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Agate: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about agate, including its meaning, properties, benefits, types, and uses. Let's get started!


So, you’ve come to discover what lies behind the mystique of the agate stone. Lucky for you, we have created a detailed guide on agate rock including its metaphysical benefits, healing properties, many (many) different colors and forms, as well as where to find agates.

The agate is a truly dynamic and special stone and its benefits should not be overlooked. We believe wholeheartedly that anyone and everyone can gain something from learning about and getting their hands on this precious gemstone. So, if your goal today is to learn absolutely everything there is to know about agates, look no further. Pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and let us take you on a journey of discovery – agate style!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Agate
    • Agate Meaning
      • Agate Pronunciation
      • What Color is Agate
      • Is Agate a Quartz
      • Is Agate Rare
    • Agate Chakra
      • Where is Agate Found
        • Botswana Agate
          • Botswana Agate Meaning
        • Laguna Agate
          • Laguna Agate Meaning
        • Fire Agate Arizona
        • Indian Agate 
          • Indian Agate Meaning
          • Indian Agate Properties
        • Brazilian Agate 
          • Brazilian Agate Meaning
        • Where to Find Moss Agate in Iowa
        • Mexican Agate
        • Montana Agate
          • How to Identify Montana Agates
      • How to Spot an Agate
        • What do Agates Look Like on the Outside?
    • Agate Properties
      • Agate Healing Properties
      • Agate Metaphysical Properties
    • Agate Stone Benefits
    • Agate vs Other Stones
      • Tree Agate vs Moss Agate
      • Agate vs Jasper
      • Agate vs Quartz
    • Agate Colors 
      • Moss Agate
      • Blue Agate
        • Blue Lace Agate
      • Blue Banded Agate
      • Red Agate
        • Red Agate Meaning
      • Raw Red Agate
      • Pink Agate
        • Pink Agate Meaning
        • Pink Agate Healing Properties
      • White Agate
        • White Lace Agate
      • White Agate Meaning
      • Black Agate
        • Black Agate Meaning
        • What is Black Agate Good for?
      • Orange Agate
        • Orange Agate Meaning
      • Brown Agate
        • Brown Agate Meaning
      • Iris Agate
      • Green Agate
        • Green Agate Meaning
        • Green Agate Healing Properties
        • Green Lace Agate
      • Grey Agate
        • Grey Lace Agate
      • Rose Agate
      • Peach Agate
      • Clear Agate
      • Dark Blue Agate 
        • Dark Blue Agate Meaning
      • Purple Agate 
        • Purple Agate Meaning
      • Gold Agate
      • Yellow Agate
        • Yellow Agate Meaning
        • Yellow Agate Raw
      • Rainbow Agate 
        • Rainbow Agate Meaning
      • Blue Green Agate
      • Iridescent Agate
      • Silver Agate
      • Apricot Agate 
        • Apricot Agate Meaning
    • Different Types of Agate
      • Banded Agate
      • Raw Agate
      • Eye Agate
        • Eye Agate Meaning
      • Rough Agate
      • Dendritic Agate
        • Dendritic Agate Meaning
      • Tube Agate
      • Unpolished Agate
      • Polished Agate
      • Jasper Agate
      • Natural Agate
        • Natural Blue Agate
      • Raw Moss Agate
        • Where is Moss Agate Found
      • Flower Agate Meaning
    • Agate Uses
      • Agate Coasters
      • Agate Slices
      • Agate Lamp
      • Agate Chandelier
      • Agate Decor
    • Agate Jewelry
      • Agate Stone Ring
        • Blue Agate Ring
      • Agate Earrings
        • Agate Stud Earrings
      • Agate Bracelet
        • Agate Bracelet Meaning
        • Hematite Agate Bracelet
    • Agate Beads
      • Agate Beads Meaning
    • How to Dye Agate
      • How to Tell if Agate is Dyed
    • How to Cut an Agate
    • Agates for Sale
      • Are Agates Valuable
      • Most Expensive Agate
      • Agate Stone Price
        • Raw Agate Prices
        • Fire Agate Price per Carat
        • Green Agate Price
      • Polished Agates for Sale
      • Where to Buy Agate Stones
        • Agate Slices on Amazon

    What is Agate

    Let’s get into it, shall we? Agate is a chalcedony stone with a hexagonal crystal system. On the Mohs scale, agate hardness is a solid seven. While its colors range, it typically displays a blend of colors and contains large quantities of quartz.

    As a sealstone of the Mycenian era of Ancient Greece, the agate gemstone has long been used in ornamental jewellery and as a charm during warfare. Today, you’ve probably spotted the stone in its dyed form, functioning as coasters under coffee cups or as decorative bookends.

    An agate geode also makes a very popular household decoration. Its banded patterns, which set it apart from other semi-precious stones, are a result of the agate’s formation in concentric layers. When crystals form around the igneous rock cavities that agates form in, agate geodes, or crystals, pepper the interior of the stone itself, forming a glittery, beautifully textured interior.

    agate color pattern

    Agate Meaning

    While the agate definition refers to the quartz-loaded eye catcher described above, the agate stone meaning goes a lot deeper. Agate symbolizes optimism in all aspects of life, spurring original, creative thought and inspiring a positive outlook on life.

    The stone is linked to balance and safety and has often been thought to attract peace to its surroundings while dispelling evil. Agates represent grounded-ness and emotional ease, and they’re a comforting force in moments of distress.

