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Connemara Marble: Complete Guide (2024)

connemara marble

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about connemara marble, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Of all the rare, beautiful stones that are found on the surface of the earth, the connemara marble stands out for many reasons. In this article, we will discuss all of it.

  • Connemara Marble Meaning
    • What is Connemara Marble?
    • What Color is Connemara Marble
      • What Makes Connemara Marble Green?
    • Connemara Marble Spiritual Meaning
    • Is Connemara Marble Rare
    •  Connemara Marble in Ireland
  • Connemara Marble Properties
    • Connemara Marble Metaphysical Properties
    • Connemara Marble Healing Properties
  • Connemara Marble Types
    • Raw Connemara Marble
  • Connemara Marble Jewelry
    • Connemara Marble Ring
      • Connemara Marble Claddagh Ring
      • Connemara Marble Shamrock Ring
      • Connemara Marble Engagement Ring
      • Connemara Marble Heart Ring
    • Connemara Marble Bracelet
      • Connemara Marble Stretch Bracelet
    • Connemara Marble Necklace
      • Connemara Marble Cross Necklace
    • Connemara Marble Earrings
      • Connemara Marble Stud Earrings
      • Connemara Marble Earrings Shamrock
    • Connemara Marble Pendant
  • Connemara Marble Uses
    • Connemara Marble Rosary
      • Irish Rosary Connemara Marble
    • Connemara Marble Beads
      • Connemara Marble Loose Beads
    • Connemara Marble Countertops
    • Connemara Marble Slabs
      • Irish Connemara Marble Slabs
    • Connemara Marble Heart
    • Connemara Marble Tile
    • Connemara Marble Cross
      • Connemara Marble Celtic Cross
    • Connemara Marble Cufflinks
    • Connemara Marble Table
    • Connemara Marble Fireplace
    • Connemara Marble Candlesticks
    • Connemara Marble Coasters
    • Connemara Marble Clock
    • Connemara Marble Watch
  • How to Clean Connemara Marble
  • Connemara Marble for Sale
    • Connemara Marble Suppliers
      • Connemara Marble Shop in Ireland
    • Connemara Marble Beads for Sale
      • Connemara Marble Beads Wholesale
    • Connemara Marble Slabs for Sale
    • Connemara Marble Countertops Price
    • Connemara Marble on Etsy
  • Conclusion

Connemara Marble Meaning

What is Connemara Marble? 

Also known as the “Irish marble” or “Irish green” or “the Irish gemstone” the connemara marble is one of the rarer stones found on earth. It is a metamorphosized limestone that was formed because of sediment deposits in a shallow sea over 600 million years ago and has metamorphosized because of hydrothermal forces generated in the area. After undergoing millions of years of changes, the connemara marble occurs as a part of the connemara metamorphic complex. 

What Color is the Connemara Marble? 

As a marble, its most important mineral components are dolomite and calcite, along with various other minerals in different amounts. The stone gets its color from the quantity of the colored mineral content, with serpentine responsible for the green color. It is formed and found in over 40 shades of green, from pale to rich, giving it distinct characteristics. 

What Makes Connemara Marble Green? 

The high quantity of the mineral serpentine gives it its distinct green color that is also responsible for its alias’ of Irish marble or Irish green. One of the reasons it is associated with the Irish identity is because of this. 

Connemara Marble Spiritual Meaning 

This marble has many known spiritual significances. It is believed to enhance our ability to connect with nature and kingdom spirits alone or when paired with other stones. It addresses the heart chakra primarily and heightens Celtic and Gallic connections. This stone is said to help improve one’s connections with their ancestors. The stone promotes inner wisdom and heightens one’s common sense.

The stone is also believed to improve one's connections with their dreams and help one remember and interpret them, as well as the connections with elements of their past life.

The stone promotes a sense of peace and tranquility through various aspects of life. It fosters an environment for trust, emotional understanding, empathy, and, most importantly, love. 

Is Connemara Marble Rare?

It is quite rare and found only in certain parts of the world with a limited supply. 

Connemara Marble in Ireland

connemara marble in Ireland

The stone is predominantly found in the mountains of the Connemara region in the county of Galway in Western Ireland. It lies to the west of Galway city and Loughs Corrib and Mask along the Atlantic coast of Ireland. It is mined in the quarries that underlie the 12 Ben mountains.

Connemara Marble Properties

Connemara Marble Metaphysical Properties

The stone is believed to enhance connections with elementals and the plant and animal kingdom. It is also believed to help us understand and connect with faerie spirits. It can help us build strength and character and rise to the ultimate level of emotional understanding. It promotes the qualities of stamina, determination, and perseverance and is often given as a gift to newborn babies to instill these characteristics early on. 

The stone can protect one from lethargy and enhance intuition. It is also believed to help regulate the nervous system, which helps one be level-headed and therefore more efficient and make the right decisions.

Connemara Healing Properties 

The stone is believed to help one through a multitude of physical ailments as well. Some examples are viral and bacterial infections, back and joint pains, blood pressure issues, bone marrow disorders, colds, and inflammation to strengthen the nervous system.   

Connemara Marble Types

It has over 40 shades of green, from the palest to the richest hue of green because of the mineral serpentine. 

Raw Connemara Marble 

When extracted from the quarry, the raw stones look like a pale shade of green in a stone. It is believed that the shade of green increases from pale to rich green as the depth at which it is mined increases. It is then brought to factories where it is polished and crafted into various items that are sold in the market. 

