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Garnet: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about garnet, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Since the Bronze Age, the garnet stone has been highly regarded for its physical and spiritual properties. While garnets are usually red-ish in tone, they are a particularly dynamic mineral found in every color you could imagine.

From its pomegranate complexion to its metaphysical positivity, this gemstone has just about anything you could wish for. And it doesn’t play around when it comes to activating your chi, boosting your libido, deepening your interpersonal connections, and upping your self worth.

Keep reading to find out a whole lot of historical garnet facts that might surprise you - all the while learning about the many garnet magical properties that make this gemstone so special.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Garnet Meaning
    • What is Garnet
      • Is Garnet a Mineral
      • Is Garnet a Gemstone
      • Is Garnet  Rock
      • What do Garnets Look Like
      • What Color is Garnet
      • How Much are Garnets Worth
      • Is Garnet Expensive
      • What is Garnet Used for
      • How Rare is Garnet
      • Garnet Spiritual Meaning
    • Garnet Benefits
    • Garnet Healing
    • Where is Garnet Found
      • Chinese Garnet
      • African Garnet
      • Mozambique Garnet 
        • Mozambique Garnet Meaning
        • Mozambique Garnet Healing Properties
      • Indian Garnet Stone
      • Bohemian Garnet 
        • Bohemian Garnet History
      • Garnet Ancient in Egypt
      • Where is Garnet Found in the US
  • Garnet Properties
    • Garnet Healing Properties
    • Garnet Metaphysical Properties
    • Garnet Spiritual Properties
  • Garnet vs Other Stones
    • Garnet vs Ruby
      • Difference Between Ruby and Garnet
    • Rhodolite Garnet vs Garnet
    • Garnet vs Amethyst
    • Garnet vs Sapphire
  • Garnet Varieties
    • Pyralspite Garnet
    • Almandine Garnet
      • Almandine Garnet Meaning
    • Rhodolite Garnet 
      • Rhodolite Garnet History
    • Manganese Garnet
    • Star Garnet 
      • Star Garnet Meaning
    • Spessartite Garnet 
      • Spessartite Garnet Meaning
  • Types of Garnet
    • Raw Garnet
      • Raw Garnet Meaning
      • How to Identify Raw Garnet
      • Green Garnet Raw
    • Tumbled Garnet
    • Natural Garnet
  • Garnet Color
    • Red Garnet
      • Meaning of Red Garnet
      • Red Garnet Properties
        • Red Garnet Healing Properties
    • Dark Red Garnet
    • Maroon Garnet
    • Green Garnet
      • Green Garnet Healing Properties
    • Pink Garnet
      • Pink Garnet Meaning
    • Blue Garnet
      • Blue Garnet Meaning
    • Yellow Garnet
    • Black Garnet
    • White Garnet
    • Violet Garnet
    • Fire Garnet
    • Brown Garnet
    • Purple Garnet 
      • Is Purple Garnet Rare?
    • Orange Garnet 
  • Garnet Jewelry
    • Garnet Ring
      • Garnet Engagement Ring Meaning
    • Garnet Necklace
    • Garnet Bracelet 
      • Garnet Bracelet Meaning
  • Garnet Uses
    • Garnet Sand
    • Garnet Beads
      • Garnet Beads Meaning
      • Red Garnet Chakra Beads
  • Garnet Combinations
    • Garnet and Gold
  • How to Clean Garnet Rocks
  • Garnets for Sale
    • Garnet Price
      • 1 Carat Garnet Price
      • Garnet Value per Gram
      • Uncut Garnet Value
      • Raw Garnet Prices
      • Orange Garnet Price
      • Blue Garnet Price
      • Red Garnet Price
        • Red Garnet Price per Carat
        • Red Garnet Price in Kenya
      • Green Garnet Price
        • Green Garnet Price per Gram
      • Mozambique Garnet Price per Carat
    • Garnet Wholesale
    • Garnet Bracelets on Sale
    • Loose Garnets for Sale
    • How to Tell If a Garnet is Real
  • Conclusion

Garnet Meaning

The garnet’s name stems from its often luminous red appearance. The word “garnet” derives from “gernet”, which meant “dark red” in fourteenth century Middle English. The name goes even further back to the Latin term “granatas”, meaning many seeds.

This definition being suggestive of a bountiful harvest is fitting for the garnet crystal, which offers heaps and bounds of both physical beauty and metaphysical properties. Typically, garnet represents love and friendship and encourages an increased life force, but we’ll get into that more in a bit.

What is Garnet

Now, if you’re new to garnet, you probably have loads of questions. So, let's pull a Maria von Trapp and start at the very beginning. When was garnet first discovered? With stones and crystals whose discoveries date as far back as garnet, it’s always a little unclear as to who found what first.

That being said, the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians can definitely take most of the credit for their early use of garnet. In fact, Egyptian pharaohs all the way back in 3100 BCE wore red garnet necklaces, which they took to their tombs with them.

But, you might be asking, what exactly did they take to their tombs with them? What is garnet? In the physical realm, garnet is a group of silicate minerals that varies in chemical composition. It is usually isometric, has a nesosilicate crystal structure and is most frequently found in the dodecahedral crystal habit.

Depending on its chemical composition, a garnet forms one of six main species: pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular, uvarovite, and andradite. Its species can, to an extent, inform the optical properties of garnet. For example, pyrope and almandine are usually the reddest of the batch – although, garnet stones are most commonly found in shades of red.

