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10 Best Orange Gemstones and Crystals: Complete Guide

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In this article, we reveal the top orange gemstones and crystals you need to have in your life, and how to use them. Let's dive in!


Orange gems are few and far between, when compared to the rest of the crystal spectrum that exists on Planet Earth. That being said, we’d argue that no crystal collection is truly complete until the orange ray energy is represented in the form of one of the following listed stones. Read on!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Orange Crystals and Gemstones 
  • Cleansing Orange Crystals
  • Best Orange Crystals and Gemstones
    • Citrine
    • Orange Calcite
    • Orange Sapphire
    • Orange Agate
    • Orange Jasper
    • Carnelian
    • Coral
    • Citrine Calcite
    • Sunstone
    • Aragonite
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Orange Crystals and Gemstones

Though orange crystals may be uncommon, those who are drawn to this specific color stone are likely experiencing stagnancy in a very common area of life: creativity and/or sexuality. 

You see, within each human being there exists seven energy centers that are known as the chakras. Each chakra correlates to a different color on the energetic spectrum, also known as ray energies. When working with the heart chakra, for example, one is working within the green ray energy. 

Orange ray energy is linked to the second chakra: the one just above our root. It is located about two fingers below our belly button, close to where the womb is found in women. It is called the sacral chakra.

The sacral orange ray chakra governs over our emotions, our ability to be sensitive, our creative flair and our innate sexuality. The ability to be intimate is very much dependent on this chakra, and those with a blockage may find they are hindered in this area of everyday life.

Orange ray energy rules over our emotional well-being, as well as our ability to express ourselves in an authentic, well-intended manner. More than this, this chakra is also concerned with the ways in which we are able to identify and interpret the emotions of others; empathy is a major benefit of an open and cleansed sacral chakra. 

Working with orange gemstones will connect you with your sacral chakra in new ways, allowing it to open right up and flow energy into the chakras below and above it. In this way, you’re likely to experience better emotional, sexual and creative flow in all areas of your life, which is astounding when you consider that all it took was the help of a rock!

When your orange ray energy is out of balance, you may be under the impression that life has become out of your control, or you may feel an inability to cope with changes. The orange stones can help shift this perspective into new light. 

Cleansing Orange Crystals

three pieces of crystal rocks dried flowers white background

For the most part, orange crystals don’t necessarily hold on to that much negative energy at any given moment. They are very porous, allowing a consistent and healthy flow of all energies through the crystalline formation. 

That being said, orange stones are very adaptable and versatile. They tend to attune to energies very quickly, and thus have the tendency for their programming to become compromised if they are handled by anyone other than the intended user. Try not to let your friends, family or children play with your stones, as the frequency is likely to be diminished in the process.

Once a month, take the time to give your orange crystals a cleanse, so that they may remain in optimal working function and serve you as needed. Use any of the following methods to do so:

  • Cleanse and recharge crystals using the light of the full moon by leaving them outside overnight. 
  • Burn any chosen sacred herbs or incense over your crystal collection. 
  • Use prayer or meditation to cleanse your crystals. 
  • Bury your stones in the garden and leave them to recharge here for up to 48 hours. 
  • Make or collect a saltwater solution and submerge your stones in it. Keep them here for up to 24 hours. 
  • Hold each crystal under running water for at least one minute. 

For more information, check out our comprehensive guide on cleansing and recharging your gemstones and crystals.

Best Orange Crystals and Gemstones


Of all orange stones and crystals, citrine is probably the most well known and easily recognizable. Popularity aside, it is undeniably alluring and inviting to all who lay eyes on it. Citrine is the kind of stone that catches your eye in the store and persuades you to take it home, even without prior knowledge of its properties. 

Citrine goes straight to your sacral chakra, enhancing all levels of creativity and self-expression. What is unique about this process is that it occurs through optimizing concentration and revitalization of the mind. 

More than this, citrine has the ability to release any negative traits that may have been holding you back in life. This includes any fears and phobias, even the most irrational of ones. 

