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Botswana Agate: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Botswana agate stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about botswana agate, including its meaning, benefits, types, colors and uses. Let's get started!


Botswana agate, also known as “banded agate”, is a prized possession for gemologists and collectors. The signature cool hues of this rare gem look both tranquil and magical. In fact, there is much more than what meets the eye when it comes to this gorgeous gemstone. 

So let us explore all about botswana agate in this post today.

  • Botswana Agate Meaning
    • What is Botswana Agate
      • Botswana Agate Spiritual Meaning
      • What Color is Botswana Agate?
    • What Does Botswana Stone Do
    • Where Does Botswana Agate Come From
    • Where to Find Botswana Agate
    • Botswana Agate Chakra
  • Botswana Agate Properties
    • Botswana Agate Healing Properties
    • Botswana Agate Metaphysical Properties
  • Botswana Agate Benefits
  • Botswana Agate Types
    • Tumbled Botswana Agate
    • Raw Botswana
  • Botswana Agate Colors
    • Pink Botswana Agate
      • Pink Botswana Agate Meaning
      • Pink Botswana Agate Healing Properties
      • Pink Botswana Agate Metaphysical Properties
    • Apricot Botswana Agate
      • Apricot Botswana Agate Meaning
    • Orange Botswana Agate
    • Grey Botswana Agate
    • Blue Botswana Agate
      • Is Blue Botswana Agate Dyed
    • Purple Botswana Agate
    • Red Botswana Agate
    • Black Botswana Agate
    • Brown Botswana Agate
    • Green Botswana Agate
  • Botswana Agate Uses
    • Botswana Agate Beads
      • Pink Botswana Agate Beads
    • Botswana Agate Cabochon
    • Botswana Agate Yoni Egg
    • Botswana Agate Slab
  • Botswana Agate Jewelry
    • Botswana Agate Pendant
    • Botswana Agate Necklace
    • Botswana Agate Ring
    • Botswana Agate Bracelet
      • Botswana Agate Bracelet Meaning
    • Botswana Agate Earrings
  • How to Charge Botswana Agate
  • How to Cleanse Botswana Agate
  • Botswana Agate for Sale
    • Botswana Agate Rough for Sale
    • Botswana Agate Beads Wholesale
  • Conclusion

Botswana Agate Meaning

What is Botswana Agate?

The botswana agate gemstone belongs to the quartz family. It is named after Botswana, Africa where it was first discovered centuries ago.

It is a type of banded chalcedony that can be recognized by its distinct appearance. It looks similar to the Italian marble we see in many homes today.

Botswana Agate Spiritual Meaning

This botswana stone is also known as the ‘stone of change’, or the soothing stone, as it is believed to soothe and calm the mind and body. Spiritually, it helps to connect people with their aura and improve their personality.

By instilling confidence and positivity, the stone is believed to have the power to alter perspectives, like how one sees themselves and the world around them.

This, in turn, has a positive impact on all aspects of your life including your personal, professional, spiritual, and romantic relationships.  

What Color is Botswana Agate?

The botswana agate is a type of banded chalcedony. It is commonly seen in colors of pink and gray. Some stones are also brown, purple, and even shades of black.

The colors depend on how deep inside the earth the stones were found and the number of layers formed by the flowing lava on these stones.

Few other stones offer such variety in colors. This is the primary reason that the botswana agate is so popular in the world of jewelry.

What does Botswana Stone Do?

The botswana agate slice is used by crystal healers in therapies with various benefits to troubled minds and bodies. The stone is also used to make jewelry items.

Furthermore, a grouping of these agates in the tumbled form can be used as decorative pieces at home, and they look very trendy too.

Their unique appearance and beautiful patterns make them a personal favorite of many people who may or may not be aware of their believed metaphysical and healing properties.

Where does Botswana Agate Come From?

The botswana agate can be found in the mines of Botswana in Africa. The stone was believed to be found over 180 million years ago and was formed due to volcanic activities.

As the lava flowed from the mountains, it passed through the landscape and seeped inside the rock layers beneath the ground. The lava deposited extra layers of quartz or silica which then formed the artistic patterns that we see on the final version of the stone.