Garnet is unique, however, in its ability to naturally form in every color on the spectrum. From blue to yellow, you’ll be able to find a garnet in your favorite shade.

antique garnet jewelry

Is Garnet a Mineral

Yes, the garnet gemstone is, in fact, a mineral. Or rather, it is a cluster of silicate minerals that can take the form of pebbles or crystals. 

Is Garnet a Gemstone

A gemstone is a semi-precious stone. Part of what constitutes a gemstone is having the stone cut and polished in a way that makes it ideal for jewelry and décor. Because garnet is far more diverse than most stones in its chemical and physical properties, not all variations of garnet would be considered gemstones.

Yet, most are able to meet the requirements for gemstone status. Pure crystals of garnet, most commonly those that are red, yellow, green, and orange, are gemstones often used for jewelry, cabochons, and much more.

Is Garnet a Rock

While garnet is often rock-forming, it is not a rock in itself. Garnet can form in a variety of rocks, but it is most commonly found in metamorphic rocks. These can include schist and amphibolite. Still, garnet can also be found in igneous rocks. We love some variety, and garnet is here to provide and keep us on our toes!

What do Garnets Look Like

The appearance of garnets is hard to describe not only due to their mesmerizing, beyond-words glow, but because they are truly shapeshifting, versatile stones. One thing all garnets have in common is a vitreous lustre and an opaque, transparent to translucent diaphaneity.

Usually, garnets have a deep red tone, but they can be found in virtually any other color. Part of what makes garnets so special is that each stone is different from the next. So, when it comes to garnet, anything goes in the looks department. The one thing you can be sure about when purchasing a garnet, however, is that you’ll be getting a beautiful, unique gemstone.

What Color is Garnet

While garnet characteristics expand beyond color, there’s no denying the importance of the perfect shade. Who doesn’t love a stone in their favorite shade of blue, or a piece of jewelry that matches their favorite blouse? Well, for all you red-lovers out there, you’re in luck.

Garnet is usually an elegant, regal scarlet in color. However, if you’re the proud owner of a blue garnet and you’re gawking at this paragraph, bewildered and wondering if you’ve been ripped off, don’t worry. Garnet naturally forms in a wide range of colors.

So yes, blue garnet is one hundred percent natural! And so is purple, pink, yellow, and green garnet. Whatever your favorite color is, there is most certainly a garnet out there for you.  

set of colored stones

How Much are Garnets Worth

At this point, we’ve discussed the diversity and range of garnet at length. And its price is no exception! Because each garnet varies from the next, it's worth naturally varies, too. Usually, one carat of garnet with inclusions will sell for $500 to $7000.

Demantoid garnets (which are a vibrant leaf green in color) are both the most valuable and the most expensive of the garnet family, while the more common red garnets are the least expensive. Tsavorite, spesaritne, and rhodolite garnets are also among the more valuable of the garnet varieties. 

Is Garnet Expensive

Garnets are incredibly valuable, and that is ultimately reflected in their prices. However, there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to price including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. So, no matter your budget, it is likely that you will be able to find a garnet that pleases you and your gemstone needs. 

What is Garnet Used for

If you were asking the Ancient Romans what garnet is used for, they’d tell you it’s best made into signet rings to stamp wax seals on documents. However, in our contemporary world, garnet is usually made into gemstone jewelry, décor, and ornaments.

Due to its weather-resistance and hardness, it can even be used for skid-resistance on roads or in paints. Most importantly, garnet can be used for spiritual enlightenment and metaphysical growth. Keep reading to find out more about garnet’s spiritual properties. You’re in for a treat!

How Rare is Garnet

Garnets love to keep us guessing. And naturally, the answer to this question is not so simple. While red garnets are the most commonly sourced of the bunch, there are a number of incredibly rare and hard-to-find garnets.

At the top of the list is the demantoid garnet, which is not only the rarest garnet but also one of the rarest of all gemstones. It is lusted after for both its rarity and its regal flair.

Garnet Spiritual Meaning

When it comes to garnet symbolism, friendship and love are at the top of the list. The gemstone represents the heart and inner fire. In this way, it is known to increase passion, fidelity, and success for its users.

Garnet has had significant spiritual impact throughout history, too. In Old Spain, garnet was the astrological symbol for the sun. Meanwhile, the stone was thought to cure depression and disease in the medieval age. A

ccording to the Koran, the Fourth Heaven of the Moslems can be brought to light by garnet, and Ancient Greeks believed that it would prevent young people from drowning. Overall, it seems that garnet holds a great amount of spiritual weight, no matter what century you’re living in, and today is no exception.

So, let’s discuss its benefits and see where it can fit into your life and infuse your world with positive energy. 

spiritual meditation

Garnet Benefits

Oh boy! The list is long when it comes to the benefits of the garnet stone. Garnet mystical properties are abundant and powerful, so read closely. Alongside increased passion, energy, devotion, and truth, the garnet enhances self-awareness and clarifies your perception of the people around you.

When using garnet in meditation and manifestation, expect a boost in material success and a decrease in negative energies around you. The gemstone is renowned for its ability to ward off sadness and regret, and allows us to get better, nightmare-free sleep. Due to its ability to strengthen friendship and connection between two people, garnet makes for a wonderful gift to a friend or partner.

