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Blue Lace Agate: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

blue lace agate

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about blue lace agate, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Blue lace agate is a crystalline stone that has bewitched the world with its beauty for many years. It belongs to the trigonal crystal system. This rare beauty is either translucent or opaque and is said to have many beneficial qualities. 

  • Blue Lace Agate Meaning
    • What is Blue Lace Agate
    • Blue Lace Agate Origin
    • Is Blue Lace Agate Rare
    • Is Blue Lace Agate Dyed?
    • What is Blue Lace Agate Used for?
    • Where is Blue Lace Agate Found
      • African Blue Lace Agate
    • Blue Lace Agate Spiritual Meaning
    • Blue Lace Agate Benefits
      • Blue Lace Agate for Eyes
      • Blue Lace Agate Healing
      • Blue Lace Agate Meditation
      • Blue Lace Agate Chakra
  • Blue Lace Agate Properties
    • Blue Lace Agate Healing Properties
    • Blue Lace Agate Metaphysical Properties
  • Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate
  • Blue Lace Agate Types
    • Raw Blue Lace Agate
    • Tumbled Blue Lace Agate
      • Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Meaning
    • Natural Blue Lace Agate
  • Blue Lace Agate Jewelry
    • Blue Lace Agate Necklace
      • Blue Agate Bead Necklace
    • Blue Lace Agate Pendant
      • Blue Lace Agate Heart Pendant
    • Blue Lace Agate Ring
    • Blue Lace Agate Bracelet
      • Blue Lace Agate Bangle
      • Blue Lace Agate Bead Bracelet
    • Blue Lace Agate Earrings
      • Blue Lace Agate Stud Earrings
    • Blue Lace Agate Choker
  • Blue Lace Agate Uses
    • Blue Lace Agate Sphere
    • Blue Lace Agate Chips
    • Blue Lace Agate Slice
    • Blue Lace Agate Pendulum
    • Blue Lace Agate Tower
    • Blue Lace Agate Wand
    • Blue Lace Agate Egg
    • Blue Lace Agate Pyramid
    • Blue Lace Agate Cabochons
    • Blue Lace Agate Rosary Beads
  • How to Cleanse Blue Lace Agate
  • Buy Blue Lace Agate
    • Blue Lace Agate Price
    • Blue Lace Agate Bulk
      • Blue Lace Agate Beads Wholesale
      • Blue Lace Agate Rough Wholesale
    • Raw Blue Lace Agate for Sale
  • Blue Lace Agate on Amazon
    • Blue Lace Agate Necklace on Amazon
    • Conclusion 

      Blue Lace Agate Meaning

      What is Blue Lace Agate

      The blue lace agate stone gets its name purely from its appearance. It is a light blue translucent stone; sometimes even opaque. It belongs to the quartz family and is a type of banded chalcedony. The chalcedony blue lace agate surface is shiny and crystalline and has patterns all over it. These patterns look like lace wrapped around the stone, which is how the lace part of its name came to be. The layers of crazy blue lace agate create a lovely cornflower pattern that almost looks like it was created in a factory. 

      Blue Lace Agate Origin

      Where does blue lace agate come from? It is among the rarest gemstones on the planet. All the agates found today come from only one place—Ysterputs, Namibia. The blue lace agate location was first discovered in the 1970s. Upon seeing the physical appearance of the stone, it was coined blue lace agate. 

      Is Blue Lace Agate Rare

      Many types of agates are found in abundance in various parts of the world. The blue lace agate variety, however, is relatively rare. Since it is only found in one specific mine in the whole world, the reserves are limited. A few years ago, it was thought that the stones had been completely mined out but that wasn't true. It can still be difficult to find in local markets due to its limited supply.

      Is Blue Lace Agate Dyed?

