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Dioptase: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about dioptase, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Green is often associated with nature and serenity. Money, luck, health, envy, jealousy, and environmental concerns are all popular connections with the color green. In ancient mythology, green was associated with both the land and a woman's fertility. Green has also been proved to inspire creativity in studies.

Today, let us get to know an exquisite green crystal called dioptase. 

  • Dioptase Meaning
    • What is Dioptase?
      • Dioptase Pronunciation
      • What is Dioptase Used for?
      • Is a Dioptase a Healing Crystal?
      • Dioptase Spiritual Meaning
    • Dioptase Healing
    • Where is Dioptase Found?
      • Dioptase in Namibia
  • Dioptase Properties
    • Dioptase Healing Properties
    • Dioptase Metaphysical Properties
  • Dioptase and Diopside
  • Dioptase Types
    • Tumbled Dioptase
  • Dioptase Color
    • Deep Green Dioptase
  • Dioptase Jewelry
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    • Dioptase Wholesale
    • Dioptase Beads for Sale
    • Dioptase Jewelry for Sale
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Dioptase Meaning

Dioptase is a vivacious heart talisman that may help with the release of highly sensitive emotions like loss, trauma, despair, anxiety, and self-hatred. This unique mineral helps to 'reset' one's emotional body by exposing the heart and bringing in soothing waves of life force energy.

This crystal is highly recommended for anyone suffering from emotional discomfort. Sometimes, it is necessary to accept that the solution is not always physical, and that transformation takes time. Dioptase may teach you this fundamental lesson, as well as the most important tool in life: patience. Because this mineral is extremely rare and difficult to come by, know that anytime dioptase enters your life, it is for a reason. 

What is Dioptase?

Dioptase is a translucent crystal with copper deposits that give it a rich emerald or blue-green hue. It has been used for its lovely color since the ancient era; the first recorded application of dioptase was on a statue going back to 7200 BC. 

Dioptase is found in copper mines and natural copper deposits where vast amounts of copper ore become trapped in the crystal's silicate matrix (which is essentially a form of quartz). They are fairly delicate stones that should be handled with care to avoid splitting. They have not inundated the market because their color makes them look extremely similar to emeralds, and if they were a little tougher, they would make excellent substitutes.

In the eighteenth century, the first dioptase deposits in the contemporary world were discovered in Kazakhstan. When the miners realized what they unearthed was not an emerald mine, they were devastated. Deposits for dioptase are ‌found in desert areas with high copper levels in the soil. Because dioptase is a rare mineral, ‌treasure it and treat it with care if you get your hands on a piece.

Dioptase Pronunciation

Dioptase is pronounced as di-optase.

What is Dioptase Used for?

It is the physical manifestation of the ancient proverb that 'being angry is like poisoning oneself and praying the other person dies.' 

Dioptase may help you in accepting the truth that whatever anger you are carrying around because of past wrongs will only harm you and not the individuals you are furious at. 

Similarly, we may believe that life is out to get us in some way, or that we have been cheated out of things for which we have fought so hard. We may notice that others have the life we desire, or that we must sacrifice our needs and desires for the greater good.

Dioptase can help to relieve the anger and resentment engendered by those instances just as easily as it can when you are irritated with others. This stone can help you see the joy in things again if you have become a little cynical. 

Following this logic, dioptase is frequently used as a stone for past life regression and resolving troubles from a previous life. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, you can appreciate dioptase's ability to help us come to terms with events that occurred before our physical appearance on earth, which will always impact us.

Dioptase stones are aligned with the heart chakra, as well as the 'thymus' or 'high heart chakra,' a lesser-known but still powerful wheel of power in our chakric body. When engaged alongside the crown chakra and heart chakra, the thymus chakra is thought to be the seat of the soul, and it develops a higher consciousness. Although its energies are sometimes combined with those of the heart chakra, other traditions distinguish the two as different sources of strength. Dioptase‌ is a stone that can help you in connecting with your inner self and soul.

It may help you ‌let go of the self-imposed shackles that so many of us carry around with us, usually because of fear or resentment over past events. These ties and weights are deeply ingrained in your mind, and you will not realize you are carrying them until they are gone and you can experience life without them for the first time. 

