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Cat's Eye: Complete Guide (2024)

cat's eye

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about cat’s eye, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Being in the know when it comes to gemstones can be overwhelming and leave you stuttering – unable to remember the difference between beryl and quartz. Well, if cat’s got your tongue, we’re here to help you become the Albert Einstein of the cats eye gemstone. Consider this article the spiritually-inclined cats eye stone Wikipedia page.

The cat’s eye stone contains small parallel inclusions that produce a shining pupil effect. Not only does it look almost identical to the eye of a cat – it also has a mass of metaphysical properties and spiritual benefits. No stone will be left unturned as we examine the cat’s eye gemstone and discuss each and every one of its benefits. And trust us – there are a lot!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Cat's Eye Stone Meaning
    • What is a Cat's Eye
      • What is Cat's Eye Stone Good for?
    • Cat's Eye Gemstone Benefits
      • Cat's Eye Stone for Marriage
    • Where to Find Cat's Eye
      • Cat's Eye in Sri Lanka
  • Cat's Eye Properties
    • Cat's Eye Healing Properties
    • Cat's Eye Metaphysical Properties
  • Cat's Eye Stone vs Tiger’s Eye
  • Cat's Eye Types
    • Natural Cat's Eye Stone
    • Cat's Eye Tumbled Stone
  • Cat's Eye and Other Stones
    • Alexandrite Cat's Eye
    • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
      • Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Meaning
        • Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Benefits
    • Cat's Eye Shell
    • Cat's Eye Aquamarine
      • Cat's Eye Aquamarine Meaning
    • Cat's Eye Opal
    • Cat's Eye Agate
    • Cat's Eye Moonstone
      • Cat's Eye Moonstone Meaning
    • Cat's Eye Sapphire
    • Cat's Eye Ruby
    • Cats Eye Jade
    • Cat's Eye Green Tourmaline
      • Cat's Eye Green Tourmaline Meaning
    • Cat's Eye Tourmaline 
      • Cat's Eye Tourmaline Meaning
    • Cat's Eye Obsidian
      • Cat's Eye Obsidian Meaning
  • Cat's Eye Color
    • Blue Cat's Eye Stone
      • Blue Cat's Eye Stone Benefits
    • Green Cat's Eye
    • Yellow Cat's Eye Stone
    • Purple Cat's Eye Stone
    • Black Cat's Eye
    • White Cat's Eye Quartz
    • Grey Cat's Eye
      • Grey Cat's Eye Stone Meaning
    • Red Cat's Eye Stone
    • Pink Cat's Eye Stone 
      • Pink Cat's Eye Stone Benefits
  • Cat's Eye Jewelry
    • Cat's Eye Ring
      • Cat's Eye Ring Meaning
        • Cat's Eye Ring Benefits
      • Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Ring
      • Blue Cat's Eye Ring
      • Cat's Eye Ring for Men
      • Cat's Eye Silver Ring
      • Women's Cat's Eye Ring
      • Vintage Cat's Eye Ring
      • Natural Cat's Eye Ring
      • Genuine Cat's Eye Ring 7 Carat
      • Cat's Eye Gold Ring
      • Cat's Eye Engagement Ring
    • Cat's Eye Pendant
      • Cat's Eye Pendant Benefits
    • Cat's Eye Necklace
      • Cat's Eye Necklace Meaning
    • Bohemian Cat's Eye Necklace
    • Cat's Eye Bracelet
      • Cat's Eye Bracelet Meaning
        • Cat's Eye Bracelet Benefits
    • Cat's Eye Earrings
    • Cat's Eye Watch
  • Cat's  Eye Uses
    • Cat's Eye Marbles
    • Cat's Eye Beads
      • Cat's Eye Beads Meaning
      • What are Cat's Eye Beads Made of
      • Cat's Eye Glass Beads
      • Red Cat's Eye Beads
    • Cat's Eye Sphere
  • How to Use Cat's Eye Stone
    • Who Can Wear Cat's Eye Stone
    • When to Wear Cat's Eye Stone
    • Cat's  Eye Stone Which Finger to Wear
  • Buy Cat's Eye
    • Cat's Eye Stone Price
      • Cat's Eye Stone Ring Price
      • Cat's Eye Bracelet Price
      • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Price per Carat
      • Cats Eye Stone Price Per Carat in India
      • Cat's Eye Sapphire Value
      • Alexandrite Cat's Eye Price
    • Cat's  Eye Jewelry for Sale
    • Cat's  Eye Beads Wholesale
    • Fake Cat's Eye Stone
    • Cat's Eye on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Cat's Eye Stone Meaning

The cat's eye gem is a kind of stone that comes in the form of multiple different gemstones. A cat’s eye stone isn’t defined by its chemical components but rather by the image it creates through its band of bright luster – a cat eye.

