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Cordierite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about cordierite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Cordierite is a crystal stone with alluring pleochroism quality. It has many healing properties, such as boosting the immune system and opening the third-eye chakra. Also known as the water sapphire, it is a calming and encouraging crystal. Let us learn more about this enticing, colorful crystal.

  • Cordierite Meaning
    • What is Cordierite?
      • Cordierite Pronunciation
      • Is Cordierite Toxic?
      • Is Cordierite Safe for Food?
      • What is Cordierite Used for?
    • Cordierite Benefits
    • Where to Find Cordierite Stone
      • Cordierite Stone in India
      • Cordierite Stone in the UK
  • Cordierite Properties
    • Cordierite Healing Properties
    • Cordierite Metaphysical Properties
  • Cordierite Color
    • Yellow Cordierite
    • Blue Cordierite Stone 
  • Cordierite Uses
    • Cordierite Pizza Stone
      • Cordierite Pizza Stone Suppliers
      • Cordierite Pizza Stone Reviews
      • Cordierite Pizza Stone in the UK
      • Cordierite Pizza Stone in the US
      • How to Care for a Cordierite Pizza Stone?
    • Cordierite Ceramic
      • What is Cordierite Ceramic?
    • Cordierite Baking Stone
      • Cordierite Baking Stone in the UK
    • Cordierite Grill Stone Set
    • Cordierite Powder
    • Cordierite Tiles
    • Cordierite Rods
    • Cordierite Shelf
  • Cordierite Price
    • Cordierite Pizza Stone on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Cordierite Meaning

What is Cordierite?

Cordierite is a stone that belongs to the silicate family. It is composed of magnesium silicate and aluminum. It shows blue hues of matte glints, and three-color variations are also available: blue, yellow, and purple. The biggest cordierite crystal is on display in a British museum which weighs 855 carats.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, cordierite stands at 7-7.5, and it is associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Cordierite is a pleochroic mineral and thus, it displays different hues when viewed from different angles. It is one of the most renowned minerals exhibiting this quality. When viewed from one angle, it will show a transparent blue-violet hue, and when viewed from another angle, it will appear grayish or yellow.

It also has other names such as New Zealand blue quartz, water sapphire, or steinheilite.

Cordierite is also known as “compass stone” or “vikings stone” because it was believed that the stone helped the vikings by showing them the position of the sun when the sky was cloudy. It was believed that the side that stayed light showed the axis of the sun. Cordierite is also gifted in the 21st year of marriage.

Cordierite Pronunciation

Cordierite is pronounced cor-di-uh-rite.

Is Cordierite Toxic?

As cordierite and other such minerals undergo a high temperature, they can be fit for many uses. Cordierite also does not contain any lead or other poisoning components. Thus, cordierite is not toxic.

Is Cordierite Safe for Food?

As mentioned above, cordierite does not contain any toxic or poisoning components. The heating process also makes it a safe stone for food. 

What is Cordierite Used for?

The benefits of cordierite crystals can be fully used when the stone is kept close. It is worn by making jewelry, including pendants, rings, earrings, and more. Cordierite is a mineral also used for making ceramic parts in catalytic converters.

Cordierite Benefits

Cordierite is used by people who have lost a sense of belief in themselves. It fills us with the resolve to take on new responsibilities. It fills us with self-assurance.

It is also said that cordierite helps with physical healing. It helps with migraines, headaches, and liver problems. 

More benefits are listed further in this article.

Where to Find Cordierite Stone?

cordierite stone

Cordierite got its name from the mineralogist Louis Corbier, who described it as dichroite. Cordierite mines are found all over the world in countries like Italy, Burma, Sri Lanka, Germany, Algeria, Canada, France, India, Madagascar, the USA, Norway, and Brazil.

Cordierite Stone in India

One of the countries where cordierite is mined on a large scale is India. Along with the jewelry, it is mainly used to make pizza stones, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Cordierite Stone in the UK

Another country to mine cordierite is the UK. One of the largest cordierite crystals is kept on display in the British Museum.

Cordierite Properties

Cordierite Healing Properties

Cordierite stone is said to help with liver problems. They help the liver ‌work with the vesicles well. It is also the stone that relaxes your mind and body and aids you get a night of restorative sleep.

Cordierite is also said to help with acid reflux or acidity problems. The vibrations from the stone help digest the food properly and help with absorbing iron.

Many crystal healers believe that cordierite may help strengthen the nerves and help in case of paralysis. It may also help with sinus problems and migraines, and headaches.

Cordierite might also be effective against sore throats. It reduces the fat or carb deposits in the body. It aids with alcohol consumption by lessening the symptoms and boosting the immune system.

