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Coral: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about coral, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Just thinking about coral makes us feel sun-kissed and radiant. From its popularity in the Victorian age to its ability to protect and energize human souls, the coral gemstone has proved itself to be one of the most coveted and spiritually restorative organic stones on the planet.

A coral gem holds the wisdom of the seas in its fossilized form, and it invites us to enjoy both its physical beauty and the serenity that it provides. Unfortunately, coral reefs are extremely vulnerable and they are vital ocean ecosystems. So, if you don’t want to be a part of our planet’s decline, we highly recommend you buy these stones second-hand or at the very least, from an ethical source.

But, don’t stress! We’ve got all the tips and tricks on how to find the most eco-friendly coral fossils out there. Coral is an extraordinary natural miracle, and we plan to get you all clued up about what coral actually is, where it is found, and how you can incorporate it into your life in a way that will make you feel energized, peaceful, and in control. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Coral Stone Meaning
    • What is Coral Stone
      • Is Coral a Stone
      • Is Coral a Birthstone?
      • What is Coral Jewelry
    • Coral Stone Benefits
      • Red Coral for Marriage
      • Red Coral Astrological Benefits
    • How to Tell Real Coral from Fake
    • Genuine Coral Characteristics
    • How Much is Coral Worth
    • Where to Find Coral Stones
      • Coral Stone in the USA
        • Coral Stone in Miami
      • Taiwan Coral
  • Coral Properties
    • Coral Agate Healing Properties
  • Coral Stone vs Travertine
  • Types of Coral Stone
    • Natural Coral
      • Natural Red Coral
    • Raw Coral Stone
      • Raw Red Coral
    • Agatized Coral Stone
  • Coral Color
    • Red Coral
      • Red Coral Meaning
      • What does Red Coral Look Like
      • Red Coral Stone Side Effects
      • Red Coral Healing Properties
      • Red Coral Benefits
      • How Much is Red Coral Worth
      • How to Identify Genuine Red Coral
    • White Coral
      • White Coral Meaning
      • White Coral Healing Properties
    • Orange Coral Stone
      • Orange Coral Gemstone Meaning
    • Pink Coral
      • Pink Coral Meaning
      • Pink Coral Stone Benefits
    • Green Coral Stone
      • Green Coral Stone Benefits
    • Peach Coral Stone
  • Coral Jewelry
    • Coral Ring
      • Red Coral Ring
      • Coral Rings in Silver
      • Coral Ring Benefits
      • Coral Ring Designs for Ladies
    • Coral Necklace
      • Red Coral Necklace
      • Chunky Red Coral Necklace
    • Coral Earrings
      • Coral Stud Earrings
      • Red Coral Earrings
      • Blue Coral Earring
      • Red Coral Earrings Sterling Silver
    • Coral Bracelet
      • Red Coral Bracelet
        • Red Coral Bracelet Meaning
        • Red Coral Bracelet Benefits
          • Red Coral Bracelet for Baby
    • Coral Pendants
      • Red Coral Pendant
      • Red Coral Pendant Benefits
    • Black Coral Pendants
  • Coral Uses
    • Coral Tile
      • Coral Stone Tile in Miami
    • Coral Beads
      • Natural Coral Beads
      • Red Coral Beads
        • Red Coral Beads Meaning
      • Orange Coral Beads
    • Coral Stone Pavers
    • Coral Stone Veneer
    • Coral Stone Slabs
    • Coral Reef Cement
    • Natural Coral for Aquarium
    • Coral Stone Countertops
  • Cleaning Coral Stone
    • How to Clean Coral Jewelry
  • How to Wear Coral Gemstone
  • How to Polish Coral Stones
  • Coral Stones for Sale
    • Coral Price
      • Price of Coral per Gram
      • Black Coral Price per Gram
      • Red Coral Price
        • Red Coral Price per Carat
        • Red Coral Price per Gram
    • Rough Red Coral for Sale
    • Natural Red Coral for Sale
    • Red Coral Necklace Value
    • Red Coral Wholesale
    • Red Coral Jewelry on Amazon
    • Buy Red Coral Ring
    • Red Coral Ring Buy Online
      • Red Coral on eBay
    • Coral Price in the USA
    • Coral Stone Pavers Price
    • Orange Coral Stone Price
    • Mediterranean Red Coral for Sale
    • Natural Coral for Sale
  • Conclusion

Coral Stone Meaning

When you think of coral, the coral reefs of the Indo-West Pacific come to mind. But, did you know that “coral” also refers to the red coral stone, or moonga? It is a deeply spiritual, bright red piece of nature that relaxes its users and improves communication and anger management.

The coral stone symbolizes modesty and joy, and it is even thought that the stone can lengthen your lifespan and promote tip-top health. Sounds too good to be true? Read on – we’re just getting started.

coral under the sea

What is Coral Stone

There is no coral stone wiki page on the internet, so we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you a complete guide on the subject. Before we uncover all the many mysteries and pleasures of the coral stone, we first need to explain what it is.

Coral stones develop from corallium rubrum, which is a red coral found in ocean reefs. Marine polyp animals produce coral “plants” by settling down in an area, and they’re held together by calcium carbonate. So, despite popular misconception, coral is an animal, not a plant! This is an underwater process that can only be described as a natural miracle.

The largest coral reef in the world is located on the coast of Australia. This vital part of Australia’s underwater ecosystem is called the Great Barrier Reef – you might have heard of it. Spongy in appearance, but rough and solid in texture, coral is home to over a quarter of all underwater species. It quite literally gives life to ocean creatures and is a provider at heart. 

