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Healerite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about healerite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Gemstones are plentiful and easy to come by. Each gemstone represents different energies and can help you live a better life. The green and tranquil green color of mother nature provide you with optimism and motivation to get your day started.

It removes the dullness and exhaustion from your life and replaces them with the right energy and optimism. Healerite is one such gemstone that represents mother nature's radiance and powers. In this article, we'll go over everything there is to know about healerite.

  • Healerite Meaning
    • Healerite Benefits
  • Healerite Properties
    • Healerite Metaphysical Properties
    • Healing Properties of Healerite
  • Healerite vs Serpentine
  • Healerite Tumbled
  • Healerite Jewelry
  • Healerite Uses
    • Healerite Beads
  • How to Use Healerite?
  • Healerite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Healerite Meaning

Healerite is a recently discovered gemstone that hails from the mountains of Washington State in the United States of America. It is a type of serpentine that is also known as noble serpentine, a term given to it by the gentleman who harvests it by hand. Healerite has the most stunning lime green color. It is the color that most people appear to be drawn to as if it's ‘love at first sight.’ You will not be able to put down the healerite after you have felt its glowing, bright healing vibration. It’s almost as if the stone commands you to hold, caress, and touch it.

Healerite was given its name by Robert Simmons, author of ‘A Book Of Stones’. It is a ‘stone of profound healing energy, operating on several levels to reorganize misaligned chakras, meridians, and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, bringing a great beneficial infusion of subtle matter-energy,’ according to him. 

Healerite's currents enter our bodies through the same energy pathways that are used in acupuncture. Its effects can be described as ‘significantly increasing one's chi or life power.’ According to Simmons, this gem can help calm frayed nerves, balance the body and emotions, attune one to the spiritual realms, and increase inner vigor and energy. When the subtle matter-energy of healerite pervades one's being, one can feel years younger.

Healerite works with the heart chakra and it is a good stone for emotional healing because of its beautiful green color. One receives a warm sensation of excitement and openness when they hold the healerite gem. It seems to eliminate negative emotions and infuse your soul with a frequency of love and healing.

It reminds you that if you come from a place of openness, authenticity, and integrity, anything is possible. It is an excellent stone for releasing tension and rigidity, helping one to become more open and flexible. Allowing room is the message here – to create space around a painful situation rather than clinging to it so tightly that healing is impossible.

This is a stone with powerful healing energy. It is said that the currents of healerite can enter the body at any location and transmit well-being emanations to the body and soul. This gem may foster the harmonic concord of consciousness, love, and will through the connecting of the heart, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, helping one to manifest them more fully than ever before. 

Healerite energizes the liquid crystal body matrix, resulting in cellular rejuvenation. It promotes the optimal emotional states of joy, expansiveness, giving, intimacy, and heart-centered awareness on an emotional level. This stone is ‌useful for persons attempting to repair past emotional traumas, even those held unconsciously from previous lifetimes.

Healerite can also help practitioners in breaking the habit of being the wounded healer, or someone who helps others while neglecting their self-healing. It is a gemstone of planetary healing on a spiritual level. Planting this stone in locations where the etheric body of the earth has been damaged by traumas such as war, pollution, deforestation, or environmental exploitation may impact the spiritual rehabilitation of those areas. The advantages of such planting are ‌ amplified if done with clear intention and ritual. 

Healerite is an ideal stone for healing practitioners to use in treatment rooms and meditation areas. It resonates with angels, devas, and nature spirits, and individuals seeking to develop conscious communication with these beings may see improved and deepened connections. 

Healerite is a stone that children will easily connect with, and handling it can help them sustain states of peaceful and pleasant awareness. It may be used to soothe frazzled nerves, regulate the body and emotions, tune into the spiritual realms, and boost inner vitality and energy. When the subtle matter-energy of healerite thoroughly pervades one's being, one can feel years younger. This crystal acts as a stone of longevity and renewal, as well as basic healing.