    Agate Pronunciation

    Fun fact! Agate got its name from the Dirillo River in Sicily, which in Greek, is referred to as “Achates”. Agate is pronounced “ˈæɡət” or “ah-git” with an emphasis on the first syllable of the word. It is often colloquially pronounced “ah-gayte”, too. 

    What Color is Agate

    One aspect of agate that sets it apart from other stones is the fact that it isn’t frequently identified by a specific color. The agate crystal can form in a range of colors including pink, green, grey, black, yellow, white, brown, and blue.

    Often, an agate stone will blend bands of colors together or a different color will appear in spots on the agate. These commonly occurring color blends are caused by impurities, and after laying eyes on an agate, you’ll never have been so grateful for impurities.

    Is Agate a Quartz

    Agate is a microcrystalline-quartz mineraloid, but does that make it a quartz? Short answer- yes! Agate is a kind of quartz. Its structure and physical composition are that of quartz, but it doesn’t appear the way we generally understand quartz to look.

    Agate is less transparent and more colorful than most of the quartz we’re familiar with. In geode form, the agate quartz becomes far more apparent – with transparent crystals collecting closer to its core.


    Is Agate Rare

    Just by viewing pictures of agates, you’ll understand their unique value. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re difficult to find. Agates are found all over the world, from Germany to Thailand.

    While there are certain forms of agate that are rarer (such as the lace agate), as a general rule of thumb, there’s enough of this wonderful stone to go around.

    Agate Chakra

    Agates have a significant impact on the chakras, clearing them of negative energy and sparking their reinvigoration. However, the type of agate can actually influence which chakra is most connected to.

    Moss agate, for example, focuses on the heart chakra – opening us up to deep communication and vulnerability. Meanwhile, blue lace agate can recover wounded throat chakras unlike any other form of agate. But whichever agate you pick, you will discover each and every one of your chakras blasting with positivity.

    Where is Agate Found

    If we’re collecting different types of agate, it’s going to be an around-the-world trip! Agate can be sourced from five different continents, including countries such as Germany, Argentina, the United States, Uruguay, Botswana, Mexico, Italy, Peru, Turkey, China, Greece, and many more. The fact that it comes in abundance doesn’t make it any less special, however. There are a number of different types of agate and their levels of rarity differ greatly.

    Botswana Agate

    This delicious gem from the southern region of Africa is known as both “The Stone of Change” and the most regal agate around. Typically, Botswana agate has dark, soil-like (as well as pink and white) bands of color. We have volcanic activity to thank for these chalcedony crystals, which are rare in their combination of silica and quartz formed from lava distribution.

    Botswana Agate Meaning

    Aside from their physical magnetism, Botswana agate is widely understood to provide a number of metaphysical properties. The stone represents strength and lifeforce. It can offer a great deal of stability during difficult transitional periods, hence its nickname “The Stone of Change”, and it has the ability to marry one’s shadow side with their light in a most harmonious fashion.

    Laguna Agate

    Arguably the most highly coveted agate around, Llguna agate is particularly desirable due to its bright, often orange, small bands of color. Sourced from the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico, this special form of agate is not only rich in color but equally in metaphysical power.

    Laguna Agate Meaning

    Laguna agate represents community and stability. As a result, laguna agate would serve institutions and offices well by encouraging camaraderie and rational thought. It is even known to boost intellect and sexual energy.

    Fire Agate Arizona

    Bursting with flames of positivity and light, fire agate is known for its striking, deep colors and ability to ward off negativity and offer protection. It got its name due to its fiery hues, and it targets the gut chakra to dispel negative energies. Fire agate can only form through volcanic activity, and it is sourced from a number of locations in Arizona including Saddle Mountain, Black Hills, Round Mountain, as well as the Cuesta mine. 

    Indian Agate

    Despite its name, indian agate is found in quite a few countries including Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, and the United States. It is revered as a powerful healing and meditation crystal that eases growing pains and manifests the ability to see joy and beauty in its users.

    Indian Agate Meaning

    Indian agate symbolizes wisdom, peace, beauty, and grace. It makes a trusted companion in aging and coming to terms with the ups and downs of life. Indian agate is known as a stone of resilience.

    Indian Agate Properties

    By channeling light vibrations to the heart and root chakras, indian agate plants self love and stability within the body. It stimulates creativity and self discovery, and builds strength and focus in the space around it. The stone even has some alleged physical properties such as promoting healthy blood flow and boosting metabolism and brain health.

    Brazilian Agate

    Southern Brazil has gained a reputation for having the largest agate deposits in the world. The term “Brazilian agate” doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific color or appearance of the stone but rather its location and formation. Due to its origins, Brazilian agate does have a few special properties that set it apart from other forms of the stone. 

    Brazilian Agate Meaning

    Vibrating most powerfully with the Aries zodiac, Brazilian agate fosters emotional equilibrium. It establishes a harmonious yin and yang, and in this way, the stone symbolizes balance and strength. 

    The Brazilian agate crystal is a tranquillity stone, offering relaxation, which in turn creates optimized physical and intellectual ability. By heightening consciousness and self awareness, Brazilian agate can lead its users to the truth of situations that require some light shed.

    Where to Find Moss Agate in Iowa

    Moss agate is wonderfully unique in its ability to connect you with nature wherever you are in the world. Generally, green will be included in its bands of color and it has often been revered for being a bringer of luck and prosperity, as well as its mother gaia energy.