Is Coral a Stone

While coral can produce gemstones, it is not your conventional stone. After coral polyps die, a hard shell is left over and it comes to be known as a fossil coral stone. This “coral stone” is extracted and used to produce a gemstone.

The official term for this phenomenon is “organic gemstone”, which refers to gemstones produced from previously living matter.

dried coral stone

Is Coral a Birthstone?

While coral isn’t a birthstone, it is associated with the month of October, which means it could greatly benefit Libra and Scorpio zodiac placements.

Because coral stone is connected to Mars, too, those with their zodiac Mars positioned in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house can reap next-level benefits from the implementation of coral into their lives. Expect success, a rejuvenated root chakra, and positive life experiences!

What is Coral Jewelry

Coral jewelry embodies the depths of the oceans and the feeling of tropical relaxation in the form of beautiful accessories. For thousands of years, coral jewelry has been adorned by the most fashionable among us.

Although most coral is actually white, the coral ideal for jewelry is bright red or orange. As a result, coral jewelry is generally adored for its warm, vivid colors that make us feel sunkissed and sandy in the best possible way.

red beaded jewelry

Coral Stone Benefits

Need to unwind emotionally and relax into the pleasures of life? Well, coral should be at the top of your shopping list. This gemstone can lift your spirits, fill you with joy, and encourage improved mental health.

It is also known to protect the body and mind, creating a spiritual protection shield that will fight off negative energy, bad intentions, and energy vampires. Coral has even been tied to financial success and wealth. So, if affluence is what you’re after, coral can boost your ability to make strong financial decisions.

Red Coral for Marriage

Red coral symbolism goes all the way back to Greek mythology. It was believed that coral came from Medusa’s blood, making it a royal, magical substance. That magic can also make its way into your marriage if you decide to use coral stone in your engagement rings, wedding bands, or simply keep it in the home you share with your partner.

Doing so will ensure healthy discussions and promote financial success for you and your partner. In addition, you’ll both feel a little more in control of your emotions and avoid losing your connection to heated arguments. Because red coral can also symbolize immortality, implementing its powers into your marriage will signify an eternal partnership. Sounds pretty romantic to us!

man and woman posing for heart shaped hands

Red Coral Astrological Benefits

By wearing the red coral crystal, meditating with it, or using it to decorate your home space, you are gifting your spiritual journey with major astrological benefits. Red coral powers include an influx of courage, self-esteem, and clarity.

You’ll find your fears drifting further and further away from you as red coral enters your life. As a result, your third eye chakra can open more easily, and astral projection and psychic abilities will become far easier to access. Red coral even cleanses the root chakra, leading to the increased strength, confidence, and groundedness of its users.

How to Tell Real Coral from Fake

We all hate a rip-off. And it can be very hard shopping for gemstones these days with all the fake stones out there. When you buy coral, you want the real thing. That’s why we’re addressing the issue once and for all! First tip – test the coral by putting it in some milk (yes, milk!).

If the milk doesn’t change color and turn a little bit red, you probably don’t have real coral in front of you. You can also tap the coral with a fingernail to hear if it sounds the same as tapping glass. This is a dead giveaway that your coral is actually glass.

Genuine Coral Characteristics

Let’s stop focusing on fake coral and think more about genuine coral. Manifestation? We’d like to think so. Coral stones are actually super smooth, so feel the stone for bumps. Your stone should be even and granule-free upon touch and sight. If it’s nice and smooth, you’re likely in the midst of some magical coral stone.

How Much is Coral Worth

Coral is valuable in so many different ways. First and foremost, coral reefs are invaluable to the oceanic ecosystems. In fact, they’re one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world in terms of species. Without coral reefs, many ocean animals die and can even go extinct.

With coral’s supernatural ability to protect the oceans in mind, it’s no wonder that it’s a little bit pricier when it comes to jewelry. On average, red coral stones sell for around $1,000 per gram. However, their price differs based on their quality. Very expensive antique red coral gemstones sell for over $100,000! 

coral reefs under the sea

Where to Find Coral Stones

Coral stones are formed by red corals, or precious corals, at the bottom of the sea. Red corals thrive in dark corners, and as a result, they can grow as deep as 300 meters under sea level. No wonder its spiritual abilities run so deep, too! Coral gemstones have mostly been popularized in Egypt and Rome, and trade between India and the Mediterranean led to a large number of coral sales.

Naples in Italy has a long history of coral appreciation. Its comune Torre del Greco is rooted in coral fish trade and it began the Royal Society of Coral in 1790. Torre del Greco even created the first ever coral factory. While coral’s history is definitely richer in certain countries, today, you can find or order coral from almost anywhere in the world.

Coral Stone in the USA

The islands of Hawaii, USA are home to some of the most notable coral stone sources in the world. These beyond beautiful, colourful stones boasted by Hawaii are a direct result of their bountiful coral reefs. In fact, more than 85% of American coral reefs are located in Hawaii’s surrounding water. 

Coral Stone in Miami

While Hawaii is certainly the USA’s number one source of coral, we can’t talk about American coral without mentioning Miami, Florida. The area is actually the only part of the continental United States that has a coral reef system. And if you’ve seen any pictures of it, you’ll know that it’s one of the most majestic, vibrant underwater sights around!

Taiwan Coral

Alternatively known as the coral kingdom, Taiwan has some of the world’s most diverse coral reef communities. Unfortunately, these communities are at risk of dying out due to a massive coral bleaching issue in Taiwan. Coral animals are incredibly sensitive and can easily be destroyed through changes in pH levels, temperature shifts, and general water conditions.

