices to be sold at the prices that they are. Most crystal water bottles come in at around $100 a piece, but there are even bottles retailing at upward of $500, especially those which include diamonds. 

    If you know what crystals to look for, creating your own crystal elixir at home is something that can be done without much expense. Use these steps to make crystal infused water safely:

    Non Toxic Crystals to Use

    We mentioned that there are some crystal formations that can leach micro minerals when they come into contact with water. While some of these minerals can be beneficial to the human body, there are others that aren’t. 

    As a general rule, one should always use non toxic crystals when infusing water. The most reliable and beneficial stones include the following:

      • rose quartz
      • amethyst
      • obsidian
      • citrine 
      • smokey quartz
      • clear quartz
      • opalite 
      • onyx
      • white quartz

    All of the above crystals work well with the natural vibrations of the human body. There is great benefit in using any of these in your water on a daily basis, and there is little risk of contamination provided that the first time you submerge the crystal it has been thoroughly cleansed and sanitized in advance. 

    When purchasing loose crystals to use to charge water at home, be sure to get them from a reputable source. Fake crystals have saturated the market worldwide, and it is very difficult to tell the difference between an authentic stone and a glass knock-off. 

    Alternatively, some believe that a special crystal pendulum can be used to detect the presence of inauthentic stones. 

    Crystals Not to Put in Water

    While some crystals leach toxic compounds into water, there are also those that totally disintegrate when wet!

    Crystals not to use in water due to their ability to dissolve include:

      • amber
      • turquoise
      • red coral
      • fire opal
      • moonstone
      • calcite
      • kyanite
      • kunzite
      • angelite
      • azurite
      • selenite 

    When in doubt, remember that if a crystal ends in the letters ‘ite’, it probably isn’t suitable for submersion in water. 

    In addition, tigers eye and lapis lazuli are crystals that will leech certain amounts of copper into water when left long enough. This can be harmful to the drinker, as too much copper can pose potential health risks to human beings. Lapis lazuli (as well as cinnabar) contains a significant amount of sulphur, which can be harmful when ingested

    How to Make Crystal Water

    clear mug containing water and pink quartz crystal prism

    To make your own crystal water, choose a container or glass that you intend to drink out of on a regular basis. This might be a plastic water bottle you already own, or a glass one you choose to invest in for this purpose. Some people opt out of bottles entirely, and make use of an oversized glass that can fit a crystal in the bottom, such as a beer mug. 

    Next, choose your crystal. Do research and figure out which stone calls to the needs of your soul most significantly; this is the crystal for you. 

    Once you isolate the crystal of your choosing, double check that it qualifies as a water-friendly, non-toxic crystal. Then, find a piece to purchase. 

    Your water crystal doesn’t need to be massive. For example, if you’d like a natural quartz water bottle, you’ll need a chunk of quartz that can make it through the neck of the bottle quite easily. You’ll want it to be easy to insert, and easy to remove for cleaning purposes. 

    If you’re charging water with crystals in something with a bigger neck, such as a mug or a 5 liter water canister, then the crystal you choose can be much bigger inside. 

    The most important thing when it comes to making crystal water is to make sure you clean the crystal. If you’ve picked the stone up from a physical store, or through an online platform, you can’t know what kind of bacteria the crystal has come into contact with prior to being purchased by you. 

    In stores, crystals are picked up and touched by dozens of people daily, all of them leaving behind their finger germs in the process. This is not something you want to swallow and digest, so proper cleaning of your crystal with soap and water, prior to submersion, is essential. 

    You might notice that your water adopts a sweeter undertone after coming into contact with the crystal in question. This is normal, and due to changes taking place on a molecular level. 

    As with store-bought crystal water bottles, you should take the time to cleanse your submerged crystal at least once a month. Salt water is a great way of cleaning the crystal every few weeks,as it helps prevent bacteria from becoming lodged in any natural crevices. Polished crystals do not typically have this risk. 

    How to Clean Your Crystal Water Bottle

    If your gem water bottle has the ability to be deconstructed (as some do), always do so when giving your bottle a clean. 

    It seems unnecessary to most people that a water bottle would require frequent cleaning, since water itself is used to clean other things! However, water bottles are a breeding ground for aquatic bacteria, and a compact environment makes for the perfect ecosystem, especially if you leave your bottle in the sun or heat of the car. 

    There is another side to cleaning a crystal water bottle that serious users need to know about. In particular, some health practitioners believe that in order to retain  the healing properties of crystals the crystals themselves must be cleansed energetically in addition to physically.

    In particular, some proponents believe that crystals are most easily cleansed by either being smudged with sage or frankincense, or by leaving them under the moonlight overnight. Alternatively, some believe that you can fill your bottle with salt water and let it sit for at least 8 hours. Some believe that the salt will absorb all negative or questionable energies that may have been lingering on the crystal before it came into your possession. 

    When using crystals, it is important for the user to calibrate their energy to the optimum energetic vibration of the crystal themselves. When you receive your new crystal water bottle, it is advised that one do a proper cleansing of the bottle to allow for optimum use thereafter. 

    Can You Leave a Crystal Water Bottle in the Sun?

    This is a common question found on crystal water bottle forums. Crystals are a part of the Earth, and therefore many believe that they thrive by both the energy of the sun and the moon. From a scientific perspective, there is no harm in leaving crystals out in the sun whilst they are infusing water. 

    However, harm can arise when said crystals are housed in plastic water bottles, instead of glass bottles. Plastic is not a substance that should come into contact with the sun whilst water is contained within. Plastic, when heated, risks leaching harmful chemicals known as BPA into the water source.

    BPA chemicals have been linked to different forms of cancer in women, as well as infertility. If you think that your water bottle might spend a lot of time in the sunlight, you’ll want to consider investing in a glass bottle. 


    We hope you have enjoyed this comprehensive guide to crystal water bottles! If you are interested in learning more about the way that crystals can be used to support health and wellness, check out this unique crystal necklace which is designed to help you achieve mindful breathing.

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