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Goldstone: Complete Guide (2024)

Goldstone: Complete Guide (2024)

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about goldstone, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Not all that glitters is gold, but who needs gold when you have goldstone? While the goldstone crystal is neither gold nor a natural stone, you simply won’t believe how illustrious and valuable it is.

Stemming from a long history of manufacturers across the globe, the goldstone gem has continued to leave jaws dropped in awe throughout the centuries. Its shine, sparkles, and range of colors are so spectacular, you’ll understand why its recipe has been fought over and coveted for so many years. But, that isn’t where it ends.

The stone is ubiquitously understood as a motivating force and a gentle healer, as well as having oh so many spiritual and mental benefits. So, if you’re ready for positive energy, restored ambition, and courage to follow your dreams, join us as we rediscover the wonders of goldstone and learn some exciting new facts along the way!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Goldstone Meaning
    • What is Goldstone
    • Is Goldstone Natural
    • Is Blue Goldstone Man Made
    • Goldstone Spiritual Meaning
    • Goldstone Chakra
    • Goldstone Benefits
    • Goldstone Healing
    • Where to Find Goldstone
      • Goldstone in California
      • Goldstone in Australia
      • Italian Goldstone
      • Goldstone in China
  • Goldstone Properties
    • Goldstone Healing Properties
  • Goldstone Type
    • Natural Goldstone
    • Raw Blue Goldstone
  • Goldstone Color
    • Blue Goldstone
      • Blue Goldstone Meaning
        • What is Blue Goldstone Good for?
        • Blue Goldstone Healing
      • Blue Goldstone Properties
        • Blue Goldstone Healing Properties
        • Blue Goldstone Metaphysical Properties
      • Blue Goldstone vs Blue Sandstone
      • Blue Goldstone Uses
        • Blue Goldstone Sphere
        • Blue Goldstone Heart
        • Blue Goldstone Pendulum
        • Blue Goldstone Beads
        • Blue Goldstone Pyramid
      • How to Use Blue Goldstone
      • How to Use Blue Goldstone
      • How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Goldstone
      • Blue Goldstone Price
    • Green Goldstone
      • Green Goldstone Meaning
      • Green Goldstone Benefits
      • Green Goldstone Jewelry
      • Green Goldstone Uses
    • Red Goldstone
      • Red Goldstone
      • Red Goldstone Stone Meaning
        • Red Goldstone Chakra
      • Red Goldstone Properties
        • Red Goldstone Metaphysical Properties
        • Red Goldstone Healing Properties
    • Black Goldstone
      • Black Goldstone Meaning
      • Black Goldstone Properties
        • Black Goldstone Healing Properties
    • Purple Goldstone
      • Purple Goldstone Properties
        • Purple Goldstone Metaphysical Properties
    • Brown Goldstone
      • Brown Goldstone Meaning
      • Brown Goldstone Properties
    • Orange Goldstone
      • Orange Goldstone Meaning
    • Midnight Goldstone 
      • Midnight Goldstone Meaning
    • Midnight Blue Goldstone
      • Midnight Blue Goldstone Properties
  • Goldstone Jewelry
    • Goldstone Ring
      • Purple Goldstone Ring
      • Blue Goldstone Engagement Ring
      • Green Goldstone Ring
      • Black Goldstone Ring
      • Blue Goldstone Ring
    • Goldstone Earrings
      • Blue Goldstone Earrings
    • Goldstone Bracelet
      • Goldstone Bracelet Meaning
      • Blue Goldstone Bracelet
      • Red Goldstone Bracelet
    • Goldstone Pendant
      • Blue Goldstone Pendant
      • Green Goldstone Pendant
    • Goldstone Necklace
      • Blue Goldstone Necklace
      • Red Goldstone Necklace
      • Midnight Blue Goldstone Necklace
      • Green Goldstone Necklace
    • Goldstone Cabochon
      • Green Goldstone Cabochon
      • Blue Goldstone Cabochon
  • Goldstone Uses
    • Goldstone Beads
      • Goldstone Beads Meaning
      • Purple Goldstone Beads
      • Green Goldstone Beads
      • Black Goldstone Beads
    • Goldstone Heart
    • Goldstone Sphere
      • Purple Goldstone Sphere
      • Green Goldstone Sphere
    • Goldstone Pyramid
  • Goldstone Combinations
    • Goldstone and Rose Quartz
    • Sunstone and Goldstone
  • How to Cleanse Goldstone
  • How to Polish Goldstone
  • How to Clean Goldstone
  • Goldstone for Sale
  • Conclusion

Goldstone Meaning

Referred to by many as the stone of ambition, the goldstone mineral is said to help the people that choose to use it in their quest for prosperity. Twelfth century Iran marks a significant moment in goldstone history, when the first goldstone amulet was excavated.

