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Gabbro: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about gabbro, including its meaning, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


When a molten rock crystallizes and solidifies, igneous rocks form. The melt starts deep under the earth, around active plate borders or hot regions, and then rises to the surface. Depending on where the molten rock hardens, igneous rocks are classified as intrusive or extrusive.

When magma is imprisoned deep within the earth, intrusive, or plutonic, igneous rock occurs. Molten rock in large globs rises to the surface. Some of the magma may fuel volcanoes on the surface, but the majority is confined beneath the surface, where it cools slowly over decades or millions of years before solidifying.

Today we will discuss one such intrusive igneous rock called ‘gabbro’. 

  • Gabbro Meaning
    • Is Gabbro Mafic or Felsic?
    • How is Gabbro Formed?
    • How to Identify Gabbro?
    • Where is Gabbro Found?
  • Gabbro vs Basalt
  • Gabbro vs Diorite
  • Gabbro Color
    • Indigo Gabbro
    • Indigo Gabbro Meaning
      • Indigo Gabbro Chakra
    • Indigo Gabbro Properties
      • Indigo Gabbro Metaphysical Properties
    • Indigo Gabbro Jewelry
    • Indigo Gabbro Beads
  • Gabbro Uses
  • Gabbro Combinations
    • Granite and Gabbro
  • Indigo Gabbro for Sale
  • Conclusion

Gabbro Meaning

In the 1760s, the term 'gabbro' was coined to describe a group of rock types found in the Apennine Mountains' ophiolites. Gabbro, a hamlet near Rosignano Marittimo in Tuscany, was the inspiration for the name. The word was first employed more restrictively in 1809 by German geologist Christian Leopold von Buch in his description of these Italian ophiolitic rocks. He coined the term 'gabbro' to describe rocks that geologists today refer to as 'metagabbro'.

Pyroxene and calcium-rich plagioclase make up gabbro, along with hornblende, olivine, and other minor minerals. Hornblende usually appears as a ring around augite crystals or as giant grains surrounding smaller grains of other minerals when it is present.

Geologists have identified several subtypes of gabbro. Gabbros are classified as leucogabbro, which includes less than 35% mafic minerals, meso gabbros, which contain 35 to 65% mafic minerals, and melagabbros, which contain over 65 percent mafic minerals. A rock that contains over 90% mafic minerals is classed as an ultramafic rock. Anorthosite is a gabbroic rock with less than 10% mafic mineral concentration.

Is Gabbro Mafic or Felsic?

Gabbro is a phaneritic igneous rock that is high in iron, magnesium, and calcium but low in silica. Mafic is a term used to characterize this type of rock. A mafic mineral or rock is a magnesium and iron-rich silicate mineral or igneous rock. The most frequent rock-forming mafic minerals are olivine, pyroxene, amphibole, and biotite, which are all dark. Plagioclase feldspar with a high calcium content is common in mafic rocks. Mafic minerals are sometimes known as ferromagnesian materials.

How is Gabbro Formed?

Gabbros are plutonic rocks that are chemically comparable to extrusive basalt and are generated by the cooling and crystallization of molten magma trapped beneath the earth's surface.

How to Identify Gabbro?

Here are a few factors to consider while identifying gabbro:

Hardness: One of the most useful features for identifying gabbro is the capacity to resist being scratched, often known as hardness. The capacity of one mineral to scratch another determines its hardness.

Luster: The luster of a mineral refers to how it reflects light. The basic varieties of luster are described by the phrases metallic and nonmetallic. Earthy, chalky, or dull are terms used to describe gabbro that lack luster.

Color: Color is one of a mineral's most noticeable characteristics. When identifying a gabbro, color should be considered, but it should never be used as the primary identifier.

Streaks: The color of the powdered gabbro is known as a streak, and it is usually more useful for identification than the color of the full gabbro sample.

Specific gravity: The mass (weight) of a mineral divided by the mass (weight) of an equal amount of water is known as specific gravity. The weight of a mineral in the air is divided by the weight of an equal volume of water to determine its specific gravity (SG).

Cleavage: Cleavage is the process of a gabbro breaking along smooth, flat planes. These fractures happen along with weak points in the mineral's structure. Cleavage does not exist when a mineral fractures along an uneven surface.

Fractures: Fractures are the irregular breaks that occur when a gabbro splits. Grainy, hackly (jagged), conchoidal (curved), or splintery cracks can be characterized.

Tenacity: Tenacity refers to how well a mineral resists breaking. These phrases are used to describe tenacity:

Brittle: Minerals that are brittle and break down into angular bits.

Malleable: Minerals that are malleable can be shaped and flattened into thin sheets without breaking.

Sectile: Sectile is a mineral that may be cut into thin shavings using a knife.

Flexible: Minerals are flexible, but once released, they do not revert to their original shape.

Elastic: When a mineral is released, it bends and returns to its original shape.

Where is Gabbro Found?

gabbro stone

Gabbro is most commonly found as batholiths and laccoliths along mid-ocean ridges or in ancient mountains made primarily of compressed and elevated oceanic crust. It is found in Canada, California, and South Africa. 