Is a Dioptase a Healing Crystal?


Yes, dioptase is a healing crystal and is known to heal trauma, grief, depression, self-hatred, and anxiety. 

Dioptase Spiritual Meaning

This gem is particularly invigorating for the physical and spiritual bodies. It also helps to bring all the chakras' energy into balance. It helps one in taking charge of one's own life and progress. This stone can help with pain, hurt, sadness, abandonment, betrayal, and heartbreak. It is a heart healer in every sense. Dioptase is a wonderful elixir for amplifying other crystals and allowing energy to flow freely through your body.

Dioptase Healing

This stone may also help you physically in addition to offering emotional healing. It is believed to be beneficial in providing you with correct cardiovascular care and treatment. Dioptase is said to help with blood cleansing and the treatment of blood diseases. It is also beneficial in the treatment of central nervous system diseases and the strengthening of your physical heart. 

This crystal also helps in the treatment of headaches and migraines, as well as lung and respiratory ailments, as well as strengthening the female reproductive system and easing premenstrual syndrome. It may help in bone and tooth development. 

This is a unique stone with numerous applications. Aside from mental healing, it may also ‌cure a variety of disorders affecting various parts of your body, such as stomach ulcers, respiratory problems, and reproductive issues.

Where is Dioptase Found?

Dioptase is found in Tsumeb and Cochab, Namibia, Altyn Tube, and Russia.

Dioptase in Namibia

In Namibia, dioptase is found in the Tsumeb mine near the Tsumeb locality. 

Dioptase Properties

Dioptase is a copper cyclosilicate mineral that is emerald-green to bluish-green. It is translucent in appearance. It has a vitreous to sub-adamantine luster. CuSiO3 H2O (also known as CuSiO2(OH)2) is its formula. It has the same hardness as tooth enamel, which is 5. 

The crystal has a specific gravity of 3.28 - 3.35. Furthermore, dioptase is extremely fragile, and the stone must be handled with extreme caution. It is a trigonal mineral that forms 6-sided crystals with rhombohedral at the ends.

Dioptase has a good cleavage with a density between 3.28 to 3.35. It has a transparent to translucent diaphaneity with conchoidal fractures that originate in brittle materials and have smooth curved surfaces. Dioptase has a hardness of 5 with non-fluorescent luminescence, vitreous luster, and a non-magnetic surface with green streaks.

Dioptase Healing Properties

Dioptase natural crystals boost energy levels in the body and may help to remove blockages and improve blood flow. They are known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and tension. They help you release concerns that are holding you back, providing you peace and happiness.

They are powerful stones for aligning your chakras with your etheric body and helping the immune system. The stone may also help with lung disorders. It is known to ease headaches and migraines, as well as general pain, and may help with a variety of ailments that bring you distress and agony.

The stone’s energy will enhance your spiritual visionary abilities and balance your yin-yang energy. These green crystals may be beneficial for women who have been in abusive relationships because their resonance within the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra supports the heart energetically.

If you have unresolved traumas from a period in your life, the stone can help you. Women with cardiac problems, such as high blood pressure, may benefit from the crystal’s increased vitality.

The vibration of these green stones may help your health if you are holding negative energy in your body from prior events. It is a potent emotional body healer.

Dioptase Metaphysical Properties


Dioptase, which resonates within the heart chakra, addresses unresolved inner child emotions. Dioptase helps us let go of negative emotions like resentment, wrath, and fury directed at ourselves or others.

Dioptase nourishes the heart energetically, and its resonance is ‌strong for those who have experienced loss, abandonment, betrayal, been in violent relationships, or were molested as children. It may help in resolving traumas from this incarnation or previous lifetimes. Its energy may help those suffering from heart difficulties, headaches, migraines, and high blood pressure.

Dioptase is a stone of forgiveness, allowing us to release the obstacles that have kept us from living a full life with its powerful vibration of compassion and forgiveness. Feelings of being trapped or unable to move on are frequently the result of karmic relationships reenacting in our current lives. The energy of this green stone can trigger former life memories, allowing us to recognize the truth in these relationships and change their dynamics, or allowing us to release the other person so that you can both move forward in your lives.