On a more gentle level, citrine is emotionally balancing and will have a tranquilizing effect on any frequencies that are causing mania in your everyday experience. Wear it around your neck for a consistent calming presence that is with you throughout your day. Citrine may also work to bring more prosperity into your life after long periods of use. 

Orange Calcite 

pieces of oval shaped orange smooth gem stones white background

When you have a tangible creative block that you just can’t seem to shake, you need to bring in the force that is orange calcite. It contains the element of fire energy, meaning it can essentially burn through whatever is keeping you from reaching your creative potential. 

Furthermore, orange calcite is considered to be a master healer, offering balance to the physical body, especially in areas where imbalance is not yet known. This works to prevent illness from manifesting in the future; calcite can be a preventative method, almost like taking a daily vitamin. 

Calcite can also be helpful with emotional issues. It actually works with both the root and sacral chakras, which means you’re getting cleansing and recharging energy between the two. These two chakras bring phenomenal benefit to any individual when they are able to work in unison. 

Orange Sapphire 

When it comes to intuition, orange sapphire knows what’s up. Instead of keeping to the sacral zone, it goes right into your higher mind for stimulation and clarity. From this point, you’ll be more in tune with your higher self and the messages that are being conveyed to you throughout your days. 

Orange sapphire is also a luck-bringer, and can be used daily to attract or amplify opportunities, prosperity and even love. 

Your sacral chakra will be activated in conjunction with your heart, when working with orange sapphire. What this means is that your upper chakras and lower chakras are suddenly connected, and flow is optimized. 

Having your sacral and heart chakras in working cohesion means that love and sexuality meet in full force. This includes all platonic love, and tantric sexuality that acts as life force energy. This is not limited to only romantic love! 

Orange sapphire also believes that one’s sexual energy is the foundation of all creativity. This is a common notion throughout metaphysics, and bringing balance to the one tends to bring balance to the other. 

Orange Agate 

pieces of smooth orange stones arranged in a circle placed on a wooden surface

Within all of us there exists a dominant yin and yang energy that has the tendency to become out of balance from time to time. Orange agate is the one orange crystal with the ability to bring balance to these forces, allowing the universe to be held in one place for periods of time deemed most satisfying to the user. 

Orange agate is a slow working stone, but over time it will bring out great depths of strength and courage in anyone who puts the effort in. This is a long term, dedicated solution to attaining a better state of being to be carried out for the rest of time. 

Analytical people love to work with agate stones as they have an enhancing effect on one’s perception and ability for quick thinking. What’s more, it is a soothing and calming orange stone with a specific flair for working on anger management.

Agate may help to strengthen existing relationships, or attract new ones that have a strong foundation from the start. This strength comes through a sense of security and safety, which are instrumental in the perception of an unbreakable bond. 

Orange Jasper 

Orange jasper is one of the reddish orange gemstones with the unique ability to protect against negativity. This is not a common attribute for orange gems. Orange jasper will ward off negativity, or put a physical barrier between you and that which does not have your best interests in mind. 

More than this, orange jasper can pull negative energy from the physical body, which can be instrumental in preventing the onset of disease. Disease occurs when our cells are under energetic strain and we are doing nothing to alleviate it. 

Instead of working with just one chakra, orange jasper works on them all: another unlikely property for a dark orange crystal. It cleans them all out one by one, and heals any impurities or imbalances in the process. By the end they will be flowing in unison. 

The most important thing that jasper can do is clear out electromagnetic pollution, including radiation. Having a piece nearby can protect you from environmental contaminants that could negatively affect your frequency. 


two pieces of light and dark orange smooth stones

Carnelian is another of the orange gems that is concerned with creativity. It won’t necessarily make you more creative than you already are, but rather keeps your current state stable and consistent so that you never feel like it is fluctuating. 

If you have a history of abuse, either physical or emotional, carnelian can work to remove the residue from your vibration so that you can move forward with your life. Sometimes this kind of damage sits at a cellular level, and removing it mentally is simply not an option. The influence of the right orange gemstone can do the cellular work on your behalf. 