      Some varieties of the stone are lightly dyed to achieve the shiny, smooth color that we see. Dark blue lace agate, however, is naturally colored. Although hard to believe, the pristine light blue color and the lace-like patterns are all-natural and formed as a result of the 'Rayleigh Scattering' effect. The atoms in the stone are placed in such a way that they scatter the light to make it appear blue. So yes, the blue lace agate color is natural and not dyed. Also, unlike many other stones, the blue color of the blue lace agate gemstone does not fade with time.

      What is Blue Lace Agate Used for?

      The blue lace agate worry stone is considered a meditation stone by crystal healers. It is believed to be calming in nature and can be used for stress-reducing therapies. Also, it can be worn in the form of jewelry. It is used for purposes such as cleansing one's energy, calming the mind, and aligning the chakra. It is also believed to help improve physical ailments, such as abdominal pain, backaches, sore muscles, and constant migraines. Overall, it is used by therapists for both physical and mental issues. 

      Where is Blue Lace Agate Found

      African Blue Lace Agate

      African blue lace agate

      The free blue lace agate crystal is found only in the Ysterputs mine of Namibia in South Africa. In the year 1962, American prospector and mineral expert George Swanson discovered the blue lace agate in Namibia. Up until 1977, it was hand-mined. Later in the 2000s, the mine was shut down, so the stones we see today are from the deposits that were mined until 2016 from Ysterputs. It is safe to say that the blue lace agate has its home in Africa since it is not found anywhere else in the world. 

      Blue Lace Agate Spiritual Meaning

      Blue lace agate stone is believed to represent hope, joy, spontaneity, and calmness. Crystal healers who use it regularly for therapy with clients say that it boosts clarity and confidence in a person; it uplifts the spirit and brings out the best in one's personality. They also say that it works to open up the throat chakra and help a person speak with clarity and purpose. It attracts naturally positive energies in the surroundings to pass on to the person working with it.

      Blue Lace Agate Benefits

      Blue Lace Agate for Eyes

      Along with mental calmness, the blue lace agate gemstone is also known to bring about physical calmness. It may help to soothe red and irritated eyes. As this stone skillfully affects your state of mind, it is also known to lower the pressure of the eyes by cooling them down. Healers believe that the blue color of the stone absorbs the calmness of the skies and the ocean, which are also blue. These energies are then passed on to the wearer to cool down their brain, eyes, and other body parts. 

      Blue Lace Agate Healing

      Blue lace agate magical properties are said to work wonders in healing. It is said to gently usher in positivity by balancing chakras and opening up the mind to the good. A believed quality of the blue lace agate is manifesting positive energy by aligning with throat chakra for improving speech clarity and purpose. It is believed to cleanse our energy and help us heal from past traumas by giving strength and hope to the mind. Healers claim that it can help a person who is stuck in past life experiences to move on and embrace a fresh start in life. By resolving mental blocks, it may open up pathways for new beginnings and offer emotional upliftment.

      Blue Lace Agate Meditation

      It is also fondly known as the caregiver's stone as it is useful for those who are in the caregiving industry like nurses, teachers, and caretakers. It is said to be beneficial for those who deal with stress daily. The calming nature of the stone is believed to absorb all the stress of the person and instill in them a sense of calm and peace. Relief from emotional exhaustion is the ultimate goal of meditation as one looks to calm the chaos in their minds, quiet the noises, and focus on one's inner voice. Healers believe in the power of this stone to offer a soothing touch to a distressed mind. They call it the blue lace agate affirmation.

      Blue Lace Agate Chakra

      The blue lace agate is said to focus on dealing with the throat chakra. It is said to help shy people with communication problems in overcoming their shortcomings. The stone may open up the throat chakra and add clarity and purpose to one’s speech, giving them the direction and the motivation to openly communicate as and when required. If you are working with the blue lace agate, you may often be told by healers to let go of your inhibitions as the stone is believed to absorb them and fill you up with confidence and abilities to make and maintain healthy relationships.   

      Blue Lace Agate Properties

      The healing and metaphysical properties of this charming gemstone account for its extensive use in therapies.

