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13 Best White Crystals and Gemstones: Complete Guide

one raw unpolished white geode white background close up view

This article is all about white crystals and gemstones and how you can use their amazing energy in your life. Let's get started!


There is much to know when it comes to the white ray energy that is embodied in a number of Earth’s crystals. Though less common than other color rays, white stones bring incredible benefit to users who dedicate time to working with them.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of White Crystals and Gemstones 
  • Best White Crystals and Gemstones
    • Selenite (White Crystal Selenite)
    • Howlite Stone
    • White Quartz Crystal
    • White Amethyst
    • White Topaz
    • White Sapphire 
    • White Cat’s Eye Moonstone 
    • White Opal
    • White Scolecite
    • White Sodalite
    • Iceland Spar
    • Okenite 
  • Conclusion

Meaning of White Crystals and Gemstones

hand holding white unpolished rock selective focus

The first thing you need to know about white crystals is this: white doesn’t necessarily mean “white”. What we mean by this is that there are a number of clear gems that are referred to as white despite the fact that they are clearly transparent. White sapphire is an example of this. 

This happens because some Earth-based crystals manifest physically in a number of different ray energies, meaning there are multiple color variants of one particular stone. In the case of sapphires, one may find them in shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, purple and even orange. Thus, when a sapphire manifests in clear form, it is easier to simply refer to it as white. 

When we consider white ray energy, it’s likely that pure light, healing and clarity come to mind. In the metaphysical world, white is a symbol of purity, surrender and angelic energy. Most white crystals are considered to be ‘master healers’, and house a plethora of healing properties for users to take advantage of. 

As a master healer, a white stone is not bound to one single chakra. That being said, the crown, or 7th, chakra is often depicted in the white ray energy, showing how all of the chakras come together at the crown of the head and reach up into the heavens. White light is our final, most evolved state of being, and it reaches up far beyond our Earthly bodies. 

It then makes sense that white crystals are ruled by the moon, making them deeply connected to our sleep states and dream realms. They can provide us with valuable protection when darkness falls, both literally and figuratively. 

Because of their universal power, white crystals can be used to amplify the existing energies of other stones in your collection. There are some white stones that are actually self-cleansing, meaning they need no help to recharge, and can be used to cleanse other crystals. 

White stones are thought to symbolize innocence and purity. They are light bringers, and seek to brighten any situation, no matter how dire. For this reason they are wonderful tools for spiritual work, as well as for the deepening of meditative states. 

one raw unpolished white geode white background close up view

Cleansing White Crystals

Despite being full of light, white gems may still need some help to stay in their most optimal energetic state. Yes, there are some white crystals that have the ability to cleanse themselves, requiring no outside influence to rid themselves of lingering negative energies. Others aren’t so equipped, and need your help from time to time in order to stay effective. 

We recommend cleansing and recharging your white stones at least once a month. If time allows for more frequent intervals, take advantage of it! Use any of the following methods to cleanse your crystals as needed:

  • Every month on the night of the full moon leave your crystals out in its light and retrieve them only the following morning. 
  • Create or collect a saltwater solution and submerge your stones in the water for at least 24 hours. 
  • Bury your crystals in the garden and leave them here to cleanse for up to 48 hours. 
  • Hold each of your crystals under running water for at least a minute each. 
  • Burn sacred herbs or incense over your crystals whilst using prayer to invite cleansing in. 
  • Lay your stones on a bed of Himalayan salt; they will cleanse within roughly 4 hours, but there is no harm in keeping them here when not in use. 
  • Should you be blessed with rain, leave your crystals out to be cleansed by the downpour. 

Always remember that not all crystals are suitable for coming into contact with water. There are some crystalline structures that dissolve when wet, so it’s important to double check before using any of the water-based methods mentioned above. 

Best White Crystals and Gemstones


Selenite is a renowned white crystal within the gemstone community. It was even loved by the Ancient Greeks, who gave it its name, which means “moon”. They would use selenite to create window frames for rooms particularly lacking in light, which is a beautiful testament to what this crystal represents. 

Most excavations of selenite occur in the caves of Morocco, Madagascar and Mexico. They are identifiable by their unique crystalline structure, which look a lot like icicles! 

white thin crystal rock sage on the side white background

Selenite is a powerful dispeller of negative energies. It can be used in public spaces to purify and neutralize anything that seeks to bring harm to those inhabiting them. More than this, it helps those within the space feel calm and focused day in and day out. 

Some say selenite opens channels into alternate universes. It’s a great stone to use during meditation because it will send you further and deeper than you have likely gone before. 

Perhaps the most notable benefit of selenite is its self-cleansing ability. This stone doesn’t need your help to stay clear of questionable energies, nor to recharge. It does so by itself and can thus be used to cleanse other stones in your collection. Some people actually buy a generously sized piece of selenite upon which to place their other stones for storage purposes; in this way, they are constantly being cleansed when not in use. 

