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Selenite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

selenite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about selenite, including its meaning, benefits, properties and uses. Let's get started!


Selenite is a powerhouse of a crystal, and if you’ve found your way to this page it’s certain that your subconscious is subtly calling for some energetic interaction. We’ve got the most comprehensive guide on the subject — stay with us! 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Selenite Meaning
    • What is Selenite
    • Where is Selenite Found?
      • Moroccan Selenite
      • Selenite in Mexico
    • Is Selenite Toxic?
  • Selenite Benefits
    • Selenite for Protection
    • Selenite for Sleep
      • Sleeping with Selenite Under Pillow
    • Selenite for Meditation
    • Selenite and Water
      • Drinking Selenite Water
  • Selenite Properties
    • Selenite Healing Properties
      • Selenite Chakra
    • Selenite Metaphysical Properties
  • Selenite Uses
    • Selenite Wand
      • Selenite Wand Meaning
      • Large Selenite Wand
      • Raw Selenite Wand
      • Selenite Wand Uses
      • Selenite Wand Under Pillow
      • How to Cleanse Selenite Wand
    • Selenite Lamp
      • Selenite Lamp Benefits
      • Selenite Lamp vs Himalayan Salt Lamp
      • Selenite Lamp Spiritual Benefits
    • Selenite Tower
      • Selenite Tower Meaning
    • Selenite Sphere
    • Selenite Beads
    • Selenite Charging Plate
    • Hourglass Selenite
    • Selenite Bowl
      • Selenite Charging Bowl
    • Selenite Stick
      • Selenite Stick Meaning
    • Selenite Heart
    • Selenite Egg
    • Selenite Knife
    • Selenite Pendulum
    • Selenite Powder
  • Selenite vs Other Stones
    • Ulexite vs Selenite
    • Selenite and Amethyst
    • Satin Spar vs Selenite
    • Selenite vs Moonstone
  • Types of Selenite
    • Raw Selenite
      • How to Clean Raw Selenite
    • Desert Rose Selenite
    • Natural Selenite
  • Selenite Colors
    • Orange Selenite
      • Orange Selenite Meaning
      • Orange Selenite Properties
    • Blue Selenite
    • Green Selenite
    • Golden Selenite
    • Pink Selenite
      • Pink Selenite Healing Properties
    • Clear Selenite
    • White Selenite
  • Selenite Jewelry
    • Selenite Necklace
      • Selenite and Black Tourmaline Necklace
    • Selenite Pendant
    • Selenite Bracelet
    • Selenite Ring
    • Selenite Earrings
  • How to Use Selenite
    • How to Use Selenite for Love
    • How to Cleanse Selenite
      • Does Selenite Need to Be Cleansed
      • How to Cleanse Crystals with Selenite
    • How to Activate Selenite
    • How to Polish Selenite
  • Selenite for Sale
    • How Much is Selenite Worth
      • Selenite Wands for Sale
      • Selenite Charging Plate Wholesale
      • Selenite Lamp Wholesale
    • Where to Buy Selenite Crystals
      • Selenite Wand on Amazon
      • Selenite Lamp on Amazon
      • Selenite on Etsy

Selenite Meaning

selenite crystal

What is Selenite?

Selenite crystal is a variety of the mineral gypsum. It is typically a translucent white stone with a unique crystalline formation that makes it easily identifiable next to other crystals of similar hues. 

As far as selenite crystal meaning goes, the name was derived from the Greek goddess Selene, who was the goddess of the moon. 

Where is Selenite Found?

Moroccan Selenite

Morocco has long been home to rich deposits of selenite stone. Many regard Moroccan selenite to be of the highest quality and durability. 

That being said, it’s worth noting that high quality selenite is actually found on every continent on Earth. This is because it generally occurs in caves or evaporated seabeds, of which the planet always has an abundance. 

Selenite in Mexico

Mexico joined the selenite game when an ancient cave, about 80 meters long, was discovered to be filled with selenite rock from floor to ceiling. 

Some of these stones reached up to 2 meters long, which made them officially the largest selenite stones ever recorded. It is estimated that it would have taken 500,000 years for just one of these crystals to have grown in these conditions. 

Is Selenite Toxic?

In some cases, a selenite mineral may cause toxic reactions when found in concentrated solutions. The dose required to induce an adverse reaction when exposed to selenite would be exceptionally high, and thus it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to worry about this. 

In high concentrations, selenite can irritate the eyes and skin, and can be incredibly toxic if ingested by a human being. 