Global warming has led to higher water temperatures, which causes coral to lose symbiotic algae, which in turn causes a loss of color. So, if you manage to purchase red or orange Taiwanese coral, count yourself very lucky and let’s all hope that there’s much more to come!

Coral Properties

Coral symbolizes tranquillity and positive growth. The polyps that make up coral bring with them a lifelong desire to follow light. In this way, they naturally search for positivity, and coral stones hold that meaning in their fossil form.

Coral is a bringer of joy and happiness, and it is the perfect stone to carry with you during big life shifts and transformations. It even wards off evil and harmful energy, keeping your aura clean and creating a shield of positivity around you. Coral stones are renowned for their ability to ease emotional volatility.

If you struggle to keep a hold on your anger, upset, or frustrations, coral stones can act as a buffer for your negative emotions and improve your expression of them. This is because coral is inherently connected to Mars which influences our aggression, ambition, and spontaneity. In the same vein, coral’s connection to Mars serves to improve our career drive and success.

With a little coral in your life, expect to be more confident, ballsy, and lucky when it comes to your career – and all aspects of life. 

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Coral Agate Healing Properties

Agatized coral merges the benefits of fossil coral and agate, meaning it both grounds emotions and clarifies the mind. It is also believed by some that coral agate has physical healing properties.

These include improved circulation in the body, healing skin conditions, and even using healing energy to combat pancreatic disease. Best of all, it has often been said that coral agate extends one’s lifespan, offering us more energy and health for longer periods of time.

Coral Stone vs Travertine

Travertine is a limestone formed in mineral springs, while coral stone is a fossil formed in ocean reefs. One trait these two stones have in common is the fact that they are porous and have holes. Coral and travertine are often filled with polyester or another synthetic substance.

Travertine is definitely somewhat harder and more slippery than coral stone. These stones are both versatile in color shades. While coral stone can appear in brighter shades including red and orange, travertine generally has softer colors like cream, honey, brown, and silvery green. 

Types of Coral Stone

Coral stone isn’t just one size fits all. The characteristic deviations of this dynamic and fascinating fossil are never-ending. There are so many different kinds of coral, and even these specific types are endlessly changing, growing, and differentiating from one another. Plus, certain types of coral come with their own set of metaphysical benefits.

For example, bamboo coral benefits include the slowing of negative thoughts and the release of regret and guilt. Other types of coral range from simpler species like blue coral and black coral, to seemingly extra-terrestrial species like staghorn coral, antipathes, acropora nana, and pillar coral. 

clown fish in coral reef

Natural Coral

Natural coral is a group of microscopic larva that settle down in one area to eventually mature into polyps. Natural coral is essentially a group of these tiny animals that form to create majestic plant-like living structures. Once these polyps die, coral fossilizes and can be extracted for jewelry and organic gemstones.

Natural Red Coral

Natural red coral, or precious coral, is the colloquial name given to the coral corallium, which is part of the coralliidae coral family. Of course, the corallium is known for its bright red skeleton that is often extracted to make organic gemstones. Natural red coral might also become agatized over time, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 

Raw Coral Stone

Raw coral stone is non-polished, non-filled coral. That means it is the fossilized coral polyps in their untouched state. Usually, raw coral will have holes and form interesting shapes that would need to be altered in order to produce a pebble-like appearance for jewelry purposes.

Raw Red Coral

Raw red coral is a corallium skeleton before it has been altered in any way by humans. It has a rock-like appearance, has a distinct scarlet red color, and forms “branches” of polyps that genuinely resemble trees in shape.

Despite its remarkable appearance, red coral stone effects are not to be ignored! This fossil has remarkable benefits including increased confidence and instant relaxation. We think it’s safe to say that polyps are beautiful inside and out!

Agatized Coral Stone

Agatized coral stone is proof that time really can do so much. It is created over millions of years as ocean silica gets harder and gradually replaces coral with chalcedony. The agatization process is one of nature’s magic tricks, because limy corals are replaced entirely by chalcedony without losing their initial shape.

The result? Total, mind-blowing beauty! The stones retain coral patterns, shapes, and colors in pebble form. Agatized coral stones can take more than twenty million years to form, so if you manage to get your hands on one, don’t let it out of your sight. You’re carrying a piece of time with you!

Coral Color

You won’t know the meaning of the word “colorful” until you catch a glimpse of coral reefs. Coral can appear in virtually any color, and in a range of shades, too. From the bright green of the acropora nobilis coral to the soft purple-pink of the acropora sarmentosa coral, the color display that coral offers us is out of this world.

It’s enough to make you want to pack your bags and move to a reef under the sea. With that being said, let’s take a deep dive into the ocean colors that coral creates.

coral reefs

Red Coral

Bright scarlet in color and utterly radiant, red coral ornaments and jewelry have been favorites amongst gemstone enthusiasts for ages. Since the first millennium, red coral was highly coveted, traded, bought, and sold.

This obsession with red coral stone was definitely a result of its gorgeous appearance, but it goes deeper than that. For centuries, red coral stones have been thought to carry magical powers with them.

Red Coral Meaning

Red coral has a vast history of spiritual meaning, and its power lives on today. The fossil stone has often been used as a lucky charm or a protection stone in multiple continents and cultures.

Romans of the first millennium would make red coral necklaces for their children in order to protect them from harm. Italians of the early 20th century believed that the stone could even cure infertility. Anyone around the world who had access to this stone understood the value and metaphysical powers of it.