It can even aid in career advances and goal-actualization by offering strength and inner determination during trying times. The list doesn’t end there. Garnet’s healing benefits are the real cherry on top of this cake of positivity and spiritual growth.

Garnet Healing

Garnet cleanses the chakras, reigniting us with a zest for life, sex, and love. It increases energy and vigour, and can make us feel ready for a fresh start. Garnet can connect us with Mother Gaia, strengthening our carnal instincts and survival tools. Insecurity and self-loathing can be treated through meditation with garnet, allowing us to regain confidence and a healthy self image.

Garnet is even rumored to have physically restorative effects. Some say that garnet can improve the immune system, ease depression, clear up skin conditions, promote hormonal balance, and cleanse the body of disease.

Perhaps most significantly, garnet allows us to say goodbye to negative emotions and melancholy. In its presence, we can focus on our core beliefs and push forward in life with strength and confidence.

Where is Garnet Found

When looking at garnet pictures online, you might wonder if this magnificent gemstone came from another planet altogether. Luckily for us, garnet forms in many regions of our Earth.

Garnet is the globe-trotter’s gemstone, being sourced from all across the globe. Brazil, India, and the Czech Republic are home to a plethora of authentic garnet species. Meanwhile, Namibia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Myanmar supply exquisite spessartine garnets. Russia boasts the rare and valuable demantoid garnets, Sri Lanka is home to large formations of rhodolite garnet, and Kenya and Tanzania are famed for their tsavorite garnets.

In fact, tsavorite garnet was actually first discovered in Tanzania! A garnet’s country of origin influences its appearance, texture, and its spiritual properties. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all. 

Chinese Garnet

Garnets sourced from China tend to be deep red, orange, or purple in color. They also have transformative grounding effects that allow us to connect with our divine feminine or masculine. Chinese garnet is used to spark creativity and intensify romantic experiences.

Don’t worry, though. You won’t go full Van Gogh overnight because, while Chinese garnet gets the creative juices and passion flowing, it balances your emotions and prevents you from making irrational, self-destructive decisions.

African Garnet

Most garnets are actually located in the continent of Africa. Tanzania and Namibia have the most impressive array of garnets in Africa – particularly spessartine and tsavorite garnets.

African garnets are diverse and offer unique aesthetic and spiritual values, but overall, they are known to light an inner fire of purpose and passion in their users. With African garnet by your side, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and more confident by the minute.

Mozambique Garnet 

These captivating gems from the tip of Africa are either almandine garnets or almandine and pyrope blends. Mozambique garnet is usually deep red in color, and is often mistaken for ruby. It has a warmth that creates instant relaxation upon sight.

Mozambique garnet can differ in transparency, shifting from transparent to translucent from stone to stone. It also has profound spiritual meaning and historical significance.

Mozambique Garnet Meaning

Many believe that Mozambique garnet was used to illuminate Noah’s arc, as well as being worn on the Breastplate of Aaron. It is, historically and spiritually, the stone of heroes. It provides us with strength, determination, courage, and emotion. Sometimes we forget that our feelings and drive must marry to help us reach our goals, but Mozambique garnet persistently reminds us.

Mozambique Garnet Healing Properties

If harmony and tranquillity is what you’re after, Mozambique garnet is here to provide. It likewise offers us a feeling of newfound energy and rebirth. Like most garnets, Mozambique garnet can be used to purify the chakras and ward off negative energy.

Indian Garnet Stone

While most Indian gemstones are found in the south, take a look to the north and you’ll find a harvest of Indian garnet stones. Usually deep red in color, they are polished into small, shiny pebbles. It is believed that tumbling and polishing garnets brings out its spiritual power and healing properties.

Bohemian Garnet 

Originating from the Czech Republic area, bohemian garnets have a rich, fiery red color and an even richer history. They are pyrope crystals and don’t tend to deviate much in color and crystal structure due to a homogenous composition.

In the Czech Republic, bohemian garnets are easy to find. In fact, on a trip to Czechia, you’ll undoubtedly run into at least one of these eye-catchers. They’re extremely popular in the nation, and with good reason. They’re gorgeous!

Bohemian Garnet History

The bohemian garnet grew to popularity in the Victorian era and has been used in jewelry since the 5th century. Its name stems from the kingdom of Bohemia where it was discovered – and yes, Bohemia later became Czechoslovakia. The rich history of this region is reflected in this fiery, timeless stone.

Post World War II, luxury goods were frowned upon in Eastern Europe, which didn’t look good for bohemian garnet. Yet, Czechoslovakia’s opening to Western Europe quickly resulted in a garnet gem renaissance.

ring with red stone

Garnet Ancient in Egypt

Garnet’s presence in Egypt dates back to 3800 B.C. and was a favorite gemstone amongst pharaohs. The regal garnet gemstone was made into decorative necklaces and even taken to the grave by pharaohs who went to their tombs wearing this elite jewel.

And these days, garnet is no longer reserved for Egyptian pharaohs. Apart from remaining a popular jewel in Egypt, you can also get your fair share of garnet by purchasing it online.

Where is Garnet Found in the US

If you’re from the US and you’re unsure if you want to go global with your garnet purchases, there’s no need to stress. A whopping twenty one states in the US have demonstrated a noticeable amount of garnet mining or discovery. However, only a few are still active at the moment.

So, if you’re looking to get authentic, high-quality garnet from the United States, make sure it’s sourced from eastern New York, northern Idaho, or southeastern Montana. 