Healerite Benefits


This stone contains powerful healing energy that can be used on a variety of levels. It helps us physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, which is a tremendous help as we navigate our planet's seismic transition. Healerite, like other green stones, is a heart-healing stone that benefits our physical and energy hearts and connects us to love's ‘oneness’ and ‘divineness.’ It is a potent revitalizer that gives us a sense of well-being by nurturing our bodies and souls. 

The powers of healerite penetrate deep into every cell of our body, boosting our energy and vigor. It has loving energy and helps to balance our bodies and emotions. Healerite soothes nerves, offers joy, openness, generosity, closeness, and love, and heals emotional wounds from previous lifetimes. 

It improves openness and flexibility while releasing denseness, rigidity, and unpleasant emotions. Allow for breathing room, especially in stressful times. Hold on loosely enough to allow healing to take place. Anything is possible when you have an open, genuine heart. It is regarded as the stone of hope because it connects us to spiritual and interdimensional realms. The chakra and meridian relationship with this stone is strong. 

Our ‘chi’ is increased by placing healerite on the energy meridians. In our physical and etheric bodies, it aligns misaligned chakras, meridians, and other systems. The energetic vibrations of healerite flow into our energy meridians, exerting an effect on us comparable to acupuncture.

The solar plexus and heart chakras are linked to healerite. The following are some of the benefits of this stone:

  • Enhances emotional stability by shielding the auric/etheric field.
  • Excellent for re-aligning chakras and meridians that have been misaligned.
  • Protects against radiation, improves lucid dreaming, and aids in cellular healing on all levels.

Healerite Properties

healerite heart

Healerite, a magnesium silicate mineral, is a soft lime green variety of serpentine that was only recently discovered in a hilly area of Washington state in the United States. It is also known as noble serpentine, and this is the only spot where it has been discovered so far. Healerite is thought to contain 16 minerals, with a high proportion of olivine and talc, which gives it a smooth waxy texture.

Healerite Metaphysical Properties

Healerite is known as the new era's stone. It is a potent and rejuvenating healing stone that helps in chakra alignment and balance. It also nourishes your physical and energetic hearts and helps you connect to the energy of love. 

Healerite is a stone with profound healing energy that works on several levels to restore chakras and meridians in the energetic and physical bodies by infusing your energy with positivity. It clears your mind of negativity and connects you to divine wellness. Joy, generosity, expansiveness, heart-centered awareness, and closeness are all brought about through this stone. It helps you in resolving past life karma while acquiring vital lessons. Healerite is an excellent stone for healing practitioners to keep in their rooms since it has a calming effect on both the healer and the client.

Healerite is a stone that can help you attract or manifest whatever you want. This stone's spiritual energy has the power to attract much wealth, including love, happiness, success, healing, and so much more. It may also help you in aligning your intention with your source energy and heart chakra. While holding a piece of healerite in each hand, place the stone on your base chakra and crown chakra. Make passes up and down the spine, and repeat for about a half-hour, or until your instincts tell you to stop. 

Healerite's spiritual essence is very useful for removing obstructed energies. It will promote a balanced and spontaneous flow of energy. It is also a powerful stone to employ energetically to help the lower brain assist the higher brain. Carrying healerite gemstone, wearing it on your body, or meditating with it will help restore the natural order. It will also bring you peace and joy, which will spread throughout the planet. Healerite's spiritual energy may help you to learn about the earth's and nature's long history. It may also help you to discover your true place in the world.

This stone may help you communicate more effectively with the soil and nature. Healerite's spiritual energy might help to calm your emotional body. It may also help you in overcoming concerns about change and adversity. Healerite, moreover, may help you have a more positive attitude towards the future. This stone may help you in connecting with nature's heart and thoughts. Healerite is a wonderful stone to use to safeguard your health. It may relax your spirit while also preserving your ideas. 