Selenite Benefits

Selenite for Protection

Contrary to most white stones, selenite is a natural protector. It seeks to shield a user from any kind of mental or psychic attack that may be coming in to disrupt their balance of energy. 

Negative energies are absorbed and transformed, before they can wreak havoc on the psyche of the user. This is an excellent stone to use in the construction of protection grids. 

Selenite for Sleep

Crystal lovers enjoy the benefits of selenite for sleep, finding that it helps to neutralize the intensity of insomnia, bringing slumber shortly thereafter. 

Selenite works by example. You see, these stones hold a calm and clear essence about them, which is a reflection of the headspace one needs when attempting to enter a sleep state. By mimicking the stone, subconsciously, sleep comes easily and a good night's rest can be enjoyed. 

Sleeping with Selenite Under Pillow

The best way to use selenite for sleep is to simply place a relatively flat, wand-like piece under your pillow. Forget about it, and allow it to work its magic as you focus on nothing at all. 

Focusing on when and how the stone will bring sleep will just keep your mind overactive, and delay the whole process even more. Surrender to the stone and you’ll surrender into slumber. 

crystals on a table

Selenite for Meditation

Many crystal lovers describe their best selenite experiences as occurring during mediation. 

Selenite is known for going deep into the subconscious mind, and targeting otherwise undesirable energies that would reside there, causing imbalance in daily life. It’s a transportive stone, and it works to unblock the chakra system through mediation, for long term, sustainable benefit. 

Selenite and Water

Since selenite is made of gypsum, it is not a water-friendly stone. Soaking selenite in water for longer than a few seconds can cause the stone to totally dissolve. 

If you wish to use water to clean selenite, you should do so by simply giving it a quick rinse. 

Drinking Selenite Water

Selenite submerged in water will dissolve. This water is highly toxic, and drinking it is not something you ever want to do. 

Information on what exactly will happen to the body if large amounts of selenite water are consumed is not readily available, but there are seasoned experts out there advising against any kind of oral consumption of selenite. 

Selenite Properties

Selenite Healing Properties

A selenite gemstone works with the body’s hemispheric balance. It seeks to bring both sides into total alignment, and in the process, any manifestations of imbalance (illness) can be eradicated. 

A selenite worry stone is a term coined by those who have used the properties of this stone to ease their own stress. A lot of selenite from Morocco is shipped around the world for the purpose of worry relief and mental balance, in addition to the myriad of other properties that these stones possess. 

Selenite pulls the spinal column into alignment and thus increases one’s natural flexibility. 

Selenite Chakra

One of the most notable selenite qualities to mention relates to how these stones work with the chakra system. These are high vibration stones that seek to accelerate spiritual growth in fascinating ways. 

Instead of targeting just one stone, selenite works with the third eye chakra, crown chakra and the soul star chakra. The latter is the eighth chakra and not often talked about in everyday metaphysics. There aren’t a lot of crystals with frequencies that can tap into this chakra, so selenite is really a treasure in that sense. 

Selenite Metaphysical Properties

Then we have the selenite magical properties. This is a stone of calmness, peace and tranquility. It loves meditation and any kind of spiritual advancement work. 

If you are going through a confusing time in your life, selenite provides the bigger picture. It is a stone of insight and profound wisdom, but not the human kind. This wisdom comes from above, and is unmatched in terms of what it can do for your human experience. 

One can also use these crystals to aid communication with the angelic realms. 

Selenite Uses

slices of selenite

Selenite Wand

Selenite Wand Meaning

If you really want to experience what selenite is good for, get yourself a selenite wand!

Selenite wands are often referred to as “liquid light”, and are the most natural, unrefined form of these crystals. They look like icicles, and possess powerful healing properties and energizing benefits. 

Crystal wands are conductors of energy. They are easy to use, so they are highly sought after for beginners who want to see what this particular stone can offer in their lives. 

Large Selenite Wand

Selenite wands form on their own in nature; these are not devices that are made by man. For this reason, the larger the wand the more you’re going to have to pay for it. 

Natural selenite wands take centuries to form, so you can imagine that there is much increased value in a wand on the larger side. Large or small, the benefits of selenite remain the same, and there is no need to splurge on the less affordable pieces in hopes it will shoot your psyche into another realm. 

Raw Selenite Wand

Selenite wands are naturally raw stones. They may only have been cut or shaved into more uniform formations, but the stone itself remains raw and untreated with polish or any other aesthetic additions. 