Howlite Stone

Howlite is a gorgeous white crystal rock that can be used to make fake turquoise. The stone has the same cracked, marbled texture that natural turquoise does, and the white body is relatively easy to dye. Blue howlite and white howlite possess the same healing properties. 

Howlite works closely with the head. It is said to stimulate one’s memory, as well as brain function, and there is a tangible desire for more knowledge when working with this stone. It is also a teacher of patience, and any stress you experience as a result of lack of patience will be dispelled. 

Working its way down the chakra system, howlite targets communication, and wants the user to embrace better emotional expression. This will bring great benefit to your life, as it tends to come with a newfound sense of awareness.

On a physical level, howlite has the ability to balance the calcium levels within the body. Sometimes even if we are consuming sufficient calcium, we may not necessarily be able to absorb it, so any outside assistance should be embraced. 

If you suffer from insomnia, howlite may help in unburdening your overactive mind so that sleep comes quicker and easier. Keep a piece under your pillow or next to your bed. 

White Quartz Crystal

If you want to know a specific white crystal meaning, always look to the origins. White quartz originated in regular quartz crystal, which gives it dual-properties and powerful healing abilities. Some retailers may refer to white quartz as milky quartz. 

White quartz works to help a user let go of anything that feels overwhelming to them. These may be in the form of responsibilities, or even limitations. When life feels to be coming at you at a pace that is unmanageable, white quartz will keep you centered. 

Use this stone to overcome any sense of victimhood, or those lingering feelings of being hard done by. You need to learn that you have created everything in your reality, and quartz can be a gentle messenger for this very important bit of knowledge. 

More than this, keeping a piece of white quartz with you at all times can help you think before you open your mouth. If you tend to be hot headed or highly reactive, white quartz can pull you back before you get ahead of yourself. 

Hold white quartz in the palm of your hand during meditation and it will help you to access deeper inner wisdom via your higher self. It’s a gentle, calming stone and it will quickly shoot your energetic bodies into the elevated realms. 

White Amethyst

Technically speaking, the compounds of an amethyst stone are that of purple and white ray energy. The two exist alongside one another, which is what gives amethyst that mottled purple facade. 

White amethyst occurs when all of the purple crystalline structures have been stripped from an existing stone. This happens naturally over time, and can be accelerated by lengthy exposure to sunlight or other heat sources. Nothing is leaving the stone physically, but the color center is simply becoming destabilized. 

White amethyst is a highly mystical stone, and may bring out your more psychic side. Intuition will be brought to its all time high, in turn giving the illusory experience of stress relief, serenity and mental clarity. 

Because this stone opens up so many psychic channels, it also needs to be able to protect the user from potential negative energies. White quartz will do just that, and for this reason it is important that you keep your crystal properly cleansed between uses.   

White Topaz

one polished smooth white precious stone close up details

White topaz is one of those stones that we referred to earlier on in this piece; those that are named ‘white’ despite being undeniably transparent. White topaz looks like a diamond when in cut and polished form, whilst raw topaz looks a lot like cloudy quartz. 

Surprisingly, this is one of the most affordable gemstones on the market. It makes a great substitute for diamonds or sapphires when one’s budget is a little tight. 

Use white topaz to grow in all avenues of life. It seeks to build more knowledge, more meaning, more self-confidence, and more inspiration. By the time all four of these avenues have been addressed, you’ll be unrecognizable. 

It sounds cliche, but white topaz is really a crystal for peace and love. Imagine the olive branch being carried in by the dove, now top it off with a piece of topaz tied neatly to the bunch. It’s a crystal for hope, and it wants you to generate the essence of this no matter what is transpiring in your immediate surroundings. 

What’s great about topaz is that it is one of the hardest gemstones around, so it can take quite a punch. No need to worry about bumping or cracking this crystal during use. 

White Sapphire

Like white topaz, white sapphire is another of the transparent gemstones classified under the white ray energy. In its raw form, white sapphire looks identical to clear quartz, so it is advisable to only purchase these stones from reputable retailers. 

White sapphire will honor your most innate spirit; not the one you present to the world, but the quieter one that few people will ever get the chance to see. Through this, you’ll be guided by intuition and clarity not usually accessible through your regular state of being. 

White sapphire has been used throughout centuries as a stone of protection. It was believed to bring good fortune to all who could tap into its magic using meditation, which really isn’t all that difficult if you know how to project intention. 

Perhaps the best property that white sapphire possesses is its ability to attract and amplify kindness. This one tends to go unnoticed, but the benefit it can bring to the life of a user is absolutely tangible, and you’ll thank the stone for this refreshing experience in everyday life. 