Dioptase's energy permits us to notice the things in our lives that are not serving us. The vibration of this gem may help your health if you are holding negative energy in your body from prior events.

Dioptase is a potent emotional body healer. Dioptase meditation allows us to let go and forgive the past, allowing us to be free. Dioptase's green beam energy urges us to see that we live a life of wealth and that a rich life is open to us.

Dioptase and Diopside

Dioptase (CuSiO3-H2O) is a hydrated copper silicate with an emerald green tint because of the copper cation. Individual crystals are typically six-sided and capped with a rhombohedron, and the mineral is translucent to transparent. 

Some cutters facet the gemmy crystals, which are ‌soft at 5 on the Mohs scale but must install the finished stone in a pendant because it is too fragile for a ring or bracelet.

In copper sulfide deposits, dioptase is a secondary mineral found in oxidized zones associated with hydrothermal replacement. In limestones associated with the Otavi Group, dioptase and many other oxidized secondary minerals can be discovered. The mine and surrounding area are known for producing dioptase crystals.

Diopside is a pyroxene mineral composed of calcium magnesium silicate (CaMgSi2O6). It is the magnesium-rich end of a solid solution series that also includes augite and hedenbergite (iron-rich). The cross-section of prismatic crystals is quite square. Most ordinary diopside is green or colorless/white, but chrome diopside is a lovely gemmy stone with a rich green color imparted by chromium. 

When rutile is present, the cat's eye or four-rayed star diopside is formed. Most diopside specimens have a vitreous sheen and are translucent to transparent, with a Mohs hardness of 5-6. Although some common diopside is cut, especially if the crystals are gemmy and clear, most gem cutters prefer to facet chrome diopside.

Diopside is found in hornfels linked with regional and contact-based metamorphic zones, kimberlites associated with diatremes, metamorphic gneiss and schist, and skarns, among other places.

So, although diopside and dioptase appear to be connected, they are actually 'far apart’. The first is a hydrated secondary copper mineral, and the second is a magnesium-iron mineral found in metamorphic rocks (or sometimes peridotites).

Dioptase Uses


One of the most effective methods to use dioptase is as a meditation focal point. Spot your dioptase in a light source and sit in a comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. 

Clear your mind and concentrate on the stone, particularly on how the light interacts with it. Start chatting to your dioptase crystal once your mind is clear. Tell it everything that is bothering or irritating you. Do not be afraid to express your worries, fears, and resentments, even if they are minor. Putting them out there will bring them to light, and trying to keep them hidden (even from yourself) will do more harm than good. 

After you have expressed all of your concerns, you can feel exhausted, wobbly, furious, or disturbed from reliving all of those events. This is normal. Allow the dioptase's power to wash over you, flooding you with green light as you breathe deeply. Its calming properties will soothe and quiet your frazzled nerves, helping you to let go of the animosity you have been holding onto and heal. However, you might still want to nap afterward.

You can also carry a dioptase with you when you are going into situations that you know will be stressful or will cause you to build new resentments or allow old ones to bubble to the surface. Bring your attention to the dioptase stone whenever you are sad or irritated, and feel its energy flowing through you, releasing any blockages you may be carrying. 

Because dioptase is such a delicate stone, finding jewelry fashioned from it might be difficult. The finest form is a little necklace that can be worn right over or just above your heart chakra to stimulate the upper heart chakra. If you cannot find a dioptase pendant but have a few little bits or tumbled stones, make your own by wrapping a short length of gold wire around the stone and suspending it from a string or chain.

Tumbled Dioptase

Tumbled dioptase stones are ideal for meditation, crystal body layouts, and everyday healing stones. Dioptase tumbling stones can be used as fortunate charms or luck stones when carried in a purse or pocket. They carry incredibly powerful energies that infiltrate your body and provide you with a lot of healing and assistance. They also strengthen your intuition and surround you with protecting abilities. 

