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Jade Rollers and Other Facial Rollers: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this article, we reveal everything you need to know about jade rollers and other facial rollers, including whether they work, their benefits and how to use them. Let's get started!


Should you, or should you not, be rolling jade over your face? Put it this way: we’ve been into facial rollers since before they became a trend. That’s not to brag; we simply feel well equipped on the subject and ready to shed some light on the subject for those who feel ready to roll — literally. Here’s everything we know thus far; the good, the bad, and the downright bizarre. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What are Facial Rollers?
  • Do Facial Rollers Work?
  • Jade Rollers
    • Do Jade Rollers Work?
    • Jade Roller Benefits
    • Jade Roller Before and After
    • How to Use A Jade Roller / Jade Roller Instructions
    • How to Clean Jade Roller
    • Best Jade Roller
  • Rose Quartz Roller
    • Jade vs Rose Quartz Roller
    • Rose Quartz Roller Benefits
    • Best Rose Quartz Roller
  • Amethyst Roller
    • Amethyst Roller vs Jade Roller
    • Amethyst Roller Benefits
    • Best Amethyst Roller
  • Opal Face Roller
    • Opal Face Roller Benefits
    • Best Opal Face Roller

What are Facial Rollers?

You’d be forgiven for momentarily mistaking one of these devices as some sort of ‘new age’ razor. Facial rollers are shaped like everyday shaving tools, only in place of the blades there is a polished chunk of crystal. 

These rollers are used over the skin of the face, neck and (for some) décolleté. They are quickly finding their place in the daily skincare rituals of people around the world, and this is attributed in part to their numerous claimed benefits. 

The act of rolling the human face using crystals can be historically traced back to as early as Ancient China. There is evidence to suggest that the elites of the Qing dynasty made use of polished stones during their beauty routines. This practice quickly spread through Asia into the Middle East, where face massage using rollers remains common practice. 

five jade rollers with different colors placed on a leather surface

Types of Facial Rollers

Not all crystals are suitable for use as rolling devices. The most ideal crystals are those that are not very porous, meaning they are less inclined to harbor bacteria in their cracks. This is vital, as we know how easily bacteria can embed itself into the pores of the face and cause widespread destruction (acne, inflammation, rashes, infection). 

The soft green stone known as jade was the original form of crystal used by the dynasty royals. They had access to mass amounts of naturally occurring jade, mined from the landscape. Of course, they weren’t using creatively crafted rolling devices as we do today; the Ancient Chinese polished their jade into egg-shaped balls which could be easily rolled over the skin. 

As facial rolling gained in popularity, so too did the exploration of alternative stones. Rose quartz is another non-porous stone and proved to work almost on par with its jade counterparts. Amethyst and black obsidian followed suit, and are similarly common in rolling devices today. At a certain stage, metals were used in place of the crystals, as they offered similar textures and temperatures. There are still some brands manufacturing these, though they are not as popular. 

Today’s facial rollers usually have a stone on either side of the handle. On one end, there is typically a larger sized stone for the rolling of the cheeks, forehead, jaw and neck. On the other end, there is typically a smaller stone for more intimate regions, including underneath the eyes, the upper lip, and the bridge of the nose. 

What Does A Jade Roller Do?

The effects of facial rolling manifest differently in each individual. What we can tell you is what jade rollers (and other variations) claim to offer the user. 

Jade rolling can be likened to a form of facial massage. The roller works to stimulate the lymphatic system of the face, neck and chest, by gently applying pressure over areas where a build up of lymph fluid is prevalent. 

By aiding in the movement of the lymph fluid and facilitating the flow of toxins out of the body, the muscles of the face experience relief from tension, puffiness subsides, and blood flow is promoted to the point of the face exuding a natural glow. It is widely believed that the process of draining excess fluids from the face will eventually lead to more toned, lifted skin. 

Do Facial Rollers Work?

It needs to be said that jade rollers are only just starting to become recognized as potentially viable solutions to actual dermatological issues. The Western medical industry has for a long time regarded them as a type of pseudoscience, brushing off the opinions of existing users. 

Today, you’re actually likely to have a jade facial roller recommenced to you by certain board-certified dermatologists who have spent some time investigating the effects. 

Those that back the technology maintain that anyone seeking to understand how and why a face roller might work simply needs to gain a better understanding of the lymphatic system in general. 

Humans have lymph channels all through the body. These systems push and pull our cells from one place to the next, and are responsible for delivering healthy immune cells to places of infections so that we can heal. If a certain part of your body is battling with infection, inflammation, cysts, and even disease, then it is a sure sign that the lymph nodes responsible for that area have become blocked or defective. 