Connemara Marble Jewelry

Connemara Marble Ring

Connemara Marble Claddagh Ring           

The claddagh ring stands for an ancient Irish tale that comes from a tiny village. It is said that a fisherman once made this ring for his lover during captivity. The heart stands for love, the hands for friendship, and the crown for loyalty. It is a beautiful, symbolic representation of love and is unique to Ireland. It retails for $100 USD.

Connemara Marble Shamrock Ring

The shamrock is another ancient Irish tale where the three leaves of the shamrock stand for faith, hope, and love. This ring is believed to bring good luck and faith into one’s life. This ring retails for $80 USD.

Connemara Marble Engagement Ring

The timeless designs with the unique looks and properties of the connemara marble make for the perfect engagement ring when made along with sterling silver. 

Connemara Marble Heart Ring

Similar to the Irish claddagh ring, the heart ring stands for love and loyalty and brings good vibes and energy to whoever wears it. It is usually gifted as a symbol of love.  

Connemara Marble Bracelet           

Connemara Marble Stretch Bracelet

This is a beautiful, one-size-fits-all, stretch bracelet that is an easy way to incorporate the stone into everyday life. It is long-lasting and looks flattering to everyone. 

Connemara Marble Necklace

Connemara Marble Cross Necklace

connemara marble necklace

The timeless symbol of the cross is encased in the silver pendant with the beautiful Irish gemstone. 

Connemara Marble Earrings

Connemara Marble Stud Earrings

The simple yet versatile earrings are perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down based on the occasion.

Connemara Marble Earrings Shamrock

It is a dainty yet meaningful piece of jewelry with the Irish gemstone that is beautiful to give and own.

Connemara Marble Pendant 

The versatility of the gemstone can be captured as a pendant and is lovely to wear with anything.  

Connemara Marble Uses

The connemara marble is a powerful gemstone often carried as a worry stone to help ease stress. It may bring inner peace and be used to help reflect and improve relationships. It helps bring a positive change to the nervous system by helping improve things like self-control. It is a stone that promotes healing, love, and peace.    

Connemara Marble Rosary           

Irish Rosary Connemara Marble

The rosary is an ancient symbol of faith and spirituality and that, combined with the natural beauty of these gemstones, brings about all positive change in one’s life.  

Connemara Marble Beads         

Connemara Marble Loose Beads

The loose beads are sold in sets of 10 or 20 and can be used to make unique pieces of jewelry and incorporate them into the life that is personalized to you.  

Connemara Marble Countertops and Slabs 

The Irish connemara marble is available in slabs of 2cm and 3cm that can be used as countertops with various designs.  

Connemara Marble Heart 

The marble heart is a beautiful pendant that can be customized with additional decorations that will suit any skin tone and type.

Connemara Marble Tile 

This stone comprises one of the world’s leading luxury stones used in architectural projects. The various shades of green reflect luxury and uniqueness. 

Connemara Marble Cross           

Connemara Marble Celtic Cross 

The Celtic cross is a tribute to one of the most significant Irish monuments in a necklace. Makes for a perfect gift and a stunning piece of jewelry to own.  

Connemara Marble Cufflinks 

Connemara marble cufflinks are a beautiful way to incorporate the Irish heritage into your life and these cufflinks come in a multitude of shades of beautiful green color. 

Connemara Marble Table 

The tables are usually made of connemara marble stone with customized measurements, and they are a rare and unique addition to any space. 

Connemara Marble Fireplace 

Originating from Ireland, using this stone to make a fireplace is a luxurious way to incorporate connemara marble and pay homage to its Irish origins.  

Connemara Marble Candlesticks 

It is a weighted and sturdy piece of home décor that is made from rare and unique stones that add a touch of luxury and color to an otherwise ordinary space.  

Connemara Marble Coasters 

They are made with marble that incorporates the various hues of green and is an easy way to add beauty to any table. 

Connemara Marble Clock 

The stone can be used to make clocks of all different shapes and sizes and adds to the design value of any space. 

Connemara Marble Watch 

The stone, when added to watches, makes it easy and accessible to carry everywhere and is a versatile way to incorporate this stone with different styles. 

How to Clean Connemara Marble?

The first step to cleaning connemara marble is to apply a sealer and then proceed with a cleaner that is made for natural marble. It is important not to use any harsh chemicals and avoid direct contact with too much water or sunlight.

Connemara Marble for Sale

Connemara Marble Suppliers

Multiple trusted sources are suppliers for the stone and marble throughout Ireland. 

Connemara Marble Shop in Ireland

The marble is available for sale online through trusted websites and can be found in shops that specialize in stones and marbles and then could be customized according to one’s taste. 

Connemara Marble Beads for Sale 

Connemara Marble Beads Wholesale

connemara marble beads bracelet

They are available for sale on Etsy for $10-$50 USD.

Connemara Marble Slabs for Sale 

They are available for sale for $255-$385 USD per square meter.

Connemara Marble Countertops Price

They retail for $300- $600 USD per square meter.

Connemara Marble on Etsy 

The marble is available in many shapes, forms, and pieces of jewelry, from beads to pendants to rings and coasters.


The connemara marble stone is unique in many ways. It is formed because of millions of years of changes on the earth's surface and is also found relatively rare. Therefore, the stone is truly cherished just for its physical intricacy.

The spiritual and healing properties of the stone make it a no-brainer to have as a part of daily life and because of its versatility in appearance and ability to be crafted and designed, one has multiple options to choose how they want to include it. Along with looking beautiful and suiting everything, it promotes love, faith, growth, and calmness.

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