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Lazulite: Complete Guide (2024)

lazulite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about lazulite, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


A member of the lazulite-scorzalite family, lazulite stone is a magnesium phosphate hydroxide mineral, rich in iron and aluminum. The lazulite mineral generally occurs in giant metamorphic rocks and alluvial deposits. They also appear on the border zones of complex granitic pegmatites. Globally, vitreous specimens of this dull crystal with a pleasing azure-blue tint are highly desired collectibles.

Today's article will unravel all its mysteries and metaphysical associations in the following order.

  • Lazulite Meaning
    • What is Lazulite Used for
    • Lazulite Chakra
    • Where is Lazulite Found
      • Lazulite in Georgia
  • Lazulite Properties
    • Lazulite Metaphysical Properties
    • Lazulite Healing Properties
  • Lazulite vs Lapis Lazuli
  • Lazulite vs Lazurite
  • Lazulite Types
    • Polished Lazulite
    • Raw Lazulite
  • Lazulite Color
    • Blue Lazulite
  • Lazulite Jewelry
    • Lazulite Ring
  • Lazulite Uses
    • Lazulite Axe
    • Lazulite Sphere
    • Lazulite Beads
    • Lazulite Clay
    • Lazulite Plugs
  • Lazulite for Sale
  • Conclusion 

Lazulite Meaning

Lazulite gets its name from the Arabic word ‘lazaward’, which means heaven. This gemstone assists us to attune to the higher energies of the cosmic world, and also helps us understand our dreams and their significance. Meditating with lazulite crystal is said to unlock our subconscious to attract more positive thoughts and energies.

What is Lazulite Used for?

Also known as azure spar, klaprothine, and blue spar, lazulite is considered sacred to the ancient crystal healers. These are used by healers in designing crystal healing rituals for curing various physical ailments. Lazulite works like a magic amulet in reducing sun sensitivity.

Lazulite Chakra

Lazulite's mystical significance lies in its esoteric associations. In the yogic culture, the stone represents all the three upper chakras: throat chakra, crown chakra (primary), and third eye chakra. Such is its power that it connects and harmonizes all other chakras when used appropriately. Gemini and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs associated with lazulite.

Where is Lazulite Found?

Lazulite minerals occur in various parts of the world. Some famous locations include Brazil, Western Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Angola, Canada, and the United States.

In the US, California and Georgia produce beautiful blue lazulite crystal gems.

Lazulite in Georgia

Lazulite mineral occurs in Graves Mountain mine, Georgia. In this locality, the stone can be seen with pyrite. Lazulite found in this place are massive crystals with chalky, pale blue color that display an unusually well-trimmed and doubly-terminated matrix. 

Lazulite Properties

Lazulite Metaphysical Properties

Lazulite is said to facilitate intra-dimensional travel, remote-viewing, clairaudience, and psychic visioning abilities. Meditating with the lazulite stone is a calming experience that soothes the nerves and pushes the user into a deep trance state. One may effortlessly enter a lucid dream state when wearing the stone.

This stone may inspire positive thought and creativity. It can also help an individual find the meaning of life. Are you in a legal dispute? Keeping the stone close to your body may help you stand up for yourself and speak the truth. Knowing the true meaning of life can become uncomplicated with this gemstone, which assists you in fighting stress, depression, and anxiety. 

This stone may increase your focus and uplift your spiritual energies to help you find ingenious solutions to problems. Keeping lazulite at home may calm a chaotic household by its presence. Students appearing for a test can keep this inside their bag for positive ripples.

As per crystal experts, lazulite helps decode and download the akashic records to gain ancient wisdom through spiritual mediums. The stone is a psychic powerhouse that sometimes helps in precognition and past life regression. Emotionally disturbed people or those who suffer from panic attacks and OCD can keep the stone for soothing effects.

Lazulite is good for relationships. It may help you find the root of bitterness in your relationships and help you fix them. Those who are afraid of commitment and fearful about whether a relationship will be successful or not can use this stone to keep the mind free from confusion and doubts.

Lazulite Healing Properties

Lazulite crystals are perceived to be beneficial for the body in healing diseased organs and other parts of the body, such as the liver, bones, teeth, and other glands. Popular belief is that it reduces photosensitivity and associated skin allergies.

Lazulite may heal emotionally traumatic experiences one has experienced as a child. It relieves the mental burden and existential pain by channelizing the power of forgiveness and hope. When an emotionally damaged person heals and is ready to forgive, they can move forward in life, leaving all the horrors of the past behind. The stone is a cognitive masterpiece that reinforces self-love, self-trust, and self-respect. It aids those who are afraid to speak in public.

Wearing lazulite may prevent stomach problems and supercharge the immunity system to ward off viruses and pathogens. Traditionally, ancient Chinese healers used this stone to heal bone fractures and reduce pain in the body. The healing properties of the lazulite gemstone may also help reduce symptoms of migraines and headaches. It enhances the memory capacity of a person and makes them more aware and alert.