      Blue Lace Agate Healing Properties

      The blue lace agate is considered a healing stone. It is believed to heal many illnesses, both of the mind and the body. The crystal is said to represent harmony and balance, which is required for people that have been deeply affected by trauma or some intense incident in their past. It may even be used for those going through stressful situations in their present life. Blue lace agate is said to calm the soul by healing inner anger and resolving deeply set and internalized issues. It is also believed to relieve anxiety and help to strengthen the bond between people. Healers say that it can drastically improve family relationships through clear and open communication.

      Blue Lace Agate Metaphysical Properties

      This gemstone is much more than just its supremely beautiful physical features. Blue lace agate healing powers are what makes it so very special in the world of crystal healing. Let us take a look at the metaphysical blue lace agate magical properties of the blue lace agate.

      As already mentioned, the blue lace agate is said to work in coordination with the throat chakra. By working on the realignment of the chakra, the blue lace agate is believed to help in clearing one’s speech by making it purposeful. 

      • It is also believed to cool off heated emotions such as anger, despair, hatred, and jealousy. By bringing about calm in the soul, the stone may help to get rid of such negative emotions that are harmful to both mind and body.
      • Crystal healers also believe that it helps to deal with stress daily in a healthier way. It is known to improve sleeping patterns and focus on the overall well-being of a person.
      • The connection to the throat chakra is also known to send calming signals to one’s nerves and focus on improving the clarity of the voice, voice modulation, and aiding in concentration as well.
      • The soothing elements in the blue lace agate crystal are believed to slow down a racing mind. This quality may work best with over-thinkers who tend to stress themselves out over minor problems.
      • It is also said to bring about an air of tranquility and peace in life. 
      • Also, healers believe that closely working with a blue lace agate helps to resolve deeply set trauma in one’s mind. If a person is stuck in one phase of life with traumatic memories or incidences that they cannot move ahead from, wearing a blue lace agate is said to help them get past those issues and start a new beginning. 

      Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate

      Blue lace agate belongs to the family of the banded chalcedony. There are many types of this stone.

      Blue Lace Agate Types

      a hand holding a blue lace agate

      Raw Blue Lace Agate

      The stones that we see in the market, the ones that are used for healing, and also those used in jewelry items, are not how they are originally found. The raw form of these stones is the one that is found below the earth’s surface. Raw blue lace agate crystal pieces are rough, opaque stones that are found in different shapes and sizes. Some healers prefer using the blue lace agate in its raw form. They believe that the raw form has more natural properties that polishing tends to erode.

      Tumbled Blue Lace Agate

      Tumbled stones are small, round, and polished to look glossy. Blue lace agate images as shown on the internet are often found in tumbled forms. They are used for jewelry items such as earrings,  rings, pendants, and bracelets. Tumbled blue lace agate is usually a circle or oval in shape. It is polished in a way that the patterns are more visible and the color is shinier than the raw form. The polishing is done in factories after the raw stones are found and cut into desired shapes and sizes. It is easier to work with and wear tumbled blue lace agate as there are no sharp edges. The smooth stone feels calming just to touch and instantly has a soothing effect on the mind and body.

      Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Meaning

      As mentioned previously, tumbled stones are the rounded and polished version of the raw forms of the stones. Beneath the surface of the earth, the stones or crystals that are found are often in an uneven shape. They have sharp, rough edges and they resemble rocks that we find on a beach. To make these stones marketable, they are tumbled. The same process is applicable for the blue lace agate, making it more appealing to look at and hold. The jewelry industry will mostly have tumbled blue lace agate as it is simpler to fit into jewelry molds.

      Natural Blue Lace Agate

      Natural blue lace agate is light blue with layers of white and blue. The layers are formed due to the intense pressure and heat under the surface of the earth. These layers create a lace-like illusion and thus the name blue lace agate. The stone is either translucent or opaque, depending on the layers during formation. It has no defined shape and can be found in any size. Usually natural blue lace agate rough are found in large chunks while mining. The blue color is natural and no artificial dyes are used.   