Some argue that goldstone was first invented in Persia many centuries in the past. Later, in seventeenth century Italy, modern aventurine glass production was brought about by the Miotti family – including the magnificent goldstone. 

set of different stones

What is Goldstone

Nicknamed gold star glass, aventurine glass, monk’s gold, and stellaria, goldstone is a complex and exciting stone – despite not actually being a stone.  When browsing goldstone pictures, one might assume they’re looking at a stone with authentic gold pieces scattered throughout.

However, goldstone is actually a kind of glass manufactured in a low oxygen environment – producing a glittery appearance. While it is a beautiful keepsake, it also has a range of metaphysical properties that we will discuss later in this article. 

Is Goldstone Natural?

Often, goldstone is mistaken as being a natural stone when in actual fact it is anything but. This stunning gem is man-made and created with the utmost care and precision to produce an entirely natural, yet surreal, effect. Colored glass is used to create a glittering, gold-hued “stone” that keeps many eyes captivated. 

Is Blue Goldstone Man Made?

So, to reiterate and avoid any confusion, all goldstone is man made, and that includes blue goldstone. In fact, it includes many other colors including red goldstone, green goldstone, and purple goldstone!

melting crystal

Goldstone Spiritual Meaning

As we briefly touched on, goldstone is strongly associated with ambition, prosperity, originality, and drive. This stone of ambition is known to help its users in obtaining their goals and reaching their destinies. The astrological sign Leo can greatly benefit from monk’s gold because the goldstone birthstone is one of Leo’s zodiac stones.

Those born under the Sagittarius zodiac will also find their chakras more aligned in the presence of goldstone. Still, we can all gain something from this glittering eye-catcher. In addition to its assistance in goal-reaching, goldstone can motivate you to think positively and minimize physical and mental tension. Sounds pretty good to us!

Goldstone Chakra

Goldstone is mostly connected to the root chakra, meaning it feeds our life’s driving force and grounds us in our daily tasks. However, not all zodiac signs will experience its effects equally.

Sagittarius is the winner here, so if you have any Sagittarius placements, listen up! You have the goldstone zodiac. Brown and blue goldstone are especially linked to this zodiac sign, and they activate different chakras – working together to cleanse the full column. Brown goldstone targets the root chakra, and due to its high copper content, it shares some of copper’s benefits including the encouragement of optimism and the ability to reinvigorate energy fields.

Meanwhile, blue goldstone activates the heart and crown chakras, sending healing goldstone energy to these spaces. It can even help with coming to terms with yourself and increasing self-love.

Goldstone Benefits

Where do we even start? Goldstone has as many benefits as it does sparkles. It has the ability to simultaneously motivate and relax you, allowing for the ultimate positive workplace attitude and go-getter spirit.

If you have a goal in mind, but you’re struggling a little to make it happen, goldstone will keep you focused and get you to where you want to be. In addition, it is thought to be a good physical energy booster – promoting blood circulation and sharpening the brain.

Because copper is used in the creation of goldstone, its benefits are included in this sparkling, magical glass-stone. As a result, you can expect mental healing to occur and for negative energy to see itself out the door.

Goldstone Healing

Goldstone can heal a wounded heart and mind. If you struggle with self-acceptance, or if you’ve been bullied in the past and allowed negative thoughts about yourself to take over, goldstone will encourage you to believe in yourself – because, deep down, you know that you’re wonderful just the way you are. Goldstone can just give you a little push into remembering that!

three ladies in a sea of sunflower

Where to Find Goldstone

Because goldstone is manufactured, it can be found all over the world! Still, certain areas are renowned for their quality of goldstone - both historically and presently. These areas include California, Australia, Italy, and China!

Goldstone in California

The term “goldstone” has deep roots in the state of California, USA, referring both to the city Goldstone and the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex. And fittingly, some wonderful establishments produce goldstone of an out-of-this-world quality in California.

These include American Quartz Group Incorporated, American Quartz Max Corporation, and Pacific Strucframe. Because the state has so many manufacturers, you can easily find goldstone in any crystal store around. 

Goldstone in Australia

Aside from being the title of successful Australian movie “Goldstone” directed by Ivan Sen, goldstone is found in abundance in the continent slash country. Some of the best Australian goldstone is produced by Goldstone Jewellers. As you can probably tell by the name, these manufacturers are serious about goldstone!

Italian Goldstone

Italian goldstone is arguably the best you can find. If you’re buying goldstone in Italy, it’s possibly from the highly regarded Trani Gold Stone la pietra di Trani. However, Venetian glassmakers are certainly not hard to find. Italy is prized for starting the goldstone-making trend in the seventeenth century, and as a result, you won’t find finer goldstone anywhere else in the world.

Goldstone in China

While Italy is all about quality, China is all about quantity. The nation is responsible for the majority of goldstone production in the world. Manufacturers come in heaps and bounds, so you really need no advice on where to purchase goldstone in China.

