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Epidote: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about epidote, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Green gemstones are quite popular among both collectors and non-collectors. Green is a highly attractive color to everybody who sees it, and it is believed to have healing properties and can help people relax.  

Green gemstones are associated with your heart core and may help with a variety of heart-related issues, such as high blood pressure, headaches, neurological problems, and physical weariness.

Today we will unearth one such green gemstone called ‘epidote’. 

  • Epidote Meaning
    • What is Epidote?
      • Is Epidote Rare?
    • What is Epidote Good for?
      • Epidote for Weight Loss
    • How is Epidote Mined?
      • Where is Epidote Found?
        • North Carolina Epidote
    • Epidote Properties
      • Epidote Metaphysical Properties
      • Epidote Healing Properties
      • Epidote Optical Properties
    • Epidote vs Olivine
    • Actinolite vs Epidote
    • Epidote Types
      • Raw Epidote
      • Tumbled Epidote
      • Epidote Polished
    • Epidote Color
      • Green Epidote
      • Pink Epidote
    • Epidote Jewelry
      • Epidote Cabochon
      • Epidote Necklace
      • Epidote Bracelet
    • Epidote Uses
      • Epidote Sphere
      • Epidote Beads
    • Epidote for Sale
      • Epidote Price
        • Epidote Price per Carat
    • Conclusion

    Epidote Meaning

    Epidote is a powerful boosting stone. It may improve any situation, good or unpleasant. If you are having a poor day and are wearing epidote, you may witness an improvement in your day. 

    If‌ you are having a wonderful day filled with love, positivity, and happiness, epidote is a stone that may lift your spirits to levels you never imagined. When working with this stone, just be cautious and stay connected to yourself. You may ‌see even the tiniest differences in yourself if you do so.

    Epidote is similar to a magnet. It may help you ‌attract your desires that you programmed into the epidote, in addition to attracting the energies around you and your environment. It is mostly used to attract success and creativity, but it may also ‌help in the search for love and relationships. Epidote is a karma-based stone that attracts what you put forth and does not grant a 'free ride'.

    What is Epidote?

    Epidote is a mineral composed of aluminum and iron that can be found as crystals or stones. R.J. Hauy initially characterized the stone in 1801 and named it after the Greek word for ‘growth’. 

    They are widely found in Norway, the United States, and Brazil, which is noted for having the most beautiful crystalline epidote ever seen. Because of its pistachio green tint, it is also known as pistacite.

    The most common hue of epidote is green, but other stones are virtually black, yellow-green, or dark green. It ranges in transparency from pearly to almost opaque

    Is Epidote Rare?

    Epidote is a common mineral that is rarely of gem quality and much more rare as a faceted gemstone.

    What is Epidote Good for?

    Epidote is a stone that you must possess if you wish to have many positive experiences in your life. Its energies may infuse you with visions and inspiration, ensuring that you will never be content with an uninspired life. It may make you understand that life is far too short to be wasted on mediocrity. 

    Epidote offers incredibly good energies that may help you ‌attune to your spirit if you are looking for spiritual progress. It may reveal many aspects of oneself, allowing you to gain a better understanding of yourself.

    Epidote may help you ‌become more conscious of many elements of yourself, as well as remove attitudes that are no longer beneficial for you. It may make you realize aspects of yourself that need to be altered. 

    Epidote may provide you with further protection from negativity by providing you with relaxing energies. It is also a potent dream stone that may help you have lucid dreams and a good night's sleep. The stone may help you in remembering your dreams and applying their messages to your life. It may awaken your inner understanding and prepare you for upcoming occurrences.

    When it comes to specific things that can affect your life, you may be more sensitive to them and have a gift of foresight while using epidote. Because this gemstone is an attractor stone, it may attract whatever you choose to exude. You may attract more love and romance if you are loving and romantic. If you are empathetic and kind, you may attract more generosity and kindness into your life.

    Epidote for Weight Loss


    This stone has incredible healing powers and is quite useful in losing weight. The green crystal stimulates your metabolism and urges you to eat more healthily. Epidote raises your awareness and reduces your cravings. You can use this stone to alleviate some stress and tension.

    When trying to lose weight, there are two primary ways to incorporate this crystal into your life: yoga and meditation. Yoga and crystals complement each other nicely. You can incorporate epidote into your yoga practice. For mental serenity and stability, place the crystal in front of your mat. You will stay motivated to achieve your goal if you meditate with these crystals. You can hold epidote in your palm while meditating to lose weight.

    How is Epidote Mined?

    One of the methods of epidote gemstone mining is open cast mining, in which the surrounding minerals or rocks are excavated to reach the gemstone-bearing rocks. The gem-bearing rocks are then cleaned using high-pressure water jets to extract the gems. These are subsequently taken to treatment factories to be processed further.

