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Horn Coral: Complete Guide (2024)

horn coral

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about horn coral, including its meaning, properties, and colors. Let's get started!


Known as the dragon tooth coral, the horn coral's scientific name is Rugosa. Primarily composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), horn coral possesses intriguing mystical properties. Horn coral is typically regarded as a soothing and protective stone. It is said that this stone can help you tap into ancient wisdom when learning a new spiritual tradition. Popularly known to be an organic healer gemstone, it symbolizes love and compassion. 

In this post, let us explore all about this horn coral gemstone and find out some fascinating horn coral facts. Here is an outline of topics this article covers –

  • Is Horn Coral Rare
  • Where is Horn Coral Found
    • Italian Horn Coral
    • Horn Coral in Michigan
    • Horn Coral in Utah
  • Horn Coral Metaphysical Properties
  • Horn Coral Color
    • Red Horn Coral
      • Red Horn Coral in Utah
    • Green Horn Coral
  • How to Use Horn Coral
    • Horn Coral Metaphysical Uses
  • How to Cleanse Horn Coral
  • Horn Coral for Sale
    • How Much is Horn Coral Worth
  • Conclusion

Is Horn Coral Rare?

In short, no. Horn coral fossils are ‌formed easily; you can find them in every precious rock or gemstone shop around the world. Most horn coral gems are inexpensive and can also be found at costs as low as $1 to $5 USD. 

Before going into further details, we have some intriguing horn coral facts to share with you.

In Greek mythology, people believed that when the blood of the Gorgon monster Medusa touched the ocean, it became a beautiful coral.

Horn corals are actually micro carnivore organisms, meaning they live on other microscopic organisms.

Paleontologists use horn corals as index fossils to determine the age of rock strata.

Where is Horn Coral Found?

Horn coral can be found in many places, such as Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Morocco, Utah, Michigan, and some parts of Italy.

Italian Horn Coral

Italian horn coral is a traditional Italian lucky charm amulet with the potency to protect against misfortune. According to local legends, the horn coral amulet can attract money when put in your pocket and restore health with its apotropaic powers when worn on your body.

Horn Coral in Michigan

In Michigan, the horn coral fossils exist in ancient rocks such as Ordovician and Mississippian. As a result, the horn coral age is believed to be around 485 to 323 million years. These corals resemble bull's horns and were once solitary Rugosa corals that fossilized over time.

Horn Coral in Utah

Utah produces the most unusual type of horn coral fossils on the entire planet. At one time these corals were mined actively for their beauty, but now the mines are closed down, and red agatized horn coral is more challenging to find.

Horn Coral Metaphysical Properties

Horn coral is widely hailed for its magical healing properties. Organic stones such as horn coral fossils are considered to be more potent than crystals found in minerals. Although their properties overlap, the horn coral gem exhibits a higher degree of purifying and transformative properties than inorganic crystals.

Red horn coral invokes confidence and courage in the wielder, which makes them ideal for harmonizing the root and sacral chakra. These stones are known for their physical and emotional benefits derived from the horn corals.

Powers of physical healing are also attributed to this beautiful gemstone. Metaphysical experts say that horn coral gem works like a wonder in treating skin problems like acne and cysts. It helps with heart diseases by improving blood circulation. It can remove lethargy and depression while combating nutritional deficiency. 

Some shamanic healers believe that wearing coral ornaments may protect you from getting physical injuries through their positive vibrations. It nourishes the blood cells while also effectively battling disorders in the spinal canal, alimentary canals, central nervous system, and the thalamus.

The emotional healing powers of horn coral also deserve special mention. Do you suffer from bouts of self-doubt, anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty about yourself and your life? Red horn coral can help bolster your courage and multiply your confidence. Additionally, it can set your mind to peace, which attracts quality relationships that are based on love and not resentment and guilt.

It expedites the learning process in children by transferring meta-knowledge from the akashic records. Apart from providing mental clarity, the red horn coral may also heighten sensitivity, decisiveness, and adaptability in difficult situations.

Horn coral is also said to promote spiritual healing. A source of excellent cohesive group energy, the horn coral value is connected to cooperation. Ancient tribes across the world consider these organic stones as a mysterious gift from the sea. 

