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Erythrite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about erythrite, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


There are many crystals and minerals found on the earth’s surface. Each with its unique history of formation and properties. This article will discuss one such crystal, ‘erythrite’.

  • Erythrite Meaning
    • Erythrite Pronunciation
    • Where is Erythrite Found
  • Erythrite Properties
    • Erythrite Healing Properties
  • Erythrite Jewelry
  • Erythrite Uses
  • Erythrite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Erythrite Meaning

Erythrite crystals are also commonly known as ‘red cobalt’ or ‘cobalt blooms’ as they are bright red-colored crystals found on cobalt minerals. It is a member of the ‘vivianite’ family, usually found in bright reddish and crimson hues. The name originates from the Greek word ‘eryhtros’, which means red. They can be found in reddish, crimson, purple, pink, and magenta hues. 

Erythrite Pronunciation 

Phonetically, it is pronounced ih-rith-rahyt or ery-thri-ite. 

Where is Erythrite Found? 

Erythrite is a rare crystal found in very few places in not high quantities. Saxony in Germany is believed to have the classic variety of this crystal. But until recently, Schneeberg in Germany was believed to produce most of the erythrite found in the world. 

That was proven wrong when considerable quantities of this crystal started becoming available in Morocco. Especially in the Bou Azer district and the Aghbar Mine and the Agoudal mine. 

Erythrite has also been found in some other places far from Europe. Mount Cobalt in Queensland, Australia is one of them. Other notable places it has been found include Mexico, Ontario in Canada, the French Creek mines in Pennsylvania, and the Blackbird District in Idaho.

Erythrite Properties

Erythrite Healing Properties

Erythrite is a stone that is believed to have immense healing properties. The stone is believed to work with all the chakras in the body and assist with the energy flow across all areas of the human mind and body. 

Often, a lot of our energies are misdirected because of imbalances that occur in various aspects of our life, whether it be emotional or physical. This stone is said to identify those aspects and help with redirecting one’s energies toward the things that need more attention and speed up healing. Overall, this stone promotes self-healing. It can channel energies and promote healing through physical and mental ailments. 

Many people have reported that using the stone during their meditations has helped them improve. The stone may help you rid yourself of your anxieties and calm you down. Erythrite is said to realign all your chakras to benefit you and promote maximum healing and stability. The result of this is an increased level of inner equilibrium. 

The stone absorbs you and your experiences and is said to provide a unique insight that helps one look inwards and make changes that will lead to a better, more fulfilling life. Self-rejuvenation is a benefit of this crystal that many seek. It is a stone that represents personal development and self-confidence. 

Erythrite Metaphysical Properties 

Erythrite may help with improving communication both external and internal. It may help collect one’s thoughts and have a better sense of self. This ultimately leads to improved communication and, by extension, healthier relationships. 

Meditating with this stone may help curb us from giving in to our anxieties and overthinking traits and maintain a more level-headed outlook. Erythrite may help ease the tension in different parts of your body by correctly channeling your energies through all your chakras. 

The stone is believed to enhance and deepen one’s perspective about themselves and also the world around them. This unique insight can help you understand and absorb the world around you better and, with time, you will have a more nuanced perspective and insight into various aspects like health, life, and relationships. 

Erythrite Jewelry

Because of its bright hues and unique color combinations, erythrite is found in many forms of jewelry; bracelets, pendants, rings, and even as decorative materials for one’s home. These stones serve as beautiful statement pieces and can be worn in many versatile ways to elevate one’s look and life. 

Erythrite Uses


As a natural hydrated cobalt arsenate mineral, one of its very important uses was to serve as a pigment in paints, glass, and ceramic. The pink, violet and reddish parts were extracted and used to infuse the color. It is also used to guide miners to ores or nickel and cobalt deposits. 

Erythrite for Sale

Erythrite is found on various websites that sell original forms of crystals and can retail anywhere between $25 to $250 USD. 


Also known as vivianite, erythrite is extremely beneficial for healing and also promotes growth in many aspects of life. It has the unique ability to absorb one’s energies and experiences and can redirect that same energy for the better.

Emotional, mental, and physical healing can be seen and sped up by using this stone. Because it works to root all the chakras, it has the overall benefit of improving one’s quality of life and bringing about a better version of yourself through all the trials and tribulations of life.

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