It’ll be more surprising if you don’t see goldstone on a shopping trip! That being said, Goldstone Co. is probably the most highly regarded manufacturer that China has to offer. 

Goldstone Properties

Goldstone isn’t just glitz and glam. It’s also a powerful tool for healing and spiritual enlightenment. Now, you might be thinking – how can something man-made have spiritual benefits?

However, that would be undermining the value of the goldstone’s historical richness, its implementation of natural copper, and the use of goldstone in meditation for centuries. Its impact has travelled far and wide, and many have vouched for its healing and spiritual effects.

Goldstone Healing Properties

Goldstone is gentle in its healing abilities, coaxing us into having a more positive outlook on things and summoning up the courage and drive to achieve our goals. Goldstone can assist in self-acceptance and introspection.

In this way, it allows you to heal your life when things feel a little out of line. It has been thought that goldstone can improve vitality – reducing bodily tension and encouraging healthy bone development.

a woman with both hands on her chest

Goldstone Type

While goldstone is artificially constructed using some natural ingredients, the stone still comes in a few different forms. And trust us, they’re all equally magical and exciting (and offer a range of benefits). Let’s unpack the complexities of this unique glass-gem!

Natural Goldstone

“Natural” goldstone is made to look like a kind of goldstone rock – chunky in appearance, with sharp edges and mismatched shapes. The result is a goldstone rough in shape and color, giving off the look of a uniquely sparkly yet natural rock.

Raw Blue Goldstone

“Raw” blue goldstone looks like nothing less than a mystical starry night – deep in color, yet multi-faceted and glittering in different areas depending on how you hold it. It truly lures the eye in – bewitching us in every direction. Still, its inconsistent edges and surfaces trick us into seeing the most luxurious, magical “natural” stone on the planet.

Goldstone Color

Did you know that goldstone is formed in many colors other than gold? The stone has been created in a number of blue hues, as well as orange, green, red, and brown.

Each color offers different aesthetic value as well as a plethora of chakra-aligning, positivity-inducing, spirituality-enhancing benefits! In this section, we’re going to chat about every goldstone color and explore the unique benefits of each one.

Blue Goldstone

Blue goldstone is as rich in color as it is in spiritual assets. It is simply bursting with energy, allowing you to feel a boost in focus and joy for life. Usually, blue goldstone comes in the form of cabochons or shiny, polished stones, but it is also possible to find “raw”, more natural looking blue goldstone.

color blue background

Blue Goldstone Meaning

Like all goldstone, blue goldstone is representative of ambition and goal-reaching. However, this stone is set apart from other goldstones by offering energy boosts and spiritual protection. In this way, it symbolizes reinvigoration and clarity.

What is Blue Goldstone Good for?

Blue goldstone allows us to remain positive and courageous. It is a stone of prosperity, so you can expect the unexpected when you have one of these angelic gems in hand. It promotes utmost intelligence and motivation, allowing you to be your best self on a daily basis. Overall, it’s a real pick-me-up stone. If your life is lacking color, blue goldstone is here to provide.

Blue Goldstone Healing

It is said that blue goldstone can ease muscle tension and promote healthy blood flow. It is a stone of positivity, and we all know the power of a positive mind is not to be ignored. Wearing blue goldstone as a necklace or keeping a blue goldstone by your bed will keep you smiling and energetic – healing you of negative thoughts and lethargy.

Blue Goldstone Properties

Meditating with blue goldstone will have you focused, energized, yet extremely calm and self-assured. If you struggle with low energy (or too much anxious energy) this stone will balance you out and allow you to channel your energy in a healthy, effective way. 

Blue Goldstone Healing Properties

Negative thoughts are dispelled in the presence of blue goldstone. Allowing your mind and body to focus on your goals rather than your flaws will ultimately make for an incredibly healthy life. It is also believed that blue goldstone can relax stomach pain and improve circulation in the body.

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Blue Goldstone Metaphysical Properties

Blue goldstone allows you to connect with your third eye and see the big picture. It can also improve psychic abilities, especially at night. If you own a blue goldstone and see lights flickering at night, chances are you’re getting a message to pursue your dreams. “Now is the right time,” says the blue goldstone.

Blue Goldstone vs Blue Sandstone

Surprise! There is actually very little difference between blue goldstone and blue sandstone. They are both created through heating sand to create colored glass, which is then made into goldstone or sandstone. You could use the terms “blue goldstone” and “blue sandstone” interchangeably. However, goldstone references the color and sparkles we all know and love. 

Blue Goldstone Uses

We hope you’re not tired of hearing about the incandescent blue goldstone, because we’re practically a blue goldstone Wikipedia page. Blue goldstone allows us to see ourselves clearly, giving us the perspective to know our power but also our limits. In this way, it allows us to avoid burnout and to be more introspective.