Garnet Properties

While garnet has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 and a specific gravity of 3.5 to 4.3, its properties extend far beyond the physical. Garnet has been used as a healing crystal for centuries, and it is known to have profound spiritual and emotional effects. Whether you’re struggling with self esteem issues or your chakras need cleansing, garnet has nothing but abundance and positivity to share with you. 

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Garnet Healing Properties

First things first, garnet is a healing stone – especially when it comes to relationships. If you are struggling with the effects of infidelity, loss of trust, and communication barriers, garnet has a way of encouraging us to reconnect and reignite our sexual and romantic passion.

For all the single ladies out there who don’t want to be single anymore, garnet is a powerful love attracter. In terms of bringing romance into our lives, garnet is even stronger than rose quartz.

Garnet builds up our sense of self and our desire to keep pushing no matter the odds. It is even thought that garnet can flush toxins out of the body and make for a healthier libido, digestive system, and soul.

Garnet Metaphysical Properties

Feeling grounded? You very well might be in the presence of garnet. It cleans your chakras right up and connects you to your purpose and the world around you. Perception and truth increase with garnet, so expect to notice things about the people in your life that you weren’t privy to before.

By activating your base chakra, garnet allows you to feel protected, safe, and authentic. And lastly, don’t be surprised if your sex live improves drastically. Next time you’re shopping for adult goods, consider skipping the sex toy and try out the garnet!

Garnet Spiritual Properties

If you were born in January, you can count yourself blessed because garnet is one of your birth stones. Having the garnet birthstone means that you’re especially in tune with its spiritual properties and benefits. Yay for garnet January!

Some of the spiritual properties we can all enjoy from garnet include a balanced root chakra, a more fiery spirit, increased energy, and self love. Garnet doesn’t mess around when it comes to love. If you’re busy manifesting a romantic partner, this gemstone is ready to play cupid.

Garnet vs Other Stones

It’s a little unfair to compare other stones with garnet when we all know by now that garnet has unparalleled benefits and beauty. Still, every stone has its perks and powers, so let’s chat about what sets garnet apart while honouring the magical qualities of a few other gems.

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Garnet vs Ruby

Ruby and garnet are often confused due to their typically deep red, regal hue. Still, there are some major differences. It is important to note that while garnet is a January birthstone, ruby is a July birthstone and is associated with the Cancer astrological sign.

So, while someone with Cancer placements might opt for a ruby, a Capricorn will benefit greatly from having a garnet in hand. While ruby is undoubtedly rarer and hard to find, its benefits differ slightly from garnet.

Both stones open the heart chakra and are associated with loyalty, creativity, and rejuvenation. However, while ruby protects us from psychic attacks and heartbreak, garnet fires up our sex life, passion, and drive.

Difference Between Ruby and Garnet

While garnets are usually eye-clean and appear in darker, more mysterious shades with hints of different colors, rubies are more vibrant, bright red in color and appear in one solid shade. Ruby is a little harder, too, and generally has more inclusions. Plus, it is more expensive than garnet by at least $500 per carat due to its rarity.

Rhodolite Garnet vs Garnet

Rhodolite garnet is one of the main species of garnet that blends almandite and pyrope to form a deliciously pink, purple, and red gem. It is one of the rarer forms of garnet and has a unique, entrancing hue that could make Aphrodite herself blush.

Rhodolite tends to be lighter and more vibrant in color and it has a definite raspberry-like quality. In terms of spirituality, rhodolite garnet has somewhat lighter effects than the darker, more intense garnets. If you’re looking to ease into the benefits of garnet, rhodolite is the way to start.

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Garnet vs Amethyst

Amethyst and garnet are the power couple of gemstones. They radiate positive energy and have clear, strong benefits. Your love life and creativity will flourish with the help of these two crystals. However, they are very different in many ways.

Firstly, while garnet is incredibly diverse in color, amethyst is reliably purple. Garnet is also far more focused on increasing your energy and passion, while amethyst hones in on concentration and relaxation. At the end of the day, you want to come home to both of these brilliant stones.

Garnet vs Sapphire

Those born under the Zodiac Virgo will be familiar with the dazzling sapphire gemstone. It is coveted for its rarity and often bright blue color as well as its ability to offer abundance and blessings.

Apart from both garnet and sapphire being extremely versatile in color, these two stones have little in common. While they both stimulate the heart chakra, sapphire rewards integrity while garnet rewards passion and drive. 

Garnet Varieties

At this point, you’re certainly not under the impression that garnet is a run of the mill, simple gemstone. But, there’s still a lot to cover. In fact, there are over twenty garnet species including pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular, andradite, and uvarovite.

Combinations of different kinds of garnet are also not uncommon. Although every garnet shares a crystal structure, garnet’s chemical composition differs from category to category. How incredible that something so small and pretty can hold such a world of complexity!

Pyralspite Garnet

“Pyr” means fire in Greece, so it’s no surprise that pyralspite garnet has an often flaming red appearance. Pyralspite is one of two solid solution ranges of garnet -  the other being ugrandite. Within the category of pyralspite garnets are almandine, pyrope and spessartine.

Almandine Garnet

Almandine can also be referred to as almandite. It is both a species of garnet and part of the pyralspite trio. As an iron alumina garnet with a large quantity of iron, almandine tends to range from dark red to purple in color.

If you own an almandine garnet, chances are that it originated in Sri Lanka, northern Australia, the United States, or East Africa. Apart from being a particularly captivating jewel, the almandine garnet has impressive symbolic value.