Apart from its obvious allure, the cat’s eye stone is full of symbolic significance and historical value. First found by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1789, the cat’s eye has since offered success, abundance, and protection from evil to the people that use and wear the stone. 

What is a Cat's Eye

Cat’s eye is a gemstone that, quite literally, resembles the eye of a cat. In this way, it visually represents its name in a mystical, alluring way. Cat’s eye bounces light off of its often yellow or green surface to form a white slit similar to that of a cat’s pupil.

This effect is known as chatoyancy, a term that stems from the French word for cat - “chat”. Cat’s eye is different from other gemstones in the way that it isn’t actually one gemstone. Cat’s eye can occur in multiple gemstones including quartz, chrysoberyl, tourmaline, garnet, and apatite. While cat’s eye is more of a visual effect than a gemstone, it has become a gemstone in its own right due to its popularity and unique appearance.

calico cat

What is Cat's Eye Stone Good for?

Want negative energy to get out and never come back? Well, that’s cat’s eyes prerogative. The stone has been admired for centuries due to its powerful energy that wards off evil and attracts abundance.

It is most frequently used to attract wealth into one’s life, especially during financial dips and economic strain. To sum it up, cat’s eye says no to negative vibes and yes to money and success.

Cat's Eye Gemstone Benefits

The metaphysical value of cat’s eye can be used to benefit you and help you maintain a balanced, safe, and comfortable life. It keeps danger far away from you and creates an energetic shield to stop negative energies from entering your body and spirit.

If you want to improve on your financial state, cat’s eye manifests an influx of wealth in your life, and in general, it promotes abundance and good luck. We can count ourselves lucky already for learning about this magical stone!

Cat's Eye Stone for Marriage

In the nineteenth century, the Duke of Connaught proposed using a cat’s eye. We like to think it set him up for a healthy, successful marriage. When it comes to committed relationships, cat’s eye has a few added benefits.

It actually works very well as a relaxing energy in marriages, stopping arguments in their tracks and getting us in the mood for love. It brings a sense of peace and relaxation to relationships. You know those warm, cozy nights spent cuddling and laughing with your partner? Cat’s eye makes sure that you get to have that intimacy and bliss all the time – no matter where you are.

Cat's eye quartz is especially powerful when it comes to rekindling romance and physical affection in marriages. If you’re in a bit of a romantic rut, consider bringing cat’s eye into the relationship. 

cat's eye stone

Where to Find Cat's Eye

Because cat’s eye comes in the form of multiple gemstones, its origins mirror its many different compositions. Cat’s eye quartz is often found in the Alps, Brazil, and Japan.

Meanwhile, cat’s eye tourmaline can be found in Africa and Brazil. Chrysoberyl cat’s eyes are definitely a favorite amongst gemstone fans, and those are most often found in Sri Lanka. 

Cat's Eye in Sri Lanka

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye is a true visual delight boasted by Sri Lanka. That’s because, along with its bright band that resembles a cat’s pupil, its distinct pale green color likewise appears very similar to that of the real eye of a cat.

While you can source chrysoberyl cat’s eyes from Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Russia, and Zimbabwe, it is commonly accepted that no chrysoberyl cat’s eye is quite as beautiful as the ones Sri Lanka has to offer.

Cat's Eye Properties

Now, we’ve touched on the benefits of the cats eye rock, but you probably still have a lot of questions about its metaphysical and healing properties. This section covers each and every one of cat’s eyes properties and the many ways in which it can benefit your life. 

Cat's Eye Healing Properties

Cat’s eye eradicates bad energy, clearing our auras and making sure that our bodies and souls are negativity-free. As a result, cat’s eye users can expect lower levels of anxiety and bodily stress – and it is even used by those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to ease their symptoms.

True to its name, it is thought that cat’s eye can even assist with vision, improving eyesight and helping to combat eye disorders. 

Cat's Eye Metaphysical Properties

So, you want to improve on your finances or manifest monetary abundance? You came to the right stone. Cat’s eye has, for centuries, been regarded as a manifester of success. It can be used during difficult economic periods (yeah, we’re talking about you, inflation) to bring us good fortune and prosperity. It doesn’t end there, though.

Cat’s eye boosts your energetic field, increasing your determination, willpower, intelligence, and decisiveness. Aside from its protective qualities, it also grounds us and makes us more optimistic. Can we buy it in bulk, please?

Cat's Eye Stone vs Tiger’s Eye

First and foremost, tiger’s eye and cat’s eye have obvious physical differences (they’re completely different stones, after all). Tiger’s eye is made up of multiple brown and red-ish bands, while cat’s eye has a distinct bright band that resembles a cat’s pupil.