White Cat’s Eye Moonstone

Cat’s eye moonstone may also be simply referred to as white moonstone. This makes it easily identifiable against its counterpart, rainbow moonstone. 

Unlike rainbow moonstone, white moonstone refracts one stream of white light down the center of the crystal. Rainbow moonstone does the same, but within the white light is the entire color spectrum; thus, the name “rainbow” is more apt. 

Use white moonstone to channel all of the energies of the moon into your auric field. Sensitivity, abundance and nurture are what you’ll feel without trying, whilst the crown chakra is opened to new avenues of hope and purity. 

Moonstone is connected to the divine feminine energy present within each of us, and it is essential that all individuals learn to balance it so that they might enjoy a more stabilized energetic body. Imbalance in one energy usually causes imbalance elsewhere. 

Because moonstone works on the crown chakra, expect your psychic abilities to be positively affected through extensive work with this stone. 

White Opal

White opal is a milky, alluring stone that tends to be aesthetically attractive to those starting out in the crystal game. Most choose it because of how it looks, and only then start to research what it can do. 

White opal pulls light energy right down from the heavens into the crown chakra, thus shooting them through all other areas of the body. All seven chakra centers will be purified in the process, and this is one way of doing the work without actually having to do any work. Simply lay back with your white opal at the crown of your head, and let it work its magic. 

Again, your physical awareness will be enhanced due to the potent effect that white opal has on the crown chakra. Be open to perceiving information from the higher dimensions; the stone will never give you more than you can handle or put you in an energetically dangerous situation. 

White Scolecite

Another of the dream stones, white scolecite wants you to connect to all things lucid, meditative and sleep-concerned. This crystal thrives when working with the subconscious, so it is better to keep a piece near your head during slumber. 

If you want to do the work whilst awake, place the scolecite directly on your forehead while you are laying flat, in line with your third eye chakra. A deep sense of peace and serenity will wash over you, and you’ll likely find it difficult to resist slipping into a meditative state. 

When used in a crystal grid, white scolecite will amplify the abilities of all other crystals that surround it. We like to recommend that our readers actually use scolecite as the center crystal on their grid; the one around which the rest of the grid is built. 

White Sodalite

Sodalite is a popular crystal, but it is most commonly found in blue. When in white ray energy, sodalite shifts from the throat chakra to the crown, and works to bring a sense of order and calmness to the user. If you struggle to organize your thoughts, white sodalite may be your knight in shining armor. 

This is a stone of rationality. Truth and intuition will be brought forth so that the best possible outcome is offered to all involved. Those who are responsible for leading a team will receive great benefit from keeping a piece of white sodalite in their pocket at all times — a secret weapon, if you will. 

White sodalite is so calming that some use it to ward off panic attacks. Wear a piece around your neck to help dispel any rising energy that seeks to bring your day to a standstill. In the process, you’ll enjoy more self esteem as well as self acceptance. 

Iceland Spar

Iceland spar, as a crystal, is very similar to quartz. They not only look alike, but they possess similar healing properties. Iceland spar is simply less common, and may be more difficult to get a hold of when it comes time to purchase. Again, retailers may take advantage of these two crystals’ uncanny appearances and sell off one for the other — only purchase Iceland spar from a trusted seller. 

This is a crystal to use if you’ve been needing guidance with regards to manifestation. This is no easy feat, and any potential aid in the process should be welcomed. Hold Iceland spar in the palm of your hand when setting intentions and willing things into existence, it will remove resistant thoughts and help the momentum unfold. 

This stone is a problem solver. Where there seem to be no solutions, it will show you the root of the problem and the corresponding answer. Nothing is unsolvable in the eyes of Iceland spar. 


Though rare, getting the opportunity to work with a piece of okenite is not something that should be passed up on. This is one of few of the white stones with the ability to attract prosperity, and we don’t just mean in terms of monetary wealth. 

You see, okenite purifies your intentions so that there is nothing contrived about what it is you are asking for on a mental level. Sometimes we ask for prosperous experiences, but there is an underlying belief in limitation to go along with it, and thus those experiences are not able to find us. 

Togetherness and intelligence are what okenite wants for all who come into contact with it. From the basis of these two states, there is no reason for one to thrive in their physical experience. 

white unpolished rock gray exterior red background

Physically, okenite is beautiful, and resembles a delicate cotton ball held together by thousands of tiny, glistening dust particles. It looks as though it might break apart just by blowing on it, but it is actually surprisingly stable. 


White stones are the foundation to any decent crystal collection, as well as the cornerstone for all effective crystals grids. We’d recommend taking a slow, thoughtful read through of all of the aforementioned stones, until the one that seeks to join your forces is made clear and resonant. 

You may not use a white stone as frequently as you will stones with the other energy rays, but you should certainly be making time for them at least once every few months. Consider them top down energy, working from the crown chakra right through to the root. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal (such as beautiful white jade) that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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