    Rockhounding and stone hunting enthusiasts will be pleased to know that you can search for and retrieve your very own moss agate in Iowa due to their abundant geode beds. Good places to look include Keokuk, Bells Mill Park, Geode State Park (however, you won’t be able to leave with these gems), Muscatine, Shell Rock, and Orient. Happy searching!

    Mexican Agate

    Mexican agate is alternatively named crazy lace agate due to its twisting, incongruous, spectacular bands of multiple colors. It tends to be comprised of deep, earthy browns and greys with random splashes of orange, red, white and blue.

    This stone is certainly a sight to behold with its dynamic and hypnotic strokes, but it also comes with spiritual lustre. Simply put, Mexican agate is a happiness crystal. It brings laughter and light heartedness to its owner and eases anxieties. So, it really is beautiful inside and out!

    Mexican agate color pattern

    Montana Agate

    If you’re searching for Montana agate, you’ll have no difficulty finding it in the Yellowstone River. It takes after its primary location, too, often having bright yellow bands of color. Montana agate is characterized by the fact that it is much more transparent than the kinds of agate we have already mentioned. The crystal is said to deepen your connection with nature, keep you grounded, and spur your creative output. It represents warmth, love, and focus.

    How to Identify Montana Agates

    In its natural form, Montana agates are pretty hard to identify as they appear similar to many other stones on a surface level. Natural Montana agates might have a white crust which is a trustworthy giveaway that you’ve gotten lucky. Once they’ve been extracted from their rocky exteriors, however, you’ll notice that Montana agates are mostly made up of quartz. The resulting abundance of clear colourless crystal is what sets this stone apart from other agates.

    How to Spot an Agate

    There are two answers to this question depending on where you’re looking! Firstly, if you’ve found a beautiful stone in an antique store or something of that nature, and you want to ensure it’s an agate before purchasing, here are our tips. Agates will always have bands of color.

    These colors can differ greatly, but if you can’t see any stripes of separate shades, chances are you don’t have an agate in your midst. In addition, agates are hard. You should be able to drop an agate on the floor and expect it not to shatter. Now, if you’re searching for agates out in the open, the rules are very different. Agates frequently hide in rocks or are easily disguised amidst other stones.

    Spraying water on a stone you suspect to be an agate is a helpful tool, as it’ll make it easier to spot the agate’s signature bands. As agates can develop in igneous rock wherein surface pitting is not uncommon, feeling for a waxy texture in a rock’s cracks is a simple means of determining whether or not there’s an agate geode before you.

    What do Agates Look Like on the Outside?

    Agates are most frequently sought after in their crystal form made up of quartz and chalcedony. However, the glossier, prettier agate crystals and geodes are often hidden within the rocks they form inside.

    Rough agate might have bands of color that serve as a dead giveaway for rock hunters, but they also might appear identical to any other rock. If you can’t see any bands of color, but you suspect that an agate might be hidden underneath a rock’s surface, cracking open the rock (safely and with help) is a sure-fire way to find out.


    Agate Properties

    Remember that old story about water being turned into wine? Well, agate does the same thing – just swap water for negative energy and wine for positive energy. Agate ensures that you feel joyful, at ease, and able to focus on your priorities. Let’s go into detail on agate’s healing and metaphysical properties, as well as the stone’s chakra connection.

    Agate Healing Properties

    Does that aura of yours need a little cleansing? Do you feel like some improved focus and optimism? Or do you just need to relax a bit? Agate is the answer. The stone not only has powerful healing abilities but it enhances the effects of stones around it, too. So, if your rose quartz or amethyst need boosting, agate can actually improve their function alongside yours.

    Most notably, agate has the ability to calm anxieties and de-stress the body allowing you to focus and feel your intelligence come to the forefront. The stone has been rumoured to improve blood flow in the body, too, boosting cognitive function and leading to overall better physical health.

    Agate Metaphysical Properties

    Agate symbolizes joyfulness and optimism. It allows creativity, original thought, and intelligence to flow, and it connects us with nature in a deep and transcendental manner. The agate stone calms and grounds its users, making it the ideal stone for meditation and connecting with Mother Gaia. Agate improves perception, meaning your third eye chakra may work a little harder to bring revelations to you. If your psychic abilities begin to feel raised after purchasing or finding an agate, you know why.

    Agate Stone Benefits

    Agate is a stone associated with love, prosperity, optimism, courage, safety, harmony, and grounded-ness. It’s no wonder that it has a multitude of benefits. While you can read the sections above to understand the agate’s healing and metaphysical properties, the stone has a few other surprises in store for you.

    Agate creates balance, so if you’re feeling a bit lost or disorientated, this stone will bring you right back on track (and with stars in your eyes). Likewise, if you are struggling with school, work, or intellectual ability, agate sharpens the mind and allows for mental clarity. Agate has even been known to help smokers quit their unhealthy habit, ease symptoms of depression, and offer a sense of safety to pregnant women.

    Agate vs Other Stones

    While we can never pick a favorite, understanding the differences between types of agate and other stones will ultimately lead to you deciding on the stone that is perfect for you. On that note, let’s compare a little, shall we?

    agate patterns

    Tree Agate vs Moss Agate

    Tree agate is known for its forest-like spotty green and white coloring and the immediate sense of calm it generates. It promotes introspection and self-composure. Meanwhile, moss agate has a similar forest-like aesthetic, but it tends to have a few more brown, mossy tones and a slightly more hypnotic look than tree gate agate (almost like a crystal ball).