Both of these stones keep evil away and encourage deep inner strength. However, while tiger’s eye hones in on self-confidence and psychic ability in its metaphysical properties, cat’s eye focuses on grounding us and enriching our lives – and our bank accounts. 

a tiger submerged in water

Cat's Eye Types

We all have our preferences – black coffee or cappuccinos, summer or winter, and so on. When it comes to cat’s eye, you need to decide what works best for you.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you pick between natural cat’s eye stone versus tumbled cat’s eye stone. And needless to say, you can opt for both! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? 

Natural Cat's Eye Stone

Natural, rough cat's eye stone is not quite what you’d expect. Because the tumbling process brings out the prominent light band that makes cat’s eye so alluring, a natural cat’s eye might not look like a cat’s eye at all.

However, these rougher cat’s eyes are hand selected by professionals and will still present the metaphysical benefits of the stone – making them ideal for meditation and spiritual practice.

Cat's Eye Tumbled Stone

Hands down, the only way to truly get the visual effect of a cat’s eye stone is by tumbling it. These polished, often rounded, stones are next-level jewels, decorations, and aura cleansers.

Having a tumbled cat’s eye stone is like having a third eye on your surroundings at all times staring down negative energies and catching danger before you see it coming. Oh, and did we mention that they’re insanely beautiful? 

Cat's Eye and Other Stones

Cat’s eye is a shapeshifting stone, and you’ll hardly ever find one that’s exactly the same as another. It comes in the form of multiple different gemstones, and all the diversity can be overwhelming.

That’s why we want to make it simple for you. This section is dedicated to unpacking all the different kinds of cat’s eye and getting you up to speed with all its many varieties.

Alexandrite Cat's Eye

Alexandrite is very rare. Alexandrite cat’s eye – even rarer. Luckily for us, an alexandrite cat’s eye does form every once in a while, and it’s oh so pleasing for the eyes. These cat’s eyes actually change color depending on the light around them. From day to night, an alexandrite cat’s eye can transform from green to dark red. Sounds like magic!

Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye is the big dog when it comes to chatoyancy. When we think of cat’s eye, chrysoberyl is the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, while cat’s eye comes in a variety of different stones, the term “cat’s eye” usually refers to chrysoberyl cat’s eye as it is the most popular and frequently occurring of the cat’s eye varieties. 

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Meaning

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye represents the eye of a wild cat along with its fighting spirit, determination, and intelligence. In this sense, the chrysoberyl cat’s eye energetically exudes strength and drive, and by using or wearing this stone, you can expect to feel those traits within you.

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Benefits

Because of its powerful, determination-boosting energy, chrysoberyl cat’s eye improves your mindset and ability to engage effectively with the world around you. When using chrysoberyl cat’s eye, expect to become a lot more optimistic, abundant, and motivated to get what you want when you want it.

Cat's Eye Shell

We couldn’t neglect to touch on cat’s eye shells in this section (and clear up the confusion). To set the record straight, cat’s eye shells are unrelated to cat’s eye stones. The turbo smaragdus sea snail is often referred to as “cat’s eye” because the combination of its operculum and shell resembles a very realistic cat eye.

While the stone and the shell share the same name, their only other similarity is the fact that they both have a breath-taking likeness to the eye of a cat.  

Cat's Eye Aquamarine

For all you aquamarine lovers out there, you’ll be happy to know that cat’s eye aquamarine is a real thing – although, it is very rare. It is mainly owned by collectors due to its rarity and unique sky blue color. If you manage to get a piece of the cat’s eye aquamarine pie, make sure that you never let it go.

Cat's Eye Aquamarine Meaning

The elixir of life, cat’s eye aquamarine revitalizes us – washing out negativity, resentment, and guilt. Cat’s eye aquamarine represents the ocean, so it’s no surprise that it makes us feel refreshed, peaceful, and cleansed of negative vibes. Plus, it doesn’t hesitate to calm and soothe us – making us feel at peace and ready to go with the flow.

Cat's Eye Opal

Found around Spencer, Idaho, opal cat’s eyes were originally discovered by J.V. Sanders. Not only are these gemstones vibrant and colorful – they’re also one of the most effective stones when it comes to boosting creativity.

In addition, they assist in growing the charisma of their users and bringing wealth into their lives. If you’re trying to go from struggling artist to creative, wealthy genius, consider including some opal cat’s eye in your artistic process.

Cat's Eye Agate

When it comes to the chatoyant visual effect of cat’s eye, agate doesn’t quite make the cut. Agate cat’s eyes are a lot more subtle than the other cat’s eyes we’ve mentioned so far. However, they still have light bands that appear somewhat like the cat’s eyes of chrysoberyl and aquamarine. Plus, they dispel negative energy and improve mental ability and concentration.