Blue goldstone can be made into jewelry, and wearing it against your skin can actually increase its benefits – offering protection and removing blockages.

Blue Goldstone Sphere

Who doesn’t love a perfect circle? Well, it really doesn’t get more perfect than a blue goldstone sphere. Ranging from pebble-sized to tennis ball-sized and larger, there is something joyfully witchy about spheres of a blue goldstone nature. They can sit on your shelf as ornaments, or you can keep them by your doorstep to ward off negative energy. Blue goldstone spheres are also wonderful meditation companions – allowing you to channel your inner strength and optimism.

Blue Goldstone Heart

We love blue goldstone, and what says that better than a blue goldstone heart? Keeping one of these in your handbag or on your bedside table will constantly remind you to love and accept yourself, and to honour your dreams and ambitions. The world can be intimidating, but achieving your goals is less intimidating with a blue goldstone heart by your side. 

Blue Goldstone Pendulum

Let your pendulum swing back and forth as you allow it to get rid of any negativity in your way. Despite being a beautiful addition to your space, a blue goldstone pendulum will rid your space of anything that’s holding you back.

Blue Goldstone Beads

Who doesn’t love some beads – especially when they have the unmatched sparkle and rich blue hue of blue goldstone? Carry these on you at all times to ensure spiritual protection and confidence. You won’t be mixing with the wrong crowd or chickening out of your dreams with blue goldstone beads around.

blue beaded bracelets

Blue Goldstone Pyramid

Staying balanced and avoiding blockages is made a little easier with a goldstone pyramid on your desk and kitchen table. Everyone, and especially empaths, will benefit from keeping a blue goldstone pyramid with them at work or at home. It makes life more exciting and aligns the chakras without hesitation. 

How to Use Blue Goldstone

Resting blue goldstone against the skin is the ideal way to gain its benefits. This can be in the form of jewelry or during meditation. Blue goldstone activates the heart and crown chakras, so meditating with it against your chest or forehead is ideal.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Goldstone

Regular cleansing and charging of blue goldstone is vital to maintaining its shine and metaphysical properties. Soaking the stone in warm salty water works very well in upkeeping its aesthetic value.

We would recommend cleaning the crystal once a week, but it is entirely up to you. Blue goldstone works quickly and can run out of positive energy just as quickly, so cleaning it once a week will ensure that it recharges and continues to provide you with good vibes.

Blue Goldstone Price

You might not believe how little money you need to spend for something so valuable! Blue goldstone can cost less than a dollar and rarely exceeds ten dollars. If you are purchasing a large, unique ornament or piece of jewelry that includes more expensive minerals, the price might increase to around twenty to thirty dollars.

Green Goldstone

Green goldstone is of a dark forest-like hue and sparkles in the sun. It presents us with an immediate sense of calm due to its earthy tones and soothing shades. These gorgeous gems are definitely part of the edgier stone collector’s cabinet. They’re rare and not as frequently produced as other types of goldstone – as in, you won’t find a green goldstone wiki page. 

Green Goldstone Meaning

Green goldstone is all about the heart chakra. Surprisingly, it resonates with two incredibly different star signs Taurus and Sagittarius. So, if you have Taurus or Sagittarius placements, this might just be the perfect stone for you.

Green goldstone heals the heartspace, allowing us to move through difficult periods in our lives and learn to love ourselves more and more. In this sense, it symbolizes an open heart and self-acceptance.

finger heart

Green Goldstone Benefits

The sparkles in green goldstone (created by pieces of copper in glass) represent the stone’s light force. Green goldstone grounds us, brings us back to ourselves, and promotes focused and conscious living. It can ease emotional pain and encourage confidence, too. Life just gets a little bit better with green goldstone around.  

Green Goldstone Jewelry

Green goldstone jewelry could be confused for emerald at first, but then you’ll notice the copper sparkles that make goldstone so unique. Green goldstone beads and charms make for excellent jewelry and can complement any complexion. Wearing green goldstone as jewelry will also allow you to access its benefits on the hour every day. You’ll look incredible while feeling confident and grounded.

Green Goldstone Uses

Green goldstone’s main use is to heal the heart chakra. It’s the ideal stone for breakups, losses, and rough patches. When our hearts get a little bit broken (or a lot broken), green goldstone can step in to save the day. It can also allow us to see what we’re doing to hurt ourselves in our daily life.

It can be difficult for us humans to analyze our own behaviour and see where we’re going wrong, but green goldstone shines a light on what we can work on and encourages self-improvement.

Red Goldstone

Browny-red in color, red goldstone has a fiery quality to it. It acts as a good luck charm to anyone who chooses to use it. So, if you need a little extra luck along with some increased ambition, red goldstone is right up your alley. 