Gabbro vs Basalt

Gabbro is an intrusive igneous rock that originates deep under the earth's crust, and basalt is an extrusive igneous rock that occurs at or near the planet's surface. Gabbro has a coarse grain, whereas basalt has a delicate grain.

Basalt is gray to black‌, whereas gabbro is frequently green. Gabbro, on the other hand, is an intrusive rock and basalt is an extrusive rock. Gabbro is found deep beneath the earth's surface, whereas basalt is found at or near the surface.

Gabbro vs Diorite

Gabbro is a phaneritic, mafic intrusive igneous rock created deep beneath the earth's surface by the slow cooling of magnesium-rich and iron-rich magma into a holocrystalline mass. It cools slowly but finely and is chemically comparable to basalt. Gabbro forms near mid-ocean ridges and makes up much of the earth's marine crust.

This rock can also be found as plutons, which are related to continental volcanism. Gabbro is a name that can be used for a wide range of intrusive rocks, many of which are merely 'gabbroic', because of their varied character. Gabbro is to basalt what granite is to rhyolite, to use a crude approximation.

Diorite is an intrusive igneous rock with a moderate silica content and a low alkali metal content that forms when magma cools slowly underground. It has a composition that is halfway between low-silica gabbro and high-silica granite.

On the boundaries of continents, diorite is found in mountain-building belts. It shares the same chemical make-up as andesite, a fine-grained volcanic rock found in orogens. Since prehistoric times, diorite has been used as a decorative stone. Sargon of Akkad's Akkadian Empire used it for burial statues, and many succeeding cultures used it for sculptures and building stones. 

Gabbro Color

Gabbro is available in colors like dark gray, indigo, and black. 

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo gabbro is a crystal that is mined in Madagascar and several areas around Alaska. This stone comes in a wide range of colors, ranging from light indigo to black. Similar to the April birthstone, it is usually a black stone with gray-colored mottling that may be polished to a high gloss. When you hold this stone in the sunlight, you ‌notice ‌it has a stunning and unusual violet iridescence.

Indigo Gabbro Meaning

gabbro stone

One of the most significant functions of indigo gabbro is to broaden your horizons and provide insights. This stone is known as the 'wise soul' because it may unearth deep-seated difficulties in your subconscious. With power, courage, and love, this stone may help you in dealing with these challenges.

Indigo gabbro is an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with your higher consciousness since it attracts clear messages into your meditations and dreams. This gem, on a more delicate level, may reveal your darkest aspect. It may compel you to reflect on old memories and habits that you have kept hidden.

This stone may bring these dark characteristics to light, as well as how they have influenced your most powerful motivations. It may also help you in recognizing how your darkest sides are linked to your finest self. Indigo gabbro's energies may help you in healing the darkness inside you and encourage you to act with a better and more enlightened purpose.

Indigo gabbro represents the understanding that the most beautiful things in life can be cloaked in darkness and mystery. It may also help you in realizing that your wants and desires will not always coincide with your needs, but that the universe will supply you with the people and experiences you require to fulfill your desires.

Because it is a very grounding stone, indigo gabbro is also a wonderful stone for meditation. It may help you by allowing you to make spiritual contact, but without allowing the energies to go so high that you lose sight of what you have learned from the higher realms. This stone may also help you in dealing with the changes in your life, as well as support your psychic and spiritual growth.

Indigo Gabbro Chakra

The indigo gabbro is especially beneficial for balancing and developing our third eye and root chakras, as well as all the main chakras. It is claimed to have an energy that is like that of merlin the magician, and it can be a very useful stone for practicing magic and casting spells. It helps us in connecting with and fully integrating our shadow self, the aspect of ourselves that we would prefer not to see.

We can work toward full integration by integrating and totally accepting both the light and the darkness inside us. Indigo gabbro is claimed to help us in gaining access to magical regions as well as improving our communication with plants, animals, and other crystals.

Although it is a stone of spiritual progress, it also possesses an anchoring and protecting force, allowing you to explore mystical regions while being grounded on earth. It encourages the growth of our natural psychic talents and is an excellent stone for spiritual growth. It is claimed to help in the awakening of talents and gifts from former lives.

Indigo gabbro helps us in recognizing and letting go of non-serving patterns. It can help in the surfacing of some patterns and emotions so that they can be modified or worked through.

Indigo Gabbro Properties

gabbro stone towers

This stone has an excellent activity that can help the body ‌recuperate from any ailment by boosting the immune system. It has been shown to lower fevers and help in the recovery of bruises and sprains. It may also benefit the heart by helping with heart-related health concerns and illnesses.

Indigo gabbro may be quite beneficial to your brain development because it may improve your cerebral powers. This stone encourages creative thought and rapid action. This stone also helps to balance negative and positive energy, which is beneficial in any financial endeavor. Whenever you have a financial setback, indigo gabbro may replace it with financial gain.

Indigo gabbro may provide emotional support, particularly if you have a dominant personality. It may motivate you to make your own decisions rather than feeling obligated to make the best choices for everyone all the time. 

