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Desert Rose: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

desert rose

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about desert rose, including its meaning, benefits, properties, and colors. Let's get started!


Desert rose is an exceptionally intuitive crystal. So, if you find yourself surrounded by references to desert roses, it could be the crystal’s way of calling to you. It boosts confidence and creativity and helps you discover your true self. Let us learn more about the gentle and pleasing stone called desert rose.

  • Desert Rose Meaning
    • What is a Desert Rose?
      • What does a Desert Rose Look Like?
      • Is Desert Rose a Sedimentary Rock?
      • Desert Rose Stone Spiritual Meaning
      • What is the Energy from Desert Rose
    • Desert Rose Health Benefits
    • Desert Rose Stone Healing
    • Desert Rose Chakra
    • Where is the Desert Rose Found?
      • Desert Rose Rocks in Arizona
      • Desert Rose in  Sahara
      • Desert Rose in  Namibia
      • Desert Rose in Algeria
      • Desert Rose in New Mexico
  • Desert Rose Properties
    • Desert Rose Metaphysical Properties
    • Desert Rose Healing Properties
  • Desert Rose Color
    • Blue Desert Rose
    • White Desert Rose
  • Desert Rose Jewelry
    • Desert Rose Necklace
  • How to Meditate with Desert Rose?
  • How to Cleanse Desert Rose Crystal?
  • How Often Should I Water my Desert Rose?
  • How to Use Desert Rose Crystal?
  • Desert Rose for Sale
    • How Much is a Desert Rose Worth?
    • Large Desert Rose Crystal for Sale
  • Conclusion

Desert Rose Meaning

What is a Desert Rose?

Desert rose is a form of gypsum selenite and barite crystals. It forms because of the condensation of moisture in the air. Over time, parts of the rock erode because of environmental elements.

The formation of the rock in thin plate forms, bundled together, gives it a rose-like look. Desert rose has many names, such as gypsum rose, sand rose, and rose rock. On Mohs scale of hardness, the desert rose stands at 2, which is very soft.

What does a Desert Rose Look Like?

They are the thin flat formations of rocks bundled together. This gives them a flower-like appearance. The shape they are formed in is referred to as rosettes. These desert rock crystals are found in a variety of brown colors, from cream to tan.

Is Desert Rose a Sedimentary Rock?

No, the desert rose is not sedimentary rock. It is formed from gypsum or barite crystals.

Desert Rose Stone Spiritual Meaning

In traditional Native American tales, a desert rose was given to the warriors returning from the spirit world. The roses were said to have spread across the world to protect the spirits. 

Desert rose crystals are also associated with guardian spirits. It helps in contacting and communicating with the angels and past-life recall. 

What is the Energy from Desert Rose?

Desert stone is said to be one of the most intuitive stones and thus helps you enhance your intuition and connect to your higher self. 

It gives off positive energy and strong vibrations and helps create a balance in your body by balancing the energies of all chakras. 

Desert Rose Health Benefits

Along with being a stress reliever, the desert rose has a few other health benefits. They are mentioned under the healing properties, further in this article.

Desert Rose Stone Healing

Desert rose stone has many physical and spiritual healing properties. All of them are mentioned further on in the article.

Desert Rose Chakra

Desert rose crystal works best with the sacral chakra. Thus, the activation and easy flow of energy to the sacral chakra provide you with a boost in creativity, confidence, and manifesting of your desire.

Where is the Desert Rose Found?

As its name suggests, desert rose rock crystals are found in desert areas all around the world. They are found in Egypt, Australia, Mongolia, Spain, Jordan, Libya, Mexico, and Namibia. 

Desert Rose Rocks in Arizona

Many places in Arizona are known for the desert rose stone. St. David is the most cited source in Arizona to find some good quality desert rose crystals that are the size of a golf ball or smaller.

The area around Lake Havasu City is known for the chalcedony desert rose, which is white with pink hues.

Desert Rose in Sahara

The desert rose in the vicinity of the Salt Lake in the Sahara is more crystalline and luminous, as it contains more salt compounds. 

Desert Rose in Namibia

desert rose

Namibia is also one of the large producers of desert rose crystals, and these rocks can be easily bought online. 

Desert Rose in Algeria

Desert roses are found in large numbers in the desert of Algeria. The locals extract and sell them to tourists as a way of sustainable income. 