A build up of toxin-filled fluid underneath the skin of the face is a form of defective lymph activity. A non-invasive way of unblocking and re-stimulating this system is through massage. In truth, one doesn’t need a formal face roller to achieve this; the fingers work just fine! But self-massaging your face everyday can become monotonous, and sometimes strenuous. This is why face rollers have become such sought after companions. 

So, stimulate the lymph movement in your face, and watch the puffiness drain out and the natural glow pour in. Sounds super logical, right?

What rollers offer that fingers can’t is a natural born ‘coolness’. We don’t mean in demeanor, but temperature: rollers are generally physically cool to the touch. Stones such as jade and quartz retain almost no heat and they are cold to the touch at the best of times, which works to increase circulation in all layers of the facial skin. 

Likewise, rollers made with crystal can be heated up and rolled over face masks, causing the pores to open up and better receive the ingredients that the mask is trying to provide. As the stone cools, the mask can be removed and the now cold jade face roller can be re-rolled over the surface of the face to close up the pores, sealing in the benefits. 

Do jade rollers really work? Those that use them seem to feel so. And the fact that this industry has only gained in momentum is, to us, a promising sign that consumers must be getting something positive out of it. What we know for sure is that, within our own community, there are simply those who roll, and those who intend to. 

Jade Rollers

Identifiable by their textured green facades, jade rollers are the most common and the most ancient in origin. 

Jade occurs in two genuine forms: nephrite and jadeite. To the eye of the average person, the compounds and properties of this stone are vastly the same, which is why they can be sold off under the umbrella name of ‘jade’. 

On a molecular level, nephrite is actually much softer than jadeite, making it a technically less precious stone. This characteristic makes nephrite less valuable, and thus better for manufacturers to use in maximizing profits during production. Most jade rollers sold today will be made from nephrite unless otherwise stated.

hand holding green jade roller and gua sha below top view

Interestingly, genuine jadeite doesn’t always appear in the green hue that we associate with it. This is indeed its most common form, but jadeite also occurs in black, brown, white, violet, pink and red. Sometimes these colors become marbled into one another, creating a kind of tie dye looking stone. 

Do Jade Rollers Work?

Most health and beauty practitioners believe that jade rollers work so long as they are made of authentic materials. The global crystal industry has become a precarious one to navigate, particularly when it comes to trending devices that require mass production such as crystal jewelry, crystal singing bowls, and even crystal water bottles

Suppliers looking to make a quick buck sell off ‘mock rocks’: fake crystals made from dyed glass that is treated with polymers to appear glossy. This is not something you want to roll across your face each morning. 

A real jade roller will be made from either nephrite or jadeite. It will offer its naturally cooling properties to the user, and work, slowly but surely, to move the lymph fluid build-up beneath the surface of the skin. 

If you suspect that you might be the proud owner of a less than genuine jade roller, there are a few things you can do to sniff out a fake. Firstly, truth always recognizes truth, so therefore jade recognizes jade. Take a regular piece of jade crystal and tap it against the stone attached to your roller. It should sound like glass hitting glass; if it sounds like plastic, it is likely your rolling jade is not real crystal. 

Alternatively, closely examine your jade in some good light. If there is even the smallest formation of an air bubble within the stone, then it is glass, not jade. You can also take a knife or the head of a pin and attempt to scratch the stone; glass will form a mark, but genuine jade won’t. 

Jade Roller Benefits

What we love most about this “pseudoscience” is that there are two ironic and distinct branches within it: the medical and the metaphysical. 

On a tangible, medically recognized level, users of a jade stone roller receive all the listed effects of facial massage dating back to ancient times. These rollers move the lymphatic fluids, stimulate the face muscles, and bring about positive visible effects in the overall quality and complexion of the skin. 

On a more meta level, there exists all those properties and jade facial roller benefits that only avid crystal lovers would know about and believe in. Each crystal derived from the Earth is believed to be charged with the energy of the core. These stones absorb vast amounts of positively charged energy that can actually be measured by using certain pieces of technological equipment; this alone makes regarding them as a pseudoscience questionable, but we’ll save that discussion for another day. 

When we introduce crystals into our personal energy fields, we are able (to an extent) to benefit from some of the properties associated with the crystal in question. The benefits of jade rollers, for example, include the supposed release of irritability in the mind and the promotion of tranquility and peace. Jade is associated with the heart chakra, and can help to balance this energetic node. 