Selenite Wand Uses

The best thing to use a selenite wand for is auric cleansing. Simply run the wand over the aura, and allow the crystal to do the rest. 

Any impurities or imbalances that have embedded themselves within your field will be removed or evened out. Some call them “energy erasers”, because this is quite literally what you are doing when the wand is gliding about. 

Selenite Wand Under Pillow

Smaller, flatter selenite wands are ideal for the purpose of sleep aid. They can be neatly laid under your pillow and go relatively undetected, unlike the princess and the pea scenario. 

This makes selenite wands very versatile. On one hand, you can use them during daytime energy healing, and on the other, they can be put to work with your subconscious throughout the night while you are sleeping.

How to Cleanse Selenite Wand

Here’s the kicker: selenite is a self-cleansing stone, and doesn’t actually need to be formally cleansed after every use!
Not everyone can accept this fact, particularly when very dark energy is tangibly being lifted from the body itself, but selenite can handle it and doesn’t really need external intervention to later release these energies on its own. 

If you really want to cleanse your selenite wand, simply run it under some water for a few seconds before towel drying. Alternatively, leave it under the light of the full moon once a month. 

Selenite Lamp

Selenite Lamp Benefits

Large chunks of selenite are being hollowed out and sold off as homeware lamps. There is great benefit that comes from introducing one of these devices to your home space. 

The lamp will work to clear out whatever negative energies are floating around your home environment. More than this, your physical body will also enjoy great benefit from being within close proximity to these entities. 

Selenite Lamp vs Himalayan Salt Lamp

slices of selenite

Aesthetically, these two lamps couldn’t be more different. The Himalayan lamps are a wonderful pink color and are generally quite mismatched in terms of size and shape. There is little to no uniformity. 

Selenite lamps conform more to a tower-like structure, often looking a bit like the Empire State Building when lit up.

In terms of frequencies, selenite lamps are protecting and absorbing on an energetic level, while the salt lamps are more concerned with dust and pollution. 

Selenite Lamp Spiritual Benefits

On a spiritual level, a selenite lamp has the potential to prepare a space properly, so that deep meditative or energetic work can take place. It would be wise to keep a selenite lamp in the area where you usually sit for meditation, or in any room used for energetic healing. 

Selenite Tower

Selenite Tower Meaning

When a selenite lamp does not contain an inner, it’s simply called a selenite tower. As mentioned above, selenite looks a lot like a well-structured building when standing upright, so these towers make for great home display pieces. 

Selenite Sphere

Also known as a selenite orb, a selenite sphere is a perfectly round ball of selenite that has been tumbled. 

Selenite spheres are great home display pieces, as they look like crystal balls. More than this, they can be great to use during meditation or for the purpose of rolling over the physical body for healing purposes. 

Selenite Beads

Selenite beads are generally made with the off cuts that come with reshaping selenite into towers and balls for sale. They are an inexpensive way to get involved with this crystal, as one can use the beads to make DIY jewelry. 

Selenite Charging Plate

Selenite is a self-cleansing stone, which means that one can use it to clean and recharge other crystals with lesser abilities. When this happens, selenite is called a “charging plate”. Other stones can be placed upon it for the purpose of cleansing and recharging. 

These are invaluable pieces, as far as we are concerned, and will save you hours of cleansing and charging rituals each month. 

Hourglass Selenite

Hourglass selenite is an unusual occurrence whereby terminated selenite stones exhibit inclusions within them that make it look like the sands of time are running from one side to the other. 

It’s an hourglass effect, and these are unique, beautiful pieces to add to one’s collection. 

Selenite Bowl

Selenite is frequently carved into functional bowls that serve as smudging utensils for those who know how to use them. Using a smudge bowl means simply burning incense in the center of the object and moving it around a space or an individual for the purpose of cleansing. 

Selenite Charging Bowl

Selenite bowls can be used as charging plates, and one can place their smaller crystals into the unit and leave them there to be cleaned and recharged. They make for excellent storage for small stones, as these crystals can live in the selenite bowl when not in use. 

Selenite Stick

Selenite Stick Meaning

A selenite stick, or selenite bar, is simply another way of referring to common selenite wands. They are the lengthy cuts of these icicle-type stones, and are easy to hold and wave over an individual or object. 

Selenite Heart

When crystals are carved into heart shapes, they are usually intended for the purpose of selenite palm stones. Selenite hearts are usually flat, and are easy enough to fit into one’s palm during meditation. 

slices of selenite

They can also be slipped under your pillow for help with insomnia, and are flat enough that you won’t be able to feel them through the cushioning. 