This stone's spiritual energy may help you ‌get through the most stressful and hectic days, and it will work tirelessly to defend your spirit. Healerite may protect your spiritual beliefs from skepticism. This doubt has the potential to grow and have a significant impact on your life. This gem can help you maintain an optimistic attitude, your sense of humor, and respect for others if you are expecting a difficult phase ahead.

Healing Properties of Healerite

Healerite emits powerful healing energies that function on several levels to remodel misaligned chakras, meridians, and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, delivering a tremendous amount of helpful subtle matter-energy infusion. Its currents convey well-being emanations to the body and soul. It resonates with your chakras, allowing your entire vibrational field to be elevated and aligned. Broad-spectrum healing, longevity, joy, expansion, and heart-centered awareness are all available. 

Healerite possesses a wide range of metaphysical characteristics that are recognized to boost general well-being. It is a stone with extremely potent and excellent healing properties. Its frequency has various effects, including stimulating the liquid crystal body matrix, reorganizing misaligned chakras, and causing cellular insights. 

The solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras are all energized by this gemstone. It may help you feel more energized and vibrant, as well as regulate your emotions and calm frayed nerves. Healerite stone may help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually by bringing harmony to your cellular structure. It is a healing and well-being stone. It feels wonderful to hold and use in meditation, or simply to have in your pocket or purse. It gives you a strong sense of being linked to God or the divine source.

Healerite vs Serpentine


Serpentine is a group of silicate minerals that are rich in magnesium and water, rather than a single mineral. It is usually identified as a hydrated silicate of magnesium, iron, aluminum, nickel, zinc, and manganese; however, its chemical composition varies. 

Most serpentine is found deep within the earth's mantle. It can occur because of a mineralogical change at low pressures caused by nearby fluids and oxygen. It could also be because of the metamorphism of iron and magnesium-rich minerals in plutonic igneous rocks. Serpentine's coloration varies from light to dark green, brownish or speckled, and resembles that of a serpent, hence the name. 

Antigorite and chrysotile are the two primary forms of serpentine. The more solid version of serpentine is known as antigorite. According to the different crystallizations, antigorite is divided further into four subcategories. The fibrous type‌ known as asbestos is called chrysotile. Asbestos is now known to be a carcinogen, and any contact with it near the mouth or lungs must be avoided.

Healerite is believed to include 16 different minerals, with olivine and talc being the most abundant, and manganese and magnesium being the least abundant. Its high talc content gives it a smooth, waxy feel, and it has a lime green coloration, making it a popular mineral among people who are familiar with it.

Healerite Tumbled

tumbled healerite

Tumbled healerite stones are tiny, spherical, and brightly polished. They are made by putting rough rocks through a rock tumbler machine. The boulders are tumbled until their edges and surfaces are smooth, gleaming, and polished. Tumbled stones are also known as polished stones, polished rocks, or baroque gems. Tumbled healerite stones are popular among collectors because they are naturally gorgeous materials that may be sculpted and polished even more so.

Many people collect tumbled stones simply because they appear attractive when arranged in a dish or glass jar. Tumbled healerite stones can be used in a variety of crafts. They can be used as one-of-a-kind, vibrant, and intriguing decorations on a variety of items. You can use your lovely tumbled stones to design your own jewelry. You only need wire and glue to create wearable art. Making wire-wrapped homemade jewelry is the simplest way to do it. Tumbled stones provide a lovely addition to centerpieces, candle holders, mirrors, picture frames, and a variety of other home décor items.

Tumbled healerite stones are popular among spiritual healers, mindfulness practitioners, and meditation practitioners. They're also widely carried in pockets or handbags as good luck charms or as protective shields against negative energy. The more effectively the tumbled stone works for you, the larger it is. Alternative medicine uses tumbled stones as energy stones. They are also used as chakra stones and healing gemstones. 

It is said that tumbled stones are frequently used to treat physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discomforts by being put on various chakra points. These remedies aren't backed up by science, yet they have been used for centuries because they don't have any negative side effects and solely provide incredible therapeutic advantages.