Even when not being used as a roller, jade is a stone that naturally aids filtration in the body. The stone has been shown to be greatly beneficial in treating adrenal as well as kidney problems, whilst also removing toxins. The latter justifies why it is seen as one of the best stones for facial rolling. 

Jade Roller Before and After

As we mentioned, the visible effects of one face rolled with jade compared to another may be vastly different. A jade roller's ability to reduce puffiness, inflammation and fluid build up is largely dependent on the severity of the lymphatic blockage within the individual in question. 

Fluid build up under the skin is but one symptom of a defective lymph system, and there are many factors that contribute to this condition. Diet plays a big role in how effectively lymph is able to move through the body. How much water you consume throughout your day will also have an effect on the retention rate. 

Then, one needs to consider the quality of product that is being used whilst jade rolling. Rollers should generally  be used in conjunction with a serum or oil of your choosing. This lubricates the skin and allows for a successful rolling experience. Rolling without a lubricant may cause the stone to pull at the skin and actually promote wrinkle formation — don’t risk it!

If someone claims a jade roller caused imperfections to arise in their skin, it may very well be they were actually using a compromised product all along, and the jade simply helped it sink even deeper into the dermis. 

The following are some before and after images of satisfied jade roller customers:

three photos of short red-haired woman before and after

two photos of short black-haired woman before and after

two photos of black-haired woman before and after

How to Use A Jade Roller / Jade Roller Instructions

Jade rolling is not as meticulous as microneedling, even though the two are very similar in action. How to use a jade roller depends simply on the areas upon which you would like to focus. 

When rolling on the face, first apply an oil or serum that you would usually use in your daily skincare routine. Make sure that your face is cleansed and toned prior to doing so. The serum you use should have a lot of slip, ideally one that isn’t rapidly absorbed. 

Ensure that your jade roller is clean and ready to roll (pun intended!). Begin at the bottom of the face and roll upward. Rolling from bottom to top is thought to offer optimum results, and rolling back and forth is not as effective. 

When it comes to the forehead, roll from between the eyes and outward to the top of each temple, almost as if to form a ‘V’. Then, roll over both eyebrows horizontally to balance out the energy of the brow. This can be used to treat headaches and migraines. 

Use the small end of the roller underneath the eye sockets, rolling upward. Do the same over the bridge of the nose, starting at the tip and moving into the middle of the brows. 

Jade rollers are safe for daily use, and this is recommended for best results. Roll for a minimum of 5 minutes each morning, or up to 10 minutes if your schedule allows for it. 

How to Clean Jade Rollers

This is a subject that seems to inhabit a very gray area, especially amongst active users. If you know how to use a face roller, you need to know how to clean a face roller. 

Some people feel that a weekly clean of their jade roller is adequate. We disagree, considering the fact that each time your roller is used there is a build up of product that gathers on the stones and within the device. 

At minimum, you’ll want to give your roller a rinse after every use. A weekly “deep clean” of the unit using soap and water would be recommended if adopting this approach. We like to use a small amount of face wash on the jade roller after every use. Leave it out to dry naturally as opposed to using a towel that might be carrying bacteria. 

Avoid soaking your jade roller in water for long periods of time, and don’t use hot water unless you are purposely trying to heat up the device prior to rolling. 

Best Jade Roller

Skin Gym Jade Rollers
Skin Gym white jade roller on a white background

We love the Skin Gym range of jade rollers and have kept up with their innovative designs since the beginning. They make the traditional two sided roller, as well as a textured alternative, a travel-sized roller, and a revi beauty roller (two small rolling heads on one side). 

Skin Gym has yet to specify the origin of their jade, so it is unclear whether their products are made from jadeite or nephrite. This aside, their army of satisfied customers report visible results in the quality of their skin and even in the appearance of wrinkles. 

In terms of cost, the Skin Gym range is reasonably priced. Not the most affordable units on the market but also nowhere near the most expensive. They’re a great middle ground for beginners to become familiar with the practice and procedure. 

Rose Quartz Roller

Rose quartz is the gentle pink crystal associated with all things love. It’s an inexpensive and easily accessible stone that occurs in many parts of the world; crystal lovers know that placing chunks of rose quartz in each corner of their home, and in every potted plant, can be done without breaking the bank. 

On a metaphysical level, rose quartz is concerned with all things harmonious. It seeks to attract harmony in your work, relationships, and state of mind. It is a deeply calming stone. 

Rose quartz facial rollers are easy to come by and, depending on the brand, usually retail for a lot less than other popular rollers.  

Jade vs Rose Quartz Roller

Jade and rose quartz are very similar in some ways, yet very different in others. Both stones offer the general list of benefits that come with facial rolling, but we feel that rose quartz has the upper hand in some regards. 