    And crystal ball isn’t far off as it brings good fortune and has often been praised as a good luck charm. Like tree agate, moss agate relaxes us, but it does so by connecting us with the sounds and smells of nature.

    Agate vs Jasper

    Chalcedony quartz, agate, and jasper have a few things in common. They are all often dark orange, brown, and red in color and have bands of different colors. They have an indescribable earthy quality to them, too. But most importantly, they ward off negative energy, create a feeling of grounded-ness, and blast joy to their surroundings.

    However, while jasper has a fiery, warrior quality to it and mainly activates the root chakra, agate energizes in a more tranquil way and activates the heart chakra – allowing for deeper introspection. While agate will motivate you to get up and try something, jasper will push you to see it through. These stones, as a result, compliment each other very well.

    Agate vs Quartz

    Agate is a chalcedony, which is made up of microcrystalline quartz. In this way, agate is a kind of quartz, but it has much smaller crystals than most other quartz. If you called agate a “quartz”, you wouldn’t be wrong, but the term generally refers to vibrant, translucent crystals like rose quartz or clear quartz crystals.

    Agate is a specific kind of chalcedony, which comes with a number of specific traits and benefits. Meanwhile, quartz offers more generic effects. Quartz essentially amplifies emotions. Unlike agate, which wards off negative energy, quartz amplifies any emotion you offer it – negative or positive.

    Agate Colors

    Agate not only forms in a rainbow of colors like blue, pink, green, red, purple, and orange. Its nature is to blend colors together, forming a wide selection of stones with unconventional shades such as cloud agate, shadow agate, aqua agate, crackled fire agate, blue lace agate, and moss agate.

    The range of agate colors is forever shifting from stone to stone because no agate is quite the same. And every shade and color blend comes with its own special list of properties and metaphysical abilities.

    blue, pink and white agate pattern

    Moss Agate

    Montana moss agate is one of the world’s most coveted agate stones for its magnetic color scheme and earthy name. It is true to its name, too, having a moss-like appearance and profound transcendental effects – connecting us with Mother Gaia and bringing us into harmony with nature. 

    Blue Agate

    Despite being undeniably beautiful, blue agate creates instant tranquility upon sight. It is linked to honesty and dependability and can assist its users on their journey to truth and enlightenment. 

    Blue Lace Agate

    Blue lace agate is similar to blue agate, but its baby blue and white bands create a sense of softness that no other stone can match. It relaxes its users and infuses them with a sense of being grounded and stable. Blue lace agate clears the throat chakra, encouraging open communication and self-confidence.

    Blue Banded Agate

    This luminescent stone symbolizes harmony and balance. You’ll find your shadow and light sides working together to make you the strongest and most truthful version of yourself in the presence of blue banded agate. It’ll also ward off all the evil energies that try to enter your sphere – so keep this baby close!

    blue banded agate color pattern

    Red Agate

    Fiery and direct, red agate will fill you with inner strength and confidence. This eye-catching stone will allow you to focus on your goals and maintain a successful love life.

    Red Agate Meaning

    Red agate represents strength and determination. In ancient times, military fighters wore red agate on their armour to improve their chances of success. The stone also boosts clarity of mind and creative ability – making it ideal for artists and freelancers who need to take charge of their day-to-day lives. 

    Raw Red Agate

    The rawer, the rougher and tougher. If you’re looking for red agate that will light up your warrior spirit and connect you with your primal instincts, raw red agate is for you. It’ll show you where your weaknesses are and allow you to power through them and improve on yourself to create the most dynamic, powerful version of you.

    Pink Agate

    Gentle in color and equally gentle in its ability to calm its users, pink agate allows for emotional release and improved focus. Its fuchsia tones will remind you that this is a truly unique form of agate that demands attention – making it an extremely popular choice for jewelry makers. 

    Pink Agate Meaning

    Pink agate represents confidence and courage. The stone is said to be one of twelve stones that Biblical figure Aaron wore on his breastplate. It is revered for its soothing effects and can often be used as a protection stone. 

    Emotional release and mental clarity are among the healing benefits of pink agate. The majestic stone allows its users to confront their emotions and be honest with themselves. In turn, their self-awareness brings confidence, focus, and emotional intelligence. The stone infuses its users with hope and strength, making it extremely healing both mentally and physically – dispelling anxieties that the body and mind both experience.

    White Agate

    Just thinking about white agate, we feel balanced and at ease. This stone is all about harmony, yin and yang, and stability. Plus, its snow-like natural beauty doesn’t hurt!

    White Lace Agate

    White lace agate has more pronounced bands of color than ordinary white agate. It is true to its name – producing lacy details on its surface. However, its meaning and metaphysical properties do not differ from those of white agate.

    White Agate Meaning

    This angelic stone brings comforting images to mind of snowballs, fond childhood memories, and moments of deep inner peace. White agate symbolizes balance and relaxation. The stone is instantly calming and can even help us deal with worries and negative thoughts. 