Red Goldstone Stone Meaning

Red goldstone represents energy, confidence, and drive. If you aspire to become your most authentic self, to have less fear and more optimism, and to tackle your goals head on, red goldstone will allow you to lead the way. Overall, the stone represents strength and courage - and in abundance.

Red Goldstone Chakra

Red goldstone goes directly for the root chakra – encouraging stability, confidence, and determination. It’ll give you the strength to push through difficulties, know your worth, and get things done. Your attitude will improve and your outlook on life will become more optimistic. With a red goldstone at your side, you’ll kick bad habits to the curb and welcome focus, prosperity, and zest for life.

to do list

Red Goldstone Properties

Does motivation, confidence, and harmony sound good to you? Well, that’s red goldstone for you. This gem will assist you in accomplishing goals and gaining financial prosperity. Its healing light has the power to uplift those in difficult spaces to find protection, positivity, and success.

Red Goldstone Metaphysical Properties

We all have bad habits – emotional, mental, and otherwise – that we want to get rid of. Red goldstone will give you the extra push and third eye perspective to re-examine your behaviour and push harder to make your dreams come true. Ultimately, it allows for spiritual enrichment and happiness (happiness, in this sense, meaning the conscious decisions you make on a daily basis to lead a positive and enjoyable life).

Red Goldstone Healing Properties

Red goldstone improves vitality, according to some. It radiates positive vibes that infiltrate the body and mind and allow for monumental emotional and spiritual healing. If certain areas of the body need awakening, red goldstone can restore any spiritual wounds and rid the body of blockages. Red goldstone can even revitalize the body, increasing energy and relaxing the nerves.

Black Goldstone

If you want to carry a piece of the midnight sky with you, look no further than black goldstone. Its pitch black color juxtaposes its sparkly copper bits, allowing a realistic star filled sky image to occur on its surface. Black goldstone also has exciting benefits and deep symbolic value. 

black stones

Black Goldstone Meaning

Energy and relaxation are one another’s yin and yangs. In order to achieve true balance and harmony, we need both. This balance is represented by the black goldstone, which calms us while boosting our energy and pushing us to be the best version of ourselves. 

Black Goldstone Properties

Black goldstone motivates us to pursue and accomplish our goals in a state of relaxation and bliss. It is a stone that inspires and uplifts. Those dreams and ideas that have been floating around in your head for years?

Black goldstone can encourage you to get them out and share them with the world. It can offer a sense of calm and safety when working on something new or dealing with a big life change, so keep one of these with you when beginning a new journey.

Black Goldstone Healing Properties

By increasing your confidence and motivating you, black goldstone will indirectly cause you to make healthier, more mindful decisions to ensure your wellbeing. Physical and emotional healing come quicker when they are treated with mindfulness and focus.

Purple Goldstone

Luminous and pure, purple goldstone is a must-have for any gem and glass lover. They look like the stuff of fairies and magic, with their otherworldly color and hypnotic sparkles. However, purple goldstone is more than just a pretty face. Let’s talk about its properties. 

Purple Goldstone Properties

Purple goldstone is a driver of authenticity. If you feel that you’ve fallen off track and can’t connect to your destiny and true desires, purple goldstone can be a helpful pick-me-up. With purple goldstone in your life, you’ll find that your confidence increases and your words become more truthful.

The opportunities that are meant for you will become clear and easier to obtain. You just need to be open to being surprised by what purple goldstone has in store for you!

Purple Goldstone Metaphysical Properties

Connection to the Divine becomes swifter and more meaningful with purple goldstone. Meditation with this glassy gem can increase light flow into the body and speed up emotional and spiritual healing processes.

Brown Goldstone

Brown goldstone has a higher copper content. As a result, it channels many of copper’s benefits. In addition, its color is especially rich – bright yet maintaining an earthy quality. 

Brown Goldstone Meaning

Brown goldstone symbolizes love and full heart chakra awakening. You might find your romantic life flourishing when you bring brown goldstone into the mix, or at least your relationship with yourself. There is nothing more powerful than radiating love, and brown goldstone allows you to do so.

Brown goldstone even contains a high quantity of copper, which for ten thousand years has been viewed as an incredibly important link between earth and heaven. It is no surprise, then, that brown goldstone connects us to our Divine selves.

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Brown Goldstone Properties

Aside from opening the heart chakra and inviting love into your life, brown goldstone can increase your confidence, libido, and drive to succeed. You know that electric feeling you get when you’re being really productive yet balanced and well rested? Well, brown goldstone is that feeling in pebble form.

Orange Goldstone

Essentially the brightest, lightest version of brown goldstone, orange goldstone exudes confidence and joy. If it were safe to stare at the sun, we imagine that it would look very similar to orange goldstone. And not only does it appear joyous and light, it makes us feel equally breezy.