Cat's Eye Moonstone

Cat’s eye moonstone combines a glistening moon effect with the striking light band of a cat’s eye. Milky, reflective, and otherworldly, the cat’s eye moonstone works wonders for creativity and intuition. It is the go-to stone for getting in touch with your femininity and being more honest about your feelings with yourself and others.

Cat's Eye Moonstone Meaning

Symbolic of the divine feminine and maternal instincts, the cat’s eye moonstone is loaded with motherly energy. This not only makes it a wonderful stone for new parents – it can help anyone and everyone level out their emotions and engage more deeply with their feminine side. 

Cat's Eye Sapphire

Arguably the most beautiful cat’s eye out there, the sapphire cat’s eye is associated with prosperity and social status. It is a stone ruled by Saturn, meaning its powers relate to finances, health, and life satisfaction. Its sparkling blue color makes it the perfect jewel for formal events and romantic evenings out. 

Cat's Eye Ruby

Wearing ruby and cat's eye together is a game changer when it comes to boosting willpower and keeping evil far away from you. So, when the very unlikely and uncommon ruby cat’s eye comes into existence, the results are next-level. Expect negative vibes to leave you alone, and don’t be surprised if your wealth, relationships, and determination improve dramatically.

Cats Eye Jade

The list of different cat’s eyes doesn’t end there! Chatoyancy can also appear in jade stones, which generally offer wisdom, emotional guidance, and inner strength to their users. Cat’s eye jade takes these benefits up a notch, giving its users immense support during difficult times and reminding them of their self-worth.

Cat's Eye Green Tourmaline

Cat’s eye green tourmaline is rich in vibrant, forest-like goodness. Its striking green color immediately relaxes us and brings us back down to earth. There’s something a little mysterious and eerie about green tourmaline cat’s eye, and it might even inspire you to be a little more adventurous than usual. 

cat's eye

Cat's Eye Green Tourmaline Meaning

Green tourmaline cat’s eye is the epitome of economic prosperity. It symbolizes wealth through and through, and the stone can also increase your mental ability and artistic skills, and encourage better interpersonal relationships. 

Cat's Eye Tourmaline 

While most tourmaline cat’s eyes are green, the stone can also come in a few other colors. These include black, pink, blue, and yellow. Although each color brings with it a selection of unique metaphysical benefits, they all have two things in common – they push negative energies away from you and cleanse the chakras. No matter which color you pick, you can’t go wrong with a cat’s eye tourmaline.

Cat's Eye Tourmaline Meaning

Safety, compassion, and unconditional love are all represented by cat’s eye tourmaline. This gemstone can add value to your friendships and romantic relationships, make you a better listener, and create a protective shield around you. And that’s all in a day’s work for cat’s eye tourmaline!

Cat's Eye Obsidian

Obsidian is sought after by many for its colorful, intergalactic hues. It’s a relatively rare rock that forms from volcanic activity, meaning the cat’s eye variety of obsidian is even rarer – and sometimes it can even be faked. However, finding an obsidian cat’s eye is a real jackpot win for any rock and stone fans, and it should be cherished forever.

Cat's Eye Obsidian Meaning

It is believed that cat’s eye obsidian is sharp enough to rip darkness open and enlighten its users. It is no surprise, then, that cat’s eye obsidian symbolizes truth. The rock can also protect against evil energies, making sure your spirit remains clean and joyous. 

Cat's Eye Color

The cats eye crystal comes in many forms, as we now know. But, as a result of its shape shifting nature, it also comes in a wide range of colors. It goes without saying that each color of cat’s eye stone alters its frequency and, consequently, its metaphysical properties.

In this section, we plan to examine the rainbow of colors that cat’s eye has to offer and help you determine the perfect cat’s eye color for you. 

Blue Cat's Eye Stone

As with any cat’s eye stone, blue cat’s eye is very, very uncommon. So, if you’re in possession of one, don’t ever take it for granted. These gemstones make gorgeous jewelry pieces and cabochons, and they can bring a lot of light and positivity into your life. 

Blue Cat's Eye Stone Benefits

Aside from warding off evil and inviting prosperity into our lives, the blue cat’s eye stone can help us open our throat chakra and communicate more clearly with those around us. This can improve our friendships, relationships, and our ability to function effectively in a work environment. Blue cat’s eye is basically a booster shot for self confidence and optimism.

Green Cat's Eye

Green cat’s eye is nature’s good luck charm. It symbolizes good fortune, optimism, and prosperity. There is also something rather regal about green cat’s eye, and in this way, the stone assists in manifesting money and career growth. When you have this stone in your life, everyone around you will be green with envy.