This stone may remind you that you do not have control over your loved one's life and that you must let go of your desire to influence or control them. You may always disagree on some issues, and you might always hold opposing viewpoints on others. Indigo gabbro may help you in reconciling your differences and inspire you to seek common ground. Even if you do not agree, you may still love and respect each other.

The healing qualities of this stone can help you discover which areas of your life you have taken too much control over and why. Indigo gabbro may help you in confronting this side of yourself with care and understanding.

If you have issues with your temper, indigo gabbro is a good stone to have. It may help you ‌become emotionally calm so that you do not respond violently. It may also keep you from saying something you may later regret because you were angry or hurt.

Indigo Gabbro Metaphysical Properties

For broadening your horizons, indigo gabbro is a fantastic stone to employ. It may prove ‌quite useful for people who seek to draw inspiration from the universe or who need a boost in their spiritual energies.

The spiritual energies of this stone provide the wisdom and understanding needed to connect with one's inner impulses and grasp one's deepest level of self. Indigo gabbro, as a stone that helps you focus on yourself, may also help you connect to your higher consciousness.

When you meditate with indigo gabbro, it may enhance your intuitive abilities and help you in uncovering the most deeply entrenched difficulties ‌you may not even be aware of. These are difficulties that have been brushed under the rug for so long that they are barely noticeable when they affect a certain aspect of your life.

Indigo gabbro may reveal your dark past and help you understand why things happened so you can get the closure you so desperately desire. This stone's spiritual abilities help you ‌recognize how your prior experiences have entwined you with your highest self. 

It teaches you that not everything you want is actually what you need and that the universe knows what you need ‌in your life. The universe's plans for you are fantastic, so all you have to do now is to be positive and wait for your life to turn around.

Indigo Gabbro Jewelry

Because of its wearability, indigo gabbro can be used in a variety of jewelry, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Its vivid and lively color complements white gemstones and metals alike.

Indigo Gabbro Beads

An indigo gabbro bead is a little decorative object with a small hole for threading or stringing that comes in a range of forms and sizes. Their diameters range from a few millimeters to more than a centimeter.

Gabbro Uses

Gabbro can be polished to provide a rich black appearance. Bright polished gabbro cemetery signs can be found on kitchen walls, floor tiles, and facades. It is a highly attractive rock. Gabbro is also used to make rough-cut products such as borders, stones, paving stones, and other decorative objects. Crushed stone or aggregate are the most common uses for gabbro.

In the dimension stone industry, gabbro is referred to as 'black granite'. Curbing, ashlars, paving stones, and a range of other rough-cut things are all made from gabbro. Crushed stone or aggregate are the most common uses for gabbro. Crushed gabbro is used as a base material in building projects and as a crushed stone for road construction projects that require a long-lasting crushed stone.

Gabbro Combinations

It is highly possible to use gabbro to improve your psychic visions. It is much more effective when combined with other powerful stones that may help you enhance your psychic abilities. Dream quartz, sphene, sugilite, rainbow moonstone, blue sapphire, hypersthene, and labradorite are all excellent combinations with gabbro.

When connecting with the higher realms and employing high-vibration stones, gabbro may help you with grounding and stabilizing energies. To help you grow spiritually, combine it with phenacite, golden herderite, and natrolite. Gabbro can also be used with seraphinite, amethyst, and ajoite to accomplish complete healing.

Green chlorite quartz, serpentine, seraphinite, and muscovite are all excellent combinations. Labradorite, amazonite, moonstone, and sunstone are other good combinations. Extra grounding stones, such as hematite, smokey quartz, magnetite, tiger iron, or black tourmaline, should be included if you are working with high-vibration gabbro stones.

Granite and Gabbro

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock with grains ranging from 1 to 25 millimeters in diameter. Gabbro is a coarse-grained mineral with crystals measuring 1 mm or more.

Granite is a medium-to-coarse-grained acid igneous rock with quartz and feldspar, as well as minor mafic elements. The most prevalent mafic minerals are hornblende and biotite, but muscovite is also found regularly. Mafic minerals include pyroxene, andalusite, corundum, tourmaline, garnet, and topaz, which are all reasonably abundant.

Gabbro is mostly made up of clinopyroxene and calcium-rich plagioclase feldspar. The rock may also contain minor levels of olivine and orthopyroxene. 

Indigo Gabbro for Sale

indigo gabbro pendant

The starting price of indigo gabbro is $60 USD per kilogram. 


Gabbro is a stone that may help to bring the spirit realm and the physical world closer together. It is an excellent meditation stone because it illuminates your third eye, which is the source of all psychic powers. 

Wearing a gabbro as a pendant may help you keep this stone close by encouraging favorable action in your throat chakra. This may help you improve your communication skills and verbalize what has been communicated to you. 

The longer you wear it each day, the stronger the effects will get. Put a piece of gabbro under their bed if you are in a relationship with someone who is irritable, unreasonable, or dominating. Having the energies of this stone in their auric field may change them for the better. 

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