    Black Agate

    We know what you’re thinking – how can so many agate colors possibly exist? Well, we’re just getting started. Next up is black agate. This stone is a grounding force. Like many other black stones and crystals, black agate is a protection stone that wards off negative energy so that you can feel anxiety-free.

    a woman doing meditation

    Black Agate Meaning

    Black agate is a stone of stability, balance, and self-awareness. By connecting deeply with your root chakra, it encourages confidence, courage, and a deep sense of being grounded.

    What is Black Agate Good for?

    This healing stone is not only a major anxiety reliever and shield for negative energy, but it also offers wisdom and relief during periods of transition and loss. Black agate has even been said to get rid of joint and neck pain and help you recover from nausea.

    Orange Agate

    Orange agate is a bright, incandescent bringer of light and bravery. The stone balances emotions, promotes mental toughness, and cleanses the aura.

    Orange Agate Meaning

    This powerful form of agate symbolizes courage and optimism. With an orange agate by your side, you can get through any obstacle or emotional battle – all the while feeling comforted and supported by this precious stone.

    Brown Agate

    Earthy in color, the brown agate stone likewise connects us to the earth. Like many other agates, brown agate offers comfort and safety, allowing us to feel relaxed in its presence.

    Brown Agate Meaning

    Brown agate symbolizes protection. It can help you through a difficult healing journey or grieving process, and it encourages feelings of stability and focus.

    Iris Agate

    The word “iris” can often mean “rainbow-like color display”, and fittingly, iris agate is a true spectacle of light. Shiny, rainbow-esque bands of color come together to form this joyful stone that calls images of aurora borealis to mind. This stone doesn’t need much interpretation. As soon as you glance at an iris agate, you’ll understand its meaning and benefits because you’ll instantly feel more joyful and excited about life.

    Green Agate

    Dating back to Egypt over three thousand years ago, green agate was being used for jewelry and decoration. Green is one of our favorite colors, and agate is certainly no exception to that rule. Green agate calms us, connects us to nature, and allows us to stay focused no matter what comes our way.

    green agate color pattern

    Green Agate Meaning

    Green agate symbolizes spiritual growth and emotional healing. The stone activates the heart chakra, allowing its users to feel compassionate and open to the love around them. 

    Green Agate Healing Properties

    If you’re feeling scatter-brained and uncertain about your next step, green agate will heal your mind of unhelpful thoughts and insecurities and allow you to follow your purpose with confidence and peace of mind.

    Green Lace Agate

    Green lace agate can easily be confused with tree agate or moss agate. What sets this kind of agate apart is its lacy (not forest-like or patchy) surface. It has an intimate quality to it, and you’ll probably find that your love life improves in its presence.

    Grey Agate

    Popular among jewelry makers, grey agate is anything but dull. This stone is ideal for Gemini and Capricorn placements, and it offers safety and optimism as well as prosperity and strength. Grey agate has often been celebrated for being an energy booster and fighting fatigue. 

    Grey Lace Agate

    Grey lace agate is distinguishable from other agates due to the fact that it is formed from broken shell bits and pieces. Likely, you’ll find grey lace agate by the ocean, and like the ocean, it is known for calming and reinvigorating its users.

    Rose Agate

    If you’ve gone through a breakup, a messy loss of a friend, or you struggle with jealousy and self-pity, rose agate is the stone for you. Consider your aura cleansed in the presence of rose agate. Your negative sentiments toward yourself and others will simply dissipate when meditating with this gem.

    Peach Agate

    Peach agate, often confused for a different kind of agate named apricot agate, has a fruity, vivid color. Fire signs, particularly Sagitarius, will enjoy having this heart-warming stone around. The mood around peach agates lightens, allowing positive energy to radiate throughout a space.

    Clear Agate

    Clear agates are quartz-y peacemakers with many of the same properties as white agate. These include a sense of harmony and focus, as well as emotional stability.

    Dark Blue Agate

    Don’t we all just feel so at peace around the darkest of blues – like we’re lost at sea but don’t mind at all? Dark blue agate improves throat chakra related issues and encourages you to bring a deep sense of purpose and serenity with you throughout your day.

    Dark Blue Agate Meaning

    Dark blue agate represents truthful creativity and expression. It allows for honest communication and allows you to remain relaxed while sharing your thoughts and listening to others.

    Purple Agate

    Purple agate feels like a piece of angel dust gifted to us humans. Its friendly, heartwarming color and its helpful metaphysical properties come together to form a most miraculous stone.

    purple agate color pattern

    Purple Agate Meaning

    Purple agate invites you to let go of the past and any negative emotions to make way for truthful communication with the self and others. It represents safety and prosperity, so don’t let this stone out of your sight! It can only bring you good fortune.

    Gold Agate

    Elegant, regal, and uplifting – gold agate asks you to let your inner truth burst out. This stone, rare and glorious, sparks creative output and goal actualization. 

    Yellow Agate

    Yellow agate can range from dark to light in hue. Typically, the darker it gets, the greater its effects. Meditating with yellow agate on the solar plexus chakra will boost courage and self esteem. The stone has also been known to attract love and joy into one’s life.

    Yellow Agate Meaning

    This honey-hue stone represents the higher self and allows us to operate on a high vibration. With yellow agate, we are more emotionally in tune to ourselves and our loved ones and can reflect on our actions deliberately and with deepened purpose.

    Yellow Agate Raw

    Often, raw, uncut agate makes for much more carnal, physical reactions to the stone’s benefits. With this in mind, raw yellow agate is a wonderful means to attract love into your chakras and lift your spiritual awareness.