Tumbled dioptase stones can also be used in a pattern to strengthen your energy vortex. These are beautiful heart chakra stones that radiate love. They may help you to acknowledge and appreciate all of your blessings. Their healing energies also promote compassion, forgiveness, and charity. They may also help you in moving past old emotional traumas and resolving any residual concerns. 

Tumbled dioptase stones contain energizing healing qualities that can help you emotionally in a variety of ways. These stones' energies will encourage you to be present in the moment. They may also cleanse and energize all of your chakras, preparing you for higher, more enlightened experiences.

Tumbled dioptase stones are also security stones. When you feel alone or abandoned, they will give you a heightened sense of security. They may encourage sentiments of harmony, calm, and balance. They may also purify the energy of the people you interact with and the environments in which you spend your time. 

Tumbled dioptase stones may also be used as talismans to help you in guaranteeing a financially secure future. They raise the functioning of your chakras and encourage spiritual attunement. They truly have a significant impact on your energy field. 

Tumbled dioptase stones may also help you recall former lives. They encourage you to have a positive life attitude and to tap into your resources. These tumbled stones ‌transform negatives into positives in all aspects of your life. They may help you in overcoming any emotions of inadequacy so that you can reach your full potential. 

Dioptase tumbling stones can help you find your way if you are lost and do not know where to go or what to do next. Tumbled dioptase stones are a potent mind cleanser and detoxifier.

They help you in letting go of your need to dominate others. These tumbled stones' green rays help absorb old mental wounds and forgotten traumas. They may also make your sorrows, anguish, betrayal, heartaches, and abandonment pain disappear. 

Tumbled dioptase stones are also security stones. When you feel alone or abandoned, they may give you a heightened sense of security. Tumbled dioptase stones teach you that you must go through pains and challenges in your relationship to learn more about yourself.

These stones mend your damaged connections with the individuals in your life. They may also fill the emotional void left by a desire for love. They dispel your preconceptions about what love should be like. They send new love vibrations your way. When put on the third eye chakra, dioptase tumbling stones may also trigger your psychic vision on a spiritual level.

Dioptase Color

Dioptase is a dark teal or perhaps emerald green color. Because of its color, dioptase has been mistaken for emeralds in the past, and many people today make the same mistake. Because of its transparency and translucency, dioptase is thought to have an extremely strong hue.

As a single gemmy green specimen, naturally occurring dioptase has a lot more attractiveness than naturally occurring emeralds. Dioptase's transparency and cleavage directions provide the ideal combination for a glossy, deep green color to emerge.

Dioptase is a mineral that is frequently confused for emerald. In terms of color, fracture, and luster, they are quite similar. The streak and hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness are two notable variations between the two.

Deep Green Dioptase

Deep green dioptases are associated with nature and vitality. They symbolize balance, harmony, and regeneration. They are recognized to be excellent heart and emotion balancers, as well as strengthening the link between your heart and mind. 

Dark green is also a hue associated with growth. It is the hue of spring, and it may usher in new beginnings. They may infuse new life force energy into your body. These stones may also encourage calm, peace, knowledge, and good health. They may also ‌attract wealth and bring more money and prosperity into your life.

Dioptase Jewelry

dioptase pendant

Dioptase can be used in a range of jewelry, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings, because of its wearability. Its brilliant and vibrant color goes well with white gemstones and all metals.

The lack of choice is one of the most significant drawbacks of acquiring dioptase jewelry. Because of its brittleness, unlike most other gemstones, it is only available in a limited number of jewelry types.

Dioptase Ring

Owning a dioptase ring is a lovely piece of jewelry. It bestows charm and good fortune to the bearer. This ring is suitable for both men and women. Rubies and diamonds, for example, are usually set with dioptase rings. A dioptase ring is a more affordable alternative to an emerald ring.

Dioptase Engagement Ring

Because it symbolizes a strong link and can help heal broken relations, the dioptase ring is the appropriate engagement ring for your loved one. So that you never stop loving someone.

Dioptase Pendant

Dainty dioptase pendants can be worn at parties, formal meetings, dinner dates, and for your everyday look. Your dioptase pendant will match your outfit in color.

Dioptase Earrings

Dioptase earrings are available in a range of forms and sizes, including studs and moveable drop earrings. You can pick the one that best suits your style and the event. Earrings with dioptase studs are timeless and classic.

Dioptase Necklace

Necklaces made of dioptase are a stunning and affordable alternative to more expensive gemstone necklaces. They have an opulent appearance without emptying your wallet. At a gathering, wear a dioptase necklace to steal the show.

Dioptase Bracelet

Dioptase bracelets come in two styles: one with a single gem in the center and a fine chain that wraps around your wrist, and another with a trail of dioptase beads and a lock. Both ‌bracelet types are suitable for formal and informal occasions.

Dioptase Uses

For rock and mineral collectors, dioptase is most typically employed for a stunningly beautiful specimen. Despite its fragility, dioptase is occasionally used as jewelry by collectors, though wearing, cleaning, and storing this mineral requires special care.

Many dioptase specimens feature small crystals that can be carved into cabochons, polished, and used in necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.

Some people believe dioptase has medicinal properties. Restoration of spiritual harmony, helping in the memory of old experiences, and increasing prosperity are examples of these alleged talents.

Dioptase Beads

dioptase bead bracelet

A dioptase bead is a little decorative object that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and has a small hole for threading or stringing. Their diameters range from less than one millimeter to over one centimeter (0.39 in).

Dioptase beads are used to make necklaces and bracelets. They occur in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to enormous, depending on their function and purpose. The smooth, polished surface of the beads will not irritate even the most delicate skin.

Dioptase for Sale

Because dioptase is not widely available and obtaining larger crystal specimens is even more difficult, its value will be moderate. For specimens with more crystals and larger crystals, the worth and value of dioptase will rise.

Because dioptase is usually offered as a gorgeous eye-catching specimen, a nice palm-sized specimen with moderate-sized crystals would set you back around $100 USD. If the palm-sized specimen has a greater cluster of crystals on it, those crystals could be much smaller, and the price will probably climb to $300 USD because of the increased number of crystals in the specimen.

When it comes to pricing dioptase, one thing to keep in mind is that certain specimens do not have the wonderful translucent gemmy look in the crystals, and those are less expensive. For individuals on a tighter budget, a single dioptase loose crystal can be a cheap option.

Dioptase Price

Dioptase is priced at $150 USD per kilogram. 

Dioptase Price per Carat

Dioptase is priced between $50 to $75 USD per carat. 

Dioptase Wholesale

Wholesale dioptase is priced between $250 to $400 USD. 

Dioptase Beads for Sale

Dioptase beads are priced at $200 USD per kilogram. 

Dioptase Jewelry for Sale

Dioptase jewelry is priced between $150 to $250 USD. 


Dioptase has not achieved the level of popularity that one might expect of a stone with such a striking color and a long history because of its high cost and scarcity, as well as its fragile structure. Other stones with similar properties, such as turquoise and emerald, are among the most popular in the world. 

Given the lack of interest in dioptase among the general public, you may have more opportunities to 'get ahead' by using this stone. If you incorporate it into your life and allow its forgiveness qualities to influence you, you will swiftly achieve a level of peace that most people can only dream about. People will be drawn to you because of your soft demeanor, and you will naturally cultivate healthier relationships. Being a forgiving person has the added benefit that most people prefer to treat you kindly rather than testing your forgiveness limits.

Dioptase requires protective settings, whether faceted, cabbed, or raw because they have flawless cleavage and a hardness of 5. These gems are more scratch-prone than tourmalines, peridots, and even emeralds, which are more commonly used in jewelry. Dioptase, on the other hand, is ideal for earrings or brooches.

Dioptase dust is hazardous because of its copper concentration. Accidental intake may cause acute symptoms such as vomiting, while long-term exposure may cause liver and kidney damage. 

During cutting, polishing, and cleaning, faceters should wear protective masks and, ideally, use a glovebox to avoid breathing or ingesting dioptase particles. Wearing or handling finished goods, on the other hand, should be risk-free. Dioptase should only be cleaned with a delicate brush, light detergent, and warm water because of cleavage and probable fractures.

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