    Where is Epidote Found?

    In the United States, Mexico, Russia, France, Austria, Norway, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mozambique, and Pakistan large amounts of epidote have been discovered.

    North Carolina Epidote

    In North Carolina, epidote is found at Terry Fork, Madison Co. 

    Epidote Properties

    Epidote is classified as a calcium aluminum-iron silicate based on its chemical composition. It has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 7, making it slightly softer than quartz; because of its flawless basal cleavage, it has weak toughness. When viewed from different angles, the epidote is highly pleochroic, with changing greens, browns, and yellows. 

    Epidote has a high refractive index. These crystals are monoclinic and usually form in prismatic crystals, with crystal twinning being prevalent. Epidote is often easy to identify with proper testing because of its relatively high birefringence.

    Epidote Metaphysical Properties

    Epidote is a stone for the heart chakra. The heart chakra can be opened, activated, cleansed, and balanced using this stone. As a result, with the epidote's guidance, you may mend your broken relationship or move on from the sorrow of your broken heart. This stone for the heart chakra has a powerful healing energy that may help you feel peaceful and clear. 

    When you are going through a difficult period, it is easy for your judgment to become distorted. You must be able to manage your emotions and the thoughts that come with them to prevail and go forwards. This stone may help you tolerate other people's flaws while also helping you to understand your own.

    This chakra stone may improve your interactions with others by strengthening your feeling of generosity and compassion. Epidote is an energy chakra stone that can help you manifest your goals in life. This stone boosts your self-love and your love for others. It motivates you to forgive yourself and open up your heart. 

    It will motivate you to be more generous and trusting in the future. It may also help you in overcoming your failure anxieties. When epidote is used on the heart chakra, it may remind you that being vulnerable is perfectly normal. You may realize your own strength in vulnerability while using epidote.

    The energies of the epidote may work on the blockages and imbalances in the heart chakra that are leading you to be scared or overly reliant on others. It may also help you overcome your predisposition to be self-centered or greedy. 

    Epidote's healing powers may also help you overcome feelings of loneliness or sadness. It may make you realize that there are more essential things to focus on than your self-pitying feelings. Epidote may help you improve your meditation and strengthen your heart chakra. In your non-dominant hand, hold a piece of this stone, and in your dominant hand, hold amplifying clear quartz for the best results. 

    You have the option of sitting or lying down. Make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are rolled back when working on the heart chakra. Deeply inhale and imagine the flow of life force energy from the ground up to your chakras. With each inhale and exhale, concentrate on the energy spinning at the heart chakra. Consider all the terrible things being discharged from your heart and the rest of your body with each breath. 

    Repeat this process with focus, allowing the energy to flow through you like the ocean waves. This activity has no set time restriction. You can do it for as long as you want as long as you are relaxed and can feel the energies of the stone working. Allow your mind to be free of clutter and your heart to be light. Imagine yourself as a more loving, compassionate, forgiving, and benevolent being as you exhale. Exhale your negative sentiments and insecurities with the help of epidote, and let the simple act of meditation fill you with love.

    Epidote Healing Properties


    Epidote has a powerful and beneficial influence on one's health. This stone's metaphysical characteristics can be very therapeutic and protective. It may help in the improvement of your immunological and nervous systems. It may also help in the healthy functioning of your adrenal glands, thyroid, gallbladder, and liver. Epidote may help you lose weight if you aim to do so. It may help with digestion and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

    Epidotes may help you ‌live a more abundant life. It is a stone of prosperity and may help you attract more good fortune and luck. With epidote, you may discover that you are more confident in your ability to pursue those things that you know may help you generate a lot of money. 

    It can sometimes feel as if you are chasing one dead end or a failed endeavor after another, which, when combined with other people's criticisms and lack of recognition, can be frustrating and demoralizing.

    This crystal‌ will keep your spirits high and your mind open to the ideas you need to make everything fit together perfectly. You may notice that you always appear to have just the proper resources, finances, and people around you to pull off that big dream project. 

    It may help you ‌bring more prosperity and abundance into your life. More blessings and presents may come your way if you are generous. It is also a powerful protection stone, capable of protecting your loved ones, your physical security, and your belongings. It may safeguard your personal belongings, real estate, and your home or business.

    It is a stone that may help in the development of your relationship. Every partnership has its own set of issues. Most of the time, you already know what is wrong with your relationship. Other times, you do not know what is going on and have no idea how to improve matters. 

    Epidote may help you identify the source of the problem and potential solutions. Things you and your partner refuse to discuss will eventually come to light, and you may have no alternative but to deal with the situation as it should be. This stone may help you communicate more effectively. 

    Epidote may give you the strength to let go of the things, people, and situations that are preventing you from living the life you want. You may not perceive them as harmful, but epidote will open your eyes and help you view the problem for what it is.