    Rainbow Agate

    Rainbow agate is another term for iris agate, which we touched on previously. It represents its name with pride, creating a spectacular light show when held up to light.

    Rainbow Agate Meaning

    Rainbow agate represents happiness and aids in manifesting a bright, hopeful future.

    Blue Green Agate

    As one might expect, blue green agate marries the properties of blue agate and green agate in a life-altering way. Honesty, compassion, tranquility, and creativity are all linked to blue green agate.

    Iridescent Agate

    Again, iridescent agate refers to iris or rainbow agate. However, this name notes a very exciting quality that iris agate has to offer. Iridescent agate appears to change color depending on how you twist and turn it toward a light source – making it feel like a real piece of natural magic.

    Silver Agate

    Silver agate is a combination of white and grey bands to create a lacy, silver shade unlike any other agate color. It practically guarantees prosperity and good fortune, while creating a tranquil atmosphere to allow for open communication.

    Apricot Agate

    Apricot agate is nothing but pinkish, orange-ish goodness! Some believe that parent-child relationships are strengthened through this love-manifesting, throat chakra-opening gemstone. It offers a range of benefits from spiritual to mental healing, and encourages emotional growth.

    Apricot Agate Meaning

    Apricot agate softens the world around it. It relieves stress and anxiety, and symbolizes emotional strength. If you need to feel more balanced and connected to the world around you in a positive way, apricot agate will bring you into alignment. 

    Different Types of Agate

    So, you’re up to speed when it comes to the many different colors of agate. But, that’s not where it ends. An agate’s type or category determines a lot about the stone of your choosing. And there are as many types of agate as there are colors of agate.

    From fortification agate, to spotted agate, to cold water agate, to dyed agate, it’s important that you understand what distinguishes a stone before you purchase one so that you can reap the benefits of your choosing and maintain a life-long relationship with your stone. 

    blue green agate color pattern

    Banded Agate

    Layered agate, or banded agate, is made up of quartz bands and is formed through volcanic activity over long periods of time. Holding a banded agate in your hand feels like holding a piece of history because each layer represents the shifts and effects of time. Banded agate can be used in meditation or kept near you in order to gain a sense of being grounded, secure, relaxed, and in control of your emotions.

    Raw Agate

    One may distinguish a raw agate through its translucence, bands, and waxiness. Sometimes, they form in igneous rock, so a raw agate might even appear to be another stone or rock altogether. Raw agate connects us to the earth, our hearts, and our true desires. It makes for emotional stability and focus.

    Eye Agate

    Eye agate is a rare beauty which forms small circles on its surface that distinctly resemble eyes. Agate eyes are usually found in agate nodules and they’re popularly used in jewelry. By creating a gentle frequency of harmony and positivity, these remarkable natural art pieces will keep you feeling balanced and poised. 

    Eye Agate Meaning

    Eye agate represents softness and strength. In this way, it’s a kind and gentle stone, but it supports you in fighting for your most harmonious, truthful life and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed or unsafe.

    Rough Agate

    Rough agate looks and feels like you’ve just picked it up off the ground. And you very well might have! If you’re in the right place at the right time, rough agate is not impossible to find. These magnificent gems frequently disguise themselves within their surroundings due to their often earthy colors and texture. Rough agate can come in any shape or size as it is, of course, natural agate of any form.

    Dendritic Agate

    You might find it hard to believe that dendritic agate isn’t man-made. It is a piece of agate so artistic in appearance that seeing one will remind you of nature’s true power. Dendritic agate is milky white and appears to have pressed, tiny bushes, trees, and flowers inside (however, these “flora” are actually trace minerals). Arguably the rarest agate around, you’ll be very lucky to stumble upon one of these.

    Dendritic Agate Meaning

    Dentritic agate symbolizes personal growth. As it is such a unique stone, it will remind you of your unique qualities and encourage you to communicate and express your creativity. Dendritic agate can also be used for emotional and spiritual healing and for interregnums such as loss, breakups, pregnancy, and career shifts.

    Tube Agate

    Tube agate consists of tiny flow channels that give the appearance of small tubes. Occasionally, these tubes are hollow and porous. Metaphysically, tube agate doesn’t differ from agate in general. Its color and the location it is sourced from will indicate its spiritual and emotional benefits.

    Unpolished Agate

    Unpolished agate is ideal for those who enjoy a more rustic appearance and feel. Its texture is rougher and waxier than that of polished agate. As agate is one of the earthier crystals in its appearance and aura, unpolished agate would certainly be the best option for someone hesitant to take away from the stone’s natural glow. 

    Polished Agate

    If you prefer shiny, everlasting stones that make for ideal home décor, polished agate is right up your alley. You might be relieved to know that polished agate can come in all colors and forms. Keeping a polished agate in your home or purse will allow you to experience its benefits on a daily basis all the while having a beautiful decoration to share with your guests.

    Jasper Agate

    Often confused for one another, jasper and agate compliment one another and enhance the other’s benefits. These two stones combined will allow you to reach your full potential, maintain focus through difficult periods, and experience feelings of joy and serenity on a regular basis.

    Natural Agate

    Because nature forms agate in abundance, you probably don’t need to worry about whether or not the agate you purchase is natural. Synthetic agate is simply unheard of! Natural agate is ideal for those seeking peace, happiness, and clarity of mind.