The layers and the patterns formed as a result give agate its unique appearance. Botswana is where the majority of agate deposits in the world are located.

To pinpoint the exact location, more specifically, they are found in the Bobonong area, along the Motloutse River.

Where to Find Botswana Agate?

As mentioned previously, major deposits of the botswana agate are found in botswana in Africa. Other mines have yet to be explored, and the commercial product for the stone is mined only from Botswana as of now.

Botswana Agate Chakra

The botswana agate aligns with the base chakra of the body, which is the foundation of our spiritual being. This chakra is located at the base of our spinal cord and is responsible for kinesthetic movements.

The stone is believed to heal and balance this chakra and fix issues such as lethargy, laziness, and low energy.

Botswana agate is believed to help keep our spiritual energies balanced so a person feels a sense of control over their physical, mental, and emotional behavior.  

Botswana Agate Properties

Botswana agate stone

Botswana Agate Healing Properties

When it comes to the healing properties of the botswana agate rock, few other stones can match its power.

For starters, crystal healers believe that the agate has magical healing properties that can soothe, protect, and comfort. It is often referred to as the ‘stone of change’ since it can bring about positive personality changes when you wear it or meditate with it regularly.

Its protective properties are known to protect one from the evil eye and negative vibes or energies. The comforting energies of the stone are believed to help those who are lonely or hurt to calm down and give them strength to move on and start afresh.

The appearance of the botswana jasper agate is also similar to the evil eye-protecting blue stone that we regularly see in the market. Hence, the protective quality is often emphasized by the therapists and healers.

Botswana Agate Metaphysical Properties

The botswana sardonyx agate is believed to have interesting metaphysical properties. Crystal healers and therapists who specialize in crystal therapies claim that this stone can be used to heal, treat and cure both mental and physical concerns of the body. Some of the metaphysical properties include:

  • The botswana agate is believed to enhance sexual functions in the body. Specifically, it is known to boost fertility in women and increase potency in men. Crystal healers say that couples who want a baby can work with the agate to be able to conceive faster and give birth to healthy offspring.
  • Furthermore, the botswana agate is also believed to bring about luck and good fortune to those who wear it or work with it. People are advised to keep it close when buying a lottery or picking a bet. The energies in this stone are believed to attract luck to the wearer and thus your chances of winning are significantly increased.
  • The stone is also believed to bring about a change in your outlook towards the world. Healers claim that it is beneficial for those who suffer from depression and a pessimistic attitude in life. It brings about positivity, confidence, and optimum optimism in one’s life. It may also help people to take calculated risks, focus on their target, and achieve their desired goals.
  • Many healers use this stone as an active lucky charm to attract prosperity and abundance in their life.
  • The agate is also believed to be a protector and a soother. It may comfort those who feel lonely or are afraid. It has calming energies that soothe a person’s mind and help them deal with physical or mental pain by offering emotional comfort.
  • This stone is believed to help find the missing link in relationships and help you fix it for better compatibility. It is also believed to help you develop trust and eliminate destructive behavior patterns that are harmful to the relationship.

Botswana Agate Benefits

The botswana agate offers immense benefits to wearers. As mentioned previously, it has several metaphysical properties and healing properties that make it useful for those in need of calm and composure in life.

This stone works silently behind the scenes. It is known to help people focus on solutions rather than stress over the existence of the problems.

Furthermore, healers also believe and claim that the Botswana agate instills love in our aura and realigns the chakra accordingly so that one feels loved even without the presence of any significant other. It is known to teach people to love themselves and to find solace within.

Botswana Agate Types

Tumbled Botswana Agate

Tumbled Botswana agate looks stunning with its sleek and glossy look. They are mostly seen in oval or slightly elongated shapes and are used for crystal therapies or to make jewelry.

They can also be kept in a glass bowl to showcase as a decorative item. Depending on the cut layers, they can be different colors and patterns such as white, brown, pink, and even black.

If you buy a package of these stones from a crystal market, you are likely to find all the colors in a single bunch. They may or may not be cut from the same large stone.