Desert Rose in New Mexico

A desert rose mine is located in Bingham, New Mexico and is operated on a fee basis. 

Desert Rose Properties

Desert Rose Metaphysical Properties

Crystal healers claim that desert rose helps users make sense of complicated situations. It provides them with clarity and focus. It is an intuitive stone that is said to help you connect with your higher self and aid you in communicating with your guardian angels. 

As mentioned above, the desert stone helps you by enhancing your intuitive abilities. It is a stone that may help with attaining clairvoyance. It helps access psychic abilities by activating the third eye.

It boosts creativity and makes you express yourself better. It helps you believe in yourself and increases self-confidence.  

The desert rose is believed to contain a spirit guide, and it is well suited as a protection charm. Placing a desert rose crystal in your house will protect it from any evil energies and evil aura aimed at you. 

Desert rose is a soothing stone that helps you calm down and relieve any stress or anxiety you are suffering from. It is a crystal used by someone who is grieving any kind of loss.

Desert rose is a crystal that increases your manifestation power and helps you achieve your intentions. It attracts positive energy and drives you to your goals. It fills you up with motivation and intensity to overcome the obstacles.

Desert Rose Healing Properties

Desert rose possesses many physical healing traits as well:

It increases your resistance to viral infections and reduces skin inflammation, blemishes, and excessive skin growths. Desert rose also provides help with travel sickness and homesickness and helps your body adjust to a new environment and new situations. 

Desert rose is also known to increase your muscular flexibility and the regeneration of tissues. It aids you with fertility. It renews the elasticity of the skin. The stone also helps with letting go of unwanted addictions and treating fatigue. 

Using desert rose crystals may help with nausea. It might also help in treating prostate disorders. It provides relief from bodily aches and also from epileptic seizures. 

Desert Rose Color

Blue Desert Rose

Blue desert rose crystals are a rare find. The excess barium sulfate in the barite gives it a bluish hue.

White Desert Rose

The selenite form of desert rose has a white color. The excess salt increases its crystalline quality and makes it look whiter. 

Desert Rose Jewelry

Many types of desert rose jewelry are available in the market. Desert rose bracelets and pendants are more renowned.

Desert Rose Necklace

desert rose necklace

Wearing a delicate necklace piece of desert rose for social events will not only look elegant but also help you be confident and convey your thoughts to others better. 

How to Meditate with Desert Rose?

Meditating with a desert rose will provide you with mental clarity and better decision-making. 

Many crystal healers recommend holding the desert rose in your hand while meditating. Reciting your intentions to the stone verbally will have profound effects.

How to Cleanse Desert Rose Crystal?

Desert rose is a soft stone and has to be handled cautiously. To cleanse the desert rose, you can keep it under the moonlight or smudge it with sage.

How Often Should I Water my Desert Rose?

The desert rose stone makes for a beautiful decorative piece. However, exposure to water may change its appearance. Keep it away from humid and wet places like the bathroom, sauna, and pool. It is a soft crystal that should be kept away from water.

How to Use Desert Rose Crystal?

You can also place the desert rose in the center of the crystal grid. It will amplify the energies of other crystals and also cleanse them.

Placing the desert rose stone in different places has different effects. It works as a protective charm and connects you to mother earth. 

Placing it in your room will help strengthen the bond between you and your partner while placing it in the living room will enhance your family relations. 

Keeping a desert rose on your desk might help you boost productivity and focus, and meditating with it may aid in mindfulness practices and other healings.

Desert Rose for Sale

How Much is a Desert Rose Worth?

A desert rose isn’t expensive and is priced moderately compared to other rarer stones. A desert rose cluster can cost $20 USD and a small single desert rose stone can cost as low as $4 USD. To get a good quality crystal, make sure the buyer is certified.

Large Desert Rose Crystal for Sale

A large desert rose crystal can cost anywhere between $20 to $220 USD.


Desert rose will make you confident to face challenges in life. You can connect with nature and let loose. It also fills you up with confidence and helps you focus on achieving your goals. It will free you of your distractions and help you make the right choices.

It shows the ups and downs and teaches us that life is precious and worth living. Desert rose stone is a unique stone and you shouldn’t ignore it if you feel the stone calling out to you.

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