Orange Goldstone Meaning

Orange goldstone grounds and protects us. It waves a sunny light that says goodbye to any and all negative, malevolent energies. In this way, it symbolizes light and positivity. On the worst of days, coming home to an orange goldstone will cheer you up, bring you back down to earth, and make you feel excited to start anew tomorrow.

Midnight Goldstone 

Midnight goldstone – what a sight for sore eyes! Those of us who are lucky enough to glance at midnight goldstone will feel transported into another dimension filled with beauty and wonder. Read on to discover why!


Midnight Goldstone Meaning

Midnight goldstone draws us closer to the Divine, lifting us up spiritually and sharing perspective and wisdom with us. The world becomes a little more beautiful when midnight goldstone is in it. The stone symbolizes beauty and wisdom, and as a result, it makes its users feel graceful, confident, and self-assured.

Midnight Blue Goldstone

Midnight blue goldstone essentially marries the properties of midnight and blue goldstone. It appears very similar to midnight goldstone, but it is a touch bluer in hue. While no stone is better or worse than the last, this one sure is very special.

Midnight Blue Goldstone Properties

Expect to have your third eye chakra opened and to see the truth of the situations both around and inside of you. Midnight blue goldstone encourages you to see the beauty in yourself and the world around you, while also inviting you to see what needs improving.

As a result, midnight blue goldstone will make you feel wise but not jaded, positive but not naïve. Walking through life with equal grace and discernment is important, and midnight blue goldstone helps you do exactly that.

Goldstone Jewelry

At this point in the article, we can all agree that goldstone is rich in metaphysical benefits on top of being a treat for the eyes. You will be happy to know that one of the best ways to receive a goldstone’s benefits is by wearing it against your skin.

Who knew that looking beautiful when you leave the house could come with a range of spiritual properties? There are so many types of goldstone jewelry, from rings to bracelets, to pendants and necklaces. Vintage goldstone jewelry is also ideal for those who want to feel the stone’s historical value, and you can easily find vintage goldstone rings, earrings, and just about anything else you desire!

Goldstone Ring

Keeping a goldstone ring is something you won’t regret. The relationship between a person and their goldstone ring is one of joy, motivation, and balance. Plus, these rings are absolutely next-level aesthetically.

They simultaneously give off a grounded appearance through deep, natural colors and sparkle with elegance and class. The question is less “should I get a goldstone ring?” and more “how many goldstone rings should I get?”.

Purple Goldstone Ring

Purple goldstone rings are nothing less than regal. With one of these on, you won’t be able to help feeling a little more confident and self-assured. Because purple goldstone is a driver of authenticity, a purple goldstone ring will keep your words honest and your heart pure. You’ll find that you’re more connected to your higher self with a purple goldstone ring.

a person's open hand

Blue Goldstone Engagement Ring

Because blue goldstone activates the heart chakra and offers protection, a blue goldstone engagement ring symbolizes the safety and honesty of a relationship going forward. If you wish to have a marriage wherein free and open communication is the norm, blue goldstone could be a wonderful choice for you. You will avoid unnecessary arguments by being honest with one another and making sure the other feels safe, as blue goldstone would have it.

Green Goldstone Ring

Earthy yet regal, green goldstone rings are an exciting addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. They activate the heart chakra, healing any emotional wounds and making you feel open to new experiences. A green goldstone ring can help you feel more self-accepting, too, especially if you are an empath or if you have Sagittarius or Taurus placements.

Black Goldstone Ring

At first glance, a black goldstone ring seems understated. But, when you notice its tiny copper sparkles, you’ll feel like you’re floating in a sea of stars. Black goldstone increases energy and ambition, so wearing a black goldstone ring will make for a boost in career drive and productivity – all the while making you look elegant and worldly.

Blue Goldstone Ring

As you know now, wearing blue goldstone as jewelry is one of the best ways to reap its benefits. Don’t be shy about wearing your love for blue goldstone as it will promote positivity all around you. You’re basically doing a public service by sharing it with the world around you. By wearing a blue goldstone ring, you will feel a sense of safety, your heart will feel pure and open, and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

Goldstone Earrings

If you have pierced ears, count yourself lucky because you simply can’t miss out on the joys of goldstone earrings. There is a wide range of goldstone earrings out there including studs, drop earrings, extra-long chandelier earrings - the list goes on, and each earring is as beautiful as the last.

Plus, there are so many benefits to be gained from wearing goldstone near your crown chakra. Focus, energy and honesty are all perks of choosing to treat your ears to some magnetic goldstone jewelry.

a woman wearing large earrings

Blue Goldstone Earrings

Out of all the goldstone options, blue goldstone is the most effective in activating the crown chakra, which is associated with wisdom and spiritual awareness. Choosing to wear blue goldstone earrings close to your crown chakra is, of course, a splendid way to keep it activated and to maintain a strong connection to spirit. You kill two birds with one stone, too, activating your crown chakra while looking deserving of a crown!