What does Red Coral Look Like

In its natural state, red coral takes on a tree-like shape because its polyps collect and direct themselves towards sunlight. It ranges from dark red to scarlet to orangey red, and it can even appear pink-ish in color.

Red coral is alternatively named “precious coral” for a reason – it has an unmatched elegance and delicate quality to it. Its intricacies and vivid hues make it all the more alluring, and its fossilized form makes for captivating organic gemstones.

Red Coral Stone Side Effects

Red coral stone, known as moonga in Hindi, is incredibly powerful regarding its energy and spiritual abilities. While it is a stone of positive, transformative energy in nature, its intense energy can cause disruptions if you aren’t ready for it.

Because red coral affects your Mars, you need to thoroughly understand your Mars and its placements before deciding to bring red coral into your life. If you have repressed bitterness and anger towards people, your communication may develop into pure rage and you could find that you can’t keep track of your emotions.

However, red coral often has the opposite effect wherein you feel much less bitter and have lots of control over your emotional expression. The best way to decide if red coral is for you is to understand your Mars placements or chat with an astrologer who can help you determine whether or not this is the stone for you.

Red Coral Healing Properties

While there is no medical research that supports any physical healing properties of red coral (unless it is ingested), many people throughout history have used the stone for homeopathic healing.

It has been thought to cure insomnia and infertility, get rid of bladder stones, clear up skin issues and rashes, and improve digestive issues. It is even thought that red coral prevents health issues from starting and offers protection from danger and physical harm.  

woman twirling in the sunset

Red Coral Benefits

Red coral is the stone you choose when you’re needing a big shift in your emotional state. Its energy is intense and it can offer many benefits to someone experiencing rock bottom or struggling with feelings of self-loathing and sadness.

These benefits can include a boost in confidence, a sense of ease and tranquillity, more patience and hope for the future, and deeper emotional introspection. Red coral is for the souls among us who see the nuance in everything and can’t help but feel emotional as a result of our complicated world. This stone will balance out those emotions and allow you to find your inner peace.

How Much is Red Coral Worth

Red coral is, on average, valued at around $1,000 per gram and it has grown more expensive in the past few years. However, we can all agree that red coral’s worth lies not only in its price but also in its beauty, history, and spiritual qualities.

How to Identify Genuine Red Coral

None of us want to get duped into purchasing synthetic gemstones. So, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. One easy way to identify genuine red coral is to listen to it. If you tap the coral stone and it sounds the same as tapping glass, it is what it sounds like (not coral).

Another way to test your coral stone is to rub some turmeric on it. Authentic coral will not redden the turmeric, but fake coral might leave a red stain on the spice. Most importantly, get your red coral from a trusted source or ask the seller for proof of its authentic origins.

White Coral

Similarly to red coral, white coral is a collection of polyps. Its color totally transforms its meaning and aesthetic, however. White coral appears almost like a snowflake or ice sculpture. It is so attractive and mystical in its natural form that raw white coral is often used for home decorations.

Don’t worry, though. You can also get white coral in organic gemstone form and jewelry. Unfortunately, some white coral is a result of coral bleaching which is caused by human activities and global warming. If you’re buying white coral, make sure it isn’t a product of its coral reef ecosystem’s decline.

blue fishes swimming over coral reefs

White Coral Meaning

White coral symbolizes courage, security, and spiritual awakening. Wearing white coral and including it in your spiritual practice can result in major spiritual transformation.

Your ability to find the truth in a confusing situation and make decisions will improve drastically. Not to mention, your energy will improve and you’ll find yourself feeling lighter and more ambitious.

White Coral Healing Properties

It is thought that white coral can prevent and improve heart disease and diabetes. It is a stone associated with purity and cleanliness, so keeping white coral in your space will maintain an allergy-free, dustless, and healthy environment for you to enjoy.

Orange Coral Stone

The orange coral stone is a fossilized version of orange coral – usually orange cup coral, also known as tubastraea coccineau, to be specific. It is a truly tropical stone in color and energy, bringing us relaxation, beauty, and rejuvenation.

Orange coral can promote a healthy lifestyle including exercise and good food, and it can improve your standard of living overall. Sounds like a tropical dream!

Orange Coral Gemstone Meaning

Orange coral symbolizes confidence and curiosity. Do you wish you could get rid of all your insecurities and have more faith in the world around you? Orange coral can help get you there.

By incorporating this gemstone into your spiritual practice, your excitement for life will positively transform and you’ll find yourself exploring and being your authentic self. 

Pink Coral

While corallium often produces red precious coral, it can also be pink in color. Pink coral is so idolized that it has influenced fashion, beauty and even perfume.

Its summery color along with the relaxing sea vibes it represents have made their way into jewelry and makeup brands, and the color is often imitated by fashion designers. It is no wonder that pink coral has such a huge fanbase, but what does the animal represent? Keep reading to find out.

coral reef

Pink Coral Meaning

Pink coral is a little different from other corals when it comes to spirituality. This special coral activates the heart chakra, attracting and promoting fulfilling romance and compassionate connections.

Pink coral symbolizes sensitivity and love, and as a result, its powers allow you to become more honest with yourself and with others, and to accept nurture and care as well as give it freely to the ones you love.

Pink Coral Stone Benefits

Want good luck? Stuck in a rut? Need more love in your life? Pink coral stones are here to make your dreams a reality. This gemstone has been regarded as a bringer of success and fortune for centuries.