Raw Botswana

Raw botswana agate rough looks nothing like the tumbled stones. They resemble oyster shells at times, especially with their layers and beautiful patterns.

They can have rough edges and look like rocks. Even in their raw form, they look stunning and are easily recognizable because of their unique appearance.

Many healers prefer using gemstones in their raw form to obtain concentrated and undistracted energy from them. 

Botswana Agate Colors

As previously mentioned, botswana agate gemstones are available in a variety of different colors.

The most common colors include pink, apricot, orange, gray, blue, purple, black, brown, and green. Some colors are found easily, while others are rarer. 

Pink Botswana Agate

pink Botswana agate

Pink Botswana Agate Meaning

Pink agate looks beautiful and is believed to connect deeply with our emotions to help resolve issues.

Pink Botswana Agate Healing Properties

The pink agate is believed to be useful in healing emotional issues and trauma. It is known to improve self-confidence and offer a different perspective towards situations by boosting analytical skills and concentration.

Pink Botswana Agate Metaphysical Properties

One of the main metaphysical properties of pink agate is its immense power to help with emotional issues. Crystal healers and therapists believe that the pink botswana agate helps to release pent-up emotions.

It is said that any emotional turmoil that may be in the mind for a longer period will find its way out eventually once the person starts to work with the pink agate.

Furthermore, it is also believed to encourage honesty and personal courage and help in positively enhancing a person’s personality.

Apricot Botswana Agate 

Apricot Botswana Agate Meaning

The apricot agate represents strength. It can also be worn according to the botswana agate zodiac.

Years ago, it was used on the armor of soldiers to ensure victory and success on the battlefield. It is believed to have protective properties that create a shield around the wearer, protecting them from any harm. It is also believed to improve the bond between families.

Orange Botswana Agate

The orange botswana agate is believed to be associated with eradicating fear out of one’s mind. For this reason, it is frequently used in therapies for those who suffer from certain phobias and chronic fears of heights, water, and darkness. 

Grey Botswana Agate

The gentle colored agates such as gray, brown, and pink are believed to be comforting. They are known to help people overcome loneliness, depression. They are also known to form a protective cover around the wearer and keep them safe from harm.

Blue Botswana Agate

Is Blue Botswana Agate Dyed?

The colors of agate are so beautiful that people often think they are dyed. In some cases, that is true.. In the case of the blue botswana agate, some varieties are natural, while others are dyed. The blue lace agate and the holley blue agate are natural.

The dyed ones often appear paler and may fade over time. Although it is difficult to distinguish between the natural and dyed ones, experts say that the natural color looks much richer and vibrant.

Purple Botswana Agate

Purple agate is believed to relieve stress. It helps to calm the mind and focus on finding the solutions to problems.

Red Botswana Agate

Red agate is quite rare. It is known as the “warrior’s stone”. It protects the wearer from negative vibes and energies and creates a positive aura to block the evil eye.

Black Botswana Agate

The black agate is known to balance the chakra of the respiratory system by cleansing the lungs and helping to improve any respiratory issues.

Brown Botswana Agate

The brown agate is believed to help with sexual dysfunction as it enhances sexuality, improves libido, and increases the vitality of both men and women.

Green Botswana Agate

Green agates are quite rare. The soothing color calms the mind just by looking at it. It represents nature and is believed to help the wearer connect with the natural spirits and elements of the world. 

Botswana Agate Uses

Botswana Agate Beads

The little beads made of the botswana agate stone are mainly used for making jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings all use these beads of stone. Some specific therapies are performed by crystal healers using these beads. 

Pink Botswana Agate Beads

Pink agate beads are very feminine. Any jewelry item made from these beads looks as though it came straight from the wardrobe of Barbie. Apart from jewelry, the beads can also be used for making rosaries. Many crystal healers recommend using rosaries when working with the stones regularly. 

Botswana Agate Cabochon

Agate that is polished and shaped to form a rounded stone without any cuts or facets is known as a cabochon. Cabochons are primarily used in crystal therapies.

They have no use in jewelry. They may be kept on the bedside table or in the purse to ward off evil energies and attract wealth and prosperity.