Yellow Cat's Eye Stone

There’s something iconic about the yellow cat’s eye. When you picture a cat, it wouldn’t be surprising if the first thing to come to mind is a set of piercing yellow eyes in the dark. It makes sense, then, that these fiercely colorful stones operate as powerful protectors for their users.

They can point out danger before we see it and lighten up the paths of life we choose to take. They offer a kind helping hand in the often chaotic and confusing world we live in. 

gray persian cat

Purple Cat's Eye Stone

Purple is one of our favorite colors. That’s because the color has been proven to increase creativity. In ancient Rome, purple was outlawed – reserved only for the fabrics and jewels of the elite.

Nowadays, we all have the opportunity to wear and reap the benefits of purple! When it comes to cat’s eye, those benefits include increased intuition, positive mindset maintenance, and wealth attraction. 

Black Cat's Eye

The most grounding of the cat’s eye colors, black cat’s eye allows us to feel safe in its protective powers. By using black cat’s eye, you can expect better sleep, more confidence, and a general feeling of serenity. In cat’s eye world, black is, and always will be, the new black. 

White Cat's Eye Quartz

Negative energy – be gone! White cat’s eye quartz is known to boost clarity and mood. Consider it a cleaning service for any negative thoughts and clutter you’ve been harboring in your mind and soul. White cat’s eye quartz’s number one goal is to remove your blockages, allowing you to live a free and joyful life. 

Grey Cat's Eye

Grey cat’s eye can range in color. Sometimes, it appears almost like a shiny silver ball from outer space, while at other times, it is darker in color – creating a cats eye granite stone effect. However, no matter how light or dark your grey cat’s eye is, its metaphorical benefits do not disappoint.

Grey Cat's Eye Stone Meaning

Grey cat’s eye has a special connection to the moon, managing our emotions and gradually enlightening us. In this sense, the stone represents clarity, perspective, and peace. Grey cat’s eye might not put you on the moon, but it will make you feel like you’ve just landed on it. 

Red Cat's Eye Stone

If courage and self-confidence is what you are after, nothing works wonders quite like the red cat’s eye stone. Aside from getting rid of negative thoughts and bad habits, red cat’s eye stone makes you feel powerful and boosts your self esteem so that you feel like the best version of yourself all day, every day.

Pink Cat's Eye Stone 

Gentle and soft, pink cat’s eye is very easy on the eyes. It makes for beautiful home décor and jewelry, and it lightens up any space you put it in. Don’t hesitate to introduce pink cat’s eye into your world. It can only make life feel sweeter.

Pink Cat's Eye Stone Benefits

Pink cat’s eye stone is the most love-centric of all cat’s eyes. If you want some more romance in your life or need confidence to carry out your romantic endeavours, pink cat’s eye will get you to where you want to be. It inspires us to be more light and fun – and, most importantly, to stop overthinking love!

Cat's Eye Jewelry

The best way to maintain access to the many benefits of cat’s eye all day long is to wear it as jewelry. Cat’s eye jewelry keeps negative energies and evil moving away from you and assists you in attaining wealth and abundance. You’ll feel safe, radiant, and powerful with one of these accessories.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to sell you on it – cat’s eye jewelry is also mesmerising. It enchants any of its onlookers and makes those wearing it seem extra attractive. 

Cat's Eye Ring

There are loads of cat eye rings for sale, but many of them can be fake. So, stay cautious while shopping and make sure you’re buying from a store that you trust. If you do manage to snatch up a gorgeous, authentic cat’s eye ring, you’ll be the luckiest person on earth. 

Cat's Eye Ring Meaning

The cat’s eye ring symbolizes safety. Your worries and fears will simply dissipate when you put a cat’s eye ring on your finger. It has been thought of as a protector by many, and it fights off evil quicker than you can say “meow”. 

Cat's Eye Ring Benefits

Apart from its clear protection powers, cat’s eye rings have a variety of metaphysical benefits. They attract romance (making them ideal for proposals and wedding bands), detox the mind, and attract abundance into your life. 

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Ring

The chrysoberyl cat’s eye ring is a great choice of accessory for the nine-to-fiver. It allows us to maintain discipline for long periods of time, stopping us from getting distracted and zoning out. By balancing the solar plexus and crown chakra, the chrysoberyl cat’s eye ring promotes focus, dedication, and big picture thinking. 

Blue Cat's Eye Ring

Look expensive, feel expensive, and become expensive with a blue cat’s eye ring. These finger jewels have a seriously regal quality, but more importantly, they manifest an increase in wealth. So, if you’re prepared to invest in growing your bank account, a blue cat’s eye ring might not be a bad idea. 