Almandine Garnet Meaning

Like red wine or dark chocolate (images both brought to mind by the richly dark, red almandine), this gemstone is an aphrodisiac and passion-sparker. Almandine garnet represents grounding, strength, and honesty. Mindfulness and trust in the universe are achieved through the use of almandine garnet, and the stone has been thought to increase fertility and sexual prowess.

Lastly, you’re bound to feel safe in the presence of almandine. It eases unnecessary worries and negative thoughts, so that you can bring the best version of yourself into the physical realm.

Rhodolite Garnet 

Rhodolite garnet is the shining star in the garnet family. Raspberry-like in appearance and brighter in color than most other garnets, a rhodolite is ideal for those who prefer a fruitier, lighter gemstone. Its hardness, as well as its unique sparkling quality, are ideal for jewelry making.

Plus, if you are shy about diving straight into the passion-igniting effects of garnet, the rhodolite has a slightly lighter touch – easing you gently into your newfound energy and zest for life.

Rhodolite Garnet History

The rhododendron garnet color was originally found in the Cowee Valley of North Carolina. Its name stems from the Greek term for “rose-like”, which is “rhodon”. Rhodolite is hard to come by, so getting your hands on one of these rarities is a real prize. Make sure to treasure your rhodolite and it will treasure you, too.

Manganese Garnet

Garnet with high quantities of manganese is extremely common. Often, the garnets with greater amounts of magnesium are spessartine, which we will discuss more in depth in this section.

Star Garnet 

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of star garnet before – only because it is so rare! The appearance of star garnet (which has a star-like inclusion marking on its surface) is a result of asterism, which is essentially the natural formation of a star “drawing” on a stone. There are very few of these miraculous stones in the world, and they’ve only been found in Idaho and India.

Star Garnet Meaning

Star garnet is a miracle worker when it comes to stress. It represents confidence, power, and optimism. Often, star garnet is referred to as the “Stone of Love”. So, whether you’re wanting to enhance your relationship or find a romantic partner, this stone has a way of bringing your dreams into fruition.

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Spessartite Garnet 

Spessartite garnet, also known as spessartine garnet, is a typically bright orange variation of the garnet family. Impurities are common in spessartite garnet, giving it a slightly brown or red edge.

Spessartite garnet discoveries are ongoing. In the 1960s, an exciting new formation of this glowing gemstone was found in the Umba River Valley, making spessartite garnet more accessible. Sounds like a win!

Spessartite Garnet Meaning

Spessartite garnet symbolizes creativity and attraction. So, if you’re ready to get those creative juices flowing and attract the things you’ve been daydreaming about, spessartite opens your manifestation pathways and cuts ties of resistance.

Types of Garnet

Garnet rock can come in all shapes and sizes. The list never really ends when it comes to garnet varieties. From raw garnet to exciting variations like garnet quartz and garnet agate, this gemstone constantly surprises us. 

Raw Garnet

At first glance, you might mistake raw garnet for an ordinary pebble. If you look closer, however, you’ll notice a colorful glow peeking out from beneath its surface. Raw garnet is, simply put, the most natural garnet form. It isn’t polished, shaped, or tampered with. It’s a beautiful piece of the Earth that we have the pleasure of being able to take home with us. 

Raw Garnet Meaning

Raw garnet is a protector at heart. Some royalty in the middle ages would put a piece of raw garnet in their wine to protect them from poison. In addition, raw garnet is a powerful manifestation tool.

By meditating and manifesting with raw garnet, you’ll find that your resistance toward the things you want will dissipate and you’ll naturally attract that which you desire.

raw garnet

How to Identify Raw Garnet

Raw, unpolished garnet is not the kind of stone you would see in a jewelry store. It’s captivating and beautiful, but in an unrefined way. When identifying a garnet, you can expect it to appear in a number of different colors.

Garnets are often red, but they can vary throughout the color spectrum. Because garnet is a rhombic dodecahedron, it usually has twelve sides. So, when you’re out and about hunting for garnet, be sure to keep this in mind.

Green Garnet Raw

To the surprise of many, green garnet is indeed natural! It is only found in small deposits around the world, and as a result, it is incredibly rare. Raw green garnet has a unique earthy quality to it that instantly connects us to Mother Gaia. Apart from its beauty and ability to connect us to nature, raw green garnet is known to cleanse the heart chakra and bring about peace and wellbeing.

Tumbled Garnet

If you’re not into the more natural look, that’s absolutely fine! There are a range of tumbled and polished garnet varieties. In fact, it has been thought by many throughout history that polishing a garnet brings out its metaphysical properties and allows for its magic to radiate more powerfully.

Natural Garnet

Natural, rough garnet is synonymous with raw garnet. It is of the earth, stone-like, and gorgeously unrefined. However, every garnet gem is natural, whether or not it has been enhanced by tumbling, shaping or polishing. The most important aspect of garnet is if it feels authentic to you.

And whether you’re looking for a red jewel versus a blue jewel, or a rough stone versus a polished necklace, there is certainly a garnet variety that will meet your needs.

Garnet Color

Be honest – did you skip to this section? Garnet’s wide range of colors is undoubtedly one of its most exciting physical qualities. It is a natural wonder how a gemstone like garnet can form in so many different shades, from red to green to violet to maroon.