Not only that – it can also improve your analytical and comprehensive skills and promote meaningful manifestations. Lastly, pink coral heals the heart chakra and can improve romantic relationships. All around, it’s a life-changing stone that anyone would be lucky to have.

Green Coral Stone

From green nepthea leather coral to acropora samoensis, there are actually quite a few green species of coral. Green bubble coral is certainly one of the most exciting. It comes from Indonesian reefs and inflates to form luminescent green bubbles.

It’s a sight for sore eyes, and once it’s fossilized and sold, it can delight your eyes every day either as a jewelry piece or a home decoration. There are many other stone forms of green coral on the market, and they come with a range of benefits.

Green Coral Stone Benefits

The green variation of coral is associated with financial prosperity and better opportunities. It is a stone known to improve one’s affluence and social ranking, and its spiritual assistance can even lead to promotions at work if used correctly through meditation and manifestation. If it is success you’re after, green should be your coral color of choice. 

Peach Coral Stone

Peach coral stones carry with them the mystique and protection of the oceans. It is also the stone of sirens and, if worn on a date or in public, it can prove to be profoundly seductive and make you more attractive to those around you. Thanks to its ocean properties, peach coral can purify your aura and wash negative energies away. Sounds just peachy to us!

Coral Jewelry

Whether you want to take things up a notch in the beauty department or you would like to access the metaphysical benefits of coral all day, we’re here to help you decide which jewel works best for your needs.

Top tip – remember to always ensure that your coral fossil stones are ethically sourced. We’re dealing with one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, and reefs have been dying out for decades due to pollution, global warming, and overfishing.

That isn’t to say you can’t have some coral for yourself, but always remember to be extra-careful to make sure you’re not contributing to this environmental issue.

red beaded jewelry

Coral Ring

Ah, the coral ring. Carrying a little piece of the ocean with you wherever you go never felt so good. Coral rings lift your spirits throughout the day, giving you courage to overcome any obstacle or uncertainty. Coral rings are the go-getters of accessories, encouraging you to be your best self and live your best life.

Red Coral Ring

A genuine red coral ring can transform your energy and demeanour. Nervous hands, nail-biting, and babbling won’t be an issue for you with one of these on your finger. That is because red coral rings allow you to listen, think, and respond much more deeply and authentically.

You won’t find yourself chickening out of what you’re meant to be doing. Rather, you’ll be focusing on what matters and going for it! According to red coral ring astrology, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces suns will benefit the most from sporting a gem like this one.

Coral Rings in Silver

Silver is a wonderful complementary metal for coral. Both coral stones and silver work to balance emotions and manage mood swings. They even share the ability to boost energy levels and promote happiness. If you’re buying a coral ring, definitely opt for a silver band.

Coral Ring Benefits

Coral rings represent sea-like tranquillity and courage. They allow us to focus on the positives of situations and remain optimistic during difficult times. It can also keep us grounded and invite us to make positive changes in our lives.

Coral Ring Designs for Ladies

Oh, boy! There are seemingly never-ending coral ring designs. From beautifully carved, flower shaped rings to bubbled coral jewels coated in gold, there are so many options when it comes to coral ring designs. In fact, you might not even know where to start looking.

We’d recommend that you go for a very simple round or oval gemstone and experiment a bit with the ring band. Go thinner, thicker, more detailed, or even find a band with a lavish, modern design. We suggest that you keep the actual gemstone simple rather than carved because the coral stone’s spirit will feel preserved and cared for. But then again, there are a million designs out there, so go get looking for your perfect one!

Coral Necklace

Want to carry the ocean on your shoulders? A coral necklace will make you feel like the queen of the seas. Apart from its obvious stand-out beauty, coral necklaces allow your inner radiance to shine through and bring out your seductive qualities.

They are even thought to bring about wealth and monetary success. So, if you’re ready to feel like a million bucks and attract a million bucks, go get yourself a coral necklace.

red beaded necklace

Red Coral Necklace

Red coral jewelry is certainly the most popular form of coral goods. Their bright, scarlet color brings out the natural beauty in every face. Red coral necklaces are a force to be reckoned with. They have been used throughout history as protection from physical danger and negative energy.

During the early 20th century in Italy, red coral necklaces were even used as protection from the evil eye. Whether you prefer a minimalistic option or an extravagant accessory, you’ll have no trouble finding a red coral necklace that matches your style.

Chunky Red Coral Necklace

If you enjoy being the centre of attention, the chunky red coral necklace is your new best friend. There is nothing subtle about these gorgeous jewelry pieces, but why would you want to be subtle about something as spiritually transformative as coral?

Chunky red coral necklaces promote third eye awakening and encourage patience and compassion. As a result, when you’re wearing red, you’re giving off zero red flags.

Coral Earrings

A pop of color? Don’t mind if we do. Coral earrings come in all shapes and sizes and will rid you of any self-conscious thoughts. You won’t be able to help being the most confident, authentic version of yourself when wearing a set of these. For everyday wear, there are loads of smaller coral jewel options.

But, if you want to get a little more artsy or extravagant, there are some exciting chunky coral earrings online. There are even a few beautiful, raw coral options that have that authentic tree-like precious coral shape.

red crystal pendant

Coral Stud Earrings

If you prefer a minimalistic approach, but you love a little extra color, coral stud earrings are your go-to. You can even get white coral earrings if you want to stay a little more under the radar. No matter which set you pick, you’ll be elated by the benefits your earrings carry. Confidence? Authenticity? Optimism? Patience? Count us in!

