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Cryolite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about cryolite, including its meaning, properties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Cryolite is a crystal that has become rare because of its many uses. Often found in Greenland, cryolites are one of the most balancing crystals that brings harmony among all the chakras and helps with the smooth flow of energy throughout your body. Let us learn more about this enticing crystal.

  • Cryolite Meaning
    • What is Cryolite?
      • Cryolite Pronunciation
      • What is Cryolite Used for?
    • Where is Cryolite Found?
      • Cryolite in Greenland
  • Cryolite Properties
    • Cryolite Metaphysical Properties
  • Cryolite Colors
    • Red Cryolite
      • Red Cryolite Gemstone Meaning
  • Cryolite Uses
    • Cryolite Glass
    • Cryolite Powder
  • Cryolite for Sale
    • Cryolite Price
      • Natural Cryolite Prices
  • Conclusion

Cryolite Meaning

What is Cryolite?

Cryolite is a sodium aluminum fluoride mineral. It is a white glassy stone with a similar refractive index as water and disappears when submerged, but it does not dissolve. This property of cryolite is also the reason it is called ‘ice-stone.’

It is a birthstone for the people in the Aquarius and Gemini zodiac sign. The Aquarius zodiac sign is associated with traits such as independence and intelligence. Cryolite enhances these qualities in the Aquarius, and thus, it makes a perfect stone for them. The Geminis need to hold good conversations. Cryolite helps them become adaptable, thus resulting in meaningful conversations. This quality makes cryolite a good and helpful stone for the Gemini.

Artificial cryolites are manufactured these days from fluorite. On the Mohs scale of hardness, cryolite stands at 2.5 to 3. 

Cryolite Pronunciation

Cryolite is pronounced as ‘cry-oh-lite.’

What is Cryolite Used for?

Cryolite was initially used to process aluminum in industries but now has become rare for any such use. It helps in decreasing the melting point of aluminum oxide and increasing its conductivity. 

It is used in ceramics, glass industries, and enamel industries as a filler and to promote fluidity in welding industries. Cryolite is used in manufacturing insecticides too.

Some healers use cryolite for assistance in treating eye infections. It is a stone known as a high awareness stone. It has high vibrations and is a beneficial stone for meditation.

Where is Cryolite Found?

Cryolite deposits are found mainly in Greenland, and some smaller deposits in Spain, at Pikes Peak in Colorado, in Francon Quarry near Montreal, Canada, and in some parts of Russia. 

Cryolite in Greenland

Cryolite was found in large quantities at Ivigtut, an old mining town in southwestern Greenland before it was depleted in 1987.

Cryolite Properties

Cryolite Metaphysical Properties

Cryolite Bracelet

Cryolite crystal has high vibrations which help connect with the higher realms and spirits. It creates a link between the heart and the mind. It has intense vibrations that may aid in spiritual growth. These vibrations flow throughout the body and may also help activate the base chakra and the kundalini spirit. 

Using cryolite helps purify your mind from negative beliefs and ideas. This, in turn, makes you a generous, understanding, and kind-hearted person.

Cryolite’s vibrations are said to have significant effects on the brain and the third-eye chakra. It is also known as one of the best crystals to aid spiritual awakening. It works with the crown chakra and brings the crown chakra, third-eye chakra, and the heart chakra into harmony.

The vibrations of the cryolite resonate with the heart and bring up the buried intense emotions to the surface. The vibrations might aid with the throat chakra and help calm the nerves, thus helping in public speaking and assisting in speech disorders. It increases your passion for work and helps you focus with more efficiency. It brings calmness in times of extreme stress. 

The positive vibrations can bring happiness and contentment to your life. The awareness that cryolite brings can help you with self-acceptance and makes you proud of yourself, thus progressing through your life. 

It is not associated with a particular chakra, as its vibrations flow through the body and work with all the chakras, from base to crown. Cryolite is one of the best crystals to use in meditations because of its intense vibrations. Cryolite crystal vibrations also help in instigating acceptance of the self. It makes you courageous to overcome obstacles in your life.

It clears your mind of unnecessary or negative thoughts and beliefs. The vibrations of the stone help the energy flow through your body smoothly. This promotes good physical and spiritual health. Cryolite is said to bring spiritual enlightenment. It aids in overcoming fears of evil beliefs and ideas. 

Cryolite aids in encouraging love. It brings back the lost beauty and joy in your relationship. It heals the emotional wounds from your past and helps you heal and have a healthy relationship. Using cryolite also strengthens the bond between you and your partner. 

Mediating with cryolite is beneficial in every way. You can hold the cryolite while praying or manifesting your intentions. Carry the stone to repel evil intentions. Placing the stone in your bedroom or workplace also helps reap its benefits. Wearing a piece of cryolite jewelry can also stimulate your chakras.

Cryolite Colors

Cryolite is more often white and glassy. Seldom it is grown with other minerals, and its color varies. When it is found with galena, it has a metallic silver color, and when found with pyrite, it is metallic gold. When chalcopyrite is found with cryolite, it has a purple or blueish hue.

Red Cryolite

Red Cryolite Gemstone Meaning

Sometimes different minerals are found growing with cryolite, and one of them is sphalerite. This gemstone has a red and brownish color.

Cryolite Uses

Cryolite Glass

Cryolite has the same refractive index as water, causing the colorless samples to disappear when immersed in it. Cryolite glass is used in making prosthetic eyes as they imitate real eyes, better than its plastic alternative. 

Cryolite Powder

Cryolite powder is used for the production of enamel and glazing glass. It is also used as fillers in enamel industries, welding, and treating metal surfaces.

Cryolite for Sale

Cryolite Price

The price of synthetic cryolite varies as per its quantity. The more the quantity, the lesser the per-pound price. For example, 10-50 lbs. of cryolite costs $3.78 USD, and 100 or more lbs. costs $2.79 USD.

Natural Cryolite Prices

Cryolite crystals and hearts cost around $28 USD for a 1.4 inch or 23 grams stone. 


Cryolite has many healing properties. It is said to be one of the stones with the highest vibrations. It takes care of your physical body and also your spiritual being. With heightened awareness and intense vibrations, this stone brings forward the best version of you.

It makes you not only an independent but also a compassionate individual. Because of its free-flowing energy, cryolite can be placed on any chakra, and its energy will spread to the part it is needed. 

The longer you use cryolite, the better benefits you can gain. As long as you carry cryolite with you, no matter the form, it will help you grow spiritually and emotionally and make you healthy physically. 

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