Needless to say, each shade of garnet comes with its own unique metaphysical properties and can enhance your life and spirit in a slightly different way.

Red Garnet

Red garnet is the most common of garnet varieties, but that isn’t to say it is less valuable. Red garnet is actually also one of the most coveted varieties of garnet due to its bright color and elegant appearance. It also doesn’t hurt that red garnet has such transformative metaphysical benefits.

Meaning of Red Garnet

Red garnet hones in on the heart. It has been used for centuries to cure broken hearts, strengthen love bonds, and attract love into one's life. It is known as the libido enhancer of all gemstones because it really pumps the passion into the lives of its users.

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Red Garnet Properties

Red garnet is associated with the fire element, so Zodiac fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries will benefit greatly from this gemstone. In addition, those who want to increase or enhance their fiery energy can use red garnet to boost drive, passion, and zest for life. Red garnet allows us to feel safe, secure, and connected to our authentic selves. It also has some majestic healing properties.

Red Garnet Healing Properties

Struggling with low self esteem or lack of libido and energy? Red garnet creates a spark of energy in your life that’ll get you moving again! It can also be used to heal the feng shui of your home and redevelop trust in your relationships.

Dark Red Garnet

Most red garnet is dark in hue, which separates it from other, more bright, monochrome red jewels. That being said, the darker your red garnet, the more intense its effects. So, if you’re looking to really spice up your love life, boost your energy, or activate your authentic self, look no further than dark red garnet.

Maroon Garnet

Maroon garnet is a little browner in color and has slightly different benefits. While it activates the heart chakra and increases energy, it is also known to awaken the third eye chakra and enhance your perception of the people around you.

Green Garnet

One of the rarest of the garnet varieties, green garnet is a natural delight. It tends to be brighter than red garnet and has a leafy glow to it. It is an instant line of connection between us and nature, so if you need to feel more grounded, green garnet is right up your alley.

Green Garnet Healing Properties

Green garnet is restorative through and through. If you feel trapped by your ego and worn down by life, green garnet will open your heart to freedom and joy. In addition, it cleanses the chakras, particularly the heart chakra, and encourages growth and renewal.

Pink Garnet

Pink garnet is usually rhodolite garnet, which is known as the “rose stone” by the Greeks. It is a petal pink, soft gemstone – and its metaphysical value echoes this softness. Pink garnet attracts gentle love into your life. If you’ve been ebbing and flowing a little too much recently and you need to slow down and make way for softness and relaxation, pink garnet is the way to go.

Pink Garnet Meaning

Pink garnet symbolizes love, harvest, and renewal. This is the perfect stone to have with you while dealing with big changes in your life. It protects your heart and encourages you to accept growth and abundance.

Blue Garnet

It isn’t often that you find a garnet in the shade of blue. However, if you do happen to see one of these incandescent gemstones in the flesh, you won’t be able to keep your jaw from dropping. Blue garnet is an Umbalite, found mainly in the Umba River Valley.

It is usually sourced from Tanzania, Kenya or Madagascar. They’re not only hard to find, but they’re also hard to extract due to their small size. So, if you own a blue garnet, remember to be grateful for the work and sheer luck that brought it into your orbit.

Blue Garnet Meaning

Blue garnet raises our spirits and our energy like no other variation of the gemstone. With blue garnet in your life, it’s easy to get rid of a couch potato mentality and grab life by the horns. Success and abundance are around the corner, and blue garnet just wants to nudge you closer and closer to it. 

Yellow Garnet

Yes, even yellow garnet is a thing! It’s kind of the hidden weapon of the garnet varieties, and not a lot of people know about it. Only discovered in West Africa in 1994, yellow garnet is the newest member of the garnet family. Sunny in complexion and unknown to many, this is the perfect garnet for someone who wants to be original and one-of-a-kind in their jewelry choices.

Black Garnet

Black garnet goes straight for the root chakra, ensuring that it grounds its users and provides them with safety and comfort. If you’re feeling a bit up in the air and need to come back down to earth, black garnet is your meditation stone of choice. Those with Scorpio placements will benefit tremendously from black garnet, as it is a secondary birthstone for this Zodiac sign. 

White Garnet

White garnet, often referred to as leuco, has a diamond-like translucence and a subtle shine that separates it from other garnet varieties. White garnet is even rarer than blue garnet, making it a top choice for jewelry and gem collectors. As a result, you’re probably not going to see white garnet in a crystal store or while shopping online.

Violet Garnet

Found mainly in East Africa, violet garnet is a game changer in the love department. It balances passion and intensity with softness and slowness. So, if a more well rounded sex life is what you’re after, violet garnet is here to provide.

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Fire Garnet

Fire garnet is a blend of red and orange garnet that results in a radiant fire-like crystal display. This is the energy renew-er of the garnet family. True to its name, it lights a fire from within that will keep you motivated, driven, and manifesting success left, right and center.

Brown Garnet

As far as we’re concerned, brown gemstones are totally underrated. Earthy, subtle, and beautiful, brown garnet has a timeless feel to it. Pure brown garnets are also a little harder to find, because they tend to have a significant amount of red or orange inclusions.

If you manage to find a gorgeous brown garnet gemstone, it would be best worn as a piece of jewelry that will stick with you throughout your life.

Purple Garnet 

Purple garnet is the result of an amalgamation of pyrope, spessartine, and almandine garnet. It’s a real miracle of nature that purple garnet exists at all. It has some miraculous metaphysical benefits, too. From its passion-igniting properties to its ability to increase our self-confidence, purple garnet is not to be overlooked. 