Cat's Eye Ring for Men

If you thought we were only recommending cat’s eye jewelry to women, you were sorely mistaken. Men can enjoy the benefits of cat’s eye rings just as much as any other gender.

For a more masculine touch, find a spherical cat’s eye gemstone coated in a much thicker band – preferably silver. This gives a more macho appearance while preserving the many metaphysical joys of the cat’s eye gem. 

Cat's Eye Silver Ring

Cat’s eye silver rings are especially effective in creating harmonious emotional wellbeing and combatting mood swings. You’ll find that a cat’s eye ring with a silver band makes you feel more energetic, in control, and balanced overall. 

Women's Cat's Eye Ring

So, you want to go the extra mile in terms of femininity? There is a plethora of cat eye rings out there that will meet your needs. To create a softer, daintier look, search for cat’s eye rings with smaller, thinner bands.

If you want to boost your own womanly spirit, a cat’s eye moonstone ring helps you get in touch with your divine femininity. Man, cat’s eye makes you feel like a woman!

Vintage Cat's Eye Ring

Travel back in time with a vintage cat’s eye ring. Most hand-me-down cat’s eye rings are gold-banded and their gems are usually green or yellow. There’s something special about wearing a jewel that has been worn by others before you. Its energy only grows stronger over time, making it just a little extra magical.

Natural Cat's Eye Ring

With cat’s eye, natural is better. While you can find beautiful, synthetic glass cat’s eye rings, a natural cat’s eye ring is the only way to experience the gemstone’s true metaphysical benefits while sporting a gorgeous jewel on your finger. So, if you want protection, emotional balance, and style, au naturel is the way to go.

Genuine Cat's Eye Ring 7 Carat

Authentic seven carat cat’s eye rings are rare – but they’re not impossible to find. In fact, you might even find them at a bargain price! Usually, these cat’s eye rings will come in green, meaning you’ll experience tranquillity, zest for life, and you’ll feel a little more adventurous.

Cat's Eye Gold Ring

Gold bands and cat’s eye gems are a match made in heaven. A gold cat’s eye ring will make your hand look like it’s insured for a million bucks, all the while removing negativity from your life and fighting fatigue. Prepare to be spiritually enriched!

Cat's Eye Engagement Ring

Cat’s eye has been used as an engagement ring for decades on decades – even by the Duke of Connaught in the 19th century. Every person who turned to cat’s eye at the beginning of their marriage had the right idea – that this engagement ring would bring safety, honesty, and positivity to their relationships.

Marriage is no simple feat. It requires focus, optimism, and trust, and a cat’s eye engagement ring is a wonderful way to guarantee lifelong success in this department. 

Cat's Eye Pendant

Allow your soul to stare down negativity with a cat’s eye pendant. These gorgeous neck charms make sure you look fabulous (even on a “drab” day) and keep you feeling confident. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and their metaphysical benefits are vast.

Cat's Eye Pendant Benefits

Aspiring for wealth and emotional balance? Cat’s eye has its eye on the prize. By wearing a cat’s eye pendant, you’ll keep your emotions in check. Plus, you’ll constantly attract abundance and money into your life. Who said you can’t have it all?

Cat's Eye Necklace

Why go for a simple silver chain when you can spice up your fashion sense and boost your spiritual life? Cat’s eye necklaces are mystical, enchanting, and all around beautiful. They’re also dynamic – they can come in beaded necklaces, as single gems on a gold chain, and there are even some fascinating vintage options that you can only imagine being worn by Cleopatra herself (and you, of course).

Cat's Eye Necklace Meaning

Evil won’t come anywhere near you when you’re wearing a cat’s eye necklace. That’s because these magical jewels symbolize protection and positivity. They also assist in longevity, financial stability, and emotional resilience.

Bohemian Cat's Eye Necklace

Let’s be honest. There’s something a little bohemian about any cat’s eye necklace. However, you can pick from a range of bohemian cat’s eye necklaces to find the one that fits the image you have in your mind.

Boho is definitely in at the moment, so don’t skip the opportunity to be a part of this soul-filling trend. Because cat’s eye is rare, you might need to find a necklace that mixes it in with other beads. We say, the more the merrier. Plus, cat’s eye plays well with other stones, so you’re safe to explore.

a woman sitting on the hood of a car

Cat's Eye Bracelet

Bracelets are easy to slip on and keep on, so if you’re not into high maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. By wearing a cat’s eye bracelet, you’ll be able to reward yourself with protection, focus, and positivity throughout the day without giving it much thought at all. Don’t be surprised if you get a few compliments, though. These bracelets are beautiful.