    The vibrations of the epidote may increase your good attributes and bring more positive energy into your life if you are the type who views the glass as half full. 

    This stone has powerful therapeutic characteristics that may help you in taking better care of yourself. Epidote may help you become more conscious of your own needs and motivate you to put yourself and your happiness first. 

    Allowing epidote's energies to work on you may make you feel lighter and more liberated. It may calm you down and eliminate any signs of restlessness. Epidotes may also help you heal emotionally by releasing repressed feelings.

    Epidote Optical Properties

    Epidote has colorless streaks with vitreous to resinous luster and transparent to translucent to nearly opaque diaphaneity. It has the perfect cleavage in one direction with a specific gravity between 3.3 to 3.5. 

    Epidote has a monoclinic crystal system with a coarse to fine granular crystal habit. It has a clinozoisite pleochroism with a biaxial optic sign and refractive indices range from 1.670 to 1.734. Epidote has a max birefringence between 0.004 to 0.049 with elongate crystals and parallel extinction. 

    Epidote vs Olivine


    There are substantial distinctions between these two stones that can ‌ distinguish them. Olivine, for example, has weak cleavage and is brittle, prone to conchoidal fracture. Epidote has a cleavage that ranges from imperfect to excellent in one direction. Epidote has a monoclinic crystal structure, while olivine has an orthorhombic crystal structure.

    Olivine has been used for ages and has gained metaphysical meanings‌. It is commonly connected with improving excellent health, emotional and mental balance, and a comfortable night's sleep. It is also known as the stone of compassion. This stone may even ‌ward off the evil eye and keep jealousy, hatred, and bad visions at bay sometimes. 

    However, epidote is linked to an increase in energy levels and the stimulation of the immune system. This stone is said to help in the treatment of bodily diseases and the alleviation of emotional distress.

    Actinolite vs Epidote

    The mineral actinolite is an amphibole silicate. Actinolite can be found in metamorphic rocks like contact aureoles that surround cooled intrusive igneous rocks. It can also be found in the metamorphism of magnesium-rich limestones. An alteration product of primary pyroxene by a mixture predominantly made up of actinolite is sometimes referred to as uralite. 

    Fibrous actinolite is one of the six kinds of asbestos that can enter the lungs and damage the alveoli because the fibers are so tiny. In Gundagai, Australia, actinolite asbestos was once mined along Jones Creek.

    Actinolite is used as a gemstone in some forms. One of the two varieties of jade is nephrite (the other being jadeite, a variety of pyroxene). The chatoyant variant of actinolite known as cat's-eye actinolite is another gem variety. 

    The color of this stone ranges from translucent to opaque, and it is green to yellowish-green in appearance. The common name for this type is jade cat's-eye. Transparent actinolite is a gem collector's favorite because it's uncommon and faceted. Taiwan and Canada are the primary sources of various types of actinolite. Madagascar, Tanzania, and the United States are among the other sources.

    Epidote was not officially recognized as a separate mineral until the early nineteenth century, and it was previously confused with actinolite.

    Epidote Types

    Epidote is available in a variety of forms, including raw, natural, tumbling, and faceted. Natural epidote is a gemstone that has not been tampered with‌. In their raw state, epidotes are significantly more sensitive than other variants.

    These stones can be found in sedimentary rocks. Tumbled epidotes are epidotes that have been processed. The external surface of faceted epidotes has multiple cuts to increase shine and clarity.

    Raw Epidote

    Raw epidote has not been cut and faceted in the manner of a typical gem in jewelry. Instead of cutting raw epidote with rose-cut facets, the gem's natural edges and texture would be left in the same shape as when it was taken from the soil.

    Mostly, raw epidote will have irregular edges and surfaces, yet a gem can occasionally surprise you. The polish on the surface of a raw gemstone can also be used to identify it. Even on naturally smooth gemstones, the surface texture is unlikely to be fluid and smooth.

    Tumbled Epidote

    tumbled epidote

    Tumbled epidote stones are popular because they are magnificent natural materials that have been shaped and polished to a high shine. Jewelry, craft, souvenirs, awards, collectibles, and new age markets all sell them.

    Tumbled stones are sold by the pound at prices that are accessible to almost everyone. Many people have been encouraged to study more about rocks, minerals, and jewels because of their vibrant appearance and intriguing shapes.

    Epidote Polished

    An epidote gemstone is frequently polished to a mirror-like finish after it has been sawn and honed to the desired form and sanded to eliminate rough lines left by coarser grits. This helps light reflect from the stone's surface. Diamonds of very fine grades can be used to polish a wide range of epidotes, although in many cases, other polishing agents will suffice. 

    Epidote Color

    Epidote gemstone is available in colors like pale green, gray, and pink. 

