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Blue John Fluorite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

blue john fluorite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about blue john fluorite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Blue john fluorite is a remarkable gemstone that is hailed by healers and gemologists alike. Also known as the enigma stone, this piece of beauty is said to hold within itself secrets of nature and the spirits.

Here is everything you might want to know about the blue john semi-precious stone.

  • Introduction
  • Blue John Fluorite Meaning
    • Is Blue John Fluorite Valuable
    • What is Blue John Fluorite Used for
    • Where is Blue John Fluorite Found
      • Derbyshire Blue John Fluorite
  • Blue John Fluorite Properties
    • Blue John Fluorite Healing Properties
    • Blue John Fluorite Metaphysical Properties
  • Blue John Fluorite Benefits
  • Blue John Fluorite Jewelry
    • Blue John Fluorite Rings
    • Blue John Fluorite Earrings
    • Blue John Fluorite Pendant
    • Blue John Fluorite Necklace
    • Blue John Fluorite Cabochon
  • Blue John Fluorite Uses
    • Blue John Fluorite Bowl
    • Blue John Fluorite Vase
    • Blue John Fluorite Cufflinks
    • Blue John Fluorite Sink
    • Blue John Stone Beads
  • Blue John Fluorite for Sale
    • Blue John Fluorite Price
      • Blue John Fluorite Bowls for Sale
      • Blue John Fluorite Goblets for Sale
      • Blue John Fluorite Vases for Sale
    • Buy Blue John Fluorite
    • Blue John Fluorite on eBay
      • Blue John Fluorite Jewelry on eBay
    • Blue John Fluorite Jewelry Shops
  • Conclusion 

Blue John Fluorite Meaning

The blue john fluorite stone is a rare type of fluorite that is found in the United Kingdom. It is a semi-precious mineral that has dazzling shades of bluish-purple with a patterned texture. It is known by many names, such as the enigma stone, the genius stone, and Derbyshire spar. The names are given after the place where it is mostly found in the UK. The name blue john fluorite was given by miners John Kirk and Joseph Hall in the mid-18th century.

Is Blue John Fluorite Valuable

Since it is a semi-precious mineral, it is valuable to a certain extent. Also, the predominant use of this gem in the world of crystal healing and the believed positive effects seen in people. The price, however, is quite reasonable. The stone is valued for its uses and believed properties rather than the price.

What is Blue John Fluorite Used for?

Blue john fluorite is often used for healing purposes and therapies by crystal healers. It is said to bring peace and clarity of mind and to ease the confusion that often arises in life. Healers believe that there are strong positive energies in the blue john mineral that can help to restore the mental balance of a person.

Where is Blue John Fluorite Found

The blue john gemstone, also known as Derbyshire spar, gets its name from its origin. It is not found anywhere in the world but in two places: the Blue John Cavern and the Treak Cliff Caverns in Castleton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom. The first-ever blue john crystal was said to be mined sometime in the mid-1740s. It was first discovered by the Romans but made its first public appearance in the 1800s' in a book called “Gem of the Peak” written by William Adams.

Derbyshire Blue John Fluorite

Derbyshire is believed to be the place of origin of the blue john fluorite. The supply of blue john fluorite stones throughout the world comes mostly from Derbyshire since the stones have not been found anywhere else to date. The formation of this particular stone is due to the crystals that precipitated from the walls of the caverns through the veins of the rocks. The textured structure of the Derbyshire blue john fluorite is its unique quality. 

Blue John Fluorite Properties

Blue john fluorite is said to have many healing and metaphysical properties. It is widely used in healing and therapy sessions to obtain mental and emotional benefits for people.

Blue John Fluorite Healing Properties

Blue john fluorite is known to carry strong positive energies for personal growth. Healers believe that it instills a deep sense of peace and clarity and helps clear confusion. It is also said to help people become more altruistic and kind, encouraging them to open up to the good and positive side of their personalities. The blue john crystal healing is known to expand the horizons of one's mind, enabling them to look past surface-level issues, get to the roots of things, and achieve greater mental and spiritual awareness. Healers also believe that it is of great benefit to those who are constantly seeking answers and solutions. Showing the right direction, guiding one's mind on the right path, and encouraging them to make good decisions is something that the stone may help with.

Blue John Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

This stone is so beautiful that you may simply want to keep looking at it. But healers say that even holding it for a few minutes can make a whole lot of difference in your chakras.

  • The blue john fluorite stone is believed to emit positive vibes. It is known to cleanse the surrounding environment by getting rid of the negative energies and any evil eye.
  • It is said to possess calming properties that ease the chaos of a troubled mind by bringing clarity in thoughts and guiding in the right direction to find answers.
  • It is believed to have properties that stabilize the aura. A white aura is generally a calm and cleansed one, and the blue john fluorite stone is said to help in achieving this state of mind.
  • By alleviating emotional turmoil, it is said to bring to the surface repressed feelings and thoughts that might cause harm to one's mind and body.
  • Spiritual alignment is another major metaphysical property of the blue john fluorite, as claimed by expert crystal healers. It has positive energies that are said to fight negativity and rid negative vibrations too. 

Blue John Fluorite Benefits

Blue john fluorite is known to have actual physical benefits, too. Fluorite, as a mineral, is used to cleanse water and the blue john fluorite also possesses similar qualities. It is known to purify the body, alleviate muscular pain, and improve one's overall health. So in a way, it can be said that blue john fluorite can be a multi-purpose solution to physical, mental, and spiritual problems. 

