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Hackmanite: Complete Guide (2024)

hackmanite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about hackmanite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Mineral crystals and non-crystalline organic materials are polished and treated as gemstones. Many ancient civilizations saw gemstones as extraordinary and endowed with strange abilities and energies. Different stones have different and sometimes overlapping properties. Using gemstones in astrology is based on the Vedic system, which states that there is a correlation between gems, zodiac signs, and planets, and hence each planet is connected with one principal or secondary gemstone.

Today we will discuss one such incredible gemstone called 'hackmanite'. 

  • Hackmanite Meaning
    • What is Hackmanite?
    • Hackmanite Spiritual Meaning
    • Hackmanite Benefits
    • Hackmanite Healing
  • Hackmanite Properties
    • Hackmanite Healing Properties
    • Hackmanite Metaphysical Properties
  • Hackmanite Types
    • Hackmanite Raw
  • Hackmanite Color
    • Blue Hackmanite
  • Hackmanite Jewelry
    • Hackmanite Ring
    • Hackmanite Cabochon
    • Hackmanite Pendant
  • Hackmanite Uses
    • Hackmanite Beads
  • Hackmanite for Sale
    • Hackmanite Price
  • Conclusion

Hackmanite Meaning

Hackmanite is a sulfur-rich sodalite variant with tenebrescence which is the extremely rare ability of minerals to change color when exposed to sunlight. The first gem-quality hackmanite deposit was discovered in Quebec, Canada just recently in 1991.

When hackmanite is mined, it appears pale to deep violet, but once exposed to sunlight, it fades to a gray or greenish-white tint. The violet color gradually reappears when placed in a dark environment or subjected to short wave UV radiation. The color change can be noticed within seconds of being exposed to sunshine, but it can take up to a week for the hue to revert to its previous state. Heat destroys the tenebrescence effect, which can be repeated endlessly.

Hackmanite's tenebrescence effect is the finest of all gems' optical phenomena. It is sometimes confused with the 'color change' phenomenon, which occurs when materials change color when exposed to different wavelengths of light. 

Tenebrescence is also known as reversible photochromism. Everyday color-change eyeglass lenses are a good example of reversible photochromism. When exposed to sunlight, color-changing eyeglasses darken and lighten when taken indoors. A photochemical reaction to UV radiation causes the phenomenon, which is only known to occur in a few uncommon materials.

What is Hackmanite?

Hackmanite was named after Finnish geologist Victor Hackman after it was discovered in Greenland in the early 1900s. Finding gem-grade hackmanite is uncommon; most crystals are transparent at best. Sodalite in the color range of light pink to pastel violet is known as hackmanite. 

It is a unique gem because it has a unique optical property called 'tenebrescence'. When the stones are exposed to different light forms, they can temporarily change color. While hackmanite crystals are typically pink to violet in hue, sunlight quickly fades them to gray or greenish-white, and they gradually recover to their natural color after altering the light. Hackmanite is sought by collectors because of its tenebrescent characteristic.

Hackmanite Spiritual Meaning

Hackmanite facilitates access to the head chakra while also improving cerebral capacities. One may ‌see the power of the human mind, which can lead them to a portal of higher knowledge. Celestial entities, as well as one's own spirit guides and guardian angels, provide this elevated wisdom. 

Working with hackmanite can help you learn the "language of the gods," even if the messages you hear are dismal and perplexing. This unique mineral helps in decoding, not just the visuals in one's own visions, but also the symbolism in one's dreams. These are indicators leading you in the direction your spirit wants to go. 

Humans are prone to regular distractions, which only ‌push them further away from their goals. Hackmanite‌ works to help people prioritize what matters most to them and how they ought to go about accomplishing it.

This stone is highly recommended for personal development and spiritual evolution. As one works with hackmanite, one will have a better understanding of the gem’s true power and energies. 

When exposed to a specific light, this stone exposes secret colors, and it will do the same for you. Hackmanite is the particular light that helps you peel back the layers of your mind and spirit to see their true beauty.

This mineral also improves communication skills and makes it easier to discuss whatever is on one's mind. Hackmanite is a mineral that naturally connects your mind and throat. This bond encourages people to communicate and vocalize their particular thoughts, feelings, and desires. 

Hackmanite Benefits

hackmanite stones

Hackmanite, like its ability to change color, can help you in making changes in your life, especially if you want them to be instant rather than long-term. Be mindful that unless you address the reasons for the need to change a situation, these adjustments may be temporary. 

It is also a good stone for problem-solving because it contains good energy that can help you break the difficulty down into smaller chunks. By doing so, you may ‌see the solution more clearly, and by increasing your intuition, you may be able to intuitively find the answer you are looking for. 

The energy of hackmanite may help you feel more at ease when taking the action you choose, particularly if it is related to the urge to make changes in your life. These crystals provide profound inner serenity and are effective in restoring emotional equilibrium.