      Blue Lace Agate Jewelry

      Although crystal healers work differently with the blue lace agate, the easiest way to have it with you all the time is to wear it in the form of jewelry. That way the stone will stay close to you, touching your skin at all times. This is likely to increase its effects, as the direct touch will stimulate the transfer of positive energies in an easier way. 

      Blue Lace Agate Necklace

      Blue lace agate necklaces are not very common but are loved by women all over the world. Since the blue lace agate color is so pretty, using it in jewelry is a great idea. Some necklaces are entirely studded with agates or have single or multiple pendants. Both can be worn on different occasions. The elegance of the stone makes it a perfect fit for both parties and casual wear.

      Blue Agate Bead Necklace

      Smaller beads using blue lace agate are available in the market. They are mostly small and rounded beads used to make a necklace. The beads cover the entire chain of the necklace and sit gorgeously on a woman’s neck. Beaded necklaces can be found in crystal shops very easily. Also, rosaries can be made out of the blue lace agate used in the same small beads. The necklace can be doubled up as a rosary too. 

      Blue Lace Agate Pendant

      Another type of necklace involves only single pendants of blue lace agate, also known as the blue lace agate third eye. They can be shaped in various ways. People prefer customizing their necklaces these days. The most common pendant is the quartz-shaped elongated one. It looks elegant and is a perfect choice for casual outfits. It can even be worn daily.  

      Blue Lace Agate Heart Pendant

      Heart pendants made of this beautiful gem are growing in popularity because of their beautiful appeal. The heart may be big or small. A blue lace agate heart pendant is considered a thoughtful gift for someone who you know is going through some issues in life. It is believed to help cleanse their aura subtly and bring about calm and confidence in their life. It is a lovely choice for Christmas gifts too. 

      Blue Lace Agate Ring

      More and more people are choosing blue lace agate birthstones for their engagement rings. The rings are available in different designs and can be personalized as per one's preferences. The best way to wear a stone to get maximum benefits out of its metaphysical properties is to wear it as a ring. Rings are convenient, comfortable to wear, and look good with any attire.

      Blue Lace Agate Bracelet

      Another choice for jewelry is a blue lace agate bracelet. These bracelets are either fully studded with blue lace agates or a combination of the stone with other stones or quartz. There are multiple options to choose from in crystal shops. You will often see people wearing these bracelets who genuinely believe in the power of gemstones.

      Blue Lace Agate Bangle

      If you think a bracelet is too delicate and inconvenient, there is a sturdier option: the blue lace agate bangle. Bangles are a wonderful option for those who want something durable. You can make a single bangle made out of a whole piece of quartz. This means that the chances of the bangle breaking or falling apart are less than likely. It is an exquisite item to pair with matching earrings and wear either casually or at a formal event.

      Blue Lace Agate Bead Bracelet

      Similar to the bead necklace, the blue lace agate bead bracelet looks pretty, too. The small rounded stones are strung together in the chain of the bracelet and make a beautiful and delicate piece for you to flaunt.

      Blue Lace Agate Earrings

      Next comes earrings. Dropdown blue lace agate earrings are very popular. A few years ago, they were all the rage among teenage girls as they became a style statement. The earrings can be found in a variety of designs. The blue lace agate stone is usually shaped in a tear-drop style or elongated or plain circular shape to fit the cast of the earrings.

      Blue Lace Agate Stud Earrings

      Another option in earrings is stud earrings. Both big and small blue lace agate stones are made into studs to wear as earrings. This is a casual look and can be worn daily with any type of attire.

      Blue Lace Agate Choker

      The blue lace agate choker is not a very popular choice but is available in select stores. You could also get one customized from your local crystal shop or a crystal jewelry store. 

      Blue Lace Agate Uses

      blue lace agate

      This magical crystal is often used in different forms. Here are some of the common varieties of blue lace agate that are popularly used.