Selenite Egg

Most crystals can be easily tumbled into egg shapes, commonly known as yoni eggs. These crystals work on the healing of the vaginal area, as they can be inserted and provide energetic aid to tissue and cells that have been damaged by trauma. 

Selenite Knife

Contrary to popular belief, selenite knives are not actually used to cut things. They are simply shaped like daggers, and are intended for the very same purpose that a typical selenite wand would be. 

Selenite knives are unique, handmade pieces and make for wonderful energetic work. They are an alternative to the conventional crystal wand, one could say. 

Selenite Pendulum

Not all stones make for good pendulum devices, but selenite is a suitable one. They usually come already attached to a chain or rope, however you can easily make your own selenite pendulum with a pendant-sized stone, some wire, and a suspension device of any sort. 

Selenite prefers suspension of copper or sterling silver, and doesn’t work well with alloys. 

Selenite Powder

Sometimes called selenite dust, or sand selenite, this powdered form of the crystal has many versatile uses. Most people purchase selenite dust to sprinkle in their gardens for the purpose of protecting the perimeters of their homes. 

Others may place the dust on a plate and leave it underneath a bed or couch in a room that they feel needs cleansing from negative forces. There are even some who bathe in selenite powder, however this is not recommended and one should do extensive research on dosage and safety before attempting to use it for this purpose. 

Selenite vs Other Stones

Ulexite vs Selenite

These two stones are very often confused, however if you know what to look out for, it’s actually quite easy to tell them apart. 

Ulexite is of the borate family, while selenite, as we know, is a form of gypsum. The two stones have very different chemical compositions, but just knowing this doesn’t really help someone with an untrained eye. 

If you inspect ulexite very closely, you’ll almost always find minor inclusions of black and white flecks that make the stone not entirely transparent. Selenite, on the other hand, is almost always crystal clear. 

Selenite and Amethyst

Selenite and amethyst have a lot of similarities in terms of properties and abilities. Amethyst is one of very few other stones with the energetic capacity to connect to the eighth chakra. 

Visually, selenite and amethyst couldn’t be more opposite. Amethyst is identifiable by its vibrant purple hues, while selenite is white as snow. 

Satin Spar vs Selenite

Satin spar is a more common stone, and also of the gypsum variety. Selenite is more rare, which is why sometimes satin spar is sold off as selenite incorrectly, either by mistake or intentionally. 

The two stones possess many similarities energetically, however selenite remains the more potent of the two. Crystal lovers can tell the difference merely by holding one of each stone in the palm of their hand. 

Selenite vs Moonstone

Selenite and moonstone look similar, but their differences are obvious once you look closely at each stone. Moonstone has a far more radiant and sheer luster, and usually refracts the entire light spectrum somewhere in its stone body. 

Selenite is more uniform in appearance, and may be sheer or totally transparent, depending on the formation. 

Types of Selenite

Raw Selenite

When a piece of selenite is excavated and sold in its roughest formation, it is known as raw selenite. Polished stones have become sought after objects for many consumers, however this requires human intervention post excavation. 

A raw cut of a stone means you’re pretty much getting at as it comes out of the Earth.

How to Clean Raw Selenite

Raw selenite holds many nooks and crannies within the crystalline structure, and will therefore need a light cleaning from time to time. 

Make use of a soft toothbrush (emphasis on the soft!) and a small amount of tap water. Rub all over the stone, taking care to not miss any areas where debris may have started to build up. 

Desert Rose Selenite

Desert rose selenite is a sight to behold. These stones are a combination of gypsum and barite. Together, they form a unique crystalline mineral with a structure that looks like a rose made out of rock. Perhaps you’ve encountered one before and can now put a label to the stone?

These are great to keep in your handbag, or on a coffee table display. 

selenite lamp

Natural Selenite

When a retailer refers to a stone as “natural”, they are merely making a point of saying that they are not dealing in counterfeit or replica stones. This is not to say that all retailers who don’t use the “natural” reference in their stone descriptions are therefore selling fakes; the use of this term is simply at the discretion of each seller. 

Selenite Colors

Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite Meaning

Sometimes selenite occurs in colors that are not only white or transparent. Orange selenite is surprisingly common, and these stones are still of gypsum variety and possess all of the same properties as their white/clear counterparts. 