Red Coral Earrings

If you want to feel extra sexy, make sure you purchase a pair of red coral earrings. These accessories immediately brighten and frame your money-maker and allow you to feel like “that girl”. So, if you want to reach Lizzo-level confidence, red coral earrings are the way to go. 

red beaded bracelet and earrings

Blue Coral Earring

Blue coral is usually sourced from the eastern and western Indian Ocean with its largest deposit in Japan. Unfortunately, blue coral is endangered as a result of bleaching, global warming, and aquarium harvesting. If you do manage to find a pair of ethically sourced blue coral earrings (perhaps an antique?), it will give you a sense of ease and serenity throughout your day.

Red Coral Earrings Sterling Silver

Authentic red coral jewelry always looks great in silver. Firstly, silver brings out the warmth and brightness of red coral – giving it that extra glow. Secondly, the metaphysical properties of silver and red coral are closely aligned. They’ll work together to get rid of emotional distress and boost your energy. Did someone say power couple?

Coral Bracelet

If you prefer your jewels where you can see them, coral bracelets will give your eyes and your wrists a delectable treat. Because coral boosts compassion and capacity for love, coral bracelets make excellent gifts for friends and lovers, too. Plus, everyone important to you will have way more patience and control over their emotions. No fights? No problem.

Red Coral Bracelet

Let’s get accessorized and get rid of all that negative energy, shall we? Red coral is the most popular when it comes to coral bracelets. It adds a little tropical beauty to the arm and tells those around you that you’re elegant, but laid back.

This is the kind of bracelet you can wear straight from the beach to the art exhibition to the party.

Red Coral Bracelet Meaning

Red coral bracelets represent peace and positive energy. The serenity of the oceans is encapsulated by this bracelet, which you’ll feel as soon as you put it on. Any dissatisfaction and bitterness are washed away by the red coral bracelet.

Red Coral Bracelet Benefits

As long as it’s on your arm, your red coral bracelet will keep all the negativity and bad vibes far away from you. You’ll also find yourself getting rid of your own negativity and ugly thoughts. Accept the positivity that red coral bracelets provide, and you’ll be delighted at what you can achieve.

Red Coral Bracelet for Baby

Protecting your young ones is important, but often, spiritual protection is neglected. Giving your baby a miniature red coral bracelet will keep them safe from harm and negativity. In those formative years, it’s vital that children have the most positive upbringing possible, and a red coral bracelet will be the cherry on top of their childhood.

Coral Pendants

Coral pendants are for the adventurers among us. If you’re ready to open yourself up to exciting, fresh experiences, grab yourself a coral pendant to keep you company. You’re guaranteed a good time!

Red Coral Pendant

Red coral pendants are eye-catching, luminous, and they look like they came straight out of the ocean – giving you a cool, sea-breezy appearance. They say that jewelry pieces should tell stories, and red coral pendants tell the stories of hot summers, cold waters, adventure, and rest. What more could you ask for?

Red Coral Pendant Benefits

Boosted creativity and a positive attitude are among the many benefits of red coral pendants. You can also expect to feel stronger in spirit and more willing to stand your ground and protect what you believe in. To stay motivated and open to new ideas, keep a red coral pendant around your neck at all times.

Black Coral Pendants

Black coral, or thorn coral, is a soft deep water species of coral that often provides shelter and food for other animals. While it is called black coral, it is only occasionally black in color.

What gives black coral its name is its black skeletons that are used for jewelry and organic gemstones. This special coral will improve creativity and destroy unnecessary fear. It represents diplomacy, so it offers a great balance between rationality and emotion. 

Coral Uses

While coral has many spiritual benefits, it has a bunch of physical benefits and uses, too. Aside from running a whole ecosystem, it can be used in surgery to replace bone. It can even be taken as a calcium supplement and assist in healing health issues.

Coral can make for excellent tiles, pavers and veneers. Plus, lest we forget, coral beads and jewelry make wonderful gifts for friends, lovers, and of course, yourself!

Coral Tile

Coral stone tiles are non-slippery and somewhat rugged. They are often filled with polyester because they naturally have holes in them. Because of their non-slip factor, they make great pool decks and tiling around and in pools.

Coral tiles give you a feeling of being on holiday or in the ocean, putting a smile on your face every time you take a step.

Coral Stone Tile in Miami

Coral stone tiles are big in Miami. This is largely to do with Florida’s huge, wondrous coral reefs. And according to those who reside in Miami, local is better! Miami’s coral stone tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors and bring a rustic, seaside elegance to any space.

corals underwater

Coral Beads

When it comes to coral jewelry, we are completely obsessed. So, of course we are huge advocates for coral beads. These small, angelic gems originated in ancient Benin and they symbolize strength, belief in oneself, and powerful thoughts.

Recently sourced coral beads are beautiful, but you would be better off opting for antique coral beads. The further your beads date back, the more historical value they represent – plus, you won’t be harming the environment buying them second-hand.

Natural Coral Beads

If you prefer the organic, rustic quality of natural, unrefined coral, then natural coral beads are your lucky charms. While natural coral beads are ideal for jewelry making, keeping them in your pockets or in areas of your life that need some good fortune will result in nothing but good luck and success. 

Red Coral Beads

Deeply red and luminous, red coral beads have been a sought-after commodity for decades on decades. It’s no wonder that red coral beads have a huge fanbase. They’re a delight to the eyes and pleasing to the soul. Precious coral is a vulnerable species, though, so make sure you’re buying these second-hand or from ethical sellers.