Goldstone Bracelet

Usually made from goldstone beads on string, goldstone bracelets are a casual and simple way to incorporate goldstone magic into your life. Goldstone bracelets make for wonderful gifts to family members, too, offering them protection and motivation. If someone you know has lost sight of their ambition or needs a boost in confidence and energy, a goldstone bracelet will brighten their day and guarantee a gradual improvement.

Goldstone Bracelet Meaning

Goldstone bracelets symbolize safety and positivity. They rid the space around you of negative energies, providing you with a clear aura and a sense of calm. You will trust the universe and listen to your intuition with a goldstone bracelet, allowing you to reach your higher purpose and connect with the Divine.

Blue Goldstone Bracelet

Blue goldstone jewelry is suited to anyone who feels deeply empathetic and suffers as a result. A blue goldstone bracelet symbolizes friendship and honesty, but it also offers a great deal of emotional and spiritual protection. In this way, wearing a blue goldstone bracelet will allow you to be compassionate without hurting yourself.

Red Goldstone Bracelet

Buying a red goldstone bracelet is a decision to increase your drive and ambition and focus on your Divine destiny. You’ll feel balanced and focused, and you’ll be able to go out into the world and tackle any obstacle that comes between you and your purpose.

Goldstone Pendant

A goldstone pendant nestled against your heart chakra? Sounds great to us. Every goldstone pendant is unique, and there is a special one out there for every soul. Incorporating a goldstone pendant into your jewelry collection will awaken your heart and add joy to your life.

Blue Goldstone Pendant

With a blue goldstone pendant around your neck, negative energies will know to back away. This piece of jewelry will allow your inner strength to shine, protecting you from bad vibes and propelling you into your destiny.

Green Goldstone Pendant

Want an open, healed heart space? Well, a green goldstone pendant is just for you. This gem will keep your heart happy and you’ll find yourself welcoming abundance and joy into your life. Green goldstone also looks great on a pendant! There’s just something about its forest-like hue that brightens the décolletage and makes you look and feel radiant.

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Goldstone Necklace

If pendants aren’t your thing, the good news is you can find a variety of goldstone necklaces of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Just like pendants, they warm the heart space and offer soul protection. If heart chakra healing is your thing, then a goldstone necklace will totally do the trick.

Blue Goldstone Necklace

Reinvigoration is expected when purchasing a blue goldstone necklace. Apart from making gorgeous accessories, blue goldstone necklaces infuse their users with energy, focus, and determination. A new zest for life is carried around your neck on a daily basis.

Red Goldstone Necklace

Your heart will speak to you powerfully when a red goldstone necklace hangs around your neck. If you struggle to scrape up the courage to pursue your goals and aspirations, a red goldstone necklace will give you the push you need, as well as a radiant glow.

Midnight Blue Goldstone Necklace

The midnight blue goldstone necklace is the ultimate accessory of wisdom, beauty, and grace. You won’t let anything negative get in your way while wearing one of these. Instead, you’ll focus on what inspires you in the world, seeing the truth of situations and allowing wisdom into your soul. Plus, you’ll exude class and confidence.

Green Goldstone Necklace

Keep a green goldstone necklace on at all times if you struggle with emotional pain. Green goldstone gently heals wounds to the heart space and coaxes you toward self love and happiness. This necklace isn’t just about looking pretty, it’s about feeling balanced and self-assured.

Goldstone Cabochon

Don’t we all love a cabochon? They make great gifts, decorations, and you can even keep them in your pockets to inspire and share positive energy with you throughout the day. Goldstone cabochons? Even better! No matter the color or size, goldstone cabochons are sure to motivate you and make for ideal good luck charms.

Green Goldstone Cabochon

By owning a green goldstone cabochon, you are welcoming abundance, healing, and balance into your life. You may even find your psychic abilities raised, and your heart chakra will certainly be opening to new, exciting prospects.

Blue Goldstone Cabochon

Clearing blockages isn’t always easy. However, with blue goldstone cabochons in your orbit, throat chakra and heart chakra blockages can be handled swiftly. If you’re extremely sensitive, you will benefit from meditating with a blue goldstone cabochon as it soothes your emotions and improves your self-image.

Goldstone Uses

Goldstone is an incredibly malleable product, and it can be sculpted into just about any size and shape. There are a number of uses for goldstone, aside from the aforementioned metaphysical ones. Goldstone can be made into beads, heart shapes, and even pyramids!

Goldstone Beads

Beading with goldstone is a heart-warming process that is best shared with friends and loved ones. There are a range of goldstone bead shapes, but the most popular one is a perfect sphere. When you bead with goldstone, remember to meditate on your ambitions and focus on your purpose.