If you have trouble trusting yourself and your perceptions, carnelian can connect you with your intuitive side so that you feel more in control of your world. Orange ray energy is concerned with self empowerment, and carnelian is the most effective stone to bring this attribute out of any individual. 

Carnelian dates back centuries and was once one of the most favored of all gems, alongside lapis lazuli. It was once regarded as a very valuable stone and a symbol of immense enlightenment. 


When we consider crystals, we often focus too much on those that occur within the Earth’s crust, and disregard those that form at sea. Coral is a healing stone that originates in subtropical saltwater environments and can be harvested for use on land.

Coral, when used as a healing crystal, brings the element of water to the user, despite being in orange ray energy and the essence of fire, too. This is the stone of great wisdom and admirable modesty; you’ll find yourself so content in your own truth that the need for others to understand you falls away entirely. 

Coral can be used to remedy spasming of the gut, or any intestinal imbalance that one may be experiencing. Bladder stones can also be eased when coral is placed directly on the affected area whilst laying down. 

This crystal also has a pacifying effect on nerves and fear. If you struggle with panic and nightmares you might find keeping a piece of coral next to your bed as you sleep removes all nightly threats. 

Citrine Calcite 

If there ever was a duo to pay attention to, it’s citrine calcite. This gem gives you the best of both worlds, offering the benefits of each along with some unique properties that emerge when the two occur in unison. 

When citrine merges with calcite, it has a very soft and gentle frequency. The one pacifies the other, so to speak, and this is generally quite tangible to users who have become accustomed to working with the individual stones. 

Citrine calcite seeks vibrancy of flow in terms of energy that is running through one’s entire chakra system. It wants nothing less than positive, beneficial vibrations that attract like-frequencies into the experience of the individual. In other words, it has your back at all times. 

Tranquil spaces do well to have a piece of citrine calcite within their walls. They are ideal in yoga studios, massage parlors or meditation centers. On that note, hold a piece of citrine calcite in the palm of your hand as you meditate and you’ll have tranquility running through you for the duration of your session. 


two pieces of spherical orange stones many smaller pieces

Sunstone is the mottle orange gem that channels fire energy through the ball of light that we owe all of life to: the sun. 

Nature and the enjoyment of the natural world are embodied within these attractive gemstones. A lot of people like to wear them as jewelry, however it can be difficult to source retailers who are producing these pieces using genuine crystals. Imitation stones are a major problem within the crystal healing industry; be vigilant and always purchase sunstone from a reputable source. 

Sunstone is passionate about cleansing auras and chakras. It works closely with the base and sacral chakras, but will have a positive effect on all seven if given the opportunity. It is a deeply metaphysical stone and wants nothing more than for you to thrive spiritually. It knows that this is the only true path to happiness. 

It goes without saying that sunstone doesn’t like to be cleansed using the light of the moon. The energies are too conflicting, so rather opt to recharge your sunstone using the saltwater solution method, or leave it out in the rain during a daytime shower. 


Aragonite looks like an atomic explosion is busy taking place right there in the palm of your hand. The crystalline formation is fascinating, and appears to jut out from a central point not visible to viewers from the outside. 

Aragonite will bring patience when you need it most, offering a calming effect over the nervous systems so that no waiting period feels too dire. It also works closely on emotional fatigue, especially the kinds that occur because of a partner, parent or child who is repeatedly disrespecting your boundaries. 

The best work occurs when one lays flat and actually places the aragonite on their solar plexus chakra. Allow yourself to go into a state of rest or meditation, giving the stone opportunity to work as it needs to. You don’t necessarily need to know exactly what is happening, just have faith in the notion that it is occurring for your greatest possible good.


Orange stones play silent witness to our deepest energetic woes. Creativity and sexuality are two of our most innate branches of spirituality, and any kind of imbalance could affect us in ways that we aren’t even able to logically articulate. 

Working with orange stones will open up a whole new avenue of healing and benefit: one that would otherwise have taken years of trauma and learning to occur naturally. Add one or more of the aforementioned stones to your collection, and, if you are in the business of building crystal grids, be sure to always have at least one orange ray representation. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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