    In order to ensure your agate is as natural as possible, purchase raw, rough agate rather than polished, tumbled agate. While ultimately, both polished and raw agate are natural, a raw agate will give the effect of being from the earth.

    natural agate

    Natural Blue Agate

    Natural blue agate is certainly one of the most attractive stones out there! This precious gem can come in the form of small stones or geodes and serves to relax, enlighten, and balance you, bringing you into harmony with yourself and the world around you.

    Raw Moss Agate

    Raw moss agate usually comes in chunks and has a deep, moss green hue with white spots. The resulting overall aesthetic is sincerely earthy to the extent that holding a raw moss agate in your hand might make you feel as though you’re falling into a soft bed of greenery. This is also because raw moss agate creates a sense of relaxation and pulls us closer to the natural world.

    Where is Moss Agate Found

    Moss agate can be sourced from a number of countries, but it is mainly found in Brazil, the United States, India, Uruguay, and central European countries. 

    Flower Agate Meaning

    Small opaque Chalcedony deposits in an agate stone create the flower agate effect. The flower agate tricks us into seeing an agate with tiny flowers trapped inside. It is a uniquely soft and smile-inducing gemstone.

    The heart and root chakras are connected through the use of flower agate, which represents emotional and mental wellbeing. Meditating with flower agate will lead to the most successful experience of its benefits.

    Agate Uses

    If you thought agate had a lot to offer before, just you wait. While the stone has a plethora of metaphysical applications, it also has some very practical uses. In fact, due to its hardness and ability to handle chemical attacks, agate is frequently used for industrial purposes. Agate is even occasionally used to make mortars and pestles. We don’t know about you, but preparing our food using agate sounds pretty good to us! 

    Agate Coasters

    If you have never seen a coaster made from this rock, you have probably been living under one. Agate coasters are extremely popular for the light energy they bring into a space – livening up dinner parties and allowing for a relaxed cup of tea.

    They add elegance and worldliness to a home, making them ideal for a living room or bedroom side table. While these coasters come in all shapes and colors, agate geode coasters are particularly mesmerizing. With one of these to protect your table from stains, having a drink will become an otherworldly experience. 

    Agate Slices

    Agate slices are thin, allowing light to shine through and allowing you to appreciate the inner details of this beautiful stone. They’re usually very inexpensive and can be used as decorations, in artwork and mural making, and can even be used as DIY coasters.

    agate slices

    Agate Lamp

    With an agate lighting up your room, it will naturally light up your soul, body, and mind. Agate lamps are all one of a kind and offer a soft, natural light to a space. They can either come in the form of glass-agate lamps (which come in a box-like shape and give the impression of a rare artwork) or in agate geode form (in which an agate is lit up from the inside). Either way, they set the mood for tranquillity, rest, and conscious living.

    Agate Chandelier

    If you’re already a fan of agate lamps and want to take things to the next level, an agate chandelier is an out of this world addition to a space. Agate chandeliers are as versatile and dynamic as agates themselves. These are not your ordinary, over the top chandeliers. They add color, light, and playfulness to a space – all the while showcasing class and zest for life. 

    Agate Decor

    From agate boxes and jars to tables and trays, agates make for excellent décor. Agates have a supernatural ability to marry creativity with elegance, and whether it’s through coasters or ornaments, using agates to decorate your home is never going to be something you regret.

    Agate Jewelry

    If you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you all about agate jewelry. If it’s already decorating your home, sitting by your bedside, and nestled in your pockets, and you just can’t get enough, the good news is that you can wear agate 24/7 in the form of rings, earrings, and necklaces. Let’s discuss!

    Agate Stone Ring

    Rings made out of the agate mineral offer protection and stability. It makes sense, then, that agate stone rings are wonderful gifts for loved ones (and for yourself). Wearing an agate ring during deep meditation is a simple way to open your heart chakra and allow warmth into your life. 

    agate rings

    Blue Agate Ring

    Of all the agate rings out there, blue agate rings have an especially magnetic quality. Soft yet eye-catching, they make a superb addition to your jewelry collection and ensure peace and confidence for anyone that wears them.

    Agate Earrings

    Agate and its unique benefits belong pretty much anywhere – and your ears are no exception. These babies come in drop and stud form and make perfect sidekicks for an elegant evening out or just an ordinary day that needs a little spicing up. Agate earrings aren’t just an accessory. They’re a reminder to find serenity within yourself and keep persisting courageously.

    Agate Stud Earrings

    With agate stud earrings on, you’ll be nothing less than the belle of the ball. Agate stud earrings are discreet, but when you notice them, you simply can’t look away. They don’t scream “look at me”, but rather, gently whisper “hey beautiful”. 

    Agate Bracelet Meaning

    Wearing an agate bracelet is ideal for someone who loves staring at agate all day long (we do, too). Bracelets made out of agate shell are a particularly exciting jewelry piece to invest in. Shell agate is a form of the crystal that develops within a shell. It is nothing short of a natural miracle and it certainly belongs on your wrist.

    Hematite Agate Bracelet

    Hematite is a deep red gemstone coveted by the ancient Greeks for its capacity for protection and grounding. A bracelet made up of hematite and agate beads is the ultimate protection and safety accessory. It will maintain a clear aura for you and ensure that negative energies see themselves out the door.