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Is Purple Garnet Rare?

Purple garnet is incredibly rare and it is mainly found in Mozambique. Contributing to its rarity is the political resistance in the area, which makes exporting the gemstone incredibly difficult. Purple garnet might even become unsellable due to government intervention in Mozambique.

Orange Garnet 

Orange, usually spessartine, garnet, is often referred to as Mandarin garnet. It is so bright and radiant, it’s no surprise that it makes its users feel bright and radiant, too. Orange garnet boosts our self-esteem and gives us the confidence to go out and seize the day.

Garnet Jewelry

So, with everything splendid about garnet in mind, isn’t it delightful that you have the option of wearing one around your neck or on your finger? We certainly think so. Garnet jewelry is hardly a new development in the world of beauty and fashion.

This gemstone has remained an item of lust over centuries. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift or a new pair of earrings, there are countless garnet jewelry options out there to meet your every need.

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Garnet Ring

Classic and fashionable, nothing says “I love you” like a garnet ring. As garnet is a symbol of commitment, loyalty, and romance, this gemstone makes a perfect ring for engagements, anniversaries, and surprise romantic gestures. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself some love, and a garnet ring is the way to do it.

Garnet Engagement Ring Meaning

By proposing with a garnet ring, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of honesty, passion, and deep connection. This ring represents a true and exciting love, and with one of these on your or your spouse’s finger, you can expect a marriage filled with lust, faithfulness, and authenticity. Say “I do” to the garnet engagement ring and see its benefits come pouring in.

Garnet Necklace

So, you want to be the best dressed at the party? Garnet necklaces have your back. Because garnet activates the heart chakra, these babies are best worn around the neck. You’ll look good and feel grounded sporting one of these elegant, eye-catching gemstones.

Garnet Bracelet 

If you’re a garnet lover, bracelets are the way to go. You can choose from a wide selection online or in jewelry stores, from a singular garnet gem to a bracelet filled with lots of garnet beads. You’ll send everyone into a romantic tizzy with just the flick of a wrist.

If you prefer a more regal look, there are some wonderful, patterned garnet bracelets out there. And if you like a grounded, earthy appearance, a beaded bangle is right up your alley.

Garnet Bracelet Meaning

Garnet bracelets symbolize love and friendship. So, if you’re looking to consolidate a spiritual connection with someone (whether it’s a friend or a lover), getting matching garnet bracelets will bring you closer together and deepen your love. 

Garnet Uses

Garnets are perfect for jewelry – not only because they’re easy to look at, but because they’re so weather resistant. In fact, they’re so weather resistant that they even make for ideal road aggregate and filler in concrete. From garnet sand to garnet beads, this gem is multifaceted in more ways than one and can come in handy for a variety of uses.

Garnet Sand

Garnet sand is an iron-free abrasive sand that can be used for a number of purposes. These include high-pressure water jet cutting, sand blasting, surface treatment, cleaning the outside walls of buildings, and even sweeping zinc-plated parts.

It is a great replacement for silica sand, too. This reddish garnet sand is so beautiful that you might even want to use it for decoration around your home or garden.

Garnet Beads

Of course, one of the main uses of garnet is bead production. You can get garnet beads in just about any color, but the most popular garnet beads are dark red. These beads are put to good use in jewelry making (whether in-store or DIY), but they can bring us great fortune by merely carrying them with us or sharing them with family, friends, and loved ones.

Garnet Beads Meaning

Garnet beads symbolize passion and success. By wearing or keeping garnet beads, you are inviting energy into your life and clearing pathways for abundance. If you are struggling with emotional blocks and feeling tired, garnet beads can encourage you to try new methods of problem-solving and open you up to the more positive aspects of life.

Red Garnet Chakra Beads

We all love the feeling of an open and cleansed heart chakra, and red garnet chakra beads prioritize giving you that feeling. These beads harness all the positive energy they can to bring it into your life, leaving you energized, grounded, and content.

Garnet Combinations

Garnet doesn’t have to exist all by its lonesome. This gemstone gets along very well with other minerals – both aesthetically and spiritually. By combining garnet with complimentary gems and metals, you will easily enhance its benefits and appearance, and ultimately, get the best out of your beautiful gemstone.

Garnet and Gold

Garnet and gold – it has a ring to it, don’t you think? These two minerals are destined to be together, whether it’s in the form of necklaces, rings, or home décor.

While gold brings warm vibrations and prevents fatigue, garnet infuses us with love for the life we live and boosts our energy. When gold and garnet are brought together, you can expect an immediate departure with laziness, low self esteem, and procrastination.

You’ll find yourself easily working hard and attracting career success. Because the reliability of gold binds seamlessly with the romance attached to garnet, a gold and garnet ring or necklace is a lovely gift for a romantic partner.

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How to Clean Garnet Rocks

You’ll be pleased to know that the answer to this question is simple. Use warm, soapy water to get a natural, clean shine out of your precious garnet. If you’re still struggling, repeat the process a few times or soak them in vinegar beforehand. Do not steam clean your garnets, however. This will ensure that your garnet remains undamaged and retains its natural lustre.

Garnets for Sale

It’s time to go shopping! There are so many great garnet options around, and there are very few scams and inauthentic garnets out there. Garnets also range vastly in price depending on the color, size, and carat, so there will definitely be a garnet on the market that fits your price range.