    Green Epidote

    Green epidotes are associated with the color green, which is the hue of nature and life. They are symbols of rebirth, harmony, and balance. They are recognized to be excellent heart and emotion balancers, as well as strengthening the link between your heart and mind. 

    Green is also a hue associated with growth. It is the hue of spring and may usher in new beginnings for you. They may infuse new life force energy into your body. Green epidotes may also encourage calm, peace, knowledge, and good health.

    Pink Epidote

    Pink epidote is supposed to provide a powerful healing effect, teach tolerance, and inspire others to treat them with kindness. This gorgeous pink tint appears to result from a color development containing traces of iron and manganese. 

    It is also known as ‘African strawberry quartz’ because of the small pink inclusions that give it a rose-like appearance. As it is included under the alias, the major producing area of pink epidote is frequently in the Tanzanian region of Africa. It is easy to purchase because it is relatively inexpensive and widely disseminated, and it is a favorite power stone among ladies because of its look.

    Epidote Jewelry

    Because of its wearability, epidote can be used in a variety of jewelry, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Its vivid and lively color complements white gemstones and metals alike.

    Epidote Cabochon

    An epidote cabochon is a gemstone that has been shaped and polished rather than faceted. The flat side of these stones is normally on one side, while the domed side is on the other. Cabochons are available in a wide range of forms and sizes, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical cuts.

    The sugarloaf cabochon is one of the most desired since it is one of the rarest. It resembles a pyramid since it has four sides, a flat base, and a rounded tip. Instead of being faceted, epidote cabochons are carved into a convex shape. They come in several different shapes, including freeform, calibrated, and symmetrical. Bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings are all made with cabochons.

    Epidote Necklace

    epidote necklace

    Epidote necklaces are a gorgeous and cost-effective alternative to more expensive gemstone necklaces. They exude opulence without draining your bank account. Wear an epidote necklace to stand out at a party.

    Epidote Bracelet

    There are two types of epidote bracelets: one with a single gem in the center and a fine chain that wraps around your wrist, and another with an epidote bead trail and a lock. Both ‌bracelet styles are appropriate for both professional and casual settings.

    Epidote Uses

    Epidote is not used much as an industrial mineral, and it is only used occasionally as a gemstone. Faceted stones are made from high-quality clear crystals. These have never sparked much interest in the commercial jewelry sector because their colors are not ‌ appealing to customers. Gem and mineral collectors buy most of the faceted stones produced.

    Epidote is a common rock that lapidaries use to manufacture beads, ornamental objects, and cabochons. It is classified as a semiprecious gemstone. The vibrant pink and pistachio green colors are striking and stand out. Tumbled epidote is a popular choice. This stone is also carved into cabochons in a modest proportion.

    Epidote Sphere

    Different ‌epidotes can be used to make spheres. They are made ‌of a large crystal that has been sliced into a polyhedron and ground into a rough sphere. The sphere is then placed in a polishing machine and subjected to a lengthy polishing procedure using increasingly fine abrasives. The sphere is buffed as the last finishing procedure to make it smooth, clean, and shiny.

    Spheres are popular for their ability to increase the flow of positive energy in chaotic surroundings, besides gazing and fortune-telling. They also help to raise a person's energy field, which improves their overall health. Epidote spheres are often used for meditating, sending messages, crystal healing, group harmony, and decorating purposes.

    Epidote Beads

    An epidote bead is a small, decorative object made of several materials, including stone, bone, shell, glass, plastic, wood, or pearl, and including a small hole for threading or stringing. Beads range in diameter from less than 1 millimeter (0.039 in) to more than 1 centimeter (0.39 in).

    Epidote beads are used as clothing embellishments, enhancing the visual appeal and value of the clothes or items. Beads are also becoming more popular as a medium for embellishing household items and art. Amateur craftsmanship is being used to embellish boxes, crafts, bird feeders, doorknobs, and even drawers.

    Epidote for Sale

    Epidote is available as tumbled, faceted, raw, and natural gemstone in the market. For jewelry lovers, there are quite a few options to choose from epidote-based ornaments. 

    Epidote Price

    Epidote is priced at $191 USD per kilogram. 

    Epidote Price per Carat

    Epidote is priced at $15 USD per carat. 


    Epidotes can have a variety of effects on humans. The energies of this stone may affect you in different ways, depending on how you feel, act, and think about things. This stone may attract more of the same type of energy that will best compliment your current emotions, actions, and ideas. 

    Epidote may help you in recovering from emotional traumas and increase your awareness of your bodily, emotional, mental, and spiritual requirements. Epidote may help you ‌express your affection clearly.

    Program your epidote gemstone to work with your negative characteristics, rather than attracting more of them. Just keep in mind that an epidote's energies may only enhance the qualities you already possess. Allow the energies of this stone to magnify the qualities you admire about yourself. You may improve the flow of love and happiness in your home by placing this stone inside.

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