Botswana Agate Yoni Egg

The yoni egg is an egg shaped crystal made out of botswana agate. When therapy does not involve handling the stone too much, the yoni egg may be used instead.

It usually comes with a stand that you can keep nearby to cleanse the environment, your spirit, and your aura.

Botswana Agate Slab

Botswana agate slabs are usually found through wholesalers. They are purchased by the jewelers and crystal shop owners who then cut and polish them according to their own needs.

Botswana Agate Jewelry

Botswana agate necklace

Botswana Agate Pendant

An agate pendant looks lovely all by itself. You could be wearing a single pendant in a long chain and that itself would complete your look.

The pendants are available in both small and large sizes and a variety of different shapes. You can pair them with your choice of earrings and bracelets or make a complete set of botswana agate jewelry to wear for special occasions and parties.

Botswana Agate Necklace

There are many different types of agate necklaces. They can be single-layered or multi-layered. They can have a single pendant on a chain or be completely studded with stones.

Either way, they look pretty and can be used for different occasions. Because of their color varieties, botswana agate necklaces can be paired with other stones as well.

Botswana Agate Ring

Botswana agate rings are popular mainly because of the natural pattern that the rock has. The swirls and layers form a pattern that is often manually created with other artificial stones.

This unique look makes it a popular choice for rings. They are found in different shapes such as round, oval, square, and even water droplets.

Botswana Agate Bracelet

Jewelry markets have some of the most beautiful looking agate bracelets for sale. The little beads of different colors and patterns are strung together to form a lovely bracelet.

It is very eye-catching and the best and trendiest way to use the stone is as a lucky charm.

Botswana Agate Bracelet Meaning

The botswana agate bracelet is similar to a diamond infinity bracelet. Many people wear it as a lucky charm since it is said to attract prosperity and abundance. A bracelet will keep the stone touching your skin which may amplify the benefits.

Botswana Agate Earrings

Botswana agate earrings are available in the market for sale in the form of studs or dropdowns. They both look equally gorgeous. You can wear these earrings with either casual or formal attire. 

How to Charge Botswana Agate?

To charge your agates, you must keep them in an open place below direct sun or moonlight. The energy of the celestial beings enters the stone and is known to purify it.

It is said to strengthen the inherent energies of the botswana agate. It also helps maintain its effectiveness as you keep using the stone for healing and therapies. 

How to Cleanse Botswana Agate?

  • Soak your agate in a bowl of water and leave it for a few hours. The cooling nature of the water helps to erase the negative energies absorbed by the stone. It ensures that purity is maintained. 
  • Similarly, you can also bury it in soil for a few hours to obtain the same results of purification.
  • Make sure to wash it well with warm water later on and pat it dry before you store it again in your collection of crystals or keep it back in your purse again.
  • Another cleansing method is to create a bed of brown rice in a bowl and keep your agate in it for a few days. Repeat the same water bath process later to complete purification.
  • It is important to remember to not use hot water as the stone is sensitive to heat. Always use room temperature, cold, or lukewarm water.  

Botswana Agate for Sale

Botswana agate stone

The botswana agate is generally not a very expensive stone. It is generally sold at a reasonable price and available to everyone. In the local market, you may find it starting from $50 USD. Really large, rare, and unique patterned pieces, however, are expensive and may be sold for upwards of $1000 USD.

Botswana Agate Rough for Sale

The rough pieces are sold at a lower price. Since most of the polishing and cutting is done in factories and the ready pieces are then sent to the shops, they cost more.

Raw and rough ones look pretty. But they have a rocky texture, which is why they are generally available at a lower price.

Botswana Agate Beads Wholesale

Smaller beads of botswana agate are often sold at a wholesale rate of $60 USD per kilogram. They can be found at a wholesale crystal mart or a local market as well.


Few other stones will have as many varieties, uses, and properties as the botswana agate. But if you are looking to buy this gem, make sure to buy it from a trusted seller only.

You can think of innovative designs to wear it as a piece of jewelry and cherish the myriad healing benefits of botswana agate.

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