Orange Selenite Properties

Since all of the properties remain the same, orange selenite can also be used for the purpose of spiritual ascension and connecting to one’s eighth chakra. 

Orange selenite seeks balance for the physical body, and will offer the same alignment abilities for the spine as regular selenite would. 

Blue Selenite

Though rare, selenite can also be blue under the correct formation circumstances. Blue selenite makes for an excellent companion in deepening one's meditative states. It brings tranquility and heavenly contact to any practice. 

Green Selenite

Green selenite occurs in a cluster formation that looks like tiny shards of crystal shooting out from a single base. 

These are also uncommon finds, and bear all of the same properties as regular selenite. Being of green ray energy, green selenite will work more closely with the heart chakra, in addition to the aforementioned energy centers. 

Golden Selenite

Golden sunset selenite is a newly discovered form of selenite that developed in parts of the southwest in the USA. It’s a gleaming, gorgeous stone and it brings in the properties of intuition and trust. 

Golden selenite holds a lot of natural joy and wisdom within its crystalline structure. A great, colorful alternative for anyone who is not partial to the plain white that these stones usually bear. 

Pink Selenite

Under the correct mineral circumstances, selenite forms as pink in certain instances. It’s a very pale, flamingo-like pink that may even look a little orange in certain lights. 

Pink selenite is a wonderful stone to gift to a friend or newborn baby. 

Pink Selenite Healing Properties

Pink selenite holds all of the regular properties as white/clear selenite, and, in addition, it is an amplifier of platonic love. 

Pink stones tend to work toward attracting or amplifying the presence of unconditional love in one’s physical experience. This can be a great tool to use if you’ve been wanting to generate new friendships, or strengthen existing ones.

Clear Selenite

Natural selenite may either be white or clear. It simply depends on what inclusions were present at the time of formation, and how the stone either took to them or rejected them. 

Clear selenite is not more or less powerful than any other forms of selenite stone. 

White Selenite

Similarly, white selenite is also dependent on inclusions within the Earth at the time of formation. It’s the most common form of selenite, but it is in no way more or less powerful than other formations. 

White selenite will be the most frequent find for you during your quest to own a piece of this crystal. No stone collection is complete without a piece of white selenite. 

Selenite Jewelry

Selenite Necklace

Wearing selenite around your neck means that the properties of the stone are with you all day, everyday. 

Selenite, as a necklace, is usually used by individuals who are concerned about the environmental pollutants that they are absorbing on a daily basis. These stones will deflect what they can, and absorb whatever can’t be deflected, keeping you out of harm's way as you go about your day. 

Selenite and Black Tourmaline Necklace

Selenite and black tourmaline duo necklaces are becoming more and more common. These are both highly protective and absorbing stones, so you get the best of both worlds when you wear them together. 

These necklaces are ideal for individuals who work in high stress or high risk environments, such as nuclear plants, radioactive rooms, or within the financial markets. 

Selenite Pendant

A selenite necklace pendant is a wonderful investment, in our humble opinion. Why? Because selenite is one of few stones that is suitable for the purpose of pendulum work. As a result, a pendant can double as both jewelry and an energetic talisman of sorts. 

Any suspended selenite pendant can be used as a pendulum simply by suspending it over the object or person in respect of which you want to get an energetic reading. 

selenite necklaces

Selenite Bracelet

Wearing any stone on your wrist means you’re tapping into the physical healing benefits of said stone. 

A selenite bracelet will bring that hemispheric balance to both sides of your body, helping the state of the spine and thus correcting any imbalances caused as a result of the previous state. There is also the benefit of blood purification when wearing selenite on one’s wrist for extended periods of time. 

Selenite Ring

A selenite ring is a great object to have on the body during meditation. From here, the crystals can work to deepen your practice on a very mild and noninvasive level, taking you to parts of your subconscious that you have perhaps never had access to previously. 

Meditation aside, selenite rings are also incredibly charming and fashionable. They make for great commitment rings and placeholders for those who can’t yet afford proper engagement pieces. 

Selenite Earrings

The place that selenite stones thrive most is on either side of the head. As we know, selenite works with the upper chakras, including the illusive eighth. Having these crystals hang from the ears as you go about your day means they have ample opportunity to balance and work with these energetic hubs, even when you are not aware of it. 

Selenite is gentle enough that you are unlikely to feel any overwhelm or adverse effects from wearing these earrings over long periods of time. Should any kind of energetic tension start to arise, simply take a break between wears. 