Lazulite vs. Lapis Lazuli

lazulite stone

Contrary to popular belief, lazulite and lapis lazuli are different gemstones. One can trace lapis lazuli's historical significance back to ancient Egypt. There, it was considered to represent the sky and other heavenly bodies. Symbol of light, truth, and wisdom, this eye-shaped gem glorifies the brow of Ra. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that this stone can cure fever and melancholy.

So, how is it different from lazulite? Apparently, one can distinguish lapis from lazulite by performing a simple association test. As a matter of fact, lazulite develops alongside quartz, but true lapis does not. This is because the lazurite mineral found in lapis does not stably occur with quartz. 

Lazulite vs. Lazurite

Similar to lapis, people often get confused by the name lazurite, which sounds very close to lazulite. But indeed, some differences exist that make their names distinguishable (one features 'L', another 'R').

Firstly, lazulite is a blue mineral that transpires in various rocks. On the other hand, lazurite occurs in a rare gem, lapis lazuli

Lazulite receives its name from the German word ‘lazustein’, for which the literal meaning is ‘blue stone’. The chemical formula of this deep blue phosphate mineral is (Mg, Fe2+)Al2(PO4)2(OH)2. It features a monoclinic crystal system well-twinned in a tabular structure and is found in quartz veins and metamorphic rocks such as quartzite.

Lazurite, on the contrary, is a silicate-rich mineral with the formula: (Na,Ca) 8[(S,Cl,SO 4,OH) 2|(Al 6Si 6O 24)]. It derives its name from the Persian word for the stone, ‘luzhuward’. It crystallizes in an isometric system with weakly developed cleavages.

To distinguish them, one has to look at the cleavage planes visible on lapis, which houses lazurite. The cleavages in lazulite are hard to notice. 

Lazulite Types

Polished Lazulite

Polished lazulite stone activates all spheres of the mind, leading to the opening of the third eye chakra. A well-polished lazulite crystal is a key to our subconscious that helps us attract health and wealth through awareness and affirmative thoughts in positive frequencies.

Raw Lazulite

Raw lazulite is an azure-blue gemstone that crystallizes in a monoclinic system. Raw lazulite crystals can be steep bipyramidal or wedge-shaped. Its hardness on the Moh scale is measured to be 5.5 - 6. 

Lazulite Color

A lazulite crystal is usually embedded inside a compact granular matrix and exhibits three primary colors. These colors are blue, white, and green. Blue ones are the most prevalent with a dark or sky blue shade. Other rare stones can have a mixture of yellow on their body.

Blue Lazulite

According to Hindu astrology, the blue lazulite stone is an excellent ‘uparatna’ (crystalline gem) that harmonizes the body and heals headaches, stomach problems, and other physical disorders. It may help keep our immune system and endocrine glands functioning as intended.

Lazulite Jewelry

Lazulite Ring

Genuine and polished lazulite from Georgia makes for a brilliant piece of jewelry. Wearing the ring on your ring finger allows the wielder to vibrate at a higher frequency. You can get varieties of this ornament from online stores like Etsy or other independent sellers.

Lazulite Uses

Lazulite crystal is a potent tool for meditation that helps settle your mind and bring peace to life. You can meditate by holding the stone in your hand or placing it at the center of a larger grid. Use affirmative chanting to help balance your chakras and nurture your spirituality. Other uses of this precious gem include:

Lazulite Axe

Owing to its mystical attributes, the stone is also famous in contemporary media. The lazulite axe, obviously made ‌of the lazulite crystal, is a prosthetic weapon featured in the ‘Sekiro Shadows Die Twice’ video game. This axe is a tool upgrade in the popular game and symbolizes vitality.

Lazulite Sphere

Lazulite spheres are available in spherical or oval shapes and are used as palm stones for crystal healing. It is universally famous for its healing abilities. If you buy handmade lazulite spheres, little imperfections and blemishes may appear as these are naturally occurring substances, which is, in fact, a sign that the product is not artificial.

Lazulite Beads

lazulite stone

Blue lazulite stone, when cut in the shape of pebbles, makes excellent beads. These beads are generally used in creating gemstone rosaries and bracelets. If you want to keep lazulite close to your body, wearing these bracelets is an ideal option.

Lazulite Clay

Lazulite clay is a mineral-rich product that is used to manufacture hair masks with kaolin to give a matte texture to your hair. The water-soluble formula results in a long-lasting hold that keeps the hair from flaking or sticking.

Lazulite Plugs

Lazulite plugs are hand-carved small pieces of body ornaments that can easily fit in the pocket and provide a much-needed energy boost to the bearer. Rare Alaskan black lazulite makes great plugs that you can wear as an earring that protects you from negative energies when around a person. 

Lazulite for Sale

Blue lazulite gemstones are common. As a result, you can obtain this crystal in several shapes, such as granular, pyramidal, tabular, and more from online marketplaces. Depending on the size and shape of the jewelry you buy, the cost of the lazulite stone can vary. Typically, the small pebble-like stones can cost you between $3 and $10 USD. The price of the larger ones lies between $70 to $60 USD.


If you value the power of the mind, you should include lazulite gemstones in your gem collection. Crystal healers recommend carrying this stone daily to resonate at a high frequency.

This blue gem bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual realm. Additionally, you can use hematite and covellite if grounding your energies is a requirement.

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