    Agate Beads

    Beading is a means of connecting with yourself and your third eye, and it allows for careful thought and meditation. Beading with agates is, unsurprisingly, a meaningful way to channel deep inner serenity and end up with a stunning piece of jewelry at the end.

    Agate Beads Meaning

    Agate beads represent courage and perseverance, as well as a clear mind and inner strength. While buying a bracelet or necklace made of agate beads is a confidence and intellect booster, making your own jewelry with agate beads is even better as it allows you to put your newfound light into creating something.

    How to Dye Agate

    While we wouldn’t recommend dying agate as it comes in a number of authentic, natural colors, the process is as follows. The agate must be boiled in a powerful bicarbonate solution. Then, it must be left in a chemical solution for at least one hour. In order to obtain a red color, iron nitrate solution is the go-to. If you are wanting to dye your agate green, chromic acid and nickel nitrate work wonders.

    If blue is the color you’re after, soaking your agate in prussiate of potassium then iron sulphate solution gets you the best results. Again, please don’t dye your agate! The stone is a gift from nature and we shouldn’t try to change it into something it isn’t. 

    How to Tell if Agate is Dyed

    Ah, fake agate – the bane of our existence. We’re dedicated to making sure nobody ever buys one, so read closely. Dyed, fake agate is usually chalcedony or jasper that has been made to resemble authentic agate.

    Bright neon shades are an immediate red flag, and so are small bubbles within the “agate”. If the stone has no peculiar markings (or an agate pattern) or bands on it, then it is most likely not an agate. Lastly, trust your intuition. If it doesn’t feel authentic to you, you don’t want to take it home with you.

    How to Cut an Agate

    Be careful when cutting agates or they might just cut you first. If you’ve never cut a rock before, you might want to leave this one to the professionals. However, if you decide to brave the challenge, you’ll need a vice grip to keep the agate still. Then, you’ll need to use either a slab saw, band saw, dremel tool, or table saw in conjunction with the vice grip to produce a slimmed down version of your agate.

    Agates for Sale

    Agates are easily accessible, as we’re sure you’ll be glad to know. Large agates and rare agates like fire agate, crazy lace agate, and dendritic agate are generally a bit more expensive, but it is relatively easy to find and purchase these magical stones. You can find them on online stores, in crystal shops, and you can even have them shipped from their country of origin.

    brown agate color pattern

    Are Agates Valuable

    The agate value depends on a number of factors including color, country of origin, and quality. For example, Montana moss agate with extraordinarily beautiful markings is more valuable due to the one of a kind natural images it creates. Overall, agates are relatively inexpensive compared to other gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds.

    Most Expensive Agate

    Agate prices differ depending on where and how they are sourced. No one agate is more expensive than the next, but dendritic and fire agate do tend to be a little pricier than most. The price of an agate goes up when it has a rich color, is weighty, has unusual and special markings, and has very fine bands.

    Agate Stone Price

    Agate prices range so vastly that it is difficult to pin down a general price. A lot of agates sell for a mere one to ten dollars, but they can hike all the way up to around $3,000, too. If you are purchasing an agate over $50, you should expect it to be heavier, especially clear and without inclusions, have a rich color and smooth shape, and it should be one of the rarer agate forms like laguna agate or authentic Mexican crazy lace agate. 

    Raw Agate Prices

    Raw agate prices generally remain under $20, but that isn’t to say they’re less valuable. When it comes to agates, the benefits they can bring you are priceless and you should choose the agate or agates that bring you joy – not necessarily the most expensive ones.

    Fire Agate Price per Carat

    Fire agate is one of the rarest agate varieties. It can only be sourced from either Mexico’s Central Basin or from the Sonoran Desert areas in Arizona and Mexico. Due to its rarity, fire agate usually costs between ten to forty dollars per carat. 

    Green Agate Price

    Green agates are generally inexpensive in raw or tumbled form, costing about two to fifteen dollars for a piece.

    Polished Agates for Sale

    Polished agates are not hard to find! You can find polished agates of any variety online with great success, and if you’re more of an in-person shopper, you can also purchase agates in crystal and rock stores all over the world.

    Where to Buy Agate Stones

    So, hopefully we’ve convinced you at this point that agates are worth the hype. However, if you’re still uncertain as to where you should get your agates, you should be pleased to know that there are a variety of options. You could rough it and go searching for agates if you live in the right area. If you wish to purchase these miracle stones, you can do so at crystal stores near you.

    Simply search online to find your nearest shop or ask friends in the crystal and wellness community. There’s always a new store to find and enjoy browsing in. You can also find agates on many, many online stores including Etsy and Amazon. Just remember to be careful and check for signs (listed earlier in this article) that the agate is inauthentic. Happy shopping!

    Agate Slices on Amazon

    You can purchase from a wide selection of agate products on Amazon. Agate slices of all different shapes and colors are sold in abundance on the website. You can even buy them in bulk!


    We’ve reached the end so soon, and we would feel heartbroken about it if we didn’t have some agates to keep us strong. We really could keep talking about agates all day (we hope you feel the same), but for now, you’ve likely learned at least a few things to propel you on your agate journey.

    These stones are of immense spiritual value, and we’re oh so glad that you took the time to either learn or remember that. Whether you’re going for raw Montana moss agate, or an incredibly expensive crazy lace agate, we just want to remind you before you go that you’ve made a wonderful choice for your mind, your heart chakra, and your soul by incorporating agate into your life.

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