While remaining connected to the soil, hackmanite exhibits an exceedingly tiny vibration. It opens an in-body expansion into the infinity of being and merges the light body by activating a cosmic anchor and protecting the biomagnetic sheath. At the subtle chakra levels, it effectively cuts links.

Spiritually, this honed stone links intuition with logic, allowing the illumined mind to access the higher mind and relate it to the physical world. It promotes profound meditation states and opens the door to spiritual talents that provide joy, freedom, and healing.

Hackmanite helps in psychological awareness of the scenario in which you find yourself harmonizing with the soul's purpose in undertaking such an adventure. 

It is an excellent stone for accepting your shadow energy and discovering the wealth hidden within. It changes a defensive or overly sensitive personality by illuminating and releasing inner anxieties, phobias, guilt, and control mechanisms that keep the soul from expressing itself fully. 

The stone improves self-esteem, acceptance, and trust in oneself. Hackmanite encourages you to stay loyal to yourself and stand up for your views, with a strong passion for truth and idealism.

Mentally and professionally, hackmanite frees you from intellectual enslavement and fixed ideas, particularly religious beliefs imprinted in the past, allowing your mind to expand infinitely. It helps in verbalizing feelings and enabling space to put your new insights into practice by allowing a rational and yet intuitive perception.

Hackmanite reduces electromagnetic interference in the environment. When gridded, it is quite useful in reducing sick building syndrome, electromagnetic pollution, and many chemical allergies.

Hackmanite Healing

hackmanite stones

Hackmanite crystals have a high vibration and can help you solve problems. Their energy may also help you in severing karmic bonds from previous lives or etheric ties to people in the present one. These ‌help in the development of intuitive abilities and the release of fear that may prevent you from moving forward. 

Hackmanites are effective meditation stones because they help you establish a deeper, more powerful connection with the spirit. These crystals offer lovely energy that promotes peace and harmony, and they are great healing crystals for a variety of health conditions, including addiction. 

They are related to sodalite, a well-known rich blue stone. While the two stones have certain similarities, the green stone has a higher vibration than the blue stone.

Hackmanite crystals are a wonderful choice for crystal therapy. They offer a multitude of therapeutic healing characteristics that can help the physical body and may help you feel better while you are sick. 

Their vibration has been shown to benefit people with chemical addictions, and it may also help you feel less tempted to overeat. They are said to enhance the immune system and have good healing energy to help immunity. 

Additionally, the stone is claimed to help with water retention and the lymphatic system, as well as blood pressure difficulties and the ability to sleep well. Hackmanites are claimed to help with health concerns related to the throat chakra, as well as issues with the vocal cords and larynx. It is said to help with panic episodes and is also believed to aid in the mending of broken bones and muscles.

Hackmanite Properties

Hackmanite is a sulfur chloride sodium aluminum silicate from the sodalite family that is exceptionally uncommon. It forms massive, cubic, and octahedral structures when crystallized. This is one of the few minerals that exhibit tenebrescence (color change when exposed to sunshine) and UV reflectivity. 

It comes in a wide range of colors, including gray, green, yellow, violet, pink, and blue, but is most often seen in a dusty white. L.H. Borgstroem discovered hackmanite for the first time in Greenland in 1901. He named it after Victor Axel Hackman, a well-known Finnish geologist. 

Afghanistan, Myanmar, Canada, Norway, and Russia all have significant hackmanite deposits.

Hackmanite belongs to the feldspathoid mineral family. Feldspathoids are a category of tectosilicates that are similar to feldspars but have a slightly different structure and lower silica content. 

Hackmanite is a sulfur-rich chloric sodium aluminum silicate with a Mohs hardness ranging from 5.50 to 6.00. It has a low density of 2.14 to 2.40 specific gravity, making it one of the least dense gemstones (slightly denser than opal). 

Most hackmanite is opaque, but high-quality specimens can be translucent or transparent. The presence of sulfur and color shift tenebrescence separate hackmanite from its parent stone, "sodalite."

Hackmanite from Afghanistan and Myanmar‌ changes color in sunlight, from colorless to creamy white to pink-red to violet. Colorless or extremely light-colored specimens that transform to an intense deep purple are the most coveted.

Although most hackmanite crystals are opaque, fine-quality crystals can be transparent or translucent. Inclusions are frequent, usually appearing as white streaks or calcite veins. When cut and polished, Hackmanite has a vitreous shine; on fractures, the luster might appear oily.

Hackmanite is frequently faceted for collectors or solely for display‌. Hackmanite is often sliced and sold in slices or slabs. Ovals and other shapes that enhance the rough carat weight are the most prevalent faceted forms. Cabochons can be made ‌of opaque materials.

Hackmanite is untreated and unimproved in any form. When hackmanite is heated, it loses its tenebrescent property permanently.