Healerite Jewelry

Because healerite is a semi-precious stone, it is easy to find healerite jewelry. We recommend purchasing a few items to wear for various occasions once you have found a vendor who provides healerite jewelry at a price that fits your budget and in styles that suit your particular aesthetic.

Because of its softness, it is not suited for a ring, but its malleability has allowed it to be transformed into a variety of lovely pins, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and necklaces. If it is possible, get four distinct pieces of healerite jewelry and imbue each one with a different type of power: one to repel negativity, one to improve your relationships, one to protect yourself, and one that will help you advance in your profession and financially.

Healerite Uses

Healerite is mostly used as a decorative stone or for creating beautiful products. Throughout history, this gemstone has been employed as a source of magnesium, in asbestos, and for personal adornment or sculpting. For thousands of years, various healerite minerals have been employed in construction and architectural works. 

Healerite Beads

Healerite beads are the most cost-effective way to embellish your clothing for individuals who enjoy wearing trendy jewelry or crafting their own fashion accessories. They are readily accessible in a variety of colors, forms, cuts, and sizes at retailers. The jewelry is mostly made up of two types of gemstone beads: precious gemstone beads and semi-precious gemstone beads. Both groups are important and significant in their own right.

How to use Healerite?

Spend some time holding healerite stones and concentrating on your goals regularly. While healerite jewelry imbued with these energies will have favorable impacts on all areas of your body, employing them as focal points of your mind and soul may increase the efficacy of the stones.

When you concentrate on a piece of jewelry with a specific goal in mind, you will find yourself focused on that goal and inspired to take the next steps toward accomplishing it every time you put it on. This can be done with any jewelry (or any other item) as a psychological cue (similar to classical conditioning), but using a stone with strength in that field will enhance the beneficial effects.

Healerite is also a good stone to use in places where you sense a lot of negativity is being thrown around. A piece of this stone placed on your desk or top of your computer, for example, can ‌benefit a high-stress working setting. You might choose where to locate the stone based on whether people usually sling negativity toward you in person or through emails. 

Place a healerite stone around any spot in the house where people like to converge—kitchen, living room, or even front hall—if you have a teenage child or live in a home environment where emotions run high. This may help prevent people from being overly upset unnecessarily, as well as encourage positive feelings among all family members.

Healerite is thought to help in creating a sense of peace and quiet in Feng Shui. This stone should be placed at the center of your home or office for Feng Shui purposes. You can also put it in your home or office's wealth area to attract financial prosperity. To promote a sense of tranquility and calm, you can either wear healerite jewelry or carry a piece of this gem with you.

Healerite for Sale

healerite pendant

If you are willing to invest in healerite, you can either purchase the stone itself or a piece of dainty jewelry crafted using healerite. The average cost of healerite is $180 USD per kilogram. 

How to Clean Healerite

Healerite can be cleansed with several different methods. Because this stone is not water-soluble, you can clean it with water. You can also use salt to cleanse it, which will help in the removal of any negative energy from the stone. Healerite can also be cleaned by soaking it overnight in a dish of rice. This will help in the absorption of any negative energy emitted by the stone. Finally, you can smudge this stone with sage smoke to cleanse it. Healerite can be charged by leaving it in direct sunshine or moonlight overnight. It can also be charged by setting it on a piece of selenite or another crystal recognized for amplifying the energy of other stones.

You can program healerite with your intention after it has been cleansed and charged. Grasp the gemstone in your hand and ponder about your intention when programming it. Then, either out loud or in your head, announce your purpose. When stating their intention for the stone, some people choose to hold it close to their hearts.

With healerite care, it is crucial to keep it away from water and heat, as both can harm the stone. It is a soft stone, therefore it is necessary to use caution when working with it. Chemicals should also be avoided because they can harm the stone. If you need to clean your healerite, use a gentle, dry towel to do so. It is ideal to keep this stone in a cold, dark location while you are not using it. You can also put it in a lined jewelry box or purse to keep it safe. To avoid scratching, keep healerite away from other stones.

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