Blue John Fluorite Jewelry

blue john fluorite earrings

To make the most of this gorgeous gemstone, many people like to wear it as jewelry. It is said that the constant touch of stones to our skin gives us maximum benefits of their properties and what better way than jewelry to keep it closest to our skin.

Blue John Fluorite Rings

The most common way to wear a gemstone is to put it in a ring. Although the raw form of the blue john fluorite is textured, rough, and asymmetrical in shape, it can also be polished and turned into a vintage blue john jewelry piece. Blue john fluorite rings are usually oval. The beauty of this stone is seen in the veins or patterns that are naturally formed through the crystallization process.

Blue John Fluorite Earrings

Blue john fluorite earrings are quite common too. They are available in the form of studs, both big and small in size. They are also available as danglers or drop-down earrings. The stone can be cut and polished into various shapes and sizes to fit into the mold of earrings, especially for studs.

Blue John Fluorite Pendant

Similar to the ring, the blue john fluorite can be cut into an oval or heart shape for pendants. They look unique and fabulous given their beautiful color and pattern. The pendants go well with long chains in a variety of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and even oxidized metals. The silver-blue john stone pendant is versatile for wearing with daily casual attires.

Blue John Fluorite Necklace

For those who are in love with this stone and want more than just a single pendant, there are studded necklaces available in the market, too. They have multiple blue john fluorite stones in a design or pattern that make up a fairly chunky necklace. It is a good choice for evening parties, cocktail dinners, or other fancy events.

Blue John Fluorite Cabochon

A cabochon is a raw form of stone that is polished into a smooth and glossy rounded shape. It is dome-like at the top and flat at the bottom. This rounded-off stone can then be used for jewelry items such as rings and pendants or it can even be kept as it is. Blue john fluorite is also available in the form of cabochons. Jewelry makers may have spare cabochons for the customization of jewelry items as per the customer's preference.

Blue John Fluorite Uses

blue john fluorite bowl

Apart from using it for healing and therapy purposes, the blue john fluorite has other uses too. The beauty of this stone makes it a popular choice for decorative items. Since it is semi-precious and rare in nature, it is also used as a showpiece in various households. Let us see what items can be made out of the blue john fluorite stone.

Blue John Fluorite Bowl

Blue john fluorite bowls are widely available for sale. Bowls made of this stone are seen mostly in fancy exhibitions and expensive home décor shops. They make the perfect showpiece and are intended for decorative purposes only. You could add some flowers, sparkling water, or water beads to make your showcase decoration look more interesting.

Blue John Fluorite Vase

A blue john fluorite vase placed on the coffee table in the living room effortlessly enhances the decor of your room. These vases are quite popular due to their beautiful natural texture and the pattern of the stone that makes it look like the vase is hand-painted. A few fresh flowers to complete the look will have admirers praising it endlessly.

Blue John Fluorite Cufflinks

A pair of beautiful blue john fluorite cufflinks is just what a nice suit needs. Cufflinks carry much importance in men's clothing. We have heard of diamond cufflinks, but blue john fluorite adds color along with the dazzle to any look. They can be worn with blue, white, and cream-colored suits.

Blue John Fluorite Sink

A costlier and more exotic option is to have a blue john fluorite sink in your powder room. This is mostly seen in interior decoration magazines. It is quite an expensive piece to own but is definitely worth the price for those who love the stone.

Blue John Stone Beads

Small beads of the blue john fluorite are threaded together to form a lovely and unique rosary. They are also kept individually to be used in healing therapy sessions by crystal healers. 

Blue John Fluorite for Sale

You may be wondering: is blue john fluorite commonly available for sale? Yes, it is. The stone may be found in a limited number of caverns, but it is widely available for sale. You can order blue john jewelry online from any part of the world. Crystal shops also keep this stone for sale in various forms.

Blue John Fluorite Price

Prices of the blue john fluorite vary largely based on its quality. Similar to diamonds, “the 4Cs”, i.e. cut, clarity, carat, and color of the stone, are checked first. Then, depending on these 4Cs, the price is decided. In general, the stone could cost anywhere between $4 USD per carat to $15 USD per carat. Since it is rare and semi-precious, its price can increase, based on the weight and the particular item you want to purchase.

Blue John Fluorite Bowls for Sale

Blue john fluorite bowls are available online starting from $500 USD, depending on their size and patterns.

Blue John Fluorite Goblets for Sale

Blue john fluorite goblets are available online and in stores. Their price starts from $750 USD but mainly depends on the size and patterns.

Blue John Fluorite Vases for Sale

Blue john fluorite vases are available online starting from $500 USD, depending on their size, shape, and design. 

Buy Blue John Fluorite

blue john fluorite stone

Stores selling crystals and gemstones will have blue john fluorite available in various forms and shapes. You can buy it in its raw form as well as in the form of cabochons.

Blue John Fluorite on eBay

You can find blue john fluorite stone for reasonable prices in popular online marketplaces such as eBay. You can order yours by registering on the site.

Blue John Fluorite Jewelry on eBay

eBay also sells antique blue john jewelry such as rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other pretty items. They even have whole sets of blue john fluorite jewelry.

Blue John Fluorite Jewelry Shops

Any gemstone or crystal shop will usually have blue john fluorite jewelry available for sale. You can also get yours customized and made to order from a few shops. 


To summarize, we can say that the blue john fluorite is not just gorgeous to look at but also said to possess many beneficial mystical properties. For those who are seeking calmness in their chaotic life, this stone might be helpful. As always, make sure to purchase from trusted sellers only.

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