Goldstone Beads Meaning

Goldstone beads represent prosperity and productivity. Working hard is balanced with relaxation to reach a purpose, and goldstone beads remind us of that.

Purple Goldstone Beads

Authenticity and focus are purple goldstone’s forte. Purple goldstone beads drive us to think consciously and be meaningful in our interactions with others.

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Green Goldstone Beads

“Open your heart to new possibilities,” says green goldstone. Having green goldstone beads will comfort you in times of stress and hypersensitivity. If you are feeling overwhelmed, beading with green goldstone is a soothing way to heal the heart space.

Black Goldstone Beads

Feel energized and focused in the presence of black goldstone beads. They will keep you fresh and excited about life – giving you the motivation and confidence to accomplish your goals. Black goldstone beads look like tiny pieces of a midnight sky, and by keeping them or beading with them, you are bound to feel more relaxed and focused on what is important to you.

Goldstone Heart

Nothing says “I love you” like a goldstone heart. This form of goldstone is meant to be gifted to someone you care about. Goldstone hearts encourage truth, courage and safety, so sharing one with a special someone will strengthen your bond and boost honest communication.

Goldstone Sphere

Find harmony and balance in a goldstone sphere. Keeping one of these balls on your bookshelf or coffee table will tidy your space of negative energy and replace it with reinvigoration, joy, and focus. Nothing will feel off-kilter with a harmonious goldstone sphere in your space.

Purple Goldstone Sphere

Your home will vibrate with authenticity and Divine light when you introduce it to purple goldstone. Maintaining spiritual connection and being true to yourself is made much easier with a purple goldstone sphere in your home.

Green Goldstone Sphere

The perfect round shape of a goldstone sphere merged with its healing green color makes for the most peace-inducing decoration in a green goldstone sphere. Meditating with one of these is ideal for emotional healing, and having one around your home will create happy vibes all around you.

Goldstone Pyramid

Goldstone pyramids are all about balance. They tend to help you work through blockages and maintain yin-yang harmony. If you’re feeling a bit disorientated, meditating with a goldstone pyramid will set you straight. Otherwise, they certainly do look lovely sitting on a bedside table.

Goldstone Combinations

If you didn’t think goldstone could get any more exciting, imagine combining it with another equally beautiful and powerful stone! While pure stones that stand alone are lovely, mixing certain stones that complement one another’s qualities is highly beneficial both spiritually and aesthetically.

rose quartz

Goldstone and Rose Quartz

Rose quartz represents unconditional love, while goldstone boosts drive and ambition. While pursuing our goals and gaining some kind of prosperity is important, so is expressing and receiving love on a daily basis.

Both of these motivations are vital to a happy and fulfilling life, so merging them together through goldstone and rose quartz makes for a rich and joy-filled life. It also doesn’t hurt that gold and light pink look so good next to each other!

Sunstone and Goldstone

Sunstone and goldstone both motivate us to think positively, ward off bad vibes, and work hard to achieve our goals. They both encourage emotional balance and conscious thought, too. In this way, sunstone and goldstone make excellent companions because they intensify one another’s benefits and promote ambition and success.

How to Cleanse Goldstone

Goldstone works incredibly fast and absorbs negative energy by the second. As a result, it is important that it is cleansed on a regular basis so that it can continue to cleanse your space and radiate positive energy.

Soaking your goldstone in salt water is the healthiest way to clean it. Some suggest soaking it in soapy water and cleaning it with a soft brush, but we find that salt water is more grounding and works quickly.

How to Polish Goldstone

To polish a goldstone, oscillate between soaking the stone and using sandpaper to get rid of any unwanted bumps or edges. Then, grab stone polish and a cloth and wipe the surface of the goldstone – covering it with polish.

Because goldstone is man-made, polishing it is not usually necessary. If you want to enhance the stone’s shine, simply wet it and use a soft brush or a toothbrush to exfoliate its exterior.

How to Clean Goldstone

Funnily enough, goldstone is cleaned the same way it is spiritually cleansed – either in salt water or soapy water. We recommend using salt water and rubbing the goldstone’s surface with your fingers before patting it dry.

Goldstone for Sale

You can find goldstone on a number of online stores and in crystal stores throughout the world. Because goldstone is man-made, you can generally trust that it is authentic.

The copper sparkles resemble glitter to the extent that you might worry that you’re buying a glitter cabochon rather than a goldstone. Don’t worry! Goldstone is actually incredibly hard to copy inauthentically, and so your purchase is likely a good one.


We cannot thank you enough for joining us on this shiny, heart-warming, ambition-boosting goldstone journey! If you’ve made it all the way to the end, you can consider yourself a goldstone know-it-all, and we hope you share all your newfound wisdom with your friends (as well as some goldstone hearts). G

ood luck pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goals - and remember that goldstone can always give you a boost in that department when you need it.

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