Red Coral Beads Meaning

Prosperity and good health are represented by the red coral bead. Imagine having a whole bracelet made up of them! Red coral beads are also known to ease emotional angst and help you focus on the silver linings in life.

Orange Coral Beads

When you gaze upon orange coral beads, you’ll instantly feel a warm, relaxing sensation take over your whole body. These beads invoke images of hot beaches and salty air, and they’ll allow you to experience total serenity and ease throughout the day.

Whether you wear them as accessories or keep them in your purse, you’ll find that your day has a little extra beauty and joy with orange coral beads around.

orange beaded necklace

Coral Stone Pavers

Why not add a little bit of nature to your architecture? Coral stone pavers differ in thickness to meet your needs and are ideal for the outdoors. There’s no need to head to the beach when you can have a piece of the ocean underneath your feet.

Coral Stone Veneer

Coral stone veneers are made to imitate the coral aesthetic by using minimalistic fossil patterns and creating a truly organic, beachy look. So, if you’re looking to introduce some calm energy into your home space or boost morale in the office, coral stone veneer can do the trick. 

Coral Stone Slabs

Why use boring old marble in your home when you can have one of a kind, rustic coral stone slabs? Your bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops, and coffee tables will reach a whole new level of decorative elegance when you implement coral stone slabs into your architecture.

Plus, you’ll always feel like you’re relaxing on the beach even while doing simple tasks. Brushing your teeth just got a whole lot more exciting.

Coral Reef Cement

Can you believe it? Coral can even be used for concrete. Coral reef cement is made up of ocean water, coral, and it’s based in cement composites. Its microhardness in the interfacial transition zone is much better than regular concrete, but it also falls short in a number of ways.

While coral reef cement has wonderful perks, its production contributes to the destruction of coral reefs. It’s always important to be aware of the environmental impact of coral products.

Natural Coral for Aquarium

While you can purchase some natural, fossilized coral for your aquariums, we’d recommend buying artificial coral.

Because coral is vulnerable and endangered, designers have been creating high-quality, realistic artificial coral for decades. It gives the effect of being in an underwater heaven without causing any detriment to the real underwater heavens made up of coral reefs. Let’s honor coral while maintaining the planet!

fish in coral reef

Coral Stone Countertops

Let’s make cooking a little more exciting with coral stone countertops. These non-slippery, majestic countertops offer a seaside twist to your kitchens and bathrooms. Coral stone countertops tell your guests that you are no ordinary host – you’re easygoing, cultured, and innovative. Not to mention – your guests will feel relaxed and carefree in your company. 

Cleaning Coral Stone

Coral is special – there’s no denying that. So, when it comes to cleaning coral stones, we have to be extremely careful and gentle. Coral is super soft, so harsh chemicals don’t agree with this beautiful organic gem. It is best to use alkaline, natural cleansers and to steam clean the stones every three months. 

How to Clean Coral Jewelry

Once again, it’s important to note that coral in any form requires a gentle touch. It is very sensitive – especially when it comes to temperature and acidity. Soft cloths like muslin cloths are best for cleaning and drying, and rinsing is much better for your coral jewelry than soaking.

Soapy water (slightly warm) is ideal for cleaning these organic gemstones, but organic soap is definitely preferable. Good luck and happy cleaning!

How to Wear Coral Gemstone

Usually, coral gemstones are made into lavish jewelry including rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. Silver bands are ideal for coral gemstones because their metaphysical traits so closely align with coral’s positive energies and emotional benefits. Wearing coral on the ring finger on Tuesday mornings is greatly beneficial to spiritual alignment and growth.

This works especially well during Shukla Paksha. To cleanse the stone of negative energies, put it in a metal bowl and cover it in tulsi leaves, honey, cow’s milk, ghee, and ganga jal. Then, vocalize your intentions for the gemstone and what you hope it will bring into your life. Congrats! You’re ready to wear your coral gem.

water dripping on a hand statue

How to Polish Coral Stones

Time to get shiny! If you’re polishing your coral gemstone by yourself, we recommend that you scrub the surface with a slightly damp or dry cloth. We suggest using a muslin cloth if you can.

This process will act as a light exfoliant, bringing out your gemstone’s natural shine without exposing it to harsh and damaging chemicals.

Coral Stones for Sale

By now, you know everything there is to know about coral’s spiritual properties. You’ve done your research on the environmental impacts of harvesting vulnerable coral species. You even know how to take care of coral gemstones and clean coral stone jewelry.

That brings us to our final segment – shopping! How much does coral cost and where can we purchase it? How do we separate knock-off coral gems from luxury coral stone? These are the questions we plan to answer before we send you on your merry way.

Coral Price

Coral is priced depending on a few factors. Its area of origin and species, the brightness and shade of its color, its size, and its shape all play a role in how much a piece of coral costs. In general, coral costs about $7 to $230 per carat with Japanese red coral on the higher end of the spectrum.

However, pricier coral is generally rarer and therefore under threat of extinction. It might be a more environmentally conscious decision to buy cheaper coral because it is less likely to be a vulnerable species. Still, that isn’t always the case so make sure to research the individual coral item before purchasing.

yellow fish

Price of Coral per Gram

Coral generally costs about $1,000 per gram. Remember that this number will shift depending on the rarity, color, and shape of a specific coral piece.

Black Coral Price per Gram

Black coral is on the less expensive end of the spectrum. Inexpensive black coral can cost around $10 per gram. However, the price of any coral is influenced by its quality and country of origin, so don’t be surprised if you find a black coral much cheaper or more expensive than $10 a gram.