Hackmanite Healing Properties

Hackmanite supports the lymphatic and immunological systems, as well as the throat, vocal cords, and larynx. Calcium deficiency, radiation damage, insomnia, hoarseness, digestive issues, fevers, blood pressure, torn ligaments, and fluid absorption may all be cured with this crystal.

Hackmanite Metaphysical Properties

Hackmanite is known as the 'everlasting belonging stone'. It is said to be a stone that reminds us that everything has its own time and place. Hackmanite urges the wearer to understand that everything has a place. It is said to be beneficial to persons who are harassed, afraid, or apprehensive. It is thought to increase self-esteem, as well as emotions of happiness, confidence, and contentment.

Hackmanite is also known as the chameleon stone, and it is said to have diverse metaphysical skills and healing qualities depending on the color condition of the stone. It is connected with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, although it is not a recognized birthstone for any month. It is thought to be beneficial to the throat, third eye, and heart chakras.

Hackmanite Types

hackmanite stones

Hackmanite is available in raw, natural, tumbling, and faceted forms. Hackmanites are natural gemstones that have not been altered‌. 

Hackmanites in their natural state are far more sensitive than other hackmanites. Sedimentary rocks contain these stones. Processed hackmanites are known as tumbled hackmanites. Faceted hackmanites‌ have several cuts on their external surface to add luster and clarity.

Hackmanite Raw

Rough hackmanite or uncut hackmanite are other names for raw hackmanite. It is a gemstone that has not been cut or faceted like a traditional gem in jewelry. It is more potent than treated gems since it is 100 percent genuine.

Hackmanite Color

Hackmanite comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white, blue, purple, gray, and pink. 

Blue Hackmanite

Blue has traditionally been associated with sanctity, knowledge, virtue, and good fortune. People have been adorning themselves with shimmering blue hackmanites for generations, and the practice continues today. 

Blue hackmanites are constantly in demand when it comes to jewelry. However, as more rare specimens are unearthed in various regions of the world, the value and quality of blue hackmanites have soared in recent years.

Hackmanite Jewelry

Hackmanite is a very rare mineral. It is classified as a collector's stone and should not be worn as jewelry. Although it is soft, it is actually fairly resilient because of its unclear cleavage. 

Hackmanite could be worn as a pendant or brooch by individuals looking for extremely uncommon jewelry. Sodalite, the blue sister stone of hackmanite, is frequently used for cabochon and beaded jewelry. It is also often used in creating arts and crafts, as well as attractive gemstone carvings.

Hackmanite Ring

A hackmanite ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry to own. It grants the bearer charm and good fortune. Both men and women can wear this ring. Rubies and emeralds, for example, are typically set with hackmanite rings. A plain hackmanite ring is a less expensive option than a blue solitaire diamond ring.

Hackmanite Cabochon

Cabochons are faceted hackmanite stones that have been carved into a convex form. They are available in a variety of shapes, including as freeform, calibrated, and symmetrical. Cabochons are great for jewelry making, like bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and brooches. 

Hackmanite Pendant

hackmanite pendant

At parties, formal meetings, dinner dates, and for your everyday look, dainty hackmanite pendants can be worn. The color of your hackmanite pendant will complement your attire.

Hackmanite Uses

For thousands of years, jewels have been used to enhance the attractiveness of humans, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, or culture. Even humans have a history of creating fairy tales based on jewels like hackmanite. 

Hackmanites are used to produce cosmetics such as facials and face creams. These products not only ‌revitalize your skin, but also give you a younger, more attractive appearance.

According to ancient Indian medical literature, ayurveda includes several medicinal formulas produced using hackmanite and other gemstones to cure physical and mental sickness. Bhasm is a type of medicine that is used to treat acute pain and wounds.

Astrologers have a few applications of hackmanites as well. Every gemstone is a lucky stone that reflects a certain zodiac sign, birth number, or birth month. They are also thought to bring good luck, love, and prosperity to those who wear them.

Hackmanite Beads

Necklaces and bracelets are made using hackmanite beads. Depending on their function and purpose, they come in a variety of sizes ranging from little to colossal. Even the most delicate skin will not be irritated by the beads' smooth, polished surface.

Hackmanite for Sale

Hackmanites and its products are available both online and offline. A 10-carat hackmanite will cost you around $420 USD. 

Hackmanite Price

Hackmanites are priced at about $40 USD per carat. 

How to Clean Hackmanite

Because hackmanite is rather delicate compared to most other gemstones, it may require special attention. Warm water and a little soap or detergent can be used to clean hackmanite stones if necessary. Rinse well to eliminate any soapy residue. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners, as well as excessive heat. Heating hackmanite can cause it to lose its desired tenebrescent property permanently.

When conducting any vigorous physical activity, such as playing sports, doing home tasks, or exercising, always remove any hackmanite jewelry. Always keep hackmanite separate from other gems and jewelry when storing it. Wrap it with a soft cloth or store it in a fabric-lined jewelry box‌.

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