Cat's Eye Bracelet Meaning

Cat’s eye bracelets represent hope and abundance. They aid in goal actualization and allow you to act on your intentions in a healthy and effective way. Meditating with a cat’s eye bracelet will activate your crown chakra and solar plexus – leaving you balanced and spiritually enlightened.

Cat's Eye Bracelet Benefits

The benefits of a cat’s eye bracelet depend on the style it comes in. While beads are best for protection, bead string cat’s eye bracelets keep your body and soul in harmony. For extra optimism and successful manifestation, try a wrap bracelet. But remember, no matter which one you pick, you can always expect to feel safer, happier, and more focused on your goals.

Cat's Eye Earrings

Cat’s eye earrings love to access the crown and third eye chakras. So, if you’re looking to uncover truths and have world-changing epiphanies, consider framing your face with a pair of these. Cat’s eye earrings aren’t just for spiritual practice, however. They’re eye-catching (no pun intended) and bring out the warmth and natural glow in your face. 

Cat's Eye Watch

What time is it? It’s time to bring positivity and abundance into your mindset. While cat’s eye watches aren’t always decorated with real cat’s eyes, they still have a mystical effect on your body and soul. They keep you feeling hopeful about the future and boost concentration. And if they have real cat’s eye in them? Expect triple the effects.

Cat's Eye Uses

Cat’s eye has a multitude of metaphysical uses. But, did you know that it doesn’t only come in cabochon form? Cat’s eye is often sculpted into beads, marbles, and spheres, and these different cat’s eye forms can provide specific uses and benefits. Let’s get into it! 

Cat's Eye Marbles

If you’ve never played a marbles game before, now is your chance. Cat’s eye marbles aren’t made to merely look pretty – they can be used to play loads of different, fun games. From classic marbles to bullseye, you can spend hours enjoying one of these games with a partner or alone.

While many cat’s eye marbles are actually made of glass, they all have a captivatingly artistic quality to them. So, while you’re busy ogling your cat’s eye marbles, don’t forget to play your next move!

Cat's Eye Beads

Bead your way to safety with cat’s eye protection beads. This form of cat’s eye brings color and positivity into your life. Not to mention – they’re so small and cute, you’ll want to buy them in bulk. 

colorful beads

Cat's Eye Beads Meaning

Throughout history, beads have been a symbol of protection. Because cat’s eye likewise represents safety and combats evil, you can expect to feel extra protected with cat’s eye beads in your pocket or around your wrist. 

What are Cat's Eye Beads Made of

Some cat’s eye beads are produced from chrysoberyl. But, this brings us to the (somewhat) bad news about cat’s eye beads. The majority of these beautiful beads are made from ulexite, which is an amalgamation of many spun glass fibers, rather than chrysoberyl. 

Cat's Eye Glass Beads

While cat’s eye beads aren’t always made from authentic gemstones, it’s a small price to pay for the beauty of glass cat’s eye beads. While genuine cat’s eye is extremely rare, glass cat’s eye is not. So, glass cat’s eye beads make the positive vibes of chatoyancy accessible to everyone!

Red Cat's Eye Beads

Red cat’s eye beads add a little flavor to anyone’s day. If you’re the kind of person who likes to stand out in a crowd, think about wearing red cat’s eye beads as a necklace or bracelet. You’ll feel super confident and radiant all day long.

Cat's Eye Sphere

Cat’s eye spheres are usually made from chrysoberyl, and they make excellent massage and relaxation tools. They can even be used in reflexology and they release muscle tension. Cat’s eye spheres help you feel happier, calmer, and more confident.

You can also place one by your bedside to help you sleep better and have the sweetest of dreams. When it comes to spiritual and physical relief, cat’s eye spheres are some of the best tools around.

How to Use Cat's Eye Stone

Owning your own cat’s eye stone is enough to bring a bunch of positive energy and abundance into your orbit. But, if you want to take it a step further, learning how to use your cat’s eye effectively can completely transform your spiritual and emotional life. That’s why we’ve dedicated this section to teaching you how to use cat’s eye in a way that will optimize its benefits.

Who Can Wear Cat's Eye Stone

Let’s get one thing straight. There are no bad effects of cat's eye stone, so anyone can wear it. Still, there are certain astrological signs and placements that benefit tremendously from using the stone.

For example, a person with a birth date that lands on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of the month will match energetically with the cat’s eye stone, boosting its benefits. In addition, those with Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra zodiac placements will find that the stone works especially well for them.

If you’re still uncertain as to whether or not cat’s eye is for you, chat to an astrologer to help you make the right decision.

When to Wear Cat's Eye Stone

Tuesdays are the best day of the week to wear cat’s eye. Put your cat’s eye jewelry on, then wait an hour before taking it off. For best results, do this after the sun has risen.