      Blue Lace Agate Sphere

      They are shaped into small round spheres. These spheres are either sold in bunches or individually and are used for decorative and healing purposes.

      Blue Lace Agate Chips

      The chips are really small uneven pieces that looked like they have been chopped off of a rock. They are used for bracelets and fully studded necklaces.

      Blue Lace Agate Slice

      A slice of the blue lace agate is the rock sliced sideways to reveal the inner layers. A few healers use the rock this way as a concentrated energy source.

      Blue Lace Agate Pendulum

      The pendulum is a conical shape commonly used for pendants. It is also added to wall hangings, car rearview mirrors, or other decorative items like a dream catcher.

      Blue Lace Agate Tower

      Towers are thicker versions of the pendulum. You will see them standing upright in crystal shops. Classically, they are used for healing purposes. 

      Blue Lace Agate Wand

      A wand is simply another name for the blue lace agate tower. They are purchased individually or in bunches.

      Blue Lace Agate Egg

      If you are looking to use the stone purely as an aesthetic piece, then blue lace agate gemstone egg would be perfect. It is exactly as it sounds: a blue lace agate cut and polished in the shape of an egg. 

      Blue Lace Agate Pyramid

      The blue lace agate pyramid is also a decorative piece. It does not have much use in the healing area but can be kept as a showpiece in the living room to cleanse the energy of the house.

      Blue Lace Agate Cabochons

      Cabochons are polished and faceted stones made out of raw, natural blue lace agate stone. They are circular and top and flat on the bottom. They can be used to make jewelry items such as earrings and pendants.

      Blue Lace Agate Rosary Beads

      Small, round beads of the stone woven in a string can make a rosary for religious or aesthetic purposes.

      How to Cleanse Blue Lace Agate

      Here are a few ways to cleanse your blue lace agate gemstone:

      Saltwater cleansing: Soak your crystal for some time in seawater. If seawater isn’t available, you can make some using water and rock salt.

      Bury cleansing: Bury your stone under the soil for a few days. The soil has to be clean and pure.

      Sage sticks: Burn sage smudge sticks and hover them beneath your crystal a few times.

      Visual cleansing: Visualize a bright light absorbing all the negative energy of the stone. Do this for 15 minutes every few weeks. 

      Buy Blue Lace Agate

      blue lace agate earrings

      Blue Lace Agate Price

      The price of the blue lace agate rock could be anywhere from $10 USD to $100 USD. The worth is determined by the size of the original stone and the polishing and cutting done after mining the stone. High-quality blue lace agates can cost up to $200 USD.

      Blue Lace Agate Bulk

      Blue lace agate value in bulk is reasonable. It is bought in bulk by wholesalers and jewelry store owners. Also, crystal healers and shop owners purchase in bulk as they are selling large quantities to customers.

      Blue Lace Agate Beads Wholesale

      You can buy the blue lace agate beads at wholesale markets near your area. Usually, crystal shops and jewelry shops have contacts of wholesale dealers. They sell the stones at comparatively lower prices since you will be buying in bulk.

      Blue Lace Agate Rough Wholesale

      The rough or raw stones can be found wholesale as well. You are less likely to find them at jewelry shops as they often only sell polished stones.

      Raw Blue Lace Agate for Sale

      Raw blue lace agates are available in both retail and online stores. They are the unpolished, natural version of the stones found beneath the earth. They are used as showpieces and also healing items by therapists and crystal healers. 

      Blue Lace Agate on Amazon

      Amazon has a variety of blue lace agate gemstones in different forms. Both polished and raw versions can be bought from the website. There are also jewelry items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants available on Amazon.

      Blue Lace Agate Necklace on Amazon

      Many options in blue lace necklaces can be found on Amazon. They are available at reasonable rates and are sold by trusted retailers.


      Blue lace agate is quite an interesting crystal. If you are a crystal healer or believer, you will be amazed by its myriad benefit, but the sheer prettiness of this stone is enough to mesmerize anyone. 

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