As a result, this stone is a shopper’s dream. You can relax and choose your gem with your intuition – provided it’s within your budget. 

Garnet Price

If you’re basing the shopping process off of carats, you’ll be paying $500 to $7,000 per carat of garnet. With demantoid garnets being the most expensive and rarest garnet, you’ll be paying towards the higher part of the price spectrum.

A particularly large garnet will also cost you a bit more due to rarity and physical appearance. Don’t worry, though! Smaller garnet jewelry pieces and rough natural garnets can be purchased in the tens of dollars.

1 Carat Garnet Price

The garnet price per carat can range dramatically depending on the rarity of the gemstone in question. However, you’d be starting at $500 per carat for a high-quality garnet with a strong color.

Garnet Value per Gram

There are so many factors that go into the price of a garnet – the size, cut, type, color, and its amount of inclusions. As a result, it’s impossible to define the exact price of a garnet per gram. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, start by browsing for red garnets.

If they’re raw, they can be purchased for about $0.1 to $0.4 per gram. On the other hand, if you want something pricy and rare, demantoids should be first on your shopping list.

Uncut Garnet Value

If Julia Fox thinks she’s the queen of uncut gems, she clearly hasn’t heard of garnet. These beautiful stones might not be jewelry-worthy, but they’re certainly valuable in both looks and metaphysical properties.

While red garnets with loads of inclusions can go for under $100, colors like green and purple will start at $500 per carat whether or not they’re tumbled and polished.

Raw Garnet Prices

Let’s start by answering the question - what does raw garnet look like? It’s a little rough around the edges, and its color doesn’t shine all the way through. Does that make it less valuable than polished garnet?

No. Does it make it cheaper? Absolutely! So, if you’re looking for the least expensive option when it comes to this gemstone, raw, red garnet is the way to go.

Orange Garnet Price

One of the rarest and most valuable gems in the garnet family is the pure orange garnet mineral. While the orange garnet is beautiful and highly coveted, its prices definitely match its natural radiance.

Expect to pay around $1,000 to $2,000 per carat for one of these bad boys. But, if it’s in your price range, we promise you won’t regret it. Orange garnets never get old.

Blue Garnet Price

Blue garnets didn’t show themselves to the world until they were discovered in the 1990s. Since then, they have been lusted after by jewelry and garnet lovers alike. Per carat? Blue garnets are about $2,000 and worth every cent.

Red Garnet Price

Red garnet is definitely the least expensive of the bunch. You can buy 100 grams of raw red garnet for $10 to $40. Yes, it’s cheaper than the rest, but that doesn’t make it any less special.

Red garnet has been admired for centuries and has a profound history behind it. In fact, the garnet origin comes down to the discovery of red garnet so many centuries ago.

Red Garnet Price per Carat

High-quality red garnets can go for $150 to $350 per carat. So if you’re buying 2 carat garnet (which is very high-quality), you’re paying at least $300.

Red Garnet Price in Kenya

If your red garnet is coming from Kenya, it’s bound to be a little more expensive. Kenya produces extremely high-quality garnet, and as a result, you’ll be paying around $500 per carat.

Green Garnet Price

Typically, green garnet ranges from around $500 to $1,000 per carat. While this is one of the rarer garnet colors, it is not the most expensive. Demantoid garnet, which is green in color, is the most expensive garnet, however.

Demantoid garnet usually costs between $2,000 to $7,000 per carat. It’s certainly a luxury item, but its undeniable beauty and rarity make it so.

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Green Garnet Price per Gram

Raw green garnet is generally priced at minimum $2 per gram and at maximum $20 per gram. The price varies mainly based on the carat and location from where it is sourced.

Mozambique Garnet Price per Carat

Ah, Mozambique garnet. It is always so reliably authentic and a sight for sore eyes. In terms of price, it isn’t too expensive. High-quality Mozambique garnet costs between $300 and $500 per carat. Did someone say “ready to import”?

Garnet Wholesale

Garnet wholesalers are an option for jewellers, as well as the most passionate garnet fans out there. Buying in bulk can also save you lots of money if it’s quantity you’re after. And let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want to be showered in garnet?

Garnet Bracelets on Sale

If you’ve decided it’s time to give your wrist some good old-fashioned tender love and care, garnet bracelets are easy to track down. Check out online stores, jewellers, and crystal shops to find a garnet bracelet that speaks to your soul. Just make sure you’re ready for a whole lot of abundance and positive energy.

Loose Garnets for Sale

Gem stores are generally the way to go when it comes to loose garnets. You can also find great deals online, and you can even buy in bulk. 

How to Tell if a Garnet is Real

Good on you for being a cautious buyer. We’re sure you’ll have nothing but good luck in your search for garnet, but just in case, here are some tips. Deep, saturated hues are a major characteristic of garnet.

These gems are also very hard. So, if their texture is somewhat plastic-like, or their color is lighter and brighter than the images you’ve seen online, walk the other way. You only have room for authentic garnet in your life.


So, we’re done chatting about garnet for now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! Feel free to share all your new insights about garnet with your loved ones. As we’ve clearly discussed in this article, it really is a magical, otherworldly gem and it deserves absolutely all the hype!

Thank you for sticking with us through our garnet journey, and best of luck on your mission to secure some high-quality, beautiful gemstones. We wish you nothing but abundance, passion, and lifelong love!

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