While both jade and rose quartz are naturally cold stones, a jade roller for face has the tendency to heat up with the natural temperature of the skin after the first few minutes of contact. Rose quartz doesn’t really do this; it would take almost 10 times as long for a piece of quartz to acclimatize to the temperature of the skin it is touching. This makes a rose quartz face roller a far more effective device by which to target wrinkles. 

Rose quartz is the more durable stone, and is less likely to crack after being dropped from a great height. This may be the best facial roller for you if you have small children who tend to make toys of your personal devices. 

Finally, many believe that all forms of quartz crystal have pain relieving properties and that, upon coming into direct contact with the human body, quartz can have significant pacifying effects on active areas of pain. As a result, individuals suffering from active, painful acne might find relief in using a quartz roller over their skin once a day. 

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

The aforementioned points all qualify as notable benefits of using quartz rollers. We would summarize them under one main notion: soothing. 

Rose quartz is such a soothing stone, both physically and metaphysically, that we find these rollers to be easily suited to individuals of all skin types. You don’t need excessively inflamed skin to benefit from rose quartz, but those who have it will find the crystal soothes insofar as to even banish dark circles under eyes. 

As mentioned, the natural coldness of rose quartz works beautifully against the appearance of wrinkles. The finer lines of the face become harder and harder to see after long periods of use of one of these rollers. 

Some people have reported finding great comfort in simply running their rose quartz roller over their temples during times of great stress. One does not need to apply lubricant to do this. 

Rose quartz becomes cleansed and activated through salt water. Accordingly, we would recommend cleaning your roller with a salty solution every few days to keep the properties of the stone in high vibration. 

Best Rose Quartz Roller 

Healing Crystals Co. Pink Quartz Face Roller

Rose quartz is a stone that sits at high risk of being mimicked with glass. The pink hue is very easy to achieve through dye, and genuine rose quartz looks very much like solid glass once polished. 

You need to support a reputable brand like Healing Crystals Co. if a quartz roller is something you’d like to invest in. The quartz in this roller is considered premium quality, and is of the utmost durability.

The Healing Crystals Co. roller is affordable and simple and sure to leave you satisfied for many years to come. Buy yours here.

INOTKA Rose Quartz Roller

Inotka Luxe Rose Quartz Roller placed on black pouch and box underneath

Another option is this roller from INOTKA. Rose quartz has a tendency to squeak whilst being rolled, so INOTKA have provided silicone inserts that prevent this highly annoying side effect from taking place. We love their transparency!

As a nice touch, each purchase comes with a velvet travel pouch to prevent your roller from picking up unnecessary bacteria as it moves through the world. They have kept their product inexpensive, without making it cheap, which tells us a lot about the integrity of the brand.

Amethyst Roller

Sometimes lighter shades of amethyst can look alarmingly like rose quartz, but in general amethyst is the mystical, mottled stone of dark purple hues.  

Like rose quartz, amethyst is also one of the most abundant, accessible and affordable crystals in the world. It is a stone most commonly worn as jewelry, particularly in earrings and rings. 

Amethyst is a very versatile stone within the metaphysical context. Individuals who work with crystals in everyday life know it as a natural tranquilizer: a stone to balance stress, mood swings, irritability and anxiety. 

Amethyst is also seen as a tool for enhancing psychic abilities. We sense that there is some significance to using a stone like this so close to the pineal gland in the face, but we’ll leave that to the user to determine.

Amethyst Roller vs Jade Roller

Amethyst rollers tend to be a lot smoother compared to their jade counterparts. This isn’t always preferable, as some individuals want that more course, resistant contact with the solid tissues of the face. An overly smooth stone might move lymphatic fluid, but may not be as effective in contouring and lifting. 

Because it is such a tough stone, amethyst is rumored to have a more powerful effect in protecting the skin against free radicals when compared to jade. Jade is more gentle, and works with the ebb and flow of the universe, while amethyst sees benefit in protection from some elements. 

One downfall of amethyst is that rapid changes in temperature can cause the stone to fracture. If you are intending to use your roller in a heated state (by submerging it into boiling water), then jade may be the better choice. Putting an amethyst roller into a refrigerator or freezer to make it cold is seen as a gradual change in temperature and won’t affect the stone. 

Amethyst Roller Benefits

The most notable benefit of using an amethyst stone as a face massager is the crystal’s detoxifying properties. Amethyst is a powerful detoxifier of both physical matter and energies. Toxins in every layer of the skin seem to respond to the presence of the amethyst and make their way out of the body through repetitive, gradual use. 