Using cordierite may help with improvement in hair and nail growth. It is also used by healers to treat people suffering from fever or malaria. Many people use cordierite for clear vision and eyesight problems as well.

Cordierite crystals’ healing properties also include strengthening nerves and stimulating one’s memory.

Cordierite Metaphysical Properties

Cordierite helps with the healing of a heavy heart. It makes us open to new things and clears the suffocating emotions from our hearts. The stone converts negative energy into a positive one. It lets light enter our darker parts and opens us to opportunities and life.

Crystal healers recommend cordierite for people who are suffering from disorientation and lack of motivation in life. The gentleness of cordierite teaches us to be grateful and have gratitude towards people and life.

Using cordierite activates both the third-eye chakra and the throat chakra. It is believed that this might help the user see things and experience life to the fullest. It also helps in expanding your intuition and spiritual journey.

Meditating with cordierite helps you see clearly by opening your vision to bigger things. It enhances your creativity and gives inspiration. It calms the chaotic and mentally disturbed minds and helps you have restful sleep. 

Cordierite Color

Yellow Cordierite

Cordierite stone, when viewed from one angle, shows a raw yellow color. It was said to help the Vikings with the axis of the sun for sailing during cloudy skies. 

Blue Cordierite Stone

The most known and loved cordierite crystal is blue cordierite. Also known as a replacement for sapphire, it has a beautiful, soothing quality and calming presence. 

Cordierite Uses

Cordierite Pizza Stone

cordierite pizza stone

Cordierite is used as a base stone to bake pizza on, as it is a very durable and reliable stone.

Cordierite Pizza Stone Suppliers

There are many suppliers for the cordierite pizza stone all over the world, but to get good quality cordierite, ensure you purchase from a certified seller.

Cordierite Pizza Stone Reviews

The cordierite pizza stone has excellent reviews. The users claim it to be easy to use and clean. It can be heated at a high temperature without the stone getting damaged and does not cool rapidly, thus, can be used back-to-back when making multiple pizzas. 

Cordierite Pizza Stone in the UK

Being a large miner of cordierite stone, the UK produces the cordierite pizza stone on a large scale. Used for barbeque grills along with pizzas, there are many suppliers of this stone.

Cordierite Pizza Stone in the US

The US also produces and uses cordierite pizza stones on a large scale. They are known to mine large quantities in Georgia and Wyoming.

How to Care for a Cordierite Pizza Stone

Heat the stone for about 60-90 minutes at 500-550°F and the cordierite stone will be ready to use. Over time, remove stains and food remnants on the stone using a scraper. If necessary, you can rinse it under cold water to remove the stains. Do not use detergents, soap, or oil, as the cordierite will soak them up and make the stone unfit for use.

Cordierite Ceramic

What is Cordierite Ceramic?

Cordierite ceramic is a silicate material of magnesium and aluminum. It is used for insulation against thermal shocks. It is also a good insulation material for electrical wirings and low thermal expansion.

Cordierite Baking Stone

Cordierite Baking Stone in the UK

Cordierite baking stone is used for making pizzas, biscuits, cookies, and bread, among other things. It is a durable stone and its high resistance to heat makes it an ideal baking stone.

Cordierite Grill Stone Set

The cordierite grill stone set is mainly used on the barbeque or microwave grills. Other than pizza, it can be used to grill steaks, bacon, pancakes, and more.

Cordierite Powder

Cordierite powder is talc made from a mixture of clay and aluminum oxide. It has a low coefficient in thermal expansion, low density, and high mechanical strength.

Cordierite Tiles

Cordierite is a good insulation material, and thus it is also used to make wall and floor tiles. It is a durable material and resists thermal shocks as well.

Cordierite Rods

Cordierite rods have high-temperature resistance and are used on barbeque grills, convection ovens, natural gas heaters, and other heating appliances.

Cordierite Shelf

Cordierite makes great kiln shelves as they have high resistance to heat and great strength. They do not get damaged easily and have great endurance to heat and fire.

Cordierite Price

A dark blue and violet-colored cordierite crystals of one to five carats can cost $40 to $60 USD per carat. Whereas, five to 10-carat cordierite crystals, which are much rarer, can cost $100 to $150 per carat.

Cordierite Pizza Stone on Amazon

Amazon sells cordierite pizza stones in different shapes and sizes. A 15-inch cordierite pizza stone on Amazon can cost around $193 USD.


Cordierite is an easily found stone. The finer quality cordierite crystals of higher carats might be difficult to find, but it is a popular stone and not very rare. Finding a cordierite crystal of over five carats with good clarity is rare and thus expensive.

A cordierite crystal stone is a must-have if you are a collector or want to take advantage of its healing properties. Cordierite pizza stone also makes a great addition to your kitchen as it may help you with significant benefits and good food as well.

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