Red Coral Price

The price of red coral is generally $1,000 per gram. This precious red coral is the most coveted of luxury ocean items, and as a result, it is growing increasingly vulnerable. It is best to buy red coral second-hand or as an antique in order to preserve our oceans.

Rough Red Coral for Sale

Rough red coral is extremely hard to find in crystal and jewelry stores. You are probably most likely to find this organic gemstone online or by chance at an antique store.

Natural Red Coral for Sale

You will have the most luck searching for natural red coral online. There are a number of websites that sell this luscious gemstone. Remember to make sure it’s ethically sourced, or better yet, buy second-hand red coral in order to keep this species alive and well.

Red Coral Necklace Value

The value of a red coral necklace goes way beyond its price. These gorgeous accessories add energy, emotional maturity, and prosperity to your life. However, they’re certainly not the cheapest item in the jewelry box. For an authentic red coral necklace, you’ll be paying at least a couple hundred dollars.

American dollar

Red Coral Price per Carat

Red coral costs between $7 and $230 depending on its appearance and area of origin. The brighter, cleaner, and clearer the red coral, the more you’ll be paying. Plus, Japanese red coral is known to be the priciest among these eye-catching organic gemstones.

Red Coral Price per Gram

Per gram, red coral costs around $1,000. This number really can sway either way based on the quality of the coral item in question. Price and aesthetic don’t affect the stone’s metaphysical value, however. So, if spiritual benefits are what you are after, don’t worry too much about buying the more expensive jewels.

Red Coral Wholesale

If you are buying affordable wholesale red coral, the chances of the stone being authentic and ethically sourced are slim to none. When it comes to red coral, it’s about quality not quantity. So if you’re planning to splurge, don’t buy a whole carton of coral. Instead, invest in one high-quality piece that will last you a lifetime.

Red Coral Jewelry on Amazon

Amazon is a treasure trove of coral products. From tube red sea bamboo coral beads to orange coral chip necklaces, coral gemstone options are not hard to come by. Don’t forget to do your background check on the coral you’re considering buying and make sure it’s environmentally friendly.

person typing on a laptop

Buy Red Coral Ring

Red coral rings come in all shapes and sizes. You can find simple silver band, single gem rings online, but you can also find a bunch of funky and modern designs. Any red coral ring design you can think of – it exists! They also come in a wide range of prices.

You can pay anything from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for a red coral ring. The most important thing is that you find one that makes you feel excited, falls into your budget, and has no negative environmental impact. 

Red Coral Ring Buy Online

You can find red coral rings all over the internet. In fact, because red coral is so rare, you’d be much better off searching for red coral rings online than trying to scour jewelry and crystal stores. You can even find red coral rings on Amazon and eBay. Woohoo!

Red Coral on eBay

We would highly recommend looking for red coral on eBay. Firstly, there are so many options on the platform, so you’re spoilt for choice. Secondly, you’re probably going to find way more interesting and unique designs on eBay than you would on a traditional ecommerce site – including antiques.

Most importantly, because a lot of eBay products are second-hand, you’re far more likely to find a red coral organic gemstone that has no current negative impact on the environment. Dreams can come true!

Coral Price in the USA

Coral from the USA is usually sourced from either Miami or Hawaii, or you can find second hand options online and maybe even in jewelry stores if you’re lucky. In the USA, coral can cost between $7 and $230 per carat.

However, if you’re importing it, remember that the price of coral doesn’t include import tax. Always consider the fact that you’ll have to spend a little extra when it comes to buying coral online.

Coral Stone Pavers Price

Coral stone pavers generally cost around $5 to $40 per square foot. Smaller pavers will naturally cost much less than bigger ones. Coral stone pavers add a lot of zest and creativity to a space, so it is worth investing in these mood-lifting, homey items. 

Orange Coral Stone Price

Orange coral stones generally cost between $70 and $120 depending on their height and weight. There are, of course, always cheaper and more expensive options depending on your budget. Needless to say, we totally understand if you need to break open your piggy bank for the most high quality orange coral stone. Its color and spiritual properties are to die for!

Mediterranean Red Coral for Sale

Mediterranean red coral, also known as sardinian coral, comes from the Mediterranean sea near Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, and Corsica. Mediterranean coral is known for its matte, scarlet color and a uniquely serene energy.

You can find this special coral online, and it comes in both gemstone form and jewelry form. At the very least, Mediterranean coral sells for around $500, and at most, it will sell for thousands of dollars.

Natural Coral for Sale

Finding natural coral that is also cruelty-free can be really hard depending on what kind of coral you’re looking for. But, looking online is a great place to start. Online second-hand stores like eBay can be really helpful both in terms of finding rare, interesting products and products that don’t cause any environmental harm.

Coral is, ultimately, a fossilized animal, and we have no intention of advocating for the harm of animals. However, if you are willing to make sure that your product is cruelty-free, there are so many beautiful and wonderful options out there that will surprise and excite you – and fill up your shopping bag!

cocktail drink on a beach


So, that’s the 4-1-1 when it comes to the coral precious stone. We hope you’ve become just as passionate about this extraordinary organism as we are. And most importantly, we hope you manage to find a way to bring coral into your spiritual journey while maintaining an eco-friendly mindset.

Coral has brought so many people joy, deep introspection, and emotional ease over centuries, and we are so glad you’ve decided to join the coral crew. Enjoy your search for coral and stay vibrant and colorful!

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