Users report a heightened sense of cleanliness prior to using an amethyst roller on already cleansed skin. This is likely due to amethyst’s natural exfoliating abilities, even in the most polished of stones. Simultaneously, you’re getting all of the general face roller benefits such as movement of lymphatic fluid, blood circulation and reduction of inflammation. 

There are crystal specialists who maintain that if there were one single crystal that all individuals should make daily contact with, it’s amethyst. They see it as the most versatile and beneficial stone for people from all walks of life, dealing with various different problems. Perhaps then this is the best face roller for people to use daily, as the healing properties of the amethyst are offered to the greater body of the individual in the process. 

Best Amethyst Roller

Mount Lai Amethyst Face Roller

Mount Lay amethyst jade roller placed on a satin surface inside its box

Decent quality amethyst rollers are actually in short supply. There are only a handful of reputable brands whose products we would recommend at this stage in the game, and at the top of the list is Mount Lai. 

Mount Lai is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Their products were inspired by their founder’s grandmother, who was into the old school methods of Ancient Chinese facial rolling. Mount Lai has worked to bring these techniques to the public, and it just so happens that amethyst was one of the old woman’s most trusted stones. 

Firstly, let it be known that there probably isn’t a better looking amethyst roller on the market. These devices are immaculately crafted and come on a pillow of satin, just as they deserve. 

This won’t be the most affordable roller you find online, but in terms of overall quality, durability and effectiveness, the price is well justified. 

Opal Face Roller

A face massage roller made from opal? Surely not!

Opal is a stone that could stop traffic, or cause a massive accident on account of distracting the drivers. It is indescribably alluring, and one gets a sense of unseen energies just by making eye contact with the crystal regardless of its form. 

Opal, or opalite, is the translucent, milky white stone that refracts all the colors of the rainbow within it. It’s incredibly mesmerizing, which is why it’s been such a popular stone in jewelry for so many years. Opal is the birthstone for October, so those born in this month love showing off a piece of the stone around their necks or in their ear lobes. 

In terms of properties, opal is particularly interesting. This stone actually amplifies the emotions and energies of the wearer. Instead of seeking to heal or balance, opal intensifies emotions so that inhibitions are forced to be released. It has also been linked to cosmic consciousness, as well as psychic abilities. 

Opal Face Roller Benefits

Opal becomes an effective stone for facial rolling, provided that the opal itself is genuine. This is one of the most commonly replicated stones, with a massive industry of fake opalite coming from factories in China. 

Thankfully, glass replicas can be easy to spot, as opal is a naturally flawed stone and should never be void of imperfections. The glass remakes are always flawless, almost ‘too good to be true’. Real opal is also very heavy. 

Opal face rollers work to guide the buildup of fluids under the skin toward their lymphatic release points. Blood flows better in the process, and that much sought after glow is achieved within minutes. 

Opal is not as durable as jade, amethyst or quartz. It is highly vulnerable to scratches and chips, and should it be accidentally dropped from the height of a sink, we can’t promise it will remain in usable condition. One needs to be incredibly gentle and careful when using an opalite roller. 

Opal is also prone to cracking when exposed to drastic temperature changes. Dipping the head of your roller into boiling water may prove to be too hard on the stone and cracks will form. To reap the benefits of a heated roller, one can use one’s hands or thighs to gradually warm up the stones. 

Best Opal Face Roller

Zoe Ayla White Opal Face Roller

light blue jade roller with silver handles close up view

Opal face rollers remain some of the rarest forms of facial massagers. There are a lot of brands selling rollers with questionable looking opalite, and since the industry is not yet regulated there are no real regulatory or even moral standards to adhere to. 

Zoe Ayla is a brand with a dedicated following. Their customers are repeatedly satisfied by this product, which put it on our radar. 

Upon first inspection of the unit, one can tell that it is of authentic origin. The opal roller is weighted and heavy to hold, which tells us that the stones are genuine. Zoe Ayla has used white opal instead of jelly opal, which has helped to keep the cost of the devices down without sacrificing quality. 

This roller is double sided, featuring two different sizes of stones. The unit can be placed safely into a refrigerator if a cold stone is desired. Similarly, one can use the hand/thigh warming technique if they would like to roll these stones over a face mask. 

Their rollers come with free shipping, which is a great relief considering that an opal roller is always a guaranteed splurge. 


We hope you enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two about facial rollers! If you enjoyed this article, you will probably also enjoy learning about gua sha, which involves using a similar device to help move lymphatic fluid under the skin. To learn more, check out our comprehensive article on the subject here.

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