How to Use Selenite

How to Use Selenite for Love

What you need to understand about selenite is that it is a stone that is going to connect you to all things universal. This includes universal love, which is sometimes very different to the love we think we want here in the physical realm. 

If you’re ready to experience the infinite and unconditional love of the creator, in all its glory, then selenite is the stone for you. It’s a massive learning opportunity for anyone who has been seeking gratification from preconceived ideas as to what love is supposed to be. 

How to Cleanse Selenite

Wondering how to clear selenite crystal? Since selenite doesn’t like water, there are a few alternative methods you can use if you feel your stone needs a bit of cleansing loving care, even though you can count on it to be self-cleansing (as discussed above and below):

  • Submerge your selenite in a bowl of uncooked rice for 4 to 6 hours. 
  • Leave selenite under the light of the full moon once a month. 
  • Bury your selenite in the garden and leave it here for up to 48 hours. 
  • Use a Tibetan singing bowl to cleanse selenite. 
  • Burn sacred herbs or incense over selenite stones. 

Does Selenite Need to be Cleansed?

In short, no. Selenite is one of very few self-cleansing crystals that exist within the Earth realm. These stones are highly intelligent, and know how to release any accumulated energetic build up all on their own. 

Though there is no need to formally cleanse your selenite stone between uses, many crystal lovers enjoy the ritual, and find it allows them to connect with their stones more deeply when they play an active role in their cleansing and recharging. Selenite is happy to play along, and enjoys the extra time spent with you during these cleanings, no matter how unnecessary. 

How to Cleanse Crystals with Selenite

The great thing about self-cleansing stones is that they can be used to clean and recharge all other crystals. This is done by simply placing a stone atop your piece of selenite, and allowing them to sit together for a period of a few hours. 

Selenite charging plates and bowls are devices that are designed to hold more than one crystal at a time, so you can clean and recharge them in bulk. 

How to Activate Selenite

Selenite and the moon have a very special bond, so moon energy is usually the best way of activating a selenite stone. 

Simply place it under the light of the moon every few weeks, and leave it out until the following morning. 

How to Polish Selenite

Selenite is prone to debris build up, and may need a polish from time to time. You may be wondering: how do you smooth selenite?

It’s important to be very gentle when polishing these stones. You’ll need to use a very soft old toothbrush and some tap water. Gently rub into the crevices of the stone, and all over the stone body. 

Selenite for Sale

How Much is Selenite Worth?

Despite being a relatively rare crystal, the market value of selenite sits relatively low in comparison to other precious gems. 

One can expect to pay roughly $7 for a piece of palm-sized selenite. Selenite towers and spheres sell for upward of $20. 

Selenite Wands for Sale

A decent sized selenite wand retails for around the same price as the palm stones, if not less. Expect to pay between $5 and $10 for different length wands. 

Selenite Charging Plate Wholesale

Charging plates are more specifically crafted and thus there is the added cost of labor before they can be sold on a commercial market. 

You can expect to pay around $30 for a selenite charging plate. Considering that these devices will never need to be cleansed or recharged, this is a very worthwhile long-term investment. 

Selenite Lamp Wholesale

Similarly, selenite lamps are more carefully crafted home pieces, and thus generally cost a few extra dollars when it comes to retail. You’re likely to pay around $100 for a decent selenite lamp, with certain brands reaching upward of $300. 

Where to Buy Selenite Crystals

Selenite Wand on Amazon

Amazon is one place to look for good deals on selenite, particularly wands. Here, you can compare the prices of different retailers, while also reading the past experiences of customers who have come before you. 

This platform makes it very easy to sift out the real from the fakes, and quality selenite wands await with overnight shipping available in a lot of geographic areas. 

Selenite Lamp on Amazon

Amazon is equally as great for finding deals on selenite lamps. As we know, these pieces can cost a pretty penny, so finding a retailer who isn’t trying to take consumers for a ride is actually a worthwhile endeavor. 

Remember, always read the reviews and ratings from past customers when shopping on both Amazon and eBay. 

Selenite on Etsy

Etsy is the go to platform if you’re looking for quality selenite jewelry and home pieces. Here, crystals are sold in abundance and are generally all 100% genuine, due to the very strict policies that Etsy upholds for all of their sellers. 

If you want to find unique, one of a kind selenite pieces, this is where it’s at!


We encourage everyone to invite protection into their lives through the use of stones such as selenite. The benefit that comes from this stone is quite astounding, and not something to be taken lightly, even as a beginner.

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. 

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