While this is a particularly effective way to wear cat’s eye stone, you are welcome to find the way that works for you. You can wear cat’s eye every day of the week if it lights up your heart. 

Cat's Eye Stone Which Finger to Wear

Cat’s eye rings are incredibly powerful metaphysical tools. That’s why they’re one of the most popular cat’s eye jewels. When wearing a cat’s eye ring, the ring finger is ideal. If you would prefer to wear your ring on a different finger, the middle finger also works perfectly fine, according to Vedic Astrology. 

Buy Cat's Eye

Cat’s eye is worth the hype. It has profound spiritual and emotional benefits, and it also has a unique glamour that few gemstones have. So, it’s safe to say that if you have decided to buy cat’s eye, we support your decision.

While there are a lot of synthetic cat’s eye options, you can find just as many authentic cat’s eye gemstones. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you want and what will ultimately work best for you.

Cat's Eye Stone Price

You can pay as much and as little as you want when purchasing cat’s eye stones. They can range from under ten dollars to over a thousand dollars per cabochon. Of course, the higher the quality and the rarer the color, the more expensive the cat’s eye stone.

Cat's Eye Stone Ring Price

Cat’s eye rings are timeless and priceless, and they’re worth every cent. That being said, you can find very inexpensive cat’s eye rings for less than twenty dollars. However, if you want an authentic, high quality ring, you’ll most likely be paying a hundred dollars or more.

Cat's Eye Bracelet Price

If your bracelet is beaded with synthetic cat’s eye, as most are, you will be paying under ten dollars. These glass cat’s eyes shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg because they’re relatively inexpensive to make.

If you manage to find bracelets using authentic cat’s eye from chrysoberyl or another gemstone, the price should hike up to at least fifty dollars.

Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Price per Carat

Depending on its cut, clarity, color, and quality, chrysoberyl cat’s eye costs between sixteen to three hundred dollars per carat. Those numbers might sound broad and overwhelming, but remember to follow your intuition while shopping to make things easier.

Cats Eye Stone Price per Carat in India

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye ranges between one thousand three hundred rupees and twenty-two thousand rupees per carat. The most expensive cats eye stone will not exceed twenty-two thousand rupees per carat – although, we can agree that it’s no small price.

Cat's Eye Sapphire Value

Authentic sapphire cat’s eyes are incredibly hard to find. If you do manage to locate one, you’re going to be paying a few hundred dollars (if not more). Cat’s eye sapphire’s are a real collector’s gem, and that makes them all the more special.

Alexandrite Cat's Eye Price

Alexandrite cat’s eye is certainly not the cheapest of stones, but it is one of the rarest and most beautiful stones. Per carat, alexandrite cat’s eye costs between almost two hundred dollars and three thousand dollars. 

Cat's Eye Jewelry for Sale

You’ll have the most luck finding cat’s eye jewelry by looking at online boutique stores. You can always search in crystal shops and in mainstream ecommerce stores, but you’re more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for by scouring the internet.

keyboard with the words "add to cart"

Cat's Eye Beads Wholesale

You’ll never be able to buy authentic cat’s eye in wholesale. However, if you want to purchase cat’s eye beads in bulk, you can turn to synthetic options. Glass cat’s eye beads are relatively inexpensive and are great for beading and making jewelry.

Fake Cat's Eye Stone

There’s nothing wrong with a fake cat’s eye stone – as long as you know that it’s fake. When determining a real cat’s eye gemstone from a fake one, there are a few dead giveaways.

Firstly, a real cat’s eye won’t break if you rub it against something hard. Next, if the cat’s eye is surrounded by a lot of other cat’s eye stones that look exactly the same as it, it’s unfortunately not authentic. Cat’s eye gemstones are rare, and each one is unique.

So if your cat’s eye stone looks identical to twenty others in the same room, they’re all glass manufactured. Lastly, you should be able to feel the positive energy radiating off of a genuine cat’s eye stone. If you feel no energetic shift in the presence of a cat’s eye gemstone, chances are it’s not real. 

Cat's Eye on Amazon

From bracelets and cabochons to rings and spheres, there are a wide range of cat’s eye gemstone products on Amazon. Many of the cat’s eye products on Amazon are authentic, too.

However, if you’re looking for a unique product that you can’t find anywhere else, we’d recommend buying your cat’s eye second hand or from a boutique online store. That way, you’ll find more interesting designs and stones with a rich history. 


Now that all the cat’s eye positive energy has you purring, we hope you are ready to embark on the adventure of implementing the gemstone into your life. Chatoyancy is a small but powerful product of nature that should be appreciated by all of us.

The cats eye stone makes us feel happier and encourages a more abundant mindset – something we can’t get enough of. So, go forth, get yourself a cat’s eye gemstone, and never look back.

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