The red horn coral fossil symbolizes the animal kingdom and its association with ancient civilizations. Some believe that horn coral may assist individuals in discovering and maintaining contact with their totem animal. The horn coral gem might also offer guidance and information regarding your spiritual safety in dangerous situations. The red coral fossils possess potent spiritual powers that may ward off evil entities which cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other muscular disorders. 

Horn Coral Color

Colors of horn corals have different vibration numbers associated with them, which link their esoteric symbolism to various zodiac signs. Horn corals are ‌associated with Aquarius and have “5” and “6” as their vibration numbers. Popular colors of this stone include red, tan, blue, gray, green, and black.

Red Horn Coral

red horn coral

The red horn coral gem has a vibration number “4”, often associated with Libra. This impressive red coral balances the natural forces of working within ourselves. Mystics use the red coral to activate the root chakra and align it with the higher sources of universal wisdom. The harmony that red horn coral brings can protect individuals from depression and hopelessness in life. 

Red Horn Coral in Utah

The red horn coral, found in Utah, may effectively treat hiccups, colic, and heartburn by stimulating the metabolic process in the body. Gemstone healers also recommend keeping the red horn coral from Utah to treat cellular structure disorders, parathyroid, kidney, and gallbladder stones.

Green Horn Coral

Hydnophora coral is typically known as the green horn coral. Other names of this horn coral gem include Velvet Horn Coral, Thorny Coral, Branch Coral, and Knob coral. It has the vibration number “5” associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn. Its origins can be traced to the Indo-Pacific Ocean, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef. 

This horn coral gem variant is not readily available and not at all abundant on earth. The hydnophora species reside in shallow reefs in marine water bodies. Maintaining hydnophora coral is difficult as it can catch infections and recessions easily. Therefore, keeping the species requires constant vigilance.

How to Use Horn Coral?

Horn coral has myriad mystical uses. Embrace abundance in your life, by meditating with the horn coral gem in your hands. A symbol of wisdom and immortality, the coral gem brings happiness and modesty to your lifestyle. Horn coral may help you combat your fears to reduce stress and anxiety. 

This gemstone is also used by metaphysicians for cognitive healing. Horn coral fossils represent diplomacy. They are tools to regulate the emotions within an individual. Furthermore, horn coral facilitates intuition, visualization, and imagination in any creative person. 

Many people are known to keep this stone at home as a remedy for spasms, sleeplessness, and bladder stones. If you suffer from depression, panic, nervousness, and nightmares, horn coral might calm your nerves if worn as a piece of jewelry. Use affirmation and visualization techniques while meditating in a dark room to attract wealth, foresight, and success to your life.

How to Cleanse Horn Coral?

Horn coral gem is sensitive to heat and acidic water, which can gradually fade its color. To prevent color loss due to wear and tear, avoid exposing your coral gem to harsh sunlight for long periods. Additionally, avoid higher temperatures within the home. 

When cleaning horn coral, avoid harsh household cleaners like bleach, acids, perfumes, and hairsprays. Use a soft cloth and clean the stone with a mild soap or detergent in lukewarm water. Do not wear other gems or ornaments in close contact with your horn coral jewelry to prevent scratches. For storing the gem, use a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap the horn coral gem in soft cotton cloth.

Horn Coral for Sale

horn coral

You can buy horn coral from leading gem sellers and retailers.

How Much is Horn Coral Worth?

Horn coral value is determined by its demand. For this reason, the price is not high in many places. However, because of its heavy demand in China, the prices have reached as high as $200 USD per carat. However, when the quality factor is involved in the process, you can obtain lower quality gems ranging from $10 to $60 USD per carat. 

On average, red horn corals without defects cost $100 USD per carat. Opt for wholesale sellers at more affordable prices. You can purchase red horn corals at a price ranging from $20 to $90 USD per carat.


Horn coral is a stone that may help save you from negative feelings of despair and bouts of depression. The red variant produces romance and passion in your life and rejuvenates the relationships. Symbolizing joy, protection, prosperity, and abundance, horn coral gives your life a purpose in a world full of uncertainty.

Using the stone as a meditation tool may free you from frustrations and resentments in life. Through the ancient power of the horn coral age, the stone is said to boost our inner knowledge